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Margaret Storm Jameson

Margaret Storm Jameson Author Jennifer Birkett
ISBN-10 9780199558209
Release 2009-03-19
Pages 441
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A biography and an account of an age. The life-story of Margaret Storm Jameson (1891-1986), prolific novelist, autobiographer, and political activist, spans almost the whole of the twentieth century. This Yorkshirewoman, born in Whitby, torn throughout her life between the demands of family life and her ambitions for a writing career, gained in her time international recognition for her writing and for her wartime work as President of PEN, fighting for the valuesof freedom and social justice - for a new world after the war - while rescuing refugees from Nazi Europe and British internment camps. Through her writing, Jameson turned her own experience into the mirror of a generation that lived through two World Wars and the Cold War, the rise and fall ofsocialist dreams for a better world, and the slow realisation of the European horizon of Britain's heritage and its future.

Life in the Writings of Storm Jameson

Life in the Writings of Storm Jameson Author Elizabeth Maslen
ISBN-10 9780810167674
Release 2014-09-30
Pages 582
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Margaret Storm Jameson (1891–1986) is primarily known as a compelling essayist; her stature as a novelist and champion of the dispossessed is largely forgotten. In Life in the Writings of Storm Jameson, Elizabeth Maslen reveals a figure who held her own beside fellow British women writers, including Virginia Woolf; anticipated the Angry Young Women, such as Doris Lessing; and was an early champion of such European writers as Arthur Koestler and Czesław Miłosz. Jameson was a complex character whose politics were grounded in social justice; she was passionately antifascist—her novel In the Second Year (1936) raised the alarm about Nazism—but always wary of communism. An eloquent polemicist, Jameson was, as president of the British P.E.N. during the 1930s and 1940s, of invaluable assistance to refugee writers. Elizabeth Maslen’s biography introduces a true twentieth century hedgehog, whose essays and subtly experimental fiction were admired in Europe and the States.

A Day Off

A Day Off Author Storm Jameson
ISBN-10 9781448201402
Release 2011-10-28
Pages 386
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First published in 1933, this outstanding collection is made up of two short novels, A Day Off and The Single Heart, and three long stories which show the variety of the author's great writing skills that make her one of the most distinguished of women writers. In A Day Off, Jameson tells of a day in the life of a middle-aged woman. A lonely woman, snatching at any relationship she can make. It is a story of great perception and understanding but tinged with bitterness and the inevitable sadness of isolation.

Parthian Words

Parthian Words Author Storm Jameson
ISBN-10 9781448201730
Release 2011-09-28
Pages 170
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This short book offers the dispassionate but sharp-tongued comments on the novel, by an old fiction hand, a personal exercise of taste and judgment, backed by a life interest in the history and methods of literary criticism. It reviews the evergreen question of the death of the novel, so often and confidently announced; the difficulties, peculiar to our nihilistic and often brutal age, that press on the contemporary novelist; the effect on him and his work of the technological revolution; his increasing diffidence in face of the overwhelming prestige of science in our day; the changing language of fiction; the novel as an art form; the nouveau roman, and its most sophisticated and more esoteric cousin, the nouvelle critique; the eruption into common daylight of pornographic fiction; the use and misuse of censorship. It attempts to decide whether the traditional or classic novel has a future and what sort of future. Though it may offend a great many solemn persons it has not been written to give offence, but in a serious effort to reach some positive conclusions about the health, the moral and aesthetic worth, of the novel in a day when our minds are, as never before, at the mercy of their worst dreams.

