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Lyster s International Wildlife Law

Lyster s International Wildlife Law Author Michael Bowman
ISBN-10 9781139494953
Release 2010-12-23
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The development of international wildlife law has been one of the most significant exercises in international law-making during the last fifty years. This second edition of Lyster's International Wildlife Law coincides with both the UN Year of Biological Diversity and the twenty-fifth anniversary of Simon Lyster's first edition. The risk of wildlife depletion and species extinction has become even greater since the 1980s. This new edition provides a clear and authoritative analysis of the key treaties which regulate the conservation of wildlife and habitat protection, and of the mechanisms available to make them work. The original text has also been significantly expanded to include analysis of the philosophical and welfare considerations underpinning wildlife protection, the cross-cutting themes of wildlife and trade, and the impact of climate change and other anthropogenic interferences with species and habitat. Lyster's International Wildlife Law is an indispensable reference work for scholars, practitioners and policy-makers alike.

International wildlife law

International wildlife law Author Simon Lyster
ISBN-10 UOM:39015010070509
Release 1985
Pages 470
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Description of the international law protecting wildlife. Covers the international conventions on whaling, seals and polar bears, birds, vicuna, antarctic marine living resources, wildlife refuges and protection of habitats, etc. Gives the text of twelve of the most important conventions.--[source unknown].

The New Entrants Problem in International Fisheries Law

The New Entrants Problem in International Fisheries Law Author Andrew Serdy
ISBN-10 9781107001565
Release 2016-02-12
Pages 446
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International agreements on allocation of fish stocks do not apply to other States - can they be prevented from upsetting hard-fought bargains?

Marine Mammal Conservation and the Law of the Sea

Marine Mammal Conservation and the Law of the Sea Author Cameron S. G. Jefferies
ISBN-10 9780190493141
Release 2016-08-09
Pages 424
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Based on author's thesis (doctoral - University of Virginia, 2014).

Wildlife Law

Wildlife Law Author Great Britain. Law Commission
ISBN-10 0118405349
Release 2012
Pages 185
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Current law regulating wildlife is spread over a collection of Acts dating back to 1831. The original purpose of much of the law was to govern activities such as hunting and fishing, including poaching. Over the years it has expanded to conserve certain species, ensure the welfare of wildlife and protect local biodiversity from invasive species. The result is a legal landscape that is out of date, confused and often contradictory. Much of the older legislation is out of step with modern requirements, and the principal modern Act - the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 - has been amended to such a degree that it is difficult for any non-specialists to use. The Commission's proposals in this consultation aim to simplify the existing complex framework, introducing a single statute which covers the species-specific law on the conservation, protection and exploitation of wildlife. The new regime would reduce the current dependency on criminal law, by allowing an appropriate mix of regulatory measures such as guidance, advice and a varied and flexible system of civil sanctions - such as fines and bans. The Commission also suggests that the introduction of statutory factors could play a role in ensuring transparent decision-making and improve the engagement of those representing competing interests. Factors would include: (1) conservation of the species about which the decision is concerned; (2) preservation and conservation of biodiversity; (3) economic implications; (4) wider social factors; and (5) the welfare of those animals potentially affected by the decision

Whaling and International Law

Whaling and International Law Author
ISBN-10 9781107021099
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Whaling and International Law has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Whaling and International Law also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Whaling and International Law book for free.

The Amazon from an International Law Perspective

The Amazon from an International Law Perspective Author Beatriz Garcia
ISBN-10 9781139496681
Release 2011-02-21
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With a vast river network and rainforests extending over eight South American countries, the Amazon plays a vital role particularly in maintaining biodiversity and terrestrial carbon storage. Due to its ecological characteristics, the Amazon benefits not only those countries but also the international community at large. However, the Amazon forests are being rapidly cleared with a consequent loss of biodiversity and impact on global climate. This book examines whether international law has an impact on the preservation of the Amazon by inquiring into the forms of cooperation that exist among the Amazon countries, and between them and the international community, and to what extent international cooperation can help protect the Amazon. Given the role of this region in maintaining the balance of the global environment, the book examines whether the Amazon should be granted a special legal status and possible implications in terms of international cooperation.

International Environmental Law and Policy for the 21st Century

International Environmental Law and Policy for the 21st Century Author Ved Nanda
ISBN-10 9789004242869
Release 2012-10-12
Pages 665
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A significant contribution to the field, and a welcome addition to the growing literature on international environmental law and an important reference for every scholar, lawyer, and layperson interested in the field.

Principles of International Environmental Law

Principles of International Environmental Law Author Philippe Sands
ISBN-10 9780521769594
Release 2012-05-03
Pages 926
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Philippe Sands' text on international environmental law provides a clear, authoritative introduction to the subject. This edition has been updated to include relevant new topics, including the Kyoto Protocol, genetically modified organisms, and oil pollution.

