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Chosen by the Alien

Chosen by the Alien Author Ashley West
ISBN-10 1631560476
Release 2016-02-09
Pages 166
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Atlas has long watched his friends and fellow warriors find their mates. He's heard all about how it's supposedly the most magical thing that can happen, how you feel complete and happy and whole, and he's tried not to be bitter over the fact that he still hasn't found his mate. It hasn't been for lack of trying, either. With his skill on the battlefield, he's highly sought after by the females of his kind and other kinds as well, but there has never been that spark. When he's chosen to accompany the princess of their people to Earth, he thinks nothing of it. It'll be a good distraction from things that aren't going the way he wants them to, if anything. Certainly he doesn't anticipate any kind of foul plot afoot with consequences that reach far beyond their own kind. He definitely doesn't expect to meet Katlyn Pierce, bartender by night, student by day, with her sharp eyes and sharper tongue. By the end of his escort duty, Atlas is honestly not sure which is more surprising: that he's fighting his own people to save a planet he barely understands or that he's fairly sure he's found the other half of his soul. But the princess isn't above exploiting his newfound connection, and Atlas just might find himself fighting to save his mate as well as the rest of the world.


Kratos Author Ashley West
ISBN-10 1631560530
Release 2016-05-30
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The Alva have been a scourge on the galaxy for long years, but with them gone, many others have crawled out of the dark parts of space to try and fill that void. A group of alien pirates known only as The Grey have stepped in to continue where the Alva left off, destroying homes and families on other planets on their way to Earth. The Kilan are a group of mercenaries, not sworn to protect anyone, but willing to go and fight where the money is. When they hear of The Grey moving in on Earth, they follow, sure that someone will want to hire them to protect the humans, and if not, they'll be on their way. But things rarely go to plan when The Grey and beautiful women are involved, and Kratos, one of the members of The Kilan finds himself smack dab in the middle of both. Money isn't the only motivating factor anymore when he can't say no to a pair of big green eyes and the woman who knows how to wield them to get him to help save the place she calls home.


Galen Author Ashley West
ISBN-10 1631560778
Release 2017-08-18
Pages 194
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Alinsoth is, for all intents and purposes, a scrap yard. It is an abandoned moon, floating in the middle of space, where refuse and other discarded things seem to collect. It¿s also the base of the Amakari, barbarian people who use their weapons to speak for them and, occasionally, work as warriors for hire. They are a rough and tumble bunch, trying to keep out of sight of the Imperials, who rule most of the planets around them. It keeps them isolated, but this suits them fine. Galen, one of the barbarians, has no problems with his life. He likes the fighting, and he tries not to remember his life before he came to Alinsoth. He is brash and reckless and rude, which is perfect since he is also one of the best fighters they have. But when something crash lands on their little moon and it turns out to be a human woman who can¿t remember who she is or how she got there, Galen will find out that he has a softer side, once he learns to trust her, that is. He has no idea who she is or why she¿s so far from home, but the answers don¿t stay hidden for long. In fact, eventually they come calling in the form of a giant warship, and the Amakari way of life, along with the woman Galen has come to care for, are heavily threatened.

Alien Protector

Alien Protector Author Ashley West
ISBN-10 1631560352
Release 2015-06-15
Pages 140
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The Cillidan Artifacts have long been considered to be treasures by the inhabitants of the planet Aldara. Of course, it doesn't help that they were scattered across the galaxy, buried in rubble and otherwise hidden from them, hundreds of years before any of them were born. When Plintos becomes king of the Leothian, he vows that he will reunite the Artifacts for the good of the people, to give them something to hope for, and he sends Draco, one of his best and most trusted friends to look for them. Draco finds two of the three Artifacts with little trouble, but the third is nowhere to be found. When a feed from Earth shows that something resembling the last item has been discovered on the far away planet, Draco is sent there to see what can be done to recover it. There he meets Stephanie, a brilliant young intern at the museum where the artifact is being kept. If anyone should understand the importance of the find, it's her, but can he convince her that she should help him get the artifact back to where it belongs? And even if he can, can he bring himself to leave her once the finds himself falling for her mind as well as the rest? Unfortunately, the choice may be taken from him when the real reason for Plintos' almost frantic need for all three Artifacts to be together rears its ugly head.

