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Mail Men

Mail Men Author Adrian Addison
ISBN-10 9781782399711
Release 2017-03-16
Pages 400
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Mail Men is the gripping, unofficial story of an institution that has become the self-proclaimed voice of middle England, and the adversary of liberals everywhere. Journalist Adrian Addison investigates the secret behind the Mail's extraordinary longevity and commercial success but also examines the controversies that have beset the paper - from its owner's flirtation with fascism in the 1930s to its fractious relationship with liberals, celebrities and politicians today. Revelatory and captivating, this book also gets under the skin of Paul Dacre, the once awkward reporter who has become one of the most feared, hated, secretive, and respected editors in Britain. This is an essential read if you wish to understand modern Britain.

Mail Men

Mail Men Author Adrian Addison
ISBN-10 9781782399711
Release 2017-03-16
Pages 400
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Discover the secret history of the paper that has shaped Britain and taken over the world. Perhaps because of the power and fear that the Daily Mail commands, this is the first book to provide an unauthorized account of the newspaper with more global readers than any other. With a gripping personality-led narrative, informed by sources near the top of the paper, Mail Men investigates the secret behind the Mail's extraordinary longevity and commercial success. But, it also examines the controversies that have beset the paper—from its owner's flirtation with fascism in the 1930s to its fractious relationship with liberals, celebrities and politicians today. Asking why the Mail attracts such anger around the world, Addison explores how insiders view the furore the paper creates both in its print and online incarnation. He also uses his numerous contacts to ask how the paper has stayed relevant for over a century. How has MailOnline built such a huge global audience by focussing on celebrity gossip, in apparent tension with the sometimes puritanical values of its sister print edition? Gripping and revealing, this book gives a previously unseen insight into the colorful cast of senior MailMen (yes, nearly all men) who have molded the paper through the decades—from Alfred C. Harmsworth, the Mail's founder and first owner, a frenetic genius who invented the popular press as we know it, to Martin Clarke, the fearsome Scot who runs MailOnline, the most popular newspaper website in the world.

Mail Men

Mail Men Author Adrian Addison
ISBN-10 1782399704
Release 2017-03
Pages 304
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Mail Men has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mail Men also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mail Men book for free.

Mail Men

Mail Men Author Adrian Addison
ISBN-10 1782399720
Release 2017-10
Pages 400
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From its founding by the Harmsworth brothers in 1896, to turning 'compact' in 1971 and becoming the world's biggest newspaper website in 2011, Mail Men explores the rise and rise of the Daily Mail, Britain's most profitable newspaper. Charting the controversy that has always dogged the publication - from its flirtation with fascism in the 1930s to its fractious relationship with celebrities today, Addison explains how the divisive paper has shaped British journalism and, indeed, Britain itself. With colourful portraits of rambunctious life behind the masthead (discover why one corridor is dubbed 'scary' by staffers), Mail Men includes fascinating biographical details of key figures in the history of the paper - including idiosyncratic boss Paul Dacre, unrivalled moral arbiter for Middle England and the highest paid newspaper editor in the UK. Drawing on interviews with a vast array of the paper's journalists, past and present -- as well as fans, victims, and critics - this is the uncut story of the Mail Men who created and ran the paper, and the underlings who were expected to give their lives to this peculiarly British institution--

Stand By Your Manhood

Stand By Your Manhood Author Peter Lloyd
ISBN-10 9781849548526
Release 2016-07-07
Pages 320
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DAILY MAIL BOOK OF THE WEEK Men must be the worst oppressors in history - we pay the most taxes, get the least support and play longer matches at Wimbledon for no extra money. We're also more likely to be homeless, circumcised, attacked, jailed, drafted, under-educated, short-changed in parenthood and shafted by divorce. Oh, and to top it all, we die sooner. Despite this, feminists still assert we live in a patriarchy and give us a hard time. Fortunately, Peter Lloyd is here to offer a reality check in this long-overdue lad bible. Part polemic, part toolkit for the modern man, Stand By Your Manhood answers all the burning questions facing the brotherhood today, including: Should we fund the first date? Is penis size a political issue? Are we sexist if we enjoy pornography? Why isn't there a men's minister? Politically incorrect, fearless and laugh-out-loud funny, this is the deliciously provocative book that gives blokes their balls back.