The International Law of Property

The International Law of Property Author John G. Sprankling
ISBN-10 9780191502521
Release 2014-05-01
Pages 400
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Does a right to property exist under international law? The traditional answer to this question is no: a right to property can only arise under the domestic law of a particular nation. But the view that property rights are exclusively governed by national law is obsolete. Identifiable areas of property law have emerged at the international level, and the foundation is now arguably being laid for a comprehensive international regime. This book provides a detailed investigation into this developing international property law. It demonstrates how the evolution of international property law has been influenced by major economic, political, and technological changes: the embrace of private property by former socialist states after the end of the Cold War; the globalization of trade; the birth of new technologies capable of exploiting the global commons; the rise of digital property; and the increasing recognition of the human right to property. The first part of the book analyzes how international law impacts rights in specific types of property. In some situations, international law creates property rights, such as rights in aboriginal lands, deep seabed minerals, and satellite orbits. In other areas, it harmonizes property rights that arise at the national level, such as rights in intellectual property, rights in foreign investments, and security interests in personal property. Finally, it restricts property rights that may be recognized at the national level, such as rights in celestial bodies, contraband, and slaves. The second part of the book explores the thesis that a global right to property should be recognized as a general matter, not merely as a moral precept but rather as an entitlement that all nations must honour. It establishes the components of such a right, arguing that the right to property at the international level should be seen in the context of five key components of ownership: acquisition, use, destruction, exclusion, and transfer. This highly innovative book makes an important contribution to how we conceptualize the protection of property and to the understanding that much of this protection now takes place at the international level.

An Introduction to Zoo Biology and Management

An Introduction to Zoo Biology and Management Author Paul A. Rees
ISBN-10 1444397834
Release 2011-03-29
Pages 432
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This book is intended as an introductory text for students studying a wide range of courses concerned with animal management, zoo biology and wildlife conservation, and should also be useful to zookeepers and other zoo professionals. It is divided into three parts. Part 1 considers the function of zoos, their history, how zoos are managed, ethics, zoo legislation and wildlife conservation law. Part 2 discusses the design of zoos and zoo exhibits, animal nutrition, reproduction, animal behaviour (including enrichment and training), animal welfare, veterinary care, animal handling and transportation. Finally, Part 3 discusses captive breeding programmes, genetics, population biology, record keeping, and the educational role of zoos, including a consideration of visitor behaviour. It concludes with a discussion of the role of zoos in the conservation of species in the wild and in species reintroductions. This book takes an international perspective and includes a wide range of examples of the operation of zoos and breeding programmes particularly in the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia. Visit to access the artwork from the book.

Toxic Loopholes

Toxic Loopholes Author Craig Collins
ISBN-10 9781139488952
Release 2010-03-08
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The EPA was established to enforce the environmental laws Congress enacted during the 1970s. Yet today lethal toxins still permeate our environment, causing widespread illness and even death. Toxic Loopholes investigates these laws, and the agency charged with their enforcement, to explain why they have failed to arrest the nation's rising environmental crime wave and clean up the country's land, air and water. This book illustrates how weak laws, legal loopholes and regulatory negligence harm everyday people struggling to clean up their communities. It demonstrates that our current system of environmental protection pacifies the public with a false sense of security, dampens environmental activism, and erects legal barricades and bureaucratic barriers to shield powerful polluters from the wrath of their victims. After examining the corrosive economic and political forces undermining environmental law making and enforcement, the final chapters assess the potential for real improvement and the possibility of building cooperative international agreements to confront the rising tide of ecological perils threatening the entire planet.

International Law and the Antarctic Treaty System

International Law and the Antarctic Treaty System Author Arthur Watts
ISBN-10 0521463114
Release 1992-10-01
Pages 483
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This book provides an invaluable up-to-date survey of the legal framework for Antarctic activities, written by an author with direct practical experience of the Antarctic Treaty system. Reflecting the increase of activity in the area, the work examines the basic Antarctic Treaty of 1959 and the subsequent major additional treaties and regulatory measures to provide a clear and authoritative picture of the Antarctic legal system as a whole. The author demonstrates how these legal arrangements make an important contribution to international law generally notwithstanding the unique characteristics that set Antarctica apart.

International Law and the Environment

International Law and the Environment Author Patricia W. Birnie
ISBN-10 0198764227
Release 2009-01
Pages 851
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Assessing the basic principles, structure and effectiveness of the international legal system concerning the protection of the world's natural environment, this text has been updated to take account of developments in genetically modified organisms and biotechnology.

Manual of European Environmental Law

Manual of European Environmental Law Author Alexandre Kiss
ISBN-10 0521598885
Release 1997-10-02
Pages 622
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Wild Fauna and Flora

Testing Times

Testing Times Author Karin Baakman
ISBN-10 9058506800
Release 2011
Pages 474
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The rapid decline of biological diversity as a result of human activities is a major challenge for the international community. National, regional, and international legislation has been introduced to halt this trend. This book reviews the effectiveness of the five most significant international biodiversity-related conventions: The Ramsar Convention, the World Heritage Convention, the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species, the Migratory Species Convention, and the Convention on Biological Diversity. A three-step approach is followed in this study. The first step comprises a survey of the concept of effectiveness with respect to international environmental agreements, which leads to a workable definition of effectiveness. The second step involves the development of a practical test - the Effectiveness Test - to determine the effectiveness of the five conventions in relation to the problems they intend to address. The final step concerns the actual examination and assessment of each individual convention on the basis of the Effectiveness Test. The findings are certainly worrying; these are testing times indeed.

International Law

International Law Author Malcolm N. Shaw
ISBN-10 9781316061275
Release 2014-09-18
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This new edition of International Law confirms the text's status as the definitive book on the subject. Combining both his expertise as academic and practitioner, Malcolm Shaw's survey of the subject motivates and challenges both student and professional. By offering an unbeatable combination of clarity of expression and academic rigour, he ensures both understanding and critical analysis in an engaging and authoritative style. The text has been updated throughout to reflect recent case law and treaty developments. It retains the detailed references which encourage and assist further reading and study.