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A Lush Betrayal

A Lush Betrayal Author Selena Laurence
ISBN-10 9781635760149
Release 2017-02-10
Pages 292
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She's his best friend's little sister, he's the rock star she shouldn't want. A sexy forbidden romance perfect for fans of Kylie Scott, Olivia Cunning, and Cecilia Tan.

Lowdown and Lush

Lowdown and Lush Author Selena Laurence
ISBN-10 9781635760163
Release 2017-02-14
Pages 268
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An opposites attract romance for fans of Kylie Scott and Olivia Cunning: The devil of rock meets an angel of country and sparks fly.

Loving a Lush

Loving a Lush Author Selena Laurence
ISBN-10 9781635760156
Release 2017-02-10
Pages 279
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A second-chance romance perfect for fans of Kylie Scott, Olivia Cunning, and Cecilia Tan: How much can a rock star struggling with addiction forgive the woman he's loved half his life?

A Lush Reunion

A Lush Reunion Author Selena Laurence
ISBN-10 9781635760170
Release 2017-02-14
Pages 262
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For fans of Kylie Scott and Olivia Cunning: Second chances don't come easy for a rock star the girl he left behind.


Lush Author Lauren Dane
ISBN-10 9781101622131
Release 2013-04-02
Pages 320
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USA Today bestselling author Lauren Dane delivers a second serving of sexy in her new Delicious novel, in which taste and temptation make up a sweet recipe… Mary Whaley has her hands full running a successful catering company and overseeing her supper club. She has everything she ever wanted—or so she thought. When she meets ridiculously hot and very dirty rock star Damien Hurley at her friend’s engagement party, the attraction she feels is overpowering—and she isn’t about to deny herself. Damien is used to a hard and fast life. He and two of his brothers started a band when they were fresh out of high school—then they hit the big time and stayed there. He’s also a legendary madman on the stage and in the bedroom. But when he meets Mary, something clicks, and the bad boy starts thinking he may have finally found something good. What begins as a series of fleeting trysts soon gets much more complicated. Damien can’t figure out why Mary doesn’t want more from him. And before long, it’s Damien who wants more from Mary. But it turns out Mary is no stranger to celebrity news, and he’s got a very big job ahead of him: proving that he’s worth more than a one-night stand…


Unwasted Author Sacha Z Scoblic
ISBN-10 0806535164
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 240
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The single glass of wine with dinner. . .the cold beer on a hot day. . .the champagne flute raised in a toast. . . what I'd drink if Hunter S. Thompson wanted to get wasted with me. . .these are my fantasies lately. Too bad I've gone sober. When Sacha Z. Scoblic was drinking, she was a rock star; the days were rough and the nights filled with laughter and blackouts. Then she gave it up. She had to. Here are her adventures in an utterly and maddeningly sober world. . .and how she discovered that nothing is as odd and fantastic as life without a drink in hand. . . "Wildly entertaining. . .An unabashed account of getting clean and getting a life." --Steve Geng Sacha Z. Scoblic is a writer living in Washington, D.C. A former editor at The New Republic and Reader's Digest, she has written about everything from space camp to pulp fiction and was a contributor to The New York Times's online series "Proof: Alcohol and American Life." She currently blogs about addiction at Her sobriety date is June 15, 2005.

Color Me Crazy

Color Me Crazy Author Carol Pavliska
ISBN-10 9781633751781
Release 2015-05-26
Pages 395
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Julian Wheaton views the world through a kaleidoscope of synesthesia, seeing the colors of every sound he hears. His life as an iconic rock guitarist was a stressful psychedelic trip that nearly destroyed him. Now he's abandoned the rock 'n' roll lifestyle for the peaceful sanctity of his recording studio, but when fiery Cleo Compton comes to work for him, she brings chaos with her. Cleo Compton has had her flings with rockstars - and it's left her wary and bruised. Julian may have those sexy bedroom eyes and drool-worthy tattoos, but Cleo is determined to keep things strictly professional - until Julian turns out to be every dream she's ever chased. When he risks it all to hit the road with a band again, Cleo fears he'll return as the one thing she can no longer abide - a rockstar.


