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Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego

Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego Author Sigmund Freud
ISBN-10 9781387861378
Release 1922
Pages 134
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"This book examines group psychology and the analysis of the ego. Topics discussed include the following: (1) Le Bon's Description of the Group Mind, (2) Other Accounts of Collective Mental Life, (3) Suggestion and Libido, (4) Two Artificial Groups: the Church and the Army, (5) Further Problems and Lines of Work, (6) Identification, (7) Being in Love and Hypnosis, (8) The Herd Instinct, (9) The Group and the Primal Horde, and (10) A Differentiating Grade in the ego." (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved).

Tests psicol gicos y evaluaci n

Tests psicol  gicos y evaluaci  n Author Lewis R. Aiken
ISBN-10 9702604311
Release 2003
Pages 528
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Temas históricos y profesionales - Diseño y elaboración de tests - Administración, aplicación y calificación de los tests -Análisis de reactivos y estandarización de pruebas - Confiabilidad y validez - Pruebas de aprovechamiento estandarizadas - Tests de inteligencia - Diferencias individuales y de grupo en las habilidades mentales - Evaluación del desarrollo y neuropsicológica - Evaluación de habilidades especiales - Aplicaciones y problemas en las pruebas de habilidades - Intereses vocacionales - Actitudes, valores y orientaciones personales - Evaluación de la personalidad: orígenes aplicaciones y problemas - Observaciones y entrevistas - Listas de verificación y escalas de calificación - Inventarios de personalidad - Técnicas proyectivas.

Psychology and Life

Psychology and Life Author Richard J Gerrig
ISBN-10 9781442551909
Release 2015-05-20
Pages 750
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Bringing the science of psychology to life! The 2nd Australasian edition of Psychology and Life emphasises the science of psychology, with a special focus on applying that science to students’ everyday lives. As a result, the features of Psychology and Life support a central theme: psychology as a science, with a focus on applying that science to real life experiences. Australasian research, examples and statistics help make the theory even more relevant for today’s students. Psychology and Life 2e provides a rigorous, research-centred survey of the discipline while offering students special features and learning aids that will make the science of psychology relevant, spark their interest and excite their imaginations.

How To Stubbornly Refuse To Make Yourself Miserable About Anything yes Anything

How To Stubbornly Refuse To Make Yourself Miserable About Anything yes  Anything Author Albert Ellis
ISBN-10 9780806536538
Release 2006-02-01
Pages 224
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CLASSIC SELF-HELP FROM A RESPECTED PIONEER OF PSYCHOTHERAPY All of us worry about something, big or small, every day. But much of the emotional misery we feel is an overreaction, and it can be significantly reduced, using the techniques you’ll find in this landmark book. World renowned therapist Dr. Albert Ellis, who created Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), believed that anger, anxiety, and depression are not only unnecessary, they’re unethical, because when we allow ourselves to become emotionally upset, we’re being unfair and unjust to ourselves. Thinking negative thoughts is a choice we can refuse to make. Applying the proven, time-tested principles of REBT is a simple, logical way to find true mental health and happiness. REBT acknowledges the power of emotions, but it also helps us understand which feelings are healthy and which are not. This classic book teaches you how to: *Retrain your brain to focus on the positive aspects of your life and face each obstacle without unnecessary despair *Control your emotional destiny *Refuse to upset yourself about upsetting yourself *Solve practical problems as well as emotional problems *Conquer the tyranny of “shoulds” …and much more, providing all the tools you need to take back your life—and your happiness. If you can refuse to make yourself miserable, you’re that much closer to making yourself happy—every day.

