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Managing and Supporting Student Diversity in Higher Education

Managing and Supporting Student Diversity in Higher Education Author Robyn Benson
ISBN-10 9781780633855
Release 2013-07-31
Pages 254
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Government initiatives in many countries emphasise social inclusion in higher education, resulting in a more diverse student population. This presents opportunities and challenges for academic and professional staff in managing and supporting these students. Managing and Supporting Student Diversity in Higher Education focuses on how students succeed amidst a culture of widening participation. The book is divided into seven chapters. The first introduces current literature and policies to present an international perspective on widening participation in higher education. The following five chapters present students’ stories on topics including getting into higher education, the international experience, coping with education later in life, and identity. Stories are followed by implications for management and support, and discussion topics for practitioners. The book concludes by looking at how students succeed in higher education and the implications for managing and supporting student diversity. Provides an accessible and practical resource using students’ own voices Emphasises how students from diverse backgrounds succeed in higher education Offers in-depth personal insights into issues facing learners from diverse backgrounds

Biblical Misconceptions about Divorce and Remarriage

Biblical Misconceptions about Divorce and Remarriage Author Chuck Winters
ISBN-10 1432763113
Release 2011-05-01
Pages 82
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Dear Pastor, One of my Christian friends gave me a copy of your book entitled Biblical Misconceptions About Divorce and Remarriage. Let me just say that even as I write this email to you, my vision is still blurry from all the tears of relief and gratitude I have shed. I have been living under the cloud of Second Class Christian at best and Adulteress Who Will Burn In Hell at worst for a very long time now. I have always felt that I was still accepted by the Lord because of what I know of His character. But, I have been periodically assaulted by this condemnation for a long time. At times, I didnt even want to go to church any more because of all the condemnation I felt, even though in my heart, I still knew that the Lord loved me. Your book was a Gift from God. I really dont have the words sufficient enough to tell you how much this teaching has meant to me. I was married to an abusive man, and because I left him and remarried, I am considered the bad guy. During this marriage, I had a very loving friend call me up weekly - if not more often - to make sure I was even still alive. It was, needless to say, a very stressful time in my life. And then, to be rejected by some Christians because of my remarriage, to be called an adulteress, to be called an unrepentant sinner - was another arrow shot at my already broken heart. I wish I could give you a present that compares to the gift you have given me. All I can offer you is a Thank You from a formerly broken hearted Christian who has now come to realize, more than I have ever realized before, how much the Lord loves and accepts me. (Colleen)

The Making of International Law in Korea

The Making of International Law in Korea Author Seokwoo Lee
ISBN-10 9789004315754
Release 2016-05-09
Pages 344
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The Making of International Law in Korea addresses the development of international law in Korea and Korea’s approach to contemporary international legal issues.

Advances in Knowledge Management

Advances in Knowledge Management Author Ettore Bolisani
ISBN-10 9783319095011
Release 2014-11-12
Pages 219
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This book celebrates the past, present and future of knowledge management. It brings a timely review of two decades of the accumulated history of knowledge management. By tracking its origin and conceptual development, this review contributes to the improved understanding of the field and helps to assess the unresolved questions and open issues. For practitioners, the book provides a clear evidence of value of knowledge management. Lessons learnt from implementations in business, government and civil sectors help to appreciate the field and gain useful reference points. The book also provides guidance for future research by drawing together authoritative views from people currently facing and engaging with the challenge of knowledge management, who signal a bright future for the field.

Ethical and Social Marketing in Asia

Ethical and Social Marketing in Asia Author Bang Nguyen
ISBN-10 9780081001042
Release 2015-02-16
Pages 342
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There is a growing interest in firms’ adoption of ethical and social marketing approaches among academics and practitioners alike. Ethical Marketing is the application of ethics into the marketing process, and Social Marketing is a concept that seeks to influence a target audience for the greater social good. Ethical and Social Marketing in Asia examines this so-far unexplored area, investigating why differing cultures and consumption behaviours require different emphasis in different markets. The diversity of the Asian countries provides a perplexing environment to the development and management of ethical and social marketing. The belief that bottom line profits is enough for a company, is often not favourably viewed by Asian countries emphasising collective, social and long term benefits for the people and country. Due to these interesting characteristics and complexities, the study of ethical and social marketing in Asia is a timely topic. The first chapters introduce Ethical Marketing in Asia, followed by case studies of how the approach is used across 14 diverse economies, geographically based on ‘clusters’; North East, (China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea), South East (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia) and South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh). The second part discusses Social Marketing using the same sequence of regions and economies and the third part explores the unique link to Fairness Management in Asia, followed by a conclusion. explores the nature of ethical and social marketing from an Asian perspective discusses current ethical and social marketing researches and practices in different areas, industries, commercial and non-commercial sectors serves as an invaluable resource for marketing academics and practitioners requiring more than anecdotal evidence of different ethical and social marketing applications compares and contrasts unethical situations covering important aspects related to ethics, society and fairness includes an interesting mix of theory, research findings and practices

Improving Student Retention in Higher Education

Improving Student Retention in Higher Education Author Glenda Crosling
ISBN-10 9781134149766
Release 2008-11-19
Pages 208
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Improving Student Retention in Higher Education provides a practical, curriculum-based response to the current situation in higher education, where participating students emanate from a range of backgrounds; international and lower socioeconomic backgrounds, mature aged students, students with disabilities as well as those for whom higher education is the first family experience. Underpinned by research indicating that students are more likely to continue with higher education if they are engaged in their studies and have developed networks and relationships with their fellow students, this book presents best practice examples of innovative and inclusive curriculum, from a range of countries.

