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Manna Author Steve Farrar
ISBN-10 9781400204571
Release 2016-02-09
Pages 240
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Sometimes the wilderness is the only place God can get your undivided attention. Everyone finds himself or herself in a wilderness at some point: financial wildernesses, emotional wildernesses, relational wildernesses, health wildernesses, reputation wildernesses, failure wildernesses, unemployment wildernesses—the list goes on and on. In those moments, we are utterly dependent on God for well-timed help. If he doesn’t come through, we’re finished. For forty years, two million Israelites were in the wilderness, and God fed them supernaturally every morning with manna, teaching people who doubted him he can be trusted with everything they needed to survive. This is a lesson we need to learn too. In personal stories and applications of biblical lessons, Manna reveals how God specializes in making a way where there is no way. He proved it every day to the nation of Israel, never missing a day of being faithful. He was never late, and he was never early. He was always just in time. And he will be for you.

God Built

God Built Author Steve Farrar
ISBN-10 9781434765826
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 240
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Our world is in desperate need of bold, passionate men of integrity. Yet such men aren't born; they're built, shaped, and formed by God. Best-selling author Steve Farrar will guide you through the story of Joseph, a humble shepherd who overcame tremendous odds to become an influential leader. It's here you will discover the process that creates true men of God, where He works providentially, strangely, and slowly. Uncover the biblical pattern for growth, gain insights into common frustrations and difficulties, and become equipped for the journey ahead.

True Courage

True Courage Author Steve Farrar
ISBN-10 9781434703651
Release 2011-04-01
Pages 240
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Bestselling author and Bible teacher, Steve Farrar, reminds us through the story of Daniel that true courage can be ours daily and it comes from the one true Sovereign God. Everyone can recall as a young child having the courage to head out the door—whether it was to your first day of school, your first game in little league, or your piano lesson. Then life takes over and you lose your bravado, giving in to the fears of the world around you. In True Courage readers will discover a God who provides incredible courage to us in the midst of uncertainty, even through treacherous, evil days, and the courage to face lions in their den—or an unexpected job loss, the diagnosis of a sick child, or the return of a debilitating cancer.

Anchor Man

Anchor Man Author Steve Farrar
ISBN-10 9781418568641
Release 2000-05-07
Pages 304
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If you thought your parenting responsibilities ended after eighteen years per child, you thought wrong. Instead, it's your privilege to lead your family-and influence succeeding generations-for a century...or more. Anchor Man presents the high calling of fatherhood, the traits of a Christian father, the adventures that await him as he interacts with his children, and the significance of his role as a good family man. Steve Farrar presents these roles and responsibilities in a way any man wanting to increase his understanding of his place in the family, and our society, can put into action every day. Anchor Man encourages, exhorts, and demonstrates with biblical concepts how to raise a godly family and how to anchor that family in Christ for the next one hundred years. Farrar's unique teaching style blends humor and practicality with the tools fathers need to become all that God intended them to be as the leaders of their families. "When a man gets serious about following Christ with his whole heart," Farrar says, "God desires to not only pour out His blessing on that man, but on his children, and his children's children.

Tempered Steel

Tempered Steel Author Steve Farrar
ISBN-10 9781588601193
Release 2013-02-06
Pages 280
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Men's conference speaker and bestselling author Steve Farrar takes readers through the Psalms to see how David endured crushing pressure and fiery trials and emerged a great man, shaped by the hand of God. Men facing difficult challenges in life will relate to chapters on Depression, Betrayal, When Your Family Is Falling Apart, Living With a Bad Decision, Living With Your Critics, and When Your Career Is Interrupted. Farrar encouragingly illustrates how David depended on God to overcome the same sins and trials -- still remaining "a man after God's own heart."

Battle Ready

Battle Ready Author Steve Farrar
ISBN-10 0781403499
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 256
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Battle Ready is for any man who longs to serve God. Inside you'll explore the lives of men who made an impact in their world, including Joshua, who led the Israelites in to the Promised Land, and Caleb, who trusted God for victory in battle. Uncover the traits of authentic manhood. Learn how to fully lean on Him and become a man God can use: a man who is battle ready!

