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Managing Teams in Secondary Schools

Managing Teams in Secondary Schools Author Les Bell
ISBN-10 9781134968633
Release 2002-02-07
Pages 192
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First published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Successful Middle Leadership in Secondary Schools

Successful Middle Leadership in Secondary Schools Author Peter Fleming
ISBN-10 9781317701477
Release 2014-05-09
Pages 246
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With so much now expected of middle leaders in schools, this book aims to help those in middle leadership positions to become more confident and effective in their roles. It systematically considers every aspect of the role including team building, raising standards, holding others to account and managing change. With a wealth of practical guidance, the book covers the essential skills needed by middle leaders such as managing meetings, conducting difficult conversations and development planning while also offering insights into why some middle leaders are so much more effective than others. Covering all aspects of middle leadership, features include: an analysis of different leadership styles case studies written by current middle leaders in schools reflection and action points throughout This book is essential reading for secondary school teachers who are about to become middle leaders and need guidance on how to get to grips with the role. It will also be of value to existing middle leaders who want to improve their performance and effectiveness.

Leading and Managing People in Education

Leading and Managing People in Education Author Tony Bush
ISBN-10 0761944087
Release 2005-03-23
Pages 219
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`In my view this book is to be highly recommended, to students, to academics and to managers. Its strengths of style, comparative perspective, and dealing with up-to-date issues make it a valuable text' - ESClate 'The sequel to the astoundingly accomplished Managing People in Education, this book brings to the reader the latest developments and research in management considering the role of people in schools and colleges against an astute exploration of the key concepts in governance. Tony Bush and David Middlewood help the reader to consider the ways in which individuals function within the workplace, and explore the effective management of the people who comprise the workforce in schools and colleges. There is an impressive use and interpretation of the international research literature, and the authors apply this with considerable insight to the British context of schooling and management. This is an essential read for all those following postgraduate course s in management and governance, and for students of social policy who are taking options in educational studies' - Professor John Doyle, International Journal of Educational Management and Administration 'Leading and Managing People in Education is a completely revised and updated version of one of the most influential books in the field. Bush and Middlewood are two of the best, and best known, writers on this topic today. This is one of those rare texts that is capable of being used by both academics and practitioners since it contains that unusual combination of a wealth of scholarship combined with lifetimes of experience in educational leadership and management. School leaders, advisers, University lecturers, and those engaged in courses of further study will all welcome this text. I have no doubt that it will become of the best known and most widely purchased works in the field' - Mark Brundrett, Professor of Education at the University of Hull Reviews of 'Managing People in Education', the authors' previous book: `Aims to enhance management practice in education by presenting research findings and theory from a wide range of contributors' - Skills and Enterprise Update 'This is indeed a book which could be useful to a much larger readership than the normal closed circle of those working in education' - Managing Schools Today Building upon the success of the highly regarded and best selling text Managing People in Education this new book covers leadership and management at all human resource levels, and spans the whole spectrum of educational institutions. It is based on the most up -to- date research and literature on this topic and directly meets the needs of practising leaders and managers in education, as well as postgraduate students in educational leadership.

