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Marine Sniper

Marine Sniper Author Charles Henderson
ISBN-10 0425181650
Release 2001
Pages 315
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Profiles Marine Carlos Hathcock, an ace marksman, whose missions during the Vietnam War included assassinating a North Vietnamese.

Silent Warrior

Silent Warrior Author Charles Henderson
ISBN-10 0425188647
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 318
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The sequel to Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills continues the story of U.S. Marine Corps sniper Carlos Hathcock and his accomplishments as a veteran of the Vietnam War, detailing his most difficult and dangerous missions. Reprint.


Shooter Author Sgt. Jack Coughlin
ISBN-10 1429903228
Release 2007-04-01
Pages 320
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Jack Coughlin is the Marine Corps' top-ranked sniper, the man who personally brings America's military muscle to the enemy's front door. In twenty years of active service, he has accumulated one of the most impressive records in the Corps, ranging through many of the world's hot spots. During Operation Iraqi Freedom alone, he recorded at least thirty-six kills, thirteen of them in a single twenty-four-hour period. In Shooter, Coughlin has written a highly personal story about his deadly craft, taking readers deep inside an invisible society that is off-limits to outsiders. This is not a heroic battlefield memoir, but the careful study of an exceptional man as he carries forward one of the deadliest legacies in the U.S. military.

Dead Center

Dead Center Author Ed Kugler
ISBN-10 9780307829917
Release 2012-10-17
Pages 384
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WHEN YOU'RE IN THE DEATH BUSINESS, EACH DAWN COULD BE YOUR LAST. Raw, straightforward, and powerful, Ed Kugler's account of his two years as a Marine scout-sniper in Vietnam vividly captures his experiences there--the good, the bad, and the ugly. After enlisting in the Marines at seventeen, then being wounded in Santo Domingo during the Dominican crisis, Kugler arrived in Vietnam in early 1966. As a new sniper with the 4th Marines, Kugler picked up bush skills while attached to 3d Force Recon Company, and then joined the grunts. To take advantage of that experience, he formed the Rogues, a five-sniper team that hunted in the Co Bi-Than Tan Valley for VC and NVA. His descriptions of long, tense waits, sudden deadly action, and NVA countersniper ambushes are fascinating. In DEAD CENTER, Kugler demonstrates the importance to a sniper of patience, marksmanship, bush skills, and guts--while underscoring exactly what a country demands of its youth when it sends them to war.

13 Cent Killers

13 Cent Killers Author John Culbertson
ISBN-10 9780307414335
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 288
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“It’s not easy to stay alive with a $1,000 bounty on your head.” In 1967, a bullet cost thirteen cents, and no one gave Uncle Sam a bigger bang for his buck than the 5th Marine Regiment Sniper Platoon. So feared were these lethal marksmen that the Viet Cong offered huge rewards for killing them. Now noted Vietnam author John J. Culbertson, a former 5th Marine sniper himself, presents the riveting true stories of young Americans who fought with bolt rifles and bounties on their heads during the fiercest combat of the war, from 1967 through the desperate Tet battle for Hue in early ’68. In spotter/shooter pairs, sniper teams accompanied battle-hardened Marine rifle companies like the 2/5 on patrols and combat missions. Whether fighting their way out of a Viet Cong “kill zone” or battling superior numbers of NVA crack troops, the sniper teams were at the cutting edge in the art of jungle warfare, showing the patience, stealth, combat marksmanship, and raw courage that made the unit the most decorated regimental sniper platoon in the Vietnam War. Harrowing and unforgettable, these accounts pay tribute to the heroes who made the greatest sacrifice of all–and leave no doubt that among 5th Marine snipers uncommon valor was truly a common virtue. From the Paperback edition.

White Feather

White Feather Author Adele Carne
ISBN-10 9781291936346
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White Feather has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from White Feather also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full White Feather book for free.

Terminal Impact

Terminal Impact Author Charles Henderson
ISBN-10 9781101988145
Release 2017-09-05
Pages 624
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Marine Scout-Sniper Jack Valentine had his first kill in Iraq at the start of the Persian Gulf War. Three years have passed, and he's back in Baghdad, obsessed with taking down al-Qaeda terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Jack missed his first shot at Zarqawi, and it's haunted him ever since - even though the attack earned him the name the Ghost of Al-Anbar. Now leading his own platoon, Jack is determined to hunt down his target this time. But the ruthless leader of a band of mercenaries is feeding al-Qaeda secret information - and also pursuing the love of Jack's life, FBI agent Liberty Cruz.