Real Valor

Real Valor Author Steve Farrar
ISBN-10 9781434705570
Release 2013-04-01
Pages 224
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We need to take a long, hard look at Boaz. He was an average Joe—but God was at work in every circumstance of his life, not only for him, but for generations of his children yet to come. By the way, that’s exactly what the Lord is doing in your life. Boaz became a part of the greatest story in history when he made his decision to marry Ruth. In a culture that deflates masculinity and reflects the sad state of fatherhood in our world today, Boaz stands as an example of true biblical manhood. In the pages of Real Valor, Steve Farrar’s third installment in the Bold Men of God series, find the courage to rise up and shepherd your family in the way of Boaz.

Finishing Strong

Finishing Strong Author Steve Farrar
ISBN-10 9780307779151
Release 2011-02-02
Pages 256
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Bestselling author Steve Farrar has good news for the average man: it doesn't matter if you've had a great start in the Christian life, or a rough one. It doesn't matter if you've stumbled time and again, or even fallen flat on your face. What matters most in this all-important race of life is how you finish. According to Farrar, the man who hangs in there for the long haul with his wife, his kids, and his Lord is an exception these days. Finishing Strong, now in trade paperback, offers lively use of Scripture, contemporary illustrations, and study questions to equip every reader to be that exception. For the man who wants to climb the character ladder more than the corporate one, this is an essential tool. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Point Man

Point Man Author Steve Farrar
ISBN-10 9780307564498
Release 2009-03-25
Pages 304
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This bestselling classic encourages and equips Christian men to lead their families successfully through hazards and ambushes like divorce, promiscuity, suicide, and drug addiction. Men will find practical insight on topics such as a father's influence, maintaining purity, and husband-and-wife teamwork. In this war, renowned men's author Steve Farrar emphasizes, Jesus Christ is looking for men who will not die, but live for their families. From the Trade Paperback edition.

How to Ruin Your Life By 30

How to Ruin Your Life By 30 Author Steve Farrar
ISBN-10 9780802483362
Release 2012-04-01
Pages 144
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We all have an internal alarm clock that goes off when we're about to make a bad decision... Some of us spend our 20's hitting the snooze button. By taking a look at 9 common, everyday mistakes, which most of us have an opportunity to make on a regular basis, Steve Farrar speaks with wisdom and wit in this short book that serves as a wake up call we should all take. From starting our 20's on the wrong foot to neglecting our own gifts and strengths, and from isolating ourselves from real community to ignoring God's purpose for our lives, How to Ruin Your Life by 30 will help navigate these treacherous waters we call adulthood. No matter where you are at: preparing for, recovering from, or in the midst of your 20's... this short book will help.

Fresh Manna

Fresh Manna Author Shawanda Randolph
ISBN-10 1979865612
Release 2017-12-02
Pages 204
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During their journey, to The Promise Land, God began to prepare His people for their new life with Him. Many lessons were given to The Chosen People, so they would begin to learn to identify with WHO THEY WERE and HOW TO LIVE in covenant with God. One of those lessons came in the form of FRESH MANNA. In the wilderness, the people complained of hunger. They needed to be fed or they felt they would die. The Lord told Moses that He would rain bread from heaven each day for the people, but they would have specific instructions to follow. God would also test them on whether they would follow His instructions or not. FRESH MANNA was provided each morning as the dew lifted. The Israelites ate FRESH MANNA until they came to the border of the Land of Canaan, the place of their promise. This meditation journal will take you on a journey over the next 40 days as you began to learn and discover your identity in God and began to live in covenant with Him. Start each morning, as the dew lifts, with FRESH MANNA and enter into your promise and a NEW BEGINNING with God

Why Suffer

Why Suffer Author Ann Wigmore
ISBN-10 9781570679049
Release 2013-01-18
Pages 158
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Here is the remarkable and inspirational autobiography of Ann Wigmore, an internationally recognized name synonymous with the discovery and use of raw and living foods for nutrition and health. This fascinating first-hand account includes stories from Ann's early childhood, watching her grandmother heal the sick in war-torn Central Europe. Engrossing behind-the-scenes anecdotes reveal how Ann formed her philosophy of healing and became inspired to create the Hippocrates Institute, the first health center that relied on the use of sprouts and wheatgrass for healing. This now-classic autobiography weaves a compelling narrative that shows how Ann's religious faith supported natural healing and how her positive nature and independent spirit helped her overcome every limitation she encountered. It demands a new respect for the early pioneer of the movement, even from those who already hold her in high esteem.

