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Makiguchi and Gandhi

Makiguchi and Gandhi Author Namrata Sharma
ISBN-10 076184208X
Release 2008-08-28
Pages 236
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Makiguchi and Gandhi explores ideas about Japanese educator Tsunesaburo Makiguchi (1871-1944) and Indian political leader Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) as examples of inspiration for large mass movements in the 20th century. Based on research done in Japan, India, Hawai'i, and the United Kingdom, this book breaks new ground by examining and theorizing the fate of dissident thinkers and raises the question often asked by both Gandihan and Soka scholars alike- were they truly radical thinkers?

Value Creating Global Citizenship Education

Value Creating Global Citizenship Education Author Namrata Sharma
ISBN-10 9783319782447
Release 2018-03-27
Pages 146
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This book fills an existing gap within the practice of global citizenship education by offering Asian perspectives. In this book, Soka or value-creating education developed by the Japanese educators, Tsunesaburo Makiguchi (1871-1944) and Daisaku Ikeda (b. 1928) is compared to the ideas of the Indian political leader Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948). This study of their respective thoughts and movements has a significant bearing on the three domains of learning within the global citizenship education conceptual dimensions of UNESCO – the cognitive, socio-emotional, and behavioral. This book deftly combines theoretical discussions with themes and suggestions for practice and future research.

Education and Minorities

Education and Minorities Author Chris Atkin
ISBN-10 9781441119476
Release 2012-03-08
Pages 200
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The contributors explore the experience of learners from minority groups and the education policy response of authorities, drawing on the international research in the USA, Finland, Rwanda, India, South Africa, Hungary, China and the UK. They explore the purpose of education for minority groups and in particular the place of human, social and identity capital in policy and practice. Each chapter contains a summary of the key points and issues within each chapter to enable easy navigation, key contemporary questions to encourage active engagement with the material and an annotated list of suggested reading to support further exploration.

Daisaku Ikeda Language and Education

Daisaku Ikeda  Language and Education Author Jason Goulah
ISBN-10 9781134914784
Release 2016-04-08
Pages 166
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Daisaku Ikeda (b. 1928) is an international Buddhist leader, peacebuilder, prolific author, and the founder of the secular Soka kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools, women’s college and universities in seven countries across Asia and the Americas. He has emerged as an important educational philosopher and practitioner whose perspectives on dialogue, value-creation (soka), global citizenship, and the deep inner transformation he calls "human revolution" have informed the curriculum and instruction of thousands of teachers not only at the Soka schools, but also at numerous non-Soka schools and universities around the world. This volume brings together, for the first time in English, international scholars’ empirical and theoretical analyses of Ikeda’s contributions to language and education in a global context. This book was awarded the Critics Choice Book Award by the American Educational Studies Association in 2015. This book was originally published as a special issue of Critical Inquiry in Language Studies.

Tsunesaburo Makiguchi 1871 1944

Tsunesaburo Makiguchi  1871 1944 Author Jason Goulah
ISBN-10 9781134915064
Release 2016-04-08
Pages 118
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This edited volume focuses on the life and work of Makiguchi Tsunesaburo (1871-1944), a Japanese elementary schoolteacher, principal, educational philosopher, author, activist, and Buddhist war resister who has emerged as an important figure in international education. Makiguchi is the progenitor of value-creating (soka) pedagogy that informs practice in the Soka schools network, which includes two universities (in Japan and the U.S.), a women's college (Japan), two secondary schools (Japan), three elementary schools (Brazil and Japan), and six Kindergartens (Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore), as well as one of Japan's largest correspondence education programs. In addition, thousands of educators worldwide incorporate Makiguchi's ideas in their own curriculum and instruction, and Brazil has instituted the Makiguchi in Action Project, which has provided literacy training and teacher development for nearly a million people. This edited volume is the first in the Anglophone literature to theoretically and empirically examine the nature and global application of Makiguchi's influential educational ideas. The book was originally published as a special issue of American Educational Studies.

