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Makers of Western Science

Makers of Western Science Author Todd Timmons
ISBN-10 9780786491155
Release 2012-04-26
Pages 224
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"Non-scientists often perceive science as a dry, boring vocation pursued by dry, boring people. Science has actually been the product of fascinating people seeking to explain the world around them. Part biography, part history, this work reveals the personalities behind the world's most significant scientific discoveries, providing a fascinating new perspective on this human endeavor"--

The Sun Centered Universe and Nicolaus Copernicus

The Sun Centered Universe and Nicolaus Copernicus Author Fred Bortz
ISBN-10 9781477718018
Release 2013-12-15
Pages 80
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Before Copernicus, educated people believed without a doubt that the sun and the planets traveled around Earth. Through his brilliant thinking and years of careful observation and documentation, Copernicus turned this idea on its head, making the astonishing assertion that Earth revolves around the sun. In this engaging biography, the author traces the great scientist's life and influences in Europe in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, including his work in the Roman Catholic Church. The title is an excellent resource for Common Core anchor standard 3: analyzing the development of individuals, events, and ideas.

Science and Technology in World History

Science and Technology in World History Author James E. McClellan III
ISBN-10 9781421417769
Release 2015-11-26
Pages 552
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Science and Technology in World History has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Science and Technology in World History also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Science and Technology in World History book for free.

Laws of Motion and Isaac Newton

Laws of Motion and Isaac Newton Author Fred Bortz
ISBN-10 9781477718155
Release 2013-12-15
Pages 80
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One of the greatest scientific minds of the past 500 years, Sir Isaac Newton laid the groundwork for the theory of gravity and the laws of motion. This volume, dedicated to his life and work, goes beyond the biography of a great, and sometimes controversial, man. It also addresses the lives of others who influenced and were influenced by his findings. Additionally, it explores and explains the science at the heart of his work and how we continue to study it today.

Science and Technology in Nineteenth century America

Science and Technology in Nineteenth century America Author Todd Timmons
ISBN-10 0313331618
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 204
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Discusses the application of science to technology in this period of history which led to dramatic changes in transportation, communication, work, home, health, and medicine.

The Scientists

The Scientists Author John R. Gribbin
ISBN-10 9780812967883
Release 2004
Pages 646
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Creates a history of human scientific achievement as revealed by the lives and individual accomplishments of such scientists as Andreas Vesalius, Nicholaus Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, Charles Darwin, Galileo, and Gregor Mendel.

Charles Darwin the Copley Medal and the Rise of Naturalism 1862 1864

Charles Darwin  the Copley Medal  and the Rise of Naturalism 1862 1864 Author Marsha Driscoll
ISBN-10 UOM:39015080836730
Release 2010
Pages 167
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Charles Darwin, the Copley Medal, and the Rise of Naturalism, 1862—1864, thrusts students into the intellectual ferment of Victorian England just after publication of The Origin of Species. Part of the “Reacting to the Past” series, this text consists of a game in which students experience firsthand the tension between natural and teleological views of the world--manifested especially in reconsideration of the design argument commonly known through William Paley's Natural Theology or, Evidences of the Existence and Attributes of the Deity (1802). Note: Reacting to the Past has been developed under the auspices of Barnard College. It won the Theodore Hesburgh Award (2004), funded by the TIAA-CREF, for pedagogical innovation, and it has also received substantial support from the Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) of the U.S. Department of Education. With this support, Barnard College hosts a series of conferences throughout the nation at which interested faculty and administrators learn about “Reacting” by playing miniversions of the games.


Complexity Author Mitchell M. Waldrop
ISBN-10 9780671872342
Release 1993-09-01
Pages 380
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A look at the rebellious thinkers who are challenging old ideas with their insights into the ways countless elements of complex systems interact to produce spontaneous order out of confusion

Flora Lapponica

Flora Lapponica Author Carl von Linné
ISBN-10 BSB:BSB10302265
Release 1792
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Flora Lapponica has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Flora Lapponica also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Flora Lapponica book for free.

Science and Anti science

Science and Anti science Author Gerald James Holton
ISBN-10 067479298X
Release 1993
Pages 203
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What is good science? What goal--if any--is the proper end of scientific activity? Is there a legitimating authority that scientists mayclaim? Howserious athreat are the anti-science movements? These questions have long been debated but, as Gerald Holton points out, every era must offer its own responses. This book examines these questions not in the abstract but shows their historic roots and the answers emerging from the scientific and political controversies of this century. Employing the case-study method and the concept of scientific thematathat he has pioneered, Holton displays the broad scope of his insight into the workings of science: from the influence of Ernst Mach on twentiethcentury physicists, biologists, psychologists, and other thinkers to the rhetorical strategies used in the work of Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, and others; from the bickering between Thomas Jefferson and the U.S. Congress over the proper form of federal sponsorship of scientific research to philosophical debates since Oswald Spengier over whether our scientific knowledge will ever be "complete." In a masterful final chapter, Holton scrutinizes the "anti-science phenomenon," the increasingly common opposition to science as practiced today. He approaches this contentious issue by examining the world views and political ambitions of the proponents of science as well as those of its opponents-the critics of "establishment science" (including even those who fear that science threatens to overwhelm the individual in the postmodern world) and the adherents of "alternative science" (Creationists, New Age "healers," astrologers). Through it all runs the thread of the author's deep historical knowledge and his humanistic understanding of science in modern culture. Science and Anti-Science will be of great interest not only to scientists and scholars in the field of science studies but also to educators, policymalcers, and all those who wish to gain a fuller understanding of challenges to and doubts about the role of science in our lives today.

