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Managing Global Legal Systems

Managing Global Legal Systems Author Gary Walter Florkowski
ISBN-10 9780415369442
Release 2006
Pages 271
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Presenting a framework for understanding the corporate strategy public policy interface as it relates to human resource management (HRM) activities in international business, this book incorporates legal issues beyond those traditionally associated with HRM, and uses high profile news events to illustrate key concepts.

Global Human Resource Management Casebook

Global Human Resource Management Casebook Author James C. Hayton
ISBN-10 9780415893718
Release 2011
Pages 406
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The Global Human Resource Management Casebook is a collection of business teaching cases, focusing on Human Resource Management issues around the world. Each case is based in a single country and illustrates one or more significant challenge faced by managers and HR practitioners. The influence of the unique national cultural and institutional context upon the issues in the case is emphasized. In total 32 unique and original cases are presented, each from different national contexts. Every case is followed by a set of questions for use in class discussion or private study of the cases. This casebook is a project undertaken by a committee of international members of the Human Resources Division of the Academy of Management (USA). The HR Division currently has over 3500 members worldwide, indicating a significant immediate audience for the text. The committee, referred to as the HR Ambassadors Committee (James Hayton, Chair) is intended to represent the global membership of the organization. We currently have members in over 60 countries, and Ambassadors for over 50 of these. The committee was established to contribute to the internationalization of the HR Division and the Academy of Management by creating collaborative projects that both involve and serve the global membership. This book, which represents the first product of our collaboration, is expected to provide a useful teaching tool for HRM educators, and secondarily is expected to be of use to HR practitioners with an interest in the globalization of HRM.

Global Leadership

Global Leadership Author Mark E. Mendenhall
ISBN-10 9780415405232
Release 2008
Pages 200
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Accessible to both student and practitioner alike, the book explains how changes in the global context have created a demand for a distinctive set of qualities for effective leaders. The volume seeks to define the skill set that global organizations are now looking for, highlighting the need to establish communities across diverse groups of stakeholders and initiate change as key aspects of global leadership. The book also presents a critical analysis of the training and development of global leaders of the future.

The British National Bibliography

The British National Bibliography Author Arthur James Wells
ISBN-10 UOM:39015066099238
Release 2006
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The British National Bibliography has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The British National Bibliography also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The British National Bibliography book for free.

Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Industrialized Market Economies

Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Industrialized Market Economies Author Roger Blanpain
ISBN-10 9789041133489
Release 2010
Pages 806
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Comparativism is no longer a purely academic exercise but has increasingly become an urgent necessity for industrial relations and legal practitioners due to the growth of multinational enterprises and the impact of international and regional organizations aspiring to harmonize rules. The growing need for comprehensive, up-to-date and readily available information on labour law and industrial relations in different countries led to the publication of the International Encyclopaedia for Labour Law and Industrial Relations, in which more than 70 international and national monographs have thus far been published. This book, Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Industrialized Market Economies, goes a step further than the Encyclopaedia in as much as most of the chapters provide comparative and integrated thematic treatment. The aim is to describe the salient characteristics and trends in labour law and industrial relations in the contemporary world. This book is obviously not exhaustive, with respect to the coverage of countries and topics. The authors limit themselves mainly to the industrialized market economies. The book is divided in three main parts: an introduction relating to methodology and documentation, including the use of Internet. The second part concerns international actors, like the International Employer's Organisations and the International Trade Union Movement, as well as Human Resources Management. The third concerns the sources of regulation, concentrating on International and European Labour Law, as well as on Codes of Conduct for Multinational Enterprises and describes also the rules in case of conflict of laws. The last part deals with international developments and comparative studies in not less than 15 chapters. The ninth edition, will like the previous editions,serve as a textbook and reference work to facilitate the task of teachers and students of comparative labour law and industrial relations. It will also provide labour lawyers with the necessary insights to cope with a world which is increasingly international.

International Human Resource Management and International Labour Law

International Human Resource Management and International Labour Law Author Wilhelm Schmeisser
ISBN-10 9783486721195
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 405
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In globally managed companies International Human Resource Management is more and more understood as coordination instrument, which uses finance oriented instruments as the International Remuneration Management System with stock option programs and the Berlin Human Capital Evaluation Model for the assessment of performance and remuneration of branch managers and leading positions.