Sullivan s Evidence

Sullivan s Evidence Author Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
ISBN-10 9780786027743
Release 2007-04-01
Pages 384
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New York Times bestselling author Nancy Taylor Rosenberg's latest thriller finds probation officer Carolyn Sullivan pursuing a twisted killer in a case that defies logic, evidence, and Carolyn's own street smarts. . . It's been ten years since Carolyn Sullivan helped put vicious murderer and serial rapist Carl Holden behind bars. Forensic evidence had him nailed dead to rights. But in a stunning turn of events, Holden is once again a free man--and Carolyn is his probation officer. To the state, Holden has served his time. To Carolyn, he represents a heinous miscarriage of justice. Then a body is found in the same location where Holden buried his first victim. As the dead count quickly mounts, everything Carolyn ever trusted as a professional is put to the test. With time running out, only the biggest gamble of her life can stop a ruthless killer--or bring alive her worst nightmare. "A great page-turner. . .a whirlwind finish." --Pittsburgh Post-Gazette A terrific protagonist, fabulous forensic support, and an incredible climax. . .A superb thriller." --Midwest Book Review "A detailed insider's look behind the badge." --Daily News [A Selection of the Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Club] Nancy Taylor Rosenberg's fourteen-year career in law enforcement included jobs with the Dallas Police Department, the New Mexico State Police, the Ventura Police, and the Ventura County Probation Department, where she was a superior court investigator. A New York Times bestselling author, she has won acclaim for her novels Mitigating Circumstances, Interest of Justice, First Offense, California Angel, Trial by Fire, Abuse of Power, Buried Evidence, Conflict of Interest, Sullivan's Law, and Sullivan's Justice. Her books have been translated into almost every language and have been bestsellers in many countries. She has been featured in People magazine and has appeared on Prime Time Live, The Today Show, Rivera Live, Entertainment Tonight, and CNN's Talk Back Live. She lives in the Los Angeles area.

Learning Through Community Engagement

Learning Through Community Engagement Author Judyth Sachs
ISBN-10 9789811009990
Release 2016-08-10
Pages 319
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This book charts the development of a whole-institution approach to university-community engagement at a modern Australian university, highlighting the pivotal role that curriculum renewal can play in organizational transformation. It describes how Macquarie University’s PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) program developed and fostered a culture of learning that has been at the center of academic renewal, differentiation, and institutional change. It details the development of the PACE pedagogical model, the establishment of the network of stakeholder relationships which underpin it, and the embedding of the model across the whole institution. Authored by those directly involved in the change project, this book tells the story of PACE, its achievements, challenges, success factors and future directions. A series of dovetailing contributions by leading international scholars of university-community engagement set the PACE story in its global context. This book adds to the scholarship of learning through community engagement, provides international perspectives on trends and issues in university-community engagement, contributes to a broader understanding of the practice and pedagogy of community engagement, and discusses the challenges and opportunities of implementing and sustaining change in the higher education sector.

Space Shark Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Space Shark   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Author Hollis James
ISBN-10 9781101937082
Release 2016-07
Pages 24
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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are attacked by a space shark and hostile robots while traveling aboard a spaceship.

The Law of Contract

The Law of Contract Author Geoffrey C. Cheshire
ISBN-10 OCLC:634412677
Release 1984
Pages 589
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The Law of Contract has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Law of Contract also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Law of Contract book for free.

The Making of Mr Gray s Anatomy

The Making of Mr Gray s Anatomy Author Ruth Richardson
ISBN-10 9780191623387
Release 2009-10-08
Pages 344
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Gray's Anatomy is probably one of the most iconic scientific books ever published: an illustrated textbook of anatomy that is still a household name 150 years since its first edition, known for its rigorously scientific text, and masterful illustrations as beautiful as they are detailed. The Making of Mr Gray's Anatomy tells the story of the creation of this remarkable book, and the individuals who made it happen: Henry Gray, the bright and ambitious physiologist, poised for medical fame and fortune, who was the book's author; Carter, the brilliant young illustrator, lacking Gray's social advantages, shy and inclined to religious introspection; and the publishers - Parkers, father and son, the father eager to employ new technology, the son part of a lively circle of intellectuals. It is the story of changing attitudes in the mid-19th century; of the social impact of science, the changing status of medicine; of poverty and class; of craftsmanship and technology. And it all unfolds in the atmospheric milieu of Victorian London - taking the reader from the smart townhouses of Belgravia, to the dissection room of St George's Hospital, and to the workhouses and mortuaries where we meet the friendless poor who would ultimately be immortalised in Carter's engravings. Alongside the story of the making of the book itself, Ruth Richardson reflects on what made Gray's Anatomy such a unique intellectual, artistic, and cultural achievement - how it represented a summation of a long half century's blossoming of anatomical knowledge and exploration, and how it appeared just at the right time to become the 'Doctor's Bible' for generations of medics to follow.


