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MACPF CDC Proteins Agents of Defence Attack and Invasion

MACPF CDC Proteins   Agents of Defence  Attack and Invasion Author Gregor Anderluh
ISBN-10 9789401788816
Release 2014-05-05
Pages 329
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This book focusses on evolutionary, structural and functional aspects of pore-forming proteins, bringing together prominent researchers in the fields of structural biology and cellular and biophysical techniques. The focus is on the MACPF/CDC protein super family that was originally discovered because of unexpected structural similarity between a domain present in bacterial cholesterol-dependent cytolysins (CDC) and proteins of the membrane attack complex/perforin (MACPF) family. Members of the MACPF/CDC super family are crucial for many biological processes, being efficient agents of development, defence, attack and invasion of cells and tissues. However, their best-known role is in bacterial pathogenesis and the proper functioning of the vertebrate immune system, via formation of transmembrane pores in target cell membranes. The book contains chapters on the distribution of MACPF/CDC proteins and on aspects of their evolution and structural properties, the similarities between different super family members and functional properties of some of the best known examples. The book also contains an overview of biophysical approaches that may be used in the future to provide further insights into how these interesting proteins function.

Electrophysiology of Unconventional Channels and Pores

Electrophysiology of Unconventional Channels and Pores Author Anne H Delcour
ISBN-10 9783319201498
Release 2015-10-23
Pages 385
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This book is dedicated to the channels and pores that belong to an eclectic and ubiquitous class of unconventional - perhaps at times strange - pore-forming molecules, which nevertheless play fundamental roles in various organisms. These non-canonical channels may take on various and sometimes complex architectures, such as large beta-barrels or lipid-containing pores. They may originate from bacteria, viruses or intracellular organelles. For some of them, the physiologically relevant substrate may indeed be ions, and for others folded polypeptides. Some are released by cells in a soluble form that has the ability to insert into biological membranes to exert its permeabilizing effect. Many of these unconventional pores have been investigated by electrophysiology, which, by its virtue of focusing on a few or even a single unit, has provided invaluable insight into the mechanisms and structure-function relationships of these remarkable membrane entities. The chapters of this book highlight a representative set of these interesting investigations.

Membrane Protein Complexes Structure and Function

Membrane Protein Complexes  Structure and Function Author J. Robin Harris
ISBN-10 9789811077579
Release 2018-02-20
Pages 459
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This edited book contains a compilation of 14 advanced academic chapters dealing with the structure and function of membrane protein complexes. This rapidly advancing important field of study closely parallels those on soluble protein complexes, and viral protein and nucleoprotein complexes. Diverse topics are included in this book, ranging from membrane–bound enzymes to ion channels, proton pumps and photosystems. Data from X-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy and other biophysical and biochemical techniques are presented throughout the book. There is extensive use of colour figures of protein structures. Throughout the book structure and function are closely correlated. The two editors, Egbert Boekema and J. Robin Harris, have worked on aspects of membrane and soluble proteins throughout their scientific careers and also have much publishing experience. The Subcellular Biochemistry series has expanded considerably in recent years, including several related volumes. The theme of protein complexes will be continued within several future volumes, thereby creating encyclopaedic coverage. The chapter topics within this book are particularly relevant to those involved in the biological and biomedical sciences. It is aimed at the advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and established researchers within this broad field. It is hoped that the book will be of interest and use to those involved with the study of cellular membranes and their associated proteins.

Skin and Arthropod Vectors

Skin and Arthropod Vectors Author Nathalie Boulanger
ISBN-10 9780128114377
Release 2018-02-02
Pages 516
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Recent research on skin immunity and the skin microbiome reveals the complexity of the skin and its importance in the development of immunity against arthropod-borne diseases. In diseases such as malaria, borreliosis, leishmaniasis, trypanosomiasis, etc., the skin interface has been shown as an essential site for pathogens to hide from the immune system, and as a potential site of persistence. Only very few vaccines have been successfully developed so far against these diseases, likely because of an insufficient understanding on the development of skin immunity against pathogens. Skin and Arthropod Vectors expands our knowledge on the role of the skin interface during the transmission of arthropod-borne diseases and particularly its immunity. This work may support researchers who strive for developing more efficient diagnostic tools and vaccines. It also gives scientists and advanced students working in related areas a better insight on how humans and animals are attractive to arthropods to develop better repellents, or to set up transgenic arthropods. Offers the only compilation of research focusing on both the skin interface and arthropod vectors, with contributions from international experts Advances research in the effort toward generating more effective diagnostic tools and vaccines focusing on the skin interface Can also serve as supplemental material for dermatology lectures or specialized lectures on medical entomology and skin immunity