Mapping the Broad Field of Multicultural and Intercultural Education Worldwide

Mapping the Broad Field of Multicultural and Intercultural Education Worldwide Author Nektaria Palaiologou
ISBN-10 9781443844086
Release 2012-12-07
Pages 590
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The issues which are discussed in the 29 chapters of this volume address core matters with respect to modern diverse societies. The most important relate to the following: the societal needs of migrant populations and the educational needs of their children; the exclusivist policies which usually impact upon migrant groups; the need to enrich school texts and curricula with new intercultural and citizenship dimensions; the importance of integrating the notion of Paideia within the school ethos and educational programmes. This volume has a dual aim. The first aim is to envisage the field of Multicultural and Intercultural Education from different disciplines at the international level, describing the new educational and social conditions that have been created by recent migration and identifying new trends in the field. The second aim is to highlight the importance of Multicultural and Intercultural Education in the development of a new citizen, who moves around the world, interacting with different people, and has a dynamic and flexible identity with polymorphic personal, social and cultural characteristics – a new intercultural persona. To sum up, this volume highlights that authors coming from different continents share some common ideas and tend to believe in the notion of Intercultural/Multicultural Education as a useful new dimension within the dynamics of many disciplines, as a new inter-disciplinary approach that is embedded within them and which characterizes modern societies.

Value creators in education

Value creators in education Author Namrata Sharma
ISBN-10 8186030603
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 136
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Value creators in education has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Value creators in education also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Value creators in education book for free.

Changing Educational Landscapes

Changing Educational Landscapes Author Dimitris Mattheou
ISBN-10 9048185343
Release 2010-04-08
Pages 328
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Analyzing educational landscapes – the fundamental values, principles and institutions of the sector – is a highly complex and demanding task for any researcher. Like shifting desert sands, these aspects of education are in a constant state of flux, changing according to the unpredictable economic, social, cultural and geo-political circumstances of late modernity. Key aspects of the intricate, fluid and multifarious contemporary setting can always escape the researcher’s necessarily selective observation. The contributors to this book share the view that it is wise, therefore, to take note of other people’s ideas, perceptions and perspectives, to compare notes and reflect critically on them. Thus the papers presented here are a critical and comparative analysis of today’s changing educational landscapes. They are an exploration of some of the forces and factors that induce these changes, and also examine some of their most significant implications. The work takes a fresh look at received ideology and institutional practices and delineates the increasingly internationalized educational discourses and policies. Among other things, the book discusses the obsession with quality in education and the alternative perceptions of educational equality; the rising concern at the obstacles to truly multicultural education, and the debate about the epistemological foundations both of knowledge and knowledge production. Underlying all of the papers in the book is the authors’ intention to enhance our understanding of educational change in this era of transition and to further our appreciation of its multifaceted expressions across the world.

The Way of Youth

The Way of Youth Author Daisaku Ikeda
ISBN-10 9781938252075
Release 2012-03-01
Pages 224
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Daisaku Ikeda, who offers spiritual leadership to 12 million Soka Gakkai Buddhists throughout the world, responds to the complicated issues facing American young people in a straightforward question-and-answer format. He addresses topics that include building individual character, the purpose of hard work and perseverance, family and relationships, tolerance, and preservation of the environment. Written from a Buddhist perspective, this collection of answers to life’s questions offers timeless wisdom to people of all faiths.

Soka Education

Soka Education Author Daisaku Ikeda
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105023745529
Release 2001
Pages 208
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From a Japanese word meaning “to create value,” this book presents a fresh spiritual perspective to question the ultimate purpose of education. Mixing American pragmatism with Buddhist philosophy, the goal of Soka education is the lifelong happiness of the learner. Rather than offering practical classroom techniques, this book speaks to the emotional heart of both the teacher and student. With input from philosophers and activists from several cultures, it advances the conviction that the true purpose of education is to create a peaceful world and to develop the individual character of each student in order to achieve that goal.