Learning to Read Critically in Educational Leadership and Management

Learning to Read Critically in Educational Leadership and Management Author Mike Wallace
ISBN-10 9781446231647
Release 2003-01-28
Pages 256
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`In Learning to Read Critically in Educational Leadership and Management, Mike Wallace and Louise Poulson provide students with an eminently usable text. Although the theoretical underpinnings and conceptualizations of leadership issues invariably differ, this book provides a lucid guide to plumbing their ambiguities' - Educational Review `This is a book that should be regarded as essential reading for those students following courses in education and social policy, particularly as masters level '- International Journal of Educational Management `I bought this book just a few days ago and I was surprised to realise the simple and yet scientific way it is written! I have started my postgraduate studies in Educational Management and this book will definitely make things easier! I would like to cordially thank Professor Wallace and Mrs Louise Poulson for this book which will help the majority of the students who enter the "labyrinth" of postgraduate research and surely need a kind of instruction manual to start! ' - Amazon Review `One of the most useful books that I have come across for my students' - Professor Les Bell, Director of Doctorate of Education, University of Leicester `Very impressed with the first chapter. Have recommended it to our research department for use with our graduate students. Thorough and practical' - Philip Hallinger, Executive Director of the College of Management, Mahidol University, Thailand This unique book combines the teaching quality of a text with exemplary reports of small-scale and larger research studies, as well as a literature review by leading academics. Part One shows how to develop as a critical reader and self-critical writer of literature; and how to apply these insights in planning a written assignment, dissertation or thesis. The book provides a framework for the critical analysis of any text, and shows how to incorporate this in a literature review. Part Two presents accounts of leading-edge research, offering insights into key issues in the field of educational leadership, management and administration. The reader is invited to practice literature review skills by applying the critical analysis questions to any research report. Readers can use the models of good research practice presented here in their own design of an investigation for a dissertation or thesis. Part Three shows how a high quality literature review may be constructed and addresses a key issue in the field. Contributors include: · Sharon Kruse . Karen Seashore Louis · Kenneth Leithwood · Phillip Hallinger and Ronald Heck · Derek Glover and Rosalind Levacic · Ray Bolam This book will be useful to postgraduate students on research-based masters and doctorate courses in educational leadership, management and administration. It is relevant for students doing research training in the social sciences and humanities. It is can also be used as a teaching resource by supervisors of masters and doctorate level students. This series, edited by Mike Wallace, supports research-based teaching on masters and taught doctorate courses in the humanities and social sciences fields of enquiry. Each book is a 'three in one' text designed to assist advanced course tutors and dissertation supervisors with key research-based teaching tasks and aims to: • develop students' critical understanding of research literature • increase students' appreciation of what can be achieved in small-scale investigations similar to those which they undertake for their dissertation • present students with major findings, generalisations and concepts connected to their particular field.

Leadership And Teams In Educational Management

Leadership And Teams In Educational Management Author Crawford, Megan
ISBN-10 9780335198412
Release 1997-03-01
Pages 196
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Effective leadership and team working makes a crucial difference to the management of schools and colleges. This book takes readers through the different dimensions of leadership, and its relationship to good team work. Personal and organizational skills are dealt with alongside the more theoretical aspects of the subject. Throughout, the editors stress that leadership and team working are the core activities in managing people. This volume forms part of the Leadership and Management in Education series. This four book series provides a carefully chosen selection of high quality readings on key contemporary themes in educational management: professional development, reflection on practice, leadership, team working, effectiveness and improvement, quality, strategy and resources. The series will be an important resource for classroom teachers and lecturers as well as those holding designated management posts in schools and colleges and will provide a valuable basis for professional development programmes.

Managing ICT in the Secondary School

Managing ICT in the Secondary School Author Tamsyn Imison
ISBN-10 0435800612
Release 2001
Pages 151
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Practical guidance on the importance of managing the many aspects of ICT in the secondary school.

Developing Effective School Management

Developing Effective School Management Author Jack Dunham
ISBN-10 0415104297
Release 2003-10-04
Pages 176
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Jack Dunham identifies the knowledge and skills needed to manage teams effectively in primary or secondary schools, focusing on staff management, management skills, professional development and change, and stress management. An invaluable text.

Second International Handbook of Educational Leadership and Administration

Second International Handbook of Educational Leadership and Administration Author Kenneth A. Leithwood
ISBN-10 9789401003759
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 1250
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The first International Handbook of Educational Leadership and Administration (Leithwood et al.) was published in 1996 and quickly became something of a best seller for reference works within education. Such success, we suggest, was at least partly due to the unprecedented global waves of concern for improving schools launched in the mid 1980's, combined with a widespread belief in leadership as the single most powerful contribution to such improvement. The roots of this belief can be found in evidence produced by the early "effective schools" research, although there is a "romance" with leadership! as an explanation for success in many non-school enterprises, as well. During the two-year period during which this current handbook was being written, activity in the realms of school leadership, school improvement, and leadership development gained further momentum. The English government created its new National College of School Leadership, and several Asian nations announced new initiatives in leadership selection, preparation, and development.