Testimony Author Solomon Volkov
ISBN-10 087910998X
Release 2004
Pages 289
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(Limelight). This is the powerful memoirs which an ailing Dmitri Shostakovich dictated to a young Russian musicologist, Solomon Volkov. When it was first published in 1979, it became an international bestseller. This 25th anniversary edition includes a new foreword by Vladimir Ashkenazy, as well as black-and-white photos. " Testimony changed the perception of Shostakovich's life and work dramatically, and influenced innumerable performances of his music." New Grove Dictionary

Globalization Development And Security In Asia In 4 Volumes

Globalization  Development And Security In Asia  In 4 Volumes Author
ISBN-10 9789814566599
Release 2014-04-28
Pages 1148
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Asian countries are undergoing rapid political, economic and social transformations; meanwhile, there is a growing demand for knowing more about Asia. This Major Reference Set is designed to help general readers as well as specialists to have a good grasp of the latest developments in Asia in the key areas of economic growth, trade, energy, environment, foreign policy and security.With 4 volumes, this set covers all major dimensions of Asia's political economy. Contributors include both scholars and practitioners who provide first-hand description and analysis of fundamental issues in Asia.Peace and political stability are of ultimate importance, with Asia at the forefront of wealth creation in the global economy. Volume 1 unpacks and examines the foreign policy strategies of key states and the role of regional institutions in responding to the security demands of an Asian century.Volume 2 studies the strong economic integration through trade and cross-border investment that has been essential to Asia. The region's future prosperity depends on it being able to remain open and outward-looking. As Asia grows larger and richer, more concerted efforts are required to surmount regional rivalry and to further strengthen the regional architecture of economic cooperation.Volume 3 looks at the emerging economies' thirst for energy that creates huge competition, around which domestic, regional, and international political economy unfolds. Climate change and aspiration for sustainable development further complicate the challenge.Volume 4 offers a comprehensive coverage of subjects on environment and sustainable development in Asia with case studies of selected and representative countries that are at different stages of economic development and facing different environment-related problems and challenges in the twenty-first century.This interdisciplinary set is a fine example of international cooperation, with contributors hailing from different parts of Asia as well as North America and Europe. It is a must-have for anyone keen on understanding Asia's dynamic and changing scene.


Mutations Author
ISBN-10 063400204X
Release 1999-06-01
Pages 67
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Twelve songs from the release by this Grammy-winning artist. Includes: Bottle of Blues * Canceled Check * Cold Brains * Dead Melodies * Diamond Bulloucks * Lazy Flies * Nobody's Fault But My Own * O Maria * Sing It Again * Static * Tropicalia * We Live Again.

His Brother

His Brother Author Philippe Besson
ISBN-10 0434012114
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 146
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Based on his own experience of losing his brother to a wasting disease, Philippe Besson's new novel is a remarkable and powerful exploration of the experience of watching a loved one die young, decline and eventually die, whether it be from cancer, Aids ot any disease that gradually wastes the body and mind of the sufferer.

The Violin maker s Gift

The Violin maker s Gift Author Donn Kushner
ISBN-10 0237455218
Release 1980
Pages 74
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The Violin maker s Gift has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Violin maker s Gift also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Violin maker s Gift book for free.

Extreme Focus

Extreme Focus Author Dominic Mann
ISBN-10 1519051379
Release 2016-11-16
Pages 116
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Constantly busy but always behind? Stressed and overwhelmed? Wish you could supercharge your life and focus on demand? Want to be able to slice your way through to-do lists with laser-like focus? To concentrate when it matters and achieve jaw-dropping results? Then Extreme Focus is the book for you. Extreme Focus teaches you how to develop razor-sharp focus, rock-solid concentration, and titanic productivity. By the end of this book, you'll be effortlessly ticking your way through to-do lists with an uncontrollable grin. Multiply your day. You will discover... 18 scientifically formulated techniques for razor-sharp focus and sustained concentration. 27 proven productivity hacks. A curated collection of actionable real-life examples including Mozart, Picasso, Napoleon, hedge fund managers, and Navy SEALs. How to zap brain fog and reclaim mental clarity. And much more! How will you learn to develop laser-like focus? Discover... How Pablo Picasso entered a trance-like state of extreme focus to paint his best works. How you can use Napoleon's most successful military strategy to conquer your to-do list. The diet used by memory champions, Navy SEALs, and hedge fund managers to enhance cognitive performance and give them laser-like focus. How to (literally) grow your brain, skyrocket energy levels, double your learning speed (yes, seriously), and increase intellect. And much more! Perform at the apex of your abilities, develop laser-like focus, and win admiring glances. To develop unceasing productivity and supercharge your life, scroll up to the top and click BUY NOW!