Manual de relaci n de ayuda integrativa

Manual de relaci  n de ayuda integrativa Author Jesús Madrid Soriano
ISBN-10 9781629346670
Release 2014-03-04
Pages 502
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Esta obra es un intento vigoroso de traducir e integrar las principales cuestiones que ocupan y preocupan a los profesionales de la ayuda sicológica -frecuentemente complejas y explicadas en términos muy "para especialistas"- a unos esquemas claros, sistemáticos y asequibles para un número creciente de personas interesadas en la Relación de ayuda, aunque procedan de otros campos de las ciencias humanas. El Modelo Conjuntivo de ayuda presenta un modelo teórico amplio que permite integrar fácilmente las aportaciones válidas de diferentes modelos terapéuticos. Se inscribe dentro del Movimiento integrativo de la psicoterapia, que tanta pujanza ha tomado en las tres últimas décadas. Este libro se dirige, especialmente,a los estudiosos de Psicología, Trabajo Social, Terapia familiar, Counseling Pastoral, Responsables de formación de ONGs, y para aquellas personas que están interesadas en ayudar a los demás no sólo con el corazón y la buena voluntad sino también con la inteligencia y las aportaciones de las ciencias humanas.

How To Overcome Emotional Dependency

How To Overcome Emotional Dependency Author Walter Riso
ISBN-10 9789585899155
Release 2013-06-01
Pages 62
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Being emotionally independent does not mean that you have to stop being loving, It is about being the master of your own feelings, faithful to your own principles and never handing over your personal dignity to someone else in exchange for something, not even in the name of love. Do I you love or do I depend? If this is a question you ask yourself, then this guide, based on the bestseller, To Love or to Depend? is for you. In it, Walter Riso teaches us, in a practical manner and without too much theory involved, the steps we need to take in order to be able to love without being emotionally dependent. He provides ideas and processes that will help you develop the right skills to deal with emotional dependency, prevent it and/or create a lifestyle aimed at emotional independence and affective detachment.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM 5

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders  DSM 5   Author American Psychiatric Association
ISBN-10 9780890425572
Release 2013-05-22
Pages 991
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This new edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5®), used by clinicians and researchers to diagnose and classify mental disorders, is the product of more than 10 years of effort by hundreds of international experts in all aspects of mental health. Their dedication and hard work have yielded an authoritative volume that defines and classifies mental disorders in order to improve diagnoses, treatment, and research. The criteria are concise and explicit, intended to facilitate an objective assessment of symptom presentations in a variety of clinical settings -- inpatient, outpatient, partial hospital, consultation-liaison, clinical, private practice, and primary care. New features and enhancements make DSM-5® easier to use across all settings: The chapter organization reflects a lifespan approach, with disorders typically diagnosed in childhood (such as neurodevelopmental disorders) at the beginning of the manual, and those more typical of older adults (such as neurocognitive disorders) placed at the end. Also included are age-related factors specific to diagnosis. The latest findings in neuroimaging and genetics have been integrated into each disorder along with gender and cultural considerations. The revised organizational structure recognizes symptoms that span multiple diagnostic categories, providing new clinical insight in diagnosis. Specific criteria have been streamlined, consolidated, or clarified to be consistent with clinical practice (including the consolidation of autism disorder, Asperger's syndrome, and pervasive developmental disorder into autism spectrum disorder; the streamlined classification of bipolar and depressive disorders; the restructuring of substance use disorders for consistency and clarity; and the enhanced specificity for major and mild neurocognitive disorders). Dimensional assessments for research and validation of clinical results have been provided. Both ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM codes are included for each disorder, and the organizational structure is consistent with the new ICD-11 in development. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, is the most comprehensive, current, and critical resource for clinical practice available to today's mental health clinicians and researchers of all orientations. The information contained in the manual is also valuable to other physicians and health professionals, including psychologists, counselors, nurses, and occupational and rehabilitation therapists, as well as social workers and forensic and legal specialists.

Anger Management

Anger Management Author Howard Kassinove
ISBN-10 1886230455
Release 2002
Pages 304
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The field of anger management is cluttered with fiction, myth, and wishful thinking. Here at last is a research-based and empirically validated anger episode model." Kassinove and Tafrate offer a comprehensive program that can be implemented almost immediately; they clearly spell out how to help clients understand, manage, and prevent unhealthy anger. Features training procedures and guidelines for assessment, understanding, awareness, motivation, and relapse prevention. "

How to be Assertive and Avoid Being Manipulated

How to be Assertive and Avoid Being Manipulated Author Walter Riso
ISBN-10 9789585899131
Release 2013-06-01
Pages 40
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When you are assertive, you are actively exercising and/or defending your rights: saying no, expressing disagreement, giving a contrary opinion and/or expressing concrete negative feelings without submissively allowing yourself to be manipulated or aggressively violating the rights of others. If you are afraid of hurting other people’s feelings by being honest, if you are not able to express your anger or a conflicting opinion in a way that is socially acceptable, or if you feel that others humiliate and manipulate you.