Inside the Smt

Inside the Smt Author Mike Wallace
ISBN-10 UVA:X002531473
Release 1994-01-01
Pages 206
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There is a senior management team (SMT) in almost every secondary school, but what do these team members actually do? This is the first book to reveal their inside story. It reports on research into six SMTs, two of which the authors observed over a full year. A new cultural and political perspective is used to explore how team members worked together and related to other staff and governors. Teamwork is shown to be a 'high gain, high strain' approach: it offers the potential for effective management, especially in coping with multiple reforms, but it is difficult to bring off. Some problems are linked with a tension between the different status of members within the school management hierarchy, and their right to make an equal contribution to the work of the team. The authors put forward a series of hypotheses about SMT effectiveness which may be used as a starting point for team-improvement efforts. This stimulating and carefully argued account is essential reading for all who are interested in the contribution of senior staff in schools; headteachers, teachers, governors, trainers, and providers of advanced courses in educational management.

Top Tips for Teachers

Top Tips for Teachers Author Glenise Borthwick
ISBN-10 PSU:000064878645
Release 2008
Pages 128
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Whether you're already in command of a classroom, or are just starting out as a student teacher, these top tips will help you cope with pupils, parents and the everlasting pile of marking. Alternately practical, wise and funny, "Top Tips fo Teachers" will guide you through those career defining moments: parents evenings, negotiating the staffroom and help you preserve your dignity when all you want to do is hurl chalk at the board. Teaching can be a rewarding vocation allowing you to get to know your pupils and guide them into their future. This book will keep you organised, calm and motivated until the summer holidays. It contains witty illustrations by Bob Dewar, one of the UK's top satirical artists.

Managing Professional Teachers

Managing Professional Teachers Author Dr Nigel D Bennett
ISBN-10 1446232107
Release 1995-10-28
Pages 176
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It is an easy read but a book with substance; to be read chapter by chapter or to dip into for advice. Yes, I would recommend this book to others. Certainly a book for the staff library and one that I expect to see on many a course reading list' - "Management in Education " This book provides a different approach to management development for teachers holding positions of responsibility in schools below the level of senior management. It argues that practical help for managers in schools lies in developing a sound understanding of the nature of their job rather than following recipes and applying formulae. Instead of offering a how-to-do-it recipe of tips for teachers' which may or may not be helpful, it provides the means for teachers to analyse their work, its setting, and the attitudes and expectations of their colleagues, so that they can decide which techniques are likely to be helpful.

Managing Special Educational Needs

Managing Special Educational Needs Author Suanne Gibson
ISBN-10 9781847877888
Release 2005-04-18
Pages 176
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'This is a most worthwhile book which contributes significantly to the general body of knowledge on managing pupils with special education needs. I found it interesting and informative. Schools cannot but benefit from the book's scope, and from insights into the many and varied aspects on SEN provision' - REACH `A particular strength of the book is the way in which individual chapters provided "self-contained" material which lends itself for use in school-based staff development activities. The book includes a lot of information that SENCOs, inclusion managers and members of school leadership teams should find useful' - SENCO Update `The strongest point about this book is that it gives a good overview of the history of special educational needs policy in this country, including recent development on inclusion' - TES Extra Special Needs 'It is a very practical account and should be a handbook for any newly appointed SENCO... [while] for experienced SENCOs and organisations where inclusion is not an issue, this book is a reminder of good practice' - Special Written from a practitioner's perspective, this book shows schools how to effectively implement and manage an inclusive school environment. Drawing from their experience in a range of schools, the authors highlight the problems encountered by professionals in both primary and secondary school settings and offer practical solutions and advice. The book offers guidance on: the role of the SENCO as a teacher and manager; government policy and legislation; self-evaluation, good practice and monitoring; how to relate SEN to school targets and development plans. Primary and secondary school teachers, headteachers, student teachers, SENCOs, LEA Advisers and professionals involved in the management of Special Educational Needs in schools will find the practical support offered in this book invaluable.