Fine As Wine

Fine As Wine Author Ashley West
ISBN-10 1631560514
Release 2016-04-05
Pages 134
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The Earth is in chaos. It's a sort of organized chaos to be sure, but when a planet is inhabited by the Alva, a hostile race of aliens from a far off world, chaos is inevitable. The Randoran from planet Dorn are a warrior race who has feuded with the Alva for centuries, and when they discover that the Alva have taken the Earth for their own, they want to help protect the humans if they can. And so a rescue mission is mounted for Earth, and they arrive in style, speaking with the humans to assure them they come in peace before moving on to find the Alva. What they find is awful. The Alva living like kings while humans suffer, some selected ones kept in cages like pets. Malachi, known as the Champion of the Randoran goes to speak with the Alvan leader, to tell him that his time is up. He expects threats, maybe even violence. What he doesn't expect is a pair of green eyes to follow him as he walks or to find himself captivated by one of the Alva's prisoners. As a show of their 'good faith' the Alva sell the human woman to him. Malachi means to set her free, but finds that she clings to him, begging him to save her planet, telling him what things used to be like. He finds himself enchanted by this woman and the way Earth once was, and his resolve to see the Alva gone only grows.

The Alien in My Kitchen

The Alien in My Kitchen Author Jan Irving
ISBN-10 9780857159540
Release 2012-04-30
Pages 96
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Mitchell Blake had given up on romance until a sexy biker shows up in his kitchen, claiming he's an alien warrior sent to protect Mitchell from an assassin. Mitchell Blake has given up on romance. At least the equations in his scientific experiments add up, unlike his charming, lying jerk of an ex. Nevertheless, he's saddened when the guy he's been exchanging glances with over lunch in the university cafe, brooding and darkly gorgeous poet Jaden Ross, is killed in a freak motorcycle crash...until Jaden shows up in Mitchell's kitchen and tells him a crazy story that he's been assigned as his unearthly protector. Jaden is more than human. He's a warrior from a galaxy far, far away and he's not, unfortunately, just around to share his out-of-this-world body with Mitchell. Despite Jaden's fear of appliances - they have moving parts and are very primitive - and his burning curiosity about human mating rituals, he is determined to keep Mitchell safe from the killer stalking him. Reader Advisory: This series can be read separately as each story is unique.

Religions and Extraterrestrial Life

Religions and Extraterrestrial Life Author David A. Weintraub
ISBN-10 9783319050560
Release 2014-07-16
Pages 234
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In the twenty-first century, the debate about life on other worlds is quickly changing from the realm of speculation to the domain of hard science. Within a few years, as a consequence of the rapid discovery by astronomers of planets around other stars, astronomers very likely will have discovered clear evidence of life beyond the Earth. Such a discovery of extraterrestrial life will change everything. Knowing the answer as to whether humanity has company in the universe will trigger one of the greatest intellectual revolutions in history, not the least of which will be a challenge for at least some terrestrial religions. Which religions will handle the discovery of extraterrestrial life with ease and which will struggle to assimilate this new knowledge about our place in the universe? Some religions as currently practiced appear to only be viable on Earth. Other religions could be practiced on distant worlds but nevertheless identify both Earth as a place and humankind as a species of singular spiritual religious importance, while some religions could be practiced equally well anywhere in the universe by any sentient beings. Weintraub guides readers on an invigorating tour of the world’s most widely practiced religions. It reveals what, if anything, each religion has to say about the possibility that extraterrestrial life exists and how, or if, a particular religion would work on other planets in distant parts of the universe.