Technology Outsourcing Transforming HR

Technology  Outsourcing   Transforming HR Author Graeme Martin
ISBN-10 9781136359859
Release 2008-02-22
Pages 480
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This book examines the progress made in e-enabling the HR function and the relationship with outsourcing. The editors will review and analyse recent developments in the application of outsourcing and ICT to the HR function and its overall contribution to organizational aims. This text aims to fill the gap in current literature, by providing accessible guidance on how to tackle the e-enablement of the function and on the factors associated with successful outsourcing. There is no single text that adequately deals with this increasingly important problem and which has been recognised by the CIPD as a key area of research for their forward programme. The contributors all have leading-edge knowledge and practical experience and aim to provide practical guidance for organizations and HR professionals.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Author
ISBN-10 0256208107
Release 1997
Pages 671
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The authors of this text present the view that effective management of human resources is necessary to gain a compettitve advantage. The four challenges that they face are the global challenge, the quality challenge, the social challenge and the high performance work challenge. This text provides students with the technical background needed to be a successful HR professional. The text also emphasizes how managers can more effectively acquire, develop, compensate and manage the internal and external environment that relates to the management of human resources.

International Human Resource Management

International Human Resource Management Author Michael Dickmann
ISBN-10 9781317681564
Release 2016-02-19
Pages 442
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International Human Resource Management provides a concise overview of the rich HR landscape in Europe to help students develop cutting-edge people management approaches. The innovative, multi-disciplinary approach of the book provides a holistic picture of the key issues on the individual, organizational and societal levels. The book is divided into three parts: Part I explores the institutional and economic contexts that organizations face in different European countries. This section goes beyond exploring issues of diversity to include a discussion of the impact of the recent financial crisis. Part II concentrates on the key challenges and trends facing HR, including an aging population, migration, and sustainability, and analyzes the unique and inventive ways these are addressed in different countries across Europe. Part III focuses on the fundamental HR areas – recruitment and selection, performance management and rewards, employment relations, global careers, and so forth – and the ways in which these policies and practices are shaped by the European Union. With broader coverage, the latest thinking in the field, and cutting-edge cases, examples and insights, this book will prove a highly valuable resource for students, researchers and practitioners working in human resource management, and international business.

Directory of Postgraduate Studies 2002

Directory of Postgraduate Studies 2002 Author Brenda Radcliffe
ISBN-10 UOM:39015042256373
Release 2001-09-01
Pages 1720
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Directory of Postgraduate Studies 2002 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Directory of Postgraduate Studies 2002 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Directory of Postgraduate Studies 2002 book for free.

Managing Human Resources

Managing Human Resources Author Scott Snell
ISBN-10 9781111532826
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 832
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Snell/Bohlander's popular MANAGING HUMAN RESOURCES, 16TH EDITION builds upon a foundation of research and theory with an inviting, practical framework that focuses on today's most critical HR issues and current practices. The book's engaging writing style and strong visual design use more than 500 memorable examples from a variety of real organizations to illustrate key points and connect concepts to current HR practice. Fresh cases throughout this edition spotlight the latest developments and critical trends, while hands-on applications focus on practical tips and suggestions for success. This market-leading text demonstrates how HR impacts both individuals and organizations. The book's integrated learning system and comprehensive package, including a new Teaching Assistance Manual, provide you more resources for effectively teaching your class. Look to the leader, Snell/Bohlander's MANAGING HUMAN RESOURCES, 16TH EDITION to enable your students to develop the competencies that will help tomorrow's organizations create a sustainable competitive advantage through people. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Performance Management Systems

Performance Management Systems Author Arup Varma
ISBN-10 9781135982324
Release 2008-08-28
Pages 296
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Performance management is the process by which organizations set goals, determine standards, assign and evaluate work, and distribute rewards. But when you operate across different countries and continents, performance management strategies cannot be one dimensional. HR managers need systems that can be applied to a range of cultural values. This important and timely text offers a truly global perspective on performance management practices. Split into two parts, it illustrates the key themes of rater motivation, rater-ratee relationships and merit pay, and outlines a model for a global appraisal process. This model is then screened through a range of countries, including Germany, Japan, USA, Turkey, China, India and Mexico. Using case studies and discussion questions, and written by local experts, this text outlines the tools needed to understand and ‘measure’ performance in a range of socio-economic and cultural contexts. It is essential reading for students and practitioners alike working in human resources, international business and international management.