Power and Everyday Practices

Power and Everyday Practices Author Deborah Rose Brock
ISBN-10 9780176502034
Release 2011
Pages 383
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Power and Everyday Practices is a unique, contributed text: one that takes up sociological theory and methods in the approachable context of everyday objects and practices primarily through Foucaultian and Marxist lenses. Rather than focusing first on abstract concepts, many of the chapters are organized around a familiar everyday activity for students, which engages the students and seeks to "trouble" their normative assumptions about the everyday world (for example, the chapter on coffee examines how our everyday activity of drinking coffee is linked to global economic relations and inequalities). This text uniquely focuses on "unpacking the centre" rather than concentrating on the margins (as an example, rather than focus on people of colour, the chapter on whiteness unpacks how whiteness works to occupy the centre and thus reproduce privilege). Students are asked to explore not only why questions but also how questions; to make visible not only why things are as they are, but how they have come to be historically, socially, and culturally organized. Deftly edited by Brock, Raby, and Thomas, a group of renowned Canadian sociologists have gathered to write a perfect core text for undergraduate and graduate courses on the subject of power and inequality.

How to Improve Your Self Esteem

How to Improve Your Self Esteem Author Walter Riso
ISBN-10 9789585899124
Release 2013-06-01
Pages 66
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“Activating your self-love is the first step towards any type of psychological growth and personal improvement. Of course I am not talking about the dark side of self-esteem, which leads to narcissism and fascination with the ego, but rather about having a genuine ability to, fearless and unashamedly, recognize your strengths and virtues, integrate them into the development of your own life..." In this guide, Dr. Walter Riso teaches us about the tools we need to help bolster our self-esteem; he teaches us to feed our self-love, freeing us from dependencies and stripping away all those things that weigh heavily on us. This, in turn, enables us to build our own happiness.

Bibliograf a espa ola

Bibliograf  a espa  ola Author
ISBN-10 MINN:31951M01424495O
Release 2006-11
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Bibliograf a espa ola has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bibliograf a espa ola also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bibliograf a espa ola book for free.

The Medicalization of Everyday Life

The Medicalization of Everyday Life Author Thomas Szasz
ISBN-10 0815608675
Release 2007
Pages 202
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Defining medicalization as the perception of nonmedical conditions as medical problems and nondiseases as diseases, Thomas Szasz has devoted much of his career to exposing the dangers of medicalizing the conditions of some who simply refuse to conform to society's expectations. Szasz argues that modern psychiatry's tireless ambition to explain the human condition has led to the treatment of life's difficulties and oddities as clinical illnesses rather than as humanity revealed in its fullness. chronicles the author's long campaign against the orthodoxies of psychiatry. From Medicine to Magic to Medicine as Social Control, the book delves into the fascinating history of medicalization, including The Discovery of Drug Addiction, Persecutions for Witchcraft and Drugcraft, and Food Abuse and Foodaholism. In a society that has little tolerance for those who live outside its rules, Dr. Szasz's writings are as relevant today as ever.