Spontaneous Evolution

Spontaneous Evolution Author Bruce H. Lipton
ISBN-10 9781458755629
Release 2010-08-16
Pages 732
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We've all heard stories of people who've experienced seemingly miraculous recoveries from illness, but can the same thing happen for our world? According to pioneering biologist Bruce H. Lipton, it's not only possible, it's already occurring. In Spontaneous Evolution, this world-renowned expert in the emerging science of epigenetics reveals how our changing understanding of biology will help us navigate this turbulent period in our planet's history and how each of us can participate in this global shift. In collaboration with political philosopher Steve Bhaerman, Dr. Lipton invites readers to reconsider: the ''unquestionable'' pillars of biology, including random evolution, survival of the fittest, and the role of DNA; the relationship between mind and matter; how our beliefs about nature and human nature shape our politics, culture, and individual lives; and how each of us can become planetary ''stem cells'' supporting the health and growth of our world. By questioning the old beliefs that got us to where we are today and keep us stuck in the status quo, we can trigger the spontaneous evolution of our species that will usher in a brighter future.


Cosmology Author Edward Harrison
ISBN-10 9781139643450
Release 2000-03-16
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Cosmology: The Science of the Universe is an introduction to past and present cosmological theory. For much of the world's history, cosmological thought was formulated in religious or philosophical language and was thus theological or metaphysical in nature. However, cosmological speculation and theory has now become a science in which the empirical discoveries of the astronomer, theoretical physicist, and biologist are woven into intricate models that attempt to account for the universe as a whole. Professor Harrison draws on the discoveries and speculations of these scientists to provide a comprehensive survey of man's current understanding of the universe and its history. Tracing the rise of the scientific method, the major aim of this book is to provide an elementary understanding of the physical universe of modern times. Thoroughly revised and updated, this second edition extends the much acclaimed first edition taking into account the many developments that have occurred.

The Universe Life and Everything

The Universe  Life and Everything Author Sarah Durston
ISBN-10 9789048539055
Release 2017-10-12
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he way we understand the world we live in is changing. Our traditional understanding is being challenged by developments in physics, including quantum mechanics, and our inability to explain certain complex phenomena such as consciousness. In this book, scholars from a variety of backgrounds discuss how our understanding of our world is expanding to include such phenomena.

Experimental Researches in Electricity

Experimental Researches in Electricity Author Michael Faraday
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105025559415
Release 1855
Pages 302
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Experimental Researches in Electricity has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Experimental Researches in Electricity also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Experimental Researches in Electricity book for free.

The Origin of Continents and Oceans

The Origin of Continents and Oceans Author Alfred Wegener
ISBN-10 9780486143897
Release 2012-07-25
Pages 246
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A source of profound influence and controversy, this landmark 1915 work explains various phenomena of historical geology, geomorphy, paleontology, paleoclimatology, and similar areas in terms of continental drift. 64 illustrations. 1966 edition.

Responsible Conduct of Research

Responsible Conduct of Research Author Adil E. Shamoo
ISBN-10 9780199376049
Release 2014-12-01
Pages 440
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Since the early 2000s, the field of Responsible Conduct of Research has become widely recognized as essential to scientific education, investigation, and training. At present, research institutions with public funding are expected to have some minimal training and education in RCR for their graduate students, fellows and trainees. These institutions also are expected to have a system in place for investigating and reporting misconduct in research or violations of regulations in research with human subjects, or in their applications to federal agencies for funding. Public scrutiny of the conduct of scientific researchers remains high. Media reports of misconduct scandals, biased research, violations of human research ethics rules, and moral controversies in research occur on a weekly basis. Since the 2009 publication of the 2nd edition of Shamoo and Resnik's Responsible Conduct of Research, there has been a vast expansion in the information, knowledge, methods, and diagnosis of problems related to RCR and the multitude of ethical issues of human subject protections. With the climate surrounding research conduct always shifting, developments in the field make an updated edition a necessity. All chapters have been revised and reflect the most current RCR landscape. New or further-developed topics include social responsibility and misconduct in social sciences, climate-change research, authorship, and peer review. Updates include new information on research involving human subjects or "vulnerable" biological subjects, as well as genetic research. Just like in previous editions, all chapters contain recent case studies and legal examples of various subjects.

Thinking about Life

Thinking about Life Author Paul S. Agutter
ISBN-10 9781402088667
Release 2008-11-05
Pages 267
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Our previous book, About Life, concerned modern biology. We used our present-day understanding of cells to ‘define’ the living state, providing a basis for exploring several general-interest topics: the origin of life, extraterrestrial life, intelligence, and the possibility that humans are unique. The ideas we proposed in About Life were intended as starting-points for debate – we did not claim them as ‘truth’ – but the information on which they were based is currently accepted as ‘scientific fact’. What does that mean? What is ‘scientific fact’ and why is it accepted? What is science – and is biology like other sciences such as physics (except in subject m- ter)? The book you are now reading investigates these questions – and some related ones. Like About Life, it may particularly interest a reader who wishes to change career to biology and its related subdisciplines. In line with a recommendation by the British Association for the Advancement of Science – that the public should be given fuller information about the nature of science – we present the concepts underpinning biology and a survey of its historical and philosophical basis.