Meditations in an Emergency

Meditations in an Emergency Author Frank O'Hara
ISBN-10 0802134521
Release 1967
Pages 52
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Poems deal with nature, motion pictures, human behavior, the arts, parties, and other cultures

Say Something Dirty to 45 Friends Lovers and Mailmen

Say Something Dirty to 45 Friends  Lovers  and Mailmen Author Sterling Innovation
ISBN-10 1402768117
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 96
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These 45 postcards could make anyone blush! The seemingly innocent art, paired with uproarious sayings that range from down-and-dirty to naughty to outright raunchy makes for some shockers that will tickle anyone pink.

Angry White Men

Angry White Men Author Michael Kimmel
ISBN-10 9781568589626
Release 2017-04-25
Pages 352
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"Kimmel has made a career out of being what you might call a man-translator."-The Atlantic The white American male voter is alive and well--and angry as hell. Sociologist Michael Kimmel, one of the leading writers on men and masculinity, has spent hundreds of hours in the company of America's angry white men--from white supremacists to men's rights activists to young students--in pursuit of a comprehensive diagnosis of their fears, anxieties, and rage. Kimmel locates this increase in anger in the seismic economic, social, and political shifts that have transformed the American landscape: Downward mobility, increased racial and gender equality, and tenaciously clinging to an anachronistic ideology of masculinity has left many men feeling betrayed and bewildered. Raised to expect unparalleled social and economic privilege, white men are suffering today from what Kimmel calls "aggrieved entitlement": a sense that those benefits that white men believed were their due have been snatched away from them. The election of Donald Trump proved that angry white men can still change the course of history. Here, Kimmel argues that we must consider the rage of this "forgotten" group and create solutions that address the concerns of all Americans.

The Mailmen of Elmwood

The Mailmen of Elmwood Author Michael Resman
ISBN-10 0878394060
Release 2013-06-01
Pages 126
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Jack¿s been here a long time. He knows the ropes, and he¿s only too happy to pass along that information to his young apprentice, a new patient in a Minnesota state hospital in the 1950s. Walking the mail route, Billy learns tidbits that could make his life easier in the coming months¿and could potentially save it. Encountering patients with a variety of illnesses, Billy is astonished to learn what goes on behind the stately walls of the hospital, away from families¿ prying eyes. With only one day to learn before flying solo, Billy must take it all in. Above all, he must stay on his guard.

A Frenchwoman s Guide to Sex after Sixty

A Frenchwoman s Guide to Sex after Sixty Author Marie de Hennezel
ISBN-10 9781771643351
Release 2017-10-29
Pages 208
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A Frenchwoman's advice for how women—and men—of a certain age can enjoy love, sex, and desire in their sixties and seventies and beyond. With wit and a soupçon of irreverence, Marie de Hennezel shows that there is no age limit for erotic joy. Through interviews with countless older French women and men, de Hennezel uncovers a plethora of tips for enjoying a rich and satisfying sex life after age sixty. She suggests that perhaps the most important point is to have a positive self-image—to love yourself—and instead of worrying about wrinkles and other outward signs of aging, to cultivate an inner youthfulness, which, combined with a certain maturity, she says, can be sexier than youth all by itself. It is better to skip the plastic surgery and intense workouts at the gym and focus on sensuality, pleasure, and emotional intimacy instead. Other tips for how to keep that certain je ne sais quoi include forgetting about sexual performance, shifting from thinking about the body you have (how it looks in the mirror) to focusing on the body you are (how it feels), and being able to surrender during love and sex. Bringing a sense of humor and a bit of playfulness to the boudoir doesn't hurt either.