International Human Resource Management

International Human Resource Management Author Hilary Harris
ISBN-10 0852929838
Release 2003
Pages 218
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The text offers a thematic approach to International Human Resource Management. Through the use of both academic theory and literature in appropriate depth, the text offers a clear and detailed overview of the International HRM subject area. It includes discussion points, topic review questions, case studies, etc. throughout the book. It is user-friendly with clear signposting; examples of actual practice, through the use of mini-vignettes; exhibits and other supporting material. These features appear as boxed examples, and are integrated into the text.Chapters provide organising frameworks, such as taxonomies, figures and diagrams, to help the reader interpret what is a very wide topic. Each chapter provides a list of appropriate websites/resources that can be accessed for further information. Each chapter opens with learning objectives and closes with sample teaching questions.

Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management Author Paul Boselie
ISBN-10 0077145623
Release 2014-02-01
Pages 299
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Strategic HRM can be regarded as a general approach to the strategic management of human resources in accordance with the intentions of the organization on the future direction it wants to take.

Global Talent Management

Global Talent Management Author Hugh Scullion
ISBN-10 9781135234447
Release 2011-04-27
Pages 216
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This book draws on recent theoretical contributions in the area of global talent management and presents an up to date and critical review of the key issues which MNEs face. Beyond exploring some key overarching issues in global talent management the book discuses the key emerging issue around global talent management in key economies such as China, India, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. In contrast to many of the currently available texts in the area of global talent management which are descriptive and lacking theoretical rigor, this text emphasizes the critical understanding of global talent management in an organizational context. Drawing on contributions from the leading figures in the field, it will aid students, practitioners and researchers alike in gaining a well grounded and critical overview of the key issues surrounding global talent management from a theoretical and practical perspective.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Author Ashly Pinnington
ISBN-10 9780199203789
Release 2007-01-25
Pages 347
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The book examines ethics and employment issues in contemporary Human Resource Management (HRM). Written by an international team of academics from universities in the UK, the US, Australia and New Zealand, it examines the problems and opportunities facing employers and employees. The book subdivides into three sections: Part I assesses the context of HRM; Part II analyses contemporary debates, continuity and change in HRM, and Part III proposes likely developments for the future seeking to identify a more proactive HRM approach towards ethical issues arising in employment. Distinctive features include: � Comprehensive analysis of continuity and change in employment and HRM, � In-depth assessment of the ethical contribution and potential of HRM, � Timely evaluation of the ethical achievements to-date of HRM in: individualized employment relations, HRM partnerships, HRM and employee performance, and strategic HRM, � Detailed recommendations for HR managers and general managers encouraging more ethically aware practice, � Guidance on ethical approaches to leadership, knowledge management and collective employment relations, � Analysis of alternative futures for HRM as a profession and advice on how to create more rigorous and independent professional practice, � A vision of a more innovative, cooperative and ethically sensitive set of HRM practices, � Clear proposals for HRM on how to attain more ethical conduct.

International Human Resource Management

International Human Resource Management Author Dennis Briscoe
ISBN-10 9781136720307
Release 2012-04-27
Pages 552
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Thoroughly updated and expanded, the fourth edition of International Human Resource Management: Policies and Practices for Multinational Enterprises now includes learning objectives, discussion questions, end-of-chapter cases, and two end-of-book integrative cases. It has been designed to lead readers through all of the key topics in a highly engaging and approachable way. This book focuses on International Human Resource Management within multi-national enterprises (MNEs) and covers topics including: the development of IHRM MNE and country culture strategic IHRM organizational structure and design international joint ventures and cross-border mergers and acquisitions labor standards, ethics and codes of conduct global talent management selection and management of international assignees training and management development compensation and benefits health and safety and crisis management international HRIS international Human Resource Management departments and professionals. Uncovering precisely why International Human Resource Management is important for success in international business and how International Human Resource Management policies and practices function within the multinational enterprise, this comprehensive textbook provides an outstanding foundation for understanding the theory and practice of International Human Resource Management. This book is essential reading for all students, lecturers and International Human Resource Management professionals.