A New Humanism

A New Humanism Author Daisaku Ikeda
ISBN-10 9780857731951
Release 2010-09-30
Pages 304
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‘The natural sympathy and understanding of people everywheremust be the soil in which the new humanism can thrive.’ For Daisaku Ikeda, whose words these are, education has long been one of the fundamental priorities of his work and teaching. His emphasis on the intellectual legacy bequeathed to humanity by the great teachers of civilization is in this volume encapsulated by the notion of a ‘new humanism’: a significant residue ofwisdom that in the right circumstances may be passed on to future generations, expanding horizons, making connections between different cultures and encouraging fresh insights and new discoveries across the globe. These circumstances are perhaps most fully realised in the context of universities. In promoting his core values of education and peace, the author has delivered lectures and speeches at more than twenty-five academies, colleges and research institutes worldwide. This stimulating collection, which includes the author’s most recent lectures, ranges widely across topics as diverse as art, religion, culture and time, and draws creatively on the sages of ancient India, China and Japan as well as on visionary thinkers from every nation, including Tolstoy, Victor Hugo and Gandhi.

Choose peace

Choose peace Author Johan Galtung
ISBN-10 UOM:49015002394238
Release 1995-09
Pages 172
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Choose Peace explores practical solutions to many of the global problems afflicting the world today.

Fast and Curious

Fast and Curious Author Robert L. Hampel
ISBN-10 9781475836943
Release 2017-12-15
Pages 192
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This book examines four types of shortcuts in the history of American education—streamlined paths to vocational success, cultural sophistication, college credentials, and the efficient use of English. The chapters profile Norman Rockwell, the Harvard Classics, Cliff Notes, speed reading, a Doctor of Arts diploma for college teachers, and other riveting examples of time-savers that attracted millions of ambitious Americans since the late 19th century.

Education as Freedom

Education as Freedom Author Noel S. Anderson
ISBN-10 0739132601
Release 2009-01-16
Pages 242
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Education as Freedom is a groundbreaking edited text that documents and reexamines African-American empirical, methodological, and theoretical contributions to knowledge-making, teaching, and learning and American education from the nineteenth through the twenty-first century, a dynamic period of African-American educational thought and activism. Education as Freedom is a long awaited text that historicizes the current racial achievement gap as well as illuminates the myriad of African American voices and actions to define the purpose of education and to push the limits of the democratic experiment in the United States.

Amazing Social Studies Activities

Amazing Social Studies Activities Author Mercedes M. Fisher
ISBN-10 1578861616
Release 2005
Pages 137
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Provides a collection of activities for the social studies classroom for grades six to twelve.

Encyclopedia of Educational Theory and Philosophy

Encyclopedia of Educational Theory and Philosophy Author D. C. Phillips
ISBN-10 9781452230894
Release 2014-06-06
Pages 952
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Education is a field sometimes beset by theories-of-the-day and with easy panaceas that overpromise the degree to which they can alleviate pressing educational problems. The two-volume Encyclopedia of Educational Theory and Philosophy introduces readers to theories that have stood the test of time and those that have provided the historical foundation for the best of contemporary educational theory and practice. Drawing together a team of international scholars, this invaluable reference examines the global landscape of all the key theories and the theorists behind them and presents them in the context needed to understand their strengths and weaknesses. In addition to interpretations of long-established theories, this work offers essays on cutting-edge research and concise, to-the-point definitions of key concepts, ideas, schools, and figures. Features: Over 300 signed entries by trusted experts in the field are organized into two volumes and overseen by a distinguished General Editor and an international Editorial Board. Entries are followed by cross references and further reading suggestions. A Chronology of Theory within the field of education highlights developments over the centuries; a Reader’s Guide groups entries thematically, and a master Bibliography facilitates further study. The Reader’s Guide, detailed index, and cross references combine for strong search-and-browse capabilities in the electronic version. Available in a choice of print or electronic formats, Encyclopedia of Educational Theory and Philosophy is an ideal reference for anyone interested in the roots of contemporary educational theory.

Connected Thoughts

Connected Thoughts Author Stephen R. Herr
ISBN-10 076180580X
Release 1997
Pages 282
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Since Antioch's reorganization in the early 1920s the event has been heralded as a wonder of academic innovation and generally credited to the work of one man, Arthur Morgan. This book examines the politics of educational innovation as represented by that reorganization. Connected Thoughts draws on a large number of sources to redefine Antioch College's reorganization. In doing this the author links the event to the numerous institutions, organizations and individuals who helped define the event, showing that the reorganization was neither a remarkable educational innovation not the work of one man, but rather required the efforts of a number of individuals whose work was in many ways in harmony with both the traditions of the institution and the larger educational community. This is an illuminating study of institutional renewal and reorganization.