Romance on a Global Stage

Romance on a Global Stage Author Nicole Constable
ISBN-10 0520937228
Release 2003-09-18
Pages 293
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By the year 2000 more than 350 Internet agencies were plying the email-order marriage trade, and the business of matching up mostly Western men with women from Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America had become an example of globalization writ large. This provocative work opens a window onto the complex motivations and experiences of the people behind the stereotypes and misconceptions that have exploded along with the practice of transnational courtship and marriage. Combining extensive Internet ethnography and face-to-face fieldwork, Romance on a Global Stage looks at the intimate realities of Filipinas, Chinese women, and U.S. men corresponding in hopes of finding a suitable marriage partner. Through the experiences of those engaged in pen pal relationships—their stories of love, romance, migration, and long-distance dating—this book conveys the richness and dignity of women's and men's choices without reducing these correspondents to calculating opportunists or naive romantics. Attentive to the structural, cultural, and personal factors that prompt women and men to seek marriage partners abroad, Romance on a Global Stage questions the dichotomies so frequently drawn between structure and agency, and between global and local levels of analysis.

Men Walking on Water

Men Walking on Water Author Emily Schultz
ISBN-10 0345811011
Release 2017-03-07
Pages 384
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Men Walking on Water has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Men Walking on Water also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Men Walking on Water book for free.

E Mail from God for Men

E Mail from God for Men Author Andy Cloninger
ISBN-10 1589199995
Release 2001-01
Pages 256
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"Quick, check your in-box! It's filled with more e-mail from God. Men, women, and children will love the daily messages from God in a uniquely designed book. Every message starts with a Scripture reference and continues with a refreshing thought for reflection."

News of the Plains and Rockies 1803 1865 M Mailmen 1857 1865 N Gold seekers Pike s Peak 1858 1865

News of the Plains and Rockies  1803 1865  M  Mailmen  1857 1865   N  Gold seekers  Pike s Peak  1858 1865 Author David A. White
ISBN-10 0870622579
Release 1996
Pages 524
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For more than a century the history of the American Frontier, particularly the West, has been the speciality of the Arthur H. Clark Company. We publish new books, both interpretive and documentary, in small, high-quality editions for the collector, researcher, and library.

Manning Up

Manning Up Author Kay S. Hymowitz
ISBN-10 9780465031405
Release 2012-03-06
Pages 248
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In Manning Up, Manhattan Institute fellow and City Journal contributing editor Kay Hymowitz argues that the gains of the feminist revolution have had a dramatic, unanticipated effect on the current generation of young men. Traditional roles of family man and provider have been turned upside down as “pre-adult” men, stuck between adolescence and “real” adulthood, find themselves lost in a world where women make more money, are more educated, and are less likely to want to settle down and build a family. Their old scripts are gone, and young men find themselves adrift. Unlike women, they have no biological clock telling them it's time to grow up. Hymowitz argues that it's time for these young men to “man up.”

Dangerously Irresistible

Dangerously Irresistible Author Kristin Gabriel
ISBN-10 9781460371183
Release 2014-02-15
Pages 224
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Would-be bounty hunter Maddie Griffin is desperate to prove to her father that she belongs in the family bail-enforcement business. So when she spies the notorious "Kissing Bandit" in Texas Men magazine, she decides to bring the charming fugitive to justice. Only, she has no idea how dangerously persuasive her captive's kisses can be….

The Case of the Missing Men

The Case of the Missing Men Author Kris Bertin
ISBN-10 1772620165
Release 2017-11-11
Pages 224
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The Case of the Missing Men is the first part of an ongoing mystery thriller set in a strange and remote east-coast village called Hobtown. The story follows a gang of young teens who have made it their business to investigate each and every one of their town's bizarre occurrences as The Teen Detective Club (a registered afterschool program). Their small world of missing pets and shed-fires is turned upside down when real-life kid adventurer and globetrotter Sam Finch comes to town and enlists them in their first real case--the search for his missing father. In doing so, he and the teens stumble upon a terrifying world of rural secret societies, weird-but-true folk mythology, subterranean lairs, and an occultist who can turn men into dogs. The Case of The Missing Men is at turns funny, intriguing, eerie and endearing, and is beautifully illustrated in a style reminiscent of children's pulp classics like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.