Science Fiction and the Moral Imagination

Science Fiction and the Moral Imagination Author Russell Blackford
ISBN-10 9783319616858
Release 2017-09-05
Pages 204
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In this highly original book, Russell Blackford discusses the intersection of science fiction and humanity’s moral imagination. With the rise of science and technology in the 19th century, and our continually improving understanding of the cosmos, writers and thinkers soon began to imagine futures greatly different from the present. Science fiction was born out of the realization that future technoscientific advances could dramatically change the world. Along with the developments described in modern science fiction - space societies, conscious machines, and upgraded human bodies, to name but a few - come a new set of ethical challenges and new forms of ethics. Blackford identifies these issues and their reflection in science fiction. His fascinating book will appeal to anyone with an interest in philosophy or science fiction, or in how they interact. “This is a seasoned, balanced analysis of a major issue in our thinking about the future, seen through the lens of science fiction, a central art of our time. Everyone from humanists to technologists should study these ideas and examples. Blackford’s book is wise and savvy, and a delight to read as well.” Greg Benford, author of Timescape.

The Everlasting Man

The Everlasting Man Author G. K. Chesterton
ISBN-10 9780486117386
Release 2012-03-06
Pages 288
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Chesterton's view of Christianity — as a blend of philosophy and mythology, satisfying intellect and spirit — applies to his brilliant book, which appeals to readers' heads as well as their hearts.

Hostage to the Devil

Hostage to the Devil Author Malachi Martin
ISBN-10 OCLC:1003943883
Release 2000
Pages 477
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Hostage to the Devil has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Hostage to the Devil also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Hostage to the Devil book for free.

Criticism of Earth

Criticism of Earth Author Roland Boer
ISBN-10 9789004225572
Release 2012-06-08
Pages 392
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Drawing on mostly ignored texts, this book thoroughly reassesses Marx and Engels's engagement with theology. Alongside opium, Hegel and Feuerbach, other dimensions become important: historical context, Bruno Bauer, Max Stirner, fetishism, secularism, political ambivalence and the revolutionary possibilities of theology.


Aedian Author Ashley West
ISBN-10 163156045X
Release 2016-01-19
Pages 144
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Ten years ago, the Calphesians, a warrior race from far beyond our stars, invaded Earth with the intention to kill everyone they found and take the planet's resources for themselves. In order to prevent the destruction of the human race, a treaty was set, allowing the Calphesians to remain on Earth and use its resources as long as they didn't kill anyone or hurt the people. In addition, they would be able to pick and choose from a selection of human women to marry and have children with, in order to keep their kind from dying out. Every five years, three women are randomly selected and married off to the strongest warriors of the Calphesians, and this year Roxanne has been chosen. She's angry and bitter about having her life decided for her, and nothing changes when she meets Aedian, her husband to be. He's boorish and crude, and treats her like she's insignificant most of the time, and all they do is fight. But when another race of aliens seeks to destroy the Earth and everyone on it, everyone will have to band together to fight them off, and both Aedian and Roxanne will realize there's more to each other than they'd thought.

Elemental Warriors

Elemental Warriors Author Ashley West
ISBN-10 1631560638
Release 2016-01-15
Pages 54
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Thousands of years ago beings who were pure energy existed. They were the world, and of the world, and they held the powers of life. Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, etc., were theirs to call and command, and they kept balance over the universe. But those they watched over became greedy and hungry for power;, and they coveted that which was not theirs to have. Seeing that things would become ugly otherwise, the beings condensed themselves into solid forms, taking on the shape of gems that contained their power. Each gem found its way to a planet with a ruler who was worthy, and their powers seeped into those planets and the people of them, giving them elemental powers to call their own. Warriors of these planets use their elements to protect people, though time has passed and the beings have long been forgotten. But once again, greed and hunger are spreading, and a group of dangerous individuals seek to take what isn't theirs, going planet by planet to try and find the source of the elemental powers and take it for their own.