Managing the Secondary School

Managing the Secondary School Author Mrs Joan Dean
ISBN-10 9781134882175
Release 2012-10-12
Pages 272
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This new edition of Managing the Secondary School brings up to date the consideration of the talks and skills of the headtecher which was a feature of the first edition. The book deals with all aspects of the headteachers' role including marketing the school and managing the budget. It also deals in some detail with the problems of managing change and with the role of governors and parents in today's schools. Throughout the book, Joan Dean considers the implications of the Education Reform Act and the National Cucciculum. Managing the Secondary School is essential reading for practising and aspiring headteachers of secondary schools. It will also appeal to school governors, to advisers, inspectors and consultants working with secondary schools and to those concerned with the appraisal and training of headteachers.

Educational Leadership and Change

Educational Leadership and Change Author K.C. Wong
ISBN-10 9622093876
Release 1995-07-01
Pages 290
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This book arises from the regional conference of the Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration held in Hong Kong in 1992. Efforts have been made to select papers which fulfil the following objectives: . Illuminate the emerging issues in educational administration . Generate discussion and comments on these issues . Reflect how different parts of the world are responding to these issues . Guide possible administrative actions based on well informed discussion The papers selected cover the shifting role of school leaders and their preparation; the latest trend in management of devolving administrative responsibilities to schools; and the cultural dimension of educational administration. Drawing on experiences from different parts of the world, this volume explores the above issues and reflects the differences in practice. Both editors are members of the University of Hong Kong. Wong Kam-Cheung is the Head of the Department of Education; Cheng Kai-Ming is the dean of the Faculty of Education.

Planning and Managing School Facilities

Planning and Managing School Facilities Author Theodore J. Kowalski
ISBN-10 0897897706
Release 2002
Pages 279
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Nearly half of the nation's school buildings need to be renovated or replaced. This book provides a knowledge base for administrators to plan and manage construction projects, and addresses specific planning tasks including public opinion polling, enrollment projections, financial planning, selecting architects and other professionals, and managing facilities once they are operational. Theodore Kowalski addresses the administrative procedures associated with planning and managing school facilities. As noted at the outset, practitioner interest in school facilities has been growing rapidly in recent years because decades of neglect, poor planning, and cost cutting have created a situation in which large numbers of America's school buildings are in need of major repair or replacement. At the same time, the realization that costs related to repair and replacement have escalated significantly has fueled a new concern among school facility planning and management. Writing for school administrators, superintendents, and board members as well as graudate students in education, Kowalski discusses planning from the perspective of both individual facility projects and more comprehensive district-wide efforts. The responsibilities associated with administering school buildings are also approached from the individual school and district program perspectives. Part One of the book examines historical and contemporary perspectives of school facility planning. A systems perspective is provided for defining the adequacy of school buildings, and the effects of changing demographics, school reform, technology, and obsolescence are detailed. Various planning paradigms and needs assessment are the foci for Part Two. Part Three examines specific tasks related to completing a facility project. They include public opinion polling, securing professional services, and management responsibilities before, during, and after construction. Part Four includes these focused issues: planning elementary schools, planning secondary schools, doing enrollment projections, working with other agencies, choosing between renovation and new construction, financing capital outlay, and maintaining facilities once they become operational.

Middle Management in Schools

Middle Management in Schools Author Sonia Blandford
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924073874111
Release 1997
Pages 256
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A poor business often has poor management. Yet effective management is just as vital in education - if not more so - than it is in business. Middle Management in Schools is a practical and informative book which is a must for all head teachers, deputy head teachers and students on education management courses. It provides you with:- an introduction to management and middle management issues- guidance on team management and leadership- information on recruitment and selection- a framework in which to develop your skills- advice on how to advance your career. Middle Management in Schools gives you the management skills you need to advance your career and improve your school.

Effective School Management

Effective School Management Author K.B. Everard
ISBN-10 1412900492
Release 2004-05-26
Pages 301
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This popular book has been thoroughly updated for its fourth edition, and is even more directed towards the leadership demands on managers, both within the school and in its community setting.