Journey from the North Volume 1

Journey from the North  Volume 1 Author Storm Jameson
ISBN-10 9781448201358
Release 2011-10-28
Pages 417
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In 1960, Storm Jameson decided to write her memoirs. The result was Journey from the North, one of the great literary autobiographies of the century. Volume One, first published in 1969, tells of her childhood in Whitby before the First World War, the strong ties with her formidable mother, an early love of the sea, her intellectual achievements at university and falling in love. She vividly recalls her first marriage and the birth of her son; then came her first book, work in London, and the deep happiness of her second marriage to Guy Chapman, the novelist and historian. In the thirties she became increasingly involved in politics, and her accounts of the Depression and the rise of Fascism in Europe demonstrate her exceptional understanding of the years between the wars. But the most extraordinary quality of this autobiography is its fine truthfulness. Her candour - about wanting to be an artist, about failures of courage and of love, her devotion to her son and yet a need for a life of her own - is quite exceptional. Journey from the North is a brilliantly told story of a fascinating life.

Company Parade

Company Parade Author Storm Jameson
ISBN-10 9781448201761
Release 2011-09-28
Pages 350
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'She was too restless to work or write. She thought of Richard, of her unmanageable desires and her un-abatable ambitions... My life is in pieces, I am nothing, I have achieved nothing; yet I will, she thought' In the month after the 1918 Armistice a young woman, Hervey Russell, comes to London to seek her fortune. Inexperienced and poor, she has all the strength and stubborn will of her Yorkshire grandmother and all the dreams of youth. Hervey is alone, her husband in the Air Force still, her baby son in Yorkshire. She plunges into the social and political ferment of London life with her friends T.S. and Philip, her slovenly, amicable neighbor Delia, and her lover, the American Jess Gage. This is the beginning of Hervey's story...

None Turn Back

None Turn Back Author Storm Jameson
ISBN-10 9781448202188
Release 2011-10-28
Pages 322
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"There is the everlasting possibility of disobedience, civil disorder, destruction, yes, yes - but the mere whisper or cloud no larger than a man's hand of revolution in this country is madness" It is 6th May 1926, the third day of the General Strike. This is the story of that harrowing week seen through the eyes of the women and men of London as they move through that unreal city. We meet those who gave their all for the strike - and a vision of a better world. We meet, too, those who fought to break it with every weapon they had: power, politics, money - or brute force. There are masters and workmen, fascists and communists, politicians and trade unionists, wives and mistresses, artists, writers and scientists, all caught up in the web of each other's lives. But above all we follow the thread of Hervey Russell's life as she is swept up by the political ferment around her, by the difficulties of a new marriage, and by her hopes and fears for the future...

The Lovely Ship

The Lovely Ship Author Storm Jameson
ISBN-10 9781448201501
Release 2011-09-28
Pages 304
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Our story begins with the birth of Mary Hanskye in 1841 as the Industrial Revolution is changing the face of pastoral England. While still a child, Mary comes under the influence of her uncle, one of England's great shipbuilders. Soon she is a young woman involved in a loveless marriage arranged by a father she has hardly known. Though tragedy and disappointment follow her like shadows, The Lovely Ship is a story of the survival of a strong woman as we follow her through marriage, childbearing, family crisis, and her ultimate ascent to the throne of power in the great shipbuilding company.

Journey from the North

Journey from the North Author Storm Jameson
ISBN-10 1906763046
Release 2008-06-01
Pages 420
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This is one of the greatest literary autobiographies. Storm Jameson recounts her childhood, her life through the First World War and her experiences as a writer. Storm Jameson is one of the 20th centurys finest writers, and this is a perfect testament to her brilliance. Published by PFD, jacket design by Jason Jermaine Morgan

The Journal of Mary Hervey Russell

The Journal of Mary Hervey Russell Author Storm Jameson
ISBN-10 9781448202546
Release 2011-10-28
Pages 240
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In The Journal of Mary Hervey Russell, Storm Jameson has chosen a form which enables her to use a rich supply both of public occurrences and personal knowledge and experience for the exercise of that imaginative observation which is characteristic of her best work. Whether she describes a chance meeting in Paris with a new French poet, or the reaction of delegates at the international conference of authors on the very eve of war, or her association with innumerable refugee intellectuals in London before and after Dunkirk; whether she is drawing one of her many astute comparisons between her own compatriots and some other people - generally the French - or comforting the wife of an Austrian professor just swept into internment, or bearing with the cynicism of some diplomat at the luncheon, she brings before us a panorama rather than a scene or an incident. But the real human interest of the book is the thread of her own life running through it, revealing in little intimate flashes, sometimes a reminiscence of childhood, sometimes a delicately drawn portrait, like that of her father, the old sea captain, and throughout the story the visionary presence of the mother who for her has never ceased to live.