Morning Manna

Morning Manna Author R. Chris Hanks
ISBN-10 1935265393
Release 2010-10-01
Pages 378
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What began as an email devotion to encourage the hearts of his congregation, quickly turned into a popular devotion that was shared with friends and family members across the nation. Soon, it was apparent that Christians everywhere were needing more Morning Manna! A simple guide through the Bible in one year, Pastor R. Chris Hanks chooses stand out scriptures and takes the reader deeper into the Word. In it, Hanks outlines the scripture sharing truths, thoughts, word definitions and language usages that help you to fully understand each meaning. Preachers and serious Bible study students will appreciate this outline, while the average reader will benefit from its practical application and thoughts. Complete with a topical index, Morning Manna is a great tool when you are looking for encouragement in a certain area. For instance, if you want to study “joy,” you will easily find that section. Or, if you are entering a battle and want to learn about “victory,” that section will be easily located. Each devotion is based on Scripture, and Scripture only, in which Hanks calls attention to the essence of the truth that God shared in the verse. It is clear that being kind, thoughtful, giving and encouraging comes easy for most Christians. But ask them what area needs the most improvement and they will most likely answer, “I'd like to spend more time in God's Word and praying.” As the clock ticks, and the years go by, there sits our Bible; used seldom, but thought of often. Morning Manna will give your Bible that worn and tattered look you've always wanted. One that says, “I've been read, and I was good!” Taking you through the Bible in one year and camping on scriptures, (some of which are overlooked), Pastor R. Chris Hanks brings new devotions to chew on each day from the Word. Morning Manna--it's food for the soul! All our help, strength and wisdom come from the Word, but you have to read it to benefit from it!

Will You Bless Me

Will You Bless Me Author Neal Lozano
ISBN-10 1883551323
Release 2009-11-01
Pages 28
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When asked why he says "bless you" after young Anna's sneeze, her father tells a story from Jesus's childhood which shows that blessings are gifts from God that people who love you can give.

Overcoming Overload

Overcoming Overload Author Steve Farrar
ISBN-10 9780307779144
Release 2011-01-26
Pages 256
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There is no more room in our lives. Yet every new day brings more commitments demanding to be squeezed in. Overcoming Overload helps frenzied men and women weed out wrong ideas about life and rediscover God's essential principles of balanced living, including:*You Need a Sovereign *You Need to Be out of Your Mind *You Need a Few Good Friends *You Need to Simplify* You Need to Celebrate the Goodness of God. This biblical way of life promises rest, satisfaction, and contentment amidst daily responsibilities. Leave the overwhelmed life and discover the abundant life! From the Hardcover edition.

What Is It

What Is It Author Patricia L. Nederveld
ISBN-10 1562122835
Release 1998
Pages 24
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Retells the Bible story of how God fed his hungry people in the desert. Includes follow-up activities.

Our Mothers Ourselves

Our Mothers  Ourselves Author Henry Cloud
ISBN-10 9780310343554
Release 2015-08-04
Pages 256
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No one has influenced the person you are today like your mother. The way she handled your needs as a child has shaped your worldview, your relationships, your marriage, your career, your self-image—your life. Our Mothers, Ourselves can help you identify areas that need reshaping, to make positive choices for personal change, and to establish a mature relationship with Mom today. Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend steer you down a path of discovery and growth beyond the effects of six common mom types: The Phantom Mom The China Doll Mom The Controlling Mom The Trophy Mom The Still-the-Boss Mom The American Express Mom You'll learn how your mom affected you as a child and may still be affecting you today. And you'll find a realistic and empowering approach to filling your unmet mothering needs in healthy, life-changing ways through other people. Our Mothers, Ourselves is a biblical route to wholeness and growth, to deeper and more satisfying bonds with your family, friends, and spouse—and to a new, healthier way of relating to your mother today.