Lush Author Natasha Friend
ISBN-10 9780545231831
Release 2010-02-01
Pages 192
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Natasha Friend is a Judy Blume for today -- clearly evident in this remarkable new novel about a girl whose father is an alcoholic and how she and her family learn to deal with his condition. It's hard to be a 13-year-old girl. But it's even harder when your father's a drunk. It adds an extra layer to everything -- your family's reactions to things, the people you're willing to bring home, the way you see yourself and the world. For Samantha, it's something that's been going on for so long that she's almost used to it. Only, you never get used to it. Especially when it starts to get worse...

Forgotten Laughs An Episode Guide to 150 TV Sitcoms You Probably Never Saw

Forgotten Laughs  An Episode Guide to 150 TV Sitcoms You Probably Never Saw Author Richard Irvin
Release 2016-11-07
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Ever wonder what the unaired episodes of situation comedies that disappeared quickly from the air were about? Curious about those comedy series such as Rewind, The Grubbs, and The Ortegas that the Fox network announced for its fall schedule but that never premiered? Did you know that stars like Bradley Cooper, Michelle Williams, and Brad Pitt made some of their earliest appearances on short-lived sitcoms? Forgotten Laughs: An Episode Guide to 150 TV Sitcoms You Probably Never Saw contains answers to these questions as well as others about quickly-canceled, never-aired, and short-run situation comedies. Published for the first time are episode descriptions for these forgotten shows. This reference book contains the most complete descriptions of sitcoms such as the quickly-canceled Doc Corkle, Co-Ed Fever, and Black Tie Affair, the never-aired Misconceptions, The Singles Table, and Snip, as well as short-run comedies like Fathers and Sons and Free Country and over 140 more. Most episode descriptions were culled from the archives of the Library of Congress, the Paley Center, and the UCLA TV script collection. In addition, Forgotten Laughs also includes insights from many producers, directors, and writers who worked on these little-known shows.

I Want You to Want Me

I Want You to Want Me Author Erika Kelly
ISBN-10 9780698180406
Release 2015-07-07
Pages 352
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From the award-winning author of You Really Got Me comes the next romance in her red-hot Rock Star Romance series, about a rocker who lives for his music—and loves with all his heart. Derek Valencia finally has the success he’s worked so hard for. His band is touring its debut album and great reviews are rolling in. But when pictures of him tossing naked groupies off a balcony go viral, it’s damage-control time. He’s assigned a “babysitter” whose sole job is to keep him out of trouble. Violet Davis swore she’d never work in the music industry again, but being a minder for a rock star will earn her enough to pay off the mortgage on her wildflower farm. And for a girl brought up in the foster care system, owning her own home means more to her than anything. Though at first the two bang heads, the rocker and the farm girl soon grow close and realize that they make sweet music together. But can a girl who craves the stability of life on a farm really make it work with a man whose life is spent on the road with his band?

Addicted to Rhapsody

Addicted to Rhapsody Author Selena Laurence
ISBN-10 1635760119
Release 2017-09-11
Pages 230
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A rock star and a young widow must face their past

Never Enough

Never Enough Author Lauren Dane
ISBN-10 9780425243008
Release 2011
Pages 312
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Gillian Forrester spent most of her life running from who and what she came from... until Miles came along. The moment she held the tiny newborn her older sister didnt want, Gillian stopped running and began to build a life for herself and her adopted son. Now, thirteen years later, as Gillian's sister lies dying, she reveals the father's identity and makes Gillian promise to find him. When Gillian finds herself attracted to Miles' biological father, Adrian Brown a sexy and successful rock star, she fears her secrets and Adrian's trust issues will keep them apart for good. Will they find the trust they need?

Lush Extended Free Preview

Lush  Extended Free Preview Author Beth Yarnall
Release 2017-12-26
Pages 155
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Lush Extended Free Preview has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Lush Extended Free Preview also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Lush Extended Free Preview book for free.