Cloudless May

Cloudless May Author Storm Jameson
ISBN-10 9781448201716
Release 2011-09-28
Pages 526
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First published in 1943, Cloudless May explores the political and psychological circumstances of the defeat of France in the Spring of 1940.The novel follows the life of a French businessman, his friends and his mistress, as they try to weather the storm that is the fall of France, during the devastation of the war.

Women against men

Women against men Author Storm Jameson
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105116977443
Release 1933
Pages 342
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Women against men has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Women against men also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Women against men book for free.

Journey from the North Volume 2

Journey from the North  Volume 2 Author Storm Jameson
ISBN-10 9781448201754
Release 2011-10-28
Pages 384
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The second volume in Storm Jameson s autobiography starts on the eve of the Second World War, and encompasses Jameson's involvement as the first female president of PEN, where she met all of the writers and artists of her day, and was pivotal in helping refugee families get to Britain.

The Hidden River

The Hidden River Author Storm Jameson
ISBN-10 1906763097
Release 2008-06-01
Pages 256
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The Hidden River has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Hidden River also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Hidden River book for free.

There will be a Short Interval

There will be a Short Interval Author Storm Jameson
ISBN-10 9781448202379
Release 2011-10-28
Pages 223
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Sergeant Jebb - S.J. as he is called - is a distinguished British historian. He has shaped his life pretty much as he wished, subordinating personal responsibilities and professional rewards to his private standards of integrity and scholarship. Or so he believes, until a crucial few days force him into confrontations of a sort he has never faced before. For one thing, his doctor tells him he is seriously ill and must undergo a new and delicate operation if he is to survive. And he is deeply troubled about his twenty-year-old son Simon. The boy's ex-mistress has killed herself in a blaze of notoriety that implicates Simon in moral responsibility of her act. The more father and son talk about it, the more distressed S.J. is by Simon's inability to see this; the more he ponders his role in shaping Simon into the man he is. S.J., newly conscious of his mortality, comes into renewed conflict with his family, and Simon is bitterly and dangerously involved. The play of character, of motive and of conflicting values that always intrigues Storm Jameson makes There Will Be a Short Interval an extraordinarily moving and provocative novel.

South Riding

South Riding Author Winifred Holtby
ISBN-10 9781446416464
Release 2011-03-15
Pages 560
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The community of South Riding, like the rest of the country, lives in the long shadow of war. Blighted by recession and devastated by the loss, they must also come to terms with significant social change.Forward-thinking and ambitious, Sarah Burton is the embodiment of such change. After the death of her fiancé, she returns home to Yorkshire focused on her career as headmistress of the local school. But not everyone can embrace the new social order. Robert Carne, a force of conservatism, stands firmly against Sarah. A tormented man, he carries a heavy burden that locks him in the past. As the villagers of South Riding adjust to Sarah's arrival and face the changing world, emotions run high, prejudices are challenged and community spirit is tested. Anna Maxwell Martin (Bleak House) and David Morrissey lead an outstanding cast in this rich and panoramic portrait of community in turmoil. Winifred Holtby's little-known and hard-to-find literary gem is a magnificent masterpiece, to be joyfully rediscovered by a whole new generation of readers.

Love in Winter

Love in Winter Author Storm Jameson
ISBN-10 0955960266
Release 2009
Pages 407
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Six years after the Great War, a promising writer—Hervey Russell—is frustrated by her career and her marriage to an unloving man. Her desperate longing for a new beginning finds an outlet when she encounters her war-damaged cousin Nicholas, who until this meeting has thought his life was over.Love in Winterforms the second part of the Mirror in Darkness trilogy, and its heroine is the author's autobiographical shadow.