Taken by the Twins

Taken by the Twins Author Ashley West
ISBN-10 163156062X
Release 2016-11-08
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Seven years ago, Alister and Samson watched everything they had ever loved or tried to protect burn. They'd been too young, too inexperienced to save their people, and so they'd ended up hiding, running away and leaving rather than face being killed with the rest. The shame of that haunts them still, but they don't talk about it.Instead, the twin brothers work as traders and explorers, finding rare things on far off planets and bringing them to people who are willing to pay high prices for them. When their business is slow, they sometimes accept bounties, hunting down criminals or rare animals and other creatures for those too lazy to hunt for themselves. When a bounty for more money than either of them has ever seen comes in, they can't turn it down, even when it turns out that the collector they'd be hunting for wants a human woman for his collection. In order to find a human woman, they have to go to Earth, and when they get there, it's nothing like they expected.For one, the planet is under attack. For another, there are human women everywhere, and none of them are easy to catch. Samson is all for grabbing one and getting the hell out of there, but Alister seems to want to stay. The more they learn about Earth, the more they end up wanting to save it, but neither of them have fought in seven years, and they're terrified of letting down the people of Earth the same way they failed their own people. They don't even have an army, but it turns out that they might be able to borrow one. If they fulfill the bounty they came to Earth for, anyway...

Truth Triumphant

Truth Triumphant Author Wilkinson, Benjamin George
Release 2015-02-23
Pages 424
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A much neglected field of study has been opened by the research of the author into the history of the Christian church from its apostolic origins to the close of the eighteenth century. Taking as his thesis the prominence given to the Church in the Wilderness in Bible prophecy, and the fact that “‘the Church in the Wilderness,’ and not the proud hierarchy enthroned in the world’s great capital, was the true church of Christ,” he has spent years developing this subject. In its present form, Truth Triumphant represents much arduous research in the libraries of Europe as well as in America. Excellent ancient sources are most difficult to obtain, but the author has been successful in gaining access to many of them. To crystallize the subject matter and make the historical facts live in modem times, the author also made extensive travels throughout Europe and Asia. The doctrines of the primitive Christian church spread to Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. As grains of a mustard seed they lodged in the hearts of many Godly souls in southern France and northern Italy — people known as the Albigenses and the Waldenses. The faith of Jesus was valiantly upheld by the Church of the East. This term, as used by the author, not only includes the Syrian and Assyrian Churches, but is also the term applied to the development of apostolic Christianity throughout the lands of the East. The spirit of Christ, burning in the hearts of loyal men who would not compromise with paganism, sent them forth as missionaries to lands afar. Patrick, Columbanus, Marcos, and a host of others were missionaries to distant lands. They braved the ignorance of the barbarian, the intolerance of the apostate church leaders, and the persecution of the state in order that they might win souls to God. To unfold the dangers that were ever present in the conflict of the true church against error, to reveal the sinister working of evil and the divine strength by which men of God made truth triumphant, to challenge the Remnant Church today in its final controversy against the powers of evil, and to show the holy, unchanging message of the Bible as it has been preserved for t hose who will “fear God, and keep His commandments” — these are the sincere aims of the author as he presents this book to those who know the truth. MERLIN L. NEFF.

Windswept House a Vatican Novel

Windswept House a Vatican Novel Author Malachi Martin
ISBN-10 1535227354
Release 2016-07-12
Pages 806
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Windswept House: A Vatican Novel is a novel by Roman Catholic priest and theologian Malachi Martin. The book charts the turmoil within the Catholic faith and within Vatican City.

The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life

The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life Author Charles Arminjon
ISBN-10 9781933184388
Release 2008
Pages 310
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Mystery book on 'End Times' reappears. This marvelous book will show you how to read the signs of the times and prepare you to bear yourself as a Christian no matter what the future holds. "Reading this book was one of the greatest graces of my life " St. Therese of Lisieux