Coercion as Cure

Coercion as Cure Author Frank Villafana
ISBN-10 9781351527767
Release 2017-07-12
Pages 293
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Understanding the history of psychiatry requires an accurate view of its function and purpose. In this provocative new study, Szasz challenges conventional beliefs about psychiatry. He asserts that, in fact, psychiatrists are not concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of bona fide illnesses. Psychiatric tradition, social expectation, and the law make it clear that coercion is the profession's determining characteristic. Psychiatrists may "diagnose" or "treat" people without their consent or even against their clearly expressed wishes, and these involuntary psychiatric interventions are as different as are sexual relations between consenting adults and the sexual violence we call "rape." But the point is not merely the difference between coerced and consensual psychiatry, but to contrast them. The term "psychiatry" ought to be applied to one or the other, but not both. As long as psychiatrists and society refuse to recognize this, there can be no real psychiatric historiography. The coercive character of psychiatry was more apparent in the past than it is now. Then, insanity was synonymous with unfitness for liberty. Toward the end of the nineteenth century, a new type of psychiatric relationship developed, when people experiencing so-called "nervous symptoms," sought help. This led to a distinction between two kinds of mental diseases: neuroses and psychoses. Persons who complained about their own behavior were classified as neurotic, whereas persons about whose behavior others complained were classified as psychotic. The legal, medical, psychiatric, and social denial of this simple distinction and its far-reaching implications undergirds the house of cards that is modern psychiatry. Coercion as Cure is the most important book by Szasz since his landmark The Myth of Mental Illness.

Manual de tratamiento de los trastornos de personalidad l mite

Manual de tratamiento de los trastornos de personalidad l  mite Author Marsha M. Linehan
ISBN-10 9788449317361
Release 2012-01-24
Pages 282
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Las personas con trastornos de personalidad límite suelen tener importantes déficits en habilidades conductuales. Este libro es una detallada guía para la enseñanza de cuatro grupos de habilidades esenciales: la efectividad interpersonal, la regulación de emociones, la tolerancia al malestar y la conciencia. Su propósito es enseñar a llevar a cabo los procedimientos y principios que la autora defiende en lo que se refiere a los enfoques de este tipo de tratamientos. En la actualidad, el presente libro se está empleando con éxito en unidades de tratamiento internas y externas. Sus contenidos proporcionan todo lo necesario para que cualquier profesional lleve a la práctica el programa, tanto en la terapia individual como en la grupal. Además, incluye pequeños textos de explicación para los clientes, temas para el debate, ejercicios y consejos prácticos para superar los problemas que suelen encontrar los formadores en habilidades.

The Successful Coach

The Successful Coach Author Terri Levine
ISBN-10 9780470893777
Release 2010-05-28
Pages 240
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"The power of positive ACTION! The authors not only share their secrets to building a highly successful practice, but also provide readers with practical, everyday action steps to fill their practice, generate more referrals, and find more clients fast by taking positive actions." —Stephen Fairley, MA, RCC President & Business Coach, Today's Leadership Coaching, Inc coauthor of Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching "The Successful Coach is terrific-practical, friendly, and very helpful. Instead of fearfully wondering, 'Can I make it as a coach?' aspiring coaches can shift and confidently ask, 'What kind of difference do I want to make with people?' and 'What wonderful life will I have when I am a wildly successful coach?'" —Marilee Adams, PHD author of Change Your Questions, Change Your Life An easy-to-follow blueprint for developing a successful coaching practice If you are a coach, or want to become one, this book will help you resolve self-limiting beliefs and give you the know-how to build a successful practice. Everything you need to know to be a top coach is set forth in this book. The first half helps you overcome obstacles that hold you back so you can soar to the pinnacle of the profession. You will learn valuable concepts and techniques to improve your coaching skills, including conquering excuses that stand in your path, thinking like a top coach, and tapping into the power of self-motivation. The second half of the book gives you marketing strategies to gain clients and build your business. You will learn how to build a unique niche that fully leverages your own unique competencies and skills. Moreover, the authors help you identify and conquer fears and insecurities that may be preventing you from implementing the marketing and sales tactics that will make your business take off. The authors-two highly successful coaches and one bestselling marketing guru-draw on their own experiences to help you uncover and exploit the unique blend of skills and knowledge that you possess to be a top coach.

Libros espa oles en venta

Libros espa  oles en venta Author
ISBN-10 MINN:31951D01712830D
Release 1999
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Libros espa oles en venta has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Libros espa oles en venta also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Libros espa oles en venta book for free.