108 Rock Star Guitars

108 Rock Star Guitars Author Lisa S. Johnson
ISBN-10 1495072428
Release 2016-08
Pages 398
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(Book). Armed with a macro lens, an incredible eye for detail, and a truly groundbreaking vision, Lisa Johnson's guitar art is taking the world of fine art photography on a rock-and-roll ride. A compilation of Johnson's stunningly personal and intimate portraits, 108 Rock Star Guitars features the guitars of rock-and-roll luminaries, including Les Paul, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Nancy Wilson, Bonnie Raitt, Chrissie Hynde, and many others. Far from still life, Johnson's work conjures the abstract yet also possesses a very sensual and ethereal feel that intentionally illustrates intimate wear-and-tear details. Her unique presentation personifies and captures a musician's true spirit in these musical extensions of the artist's body. This ultra-deluxe, coffee-table photo book reveals through Johnson's signature macrophotography style the etchings, totems, and personal touches of each featured guitar. It is a rare perspective that few people outside of the musicians' stage crew have seen. Alongside these images, Johnson provides personal anecdotes describing her 17-year journey to photograph these iconic instruments, documenting her travels from the backstage hallways of some the world's most famous concert venues to the artists' private homes. 108 Rock Star Guitars is a music and fine-art photography aficionado's private backstage pass to witness up-close these six-stringed works of art.


Idol Author Kristen Callihan
ISBN-10 9780990715726
Release 2016-06-07
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Libby I found Killian drunk and sprawled out on my lawn like some lost prince. With the face of a god and the arrogance to match, the pest won’t leave. Sexy, charming, and just a little bit dirty, he’s slowly wearing me down, making me crave more. He could be mine if I dare to claim him. Problem is, the world thinks he’s theirs. How do you keep an idol when everyone is intent on taking him away? Killian As lead singer for the biggest rock band in the world, I lived a life of dreams. It all fell apart with one fateful decision. Now everything is in shambles. Until Liberty. She’s grouchy, a recluse —and kind of cute. Scratch that. When I get my hands on her, she is scorching hot and more addictive than all the fans who’ve screamed my name. The world is clamoring for me to get back on stage, but I’m not willing to leave her. I’ve got to find a way to coax the hermit from her shell and keep her with me. Because, with Libby, everything has changed. Everything.

Party Like a Rock Star

Party Like a Rock Star Author Jes Gordon
ISBN-10 9780762758227
Release 2009-10-01
Pages 232
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A top Hollywood party planner on how to design a wide range of fabulous fêtes Jes Gordon knows that girls just want to have fun. In Party Like A Rock Star, she shows them how. Gordon—a party-planner extraordinaire who has helmed events for the likes of Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Nicolas Cage, and Jennifer Lopez—presents a fun, comprehensive guide to event planning that reveals her tried-and-true secrets, culled over twenty years in the biz. With color photos throughout, but with step-by-step details that make the book much more than another impossibly perfect photo shoot, Gordon shows readers exactly how to create a unique event, one that reflects their own personalities and individual aesthetics. This hip, easy-to-follow guide will transform anyone's approach to entertaining—from birthday parties to baby showers to anniversaries. Topics include: *Creating a concept for any party—a concept that reflects you *How to budget—from a small soiree to a big bash *Stocking a home bar and whipping up smart cocktails *Whetting guests' appetites—with insider secrets from chefs *Being a flawless host—or guest *Etiquette guidelines and gift ideas *How to produce a party from beginning to end—colorful case studies and detailed instructions

Going on Tour The Rosewoods Rock Star Series 2

Going on Tour  The Rosewoods Rock Star Series   2 Author Katrina Abbott
Release 2017-02-07
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Going on Tour The Rosewoods Rock Star Series 2 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Going on Tour The Rosewoods Rock Star Series 2 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Going on Tour The Rosewoods Rock Star Series 2 book for free.