Inside the Crosshairs

Inside the Crosshairs Author Col. Michael Lee Lanning
ISBN-10 9780307833129
Release 2013-06-19
Pages 288
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"The American sniper could be regarded as the greatest all-around rifleman the world has ever known. . . ." At the start of the war in Vietnam, the United States had no snipers; by the end of the war, Marine and army precision marksmen had killed more than 10,000 NVA and VC soldiers--the equivalent of an entire division--at the cost of under 20,000 bullets, proving that long-range shooters still had a place in the battlefield. Now noted military historian Michael Lee Lanning shows how U.S. snipers in Vietnam--combining modern technology in weapons, ammunition, and telescopes--used the experience and traditions of centuries of expert shooters to perfect their craft. To provide insight into the use of American snipers in Vietnam, Lanning interviewed men with combat trigger time, as well as their instructors, the founders of the Marine and U.S. Army sniper programs, and the generals to whom they reported. Backed by hard information and firsthand accounts, the author demonstrates how the skills these one-shot killers honed in the jungles of Vietnam provided an indelible legacy that helped save American lives in Grenada, the Gulf War, and Somalia and continues to this day with American troops in Bosnia.

One Shot One Kill

One Shot One Kill Author Charles W. Sasser
ISBN-10 9781439137123
Release 1990-04-01
Pages 288
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They are the lone wolves of the battlefield. Tracking the enemy, lying in wait for the target to appear -- then they shoot to kill. Armed with an unerring eye, infinite patience and a mastery of camouflage, combat snipers stalk the enemy with only one goal... In World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Beirut, American snipers honed the art of delivering a single deadly shot from nowhere -- and devastating enemy morale. They met the enemy on his own turf, picking off officers, unwary soldiers, and even other snipers from extraordinary distances of up to 1 ½ miles. Now, these uncommon men tell their stories: of the emotions felt when a man's face came into their crosshairs and they pulled the trigger, of the nerve-wracking hours and days of waiting, motionless, for the enemy, of the primal savagery of a sniper duel. Often trained haphazardly in wartime, and forgotten in times of peace, combat snipers were officially recognized after the Vietnam War, when the Marine Corps became the first military branch to start a full-time sniper school. One Shot-One Kill is their powerful record of desperate trials and proud victories. A MAIN SELECTION OF THE MILITARY BOOK CLUB

Carlos Hathock

Carlos Hathock Author Amy Paulsen
ISBN-10 1523790970
Release 2016-01-31
Pages 32
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There are few names at the top of the list of military war heroes as well known or inspiring than Carlos Hathcock. His career, skills and tactics have had an enormous impact on military strategies across the armed services. A devoted Marine, he couldn't have known how much he would change the face of military strategy for not only his branch but the Army and Navy as well. A war hero, landmine survivor, multiple sclerosis sufferer, Sergeant Hathcock certainly had an impressive life. The stories of his escapades in the jungles of Vietnam precede the quiet and gentle man and serve as a startling contradiction. He was a sniper who didn't like killing, but he was damn good at it.

Dear Mom

Dear Mom Author Joseph T. Ward
ISBN-10 9780307784315
Release 2010-12-29
Pages 272
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The letters Joseph War, one of the elite Marine Scout Snipers, wrote home reveal a side of the Vietnam war seldom seen. Whether under nigthly mortar attack in An Hoa, with a Marine company in the bullet-scarred jungle, on secret missions to Laos, or on dangerous two-man hunter-kills, Ward lived the war in a way few men did. And he fought the enemy as few men did--up close and personal. A Dual Main Selection of the Military Book Club From the Paperback edition.

Marine Scout Snipers

Marine Scout Snipers Author Lena Sisco
ISBN-10 9781493026852
Release 2016-09-01
Pages 200
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Author Lena Sisco, a former Department of Defense Military Interrogator and U.S. Navy officer, takes the reader through the missions and personal lives of U.S. Marines who have been forward-deployed in hostile environments all across the Middle East. She shows how they use the mastery of their sniper skills to mitigate threats and negate the enemy’s ability to disrupt U.S. operations. Her book lets you feel the stress and anxiety of their operational tempo; you witness their successes and failures, their struggles, and lessons learned. Snipers are highly trained, brave, silent killers. They undergo specialized training and operate independently with little support from their parent commands, close to enemy positions. Snipers are chosen based on their marksmanship, mental stability, patience, and physical ability. They stalk the enemy, while concealed in their operational overwatches, to protect our checkpoints and convoys, and to direct action missions. Despite the renown of Chris Kyle and the extraordinary success of the book and movie American Sniper, snipers do not have lead lives of glory and fame; their lives are a struggle. Serving as a sniper requires that you do your job successfully every time, because the consequences of not being successful include the loss of innocent lives, or living with other consequences that can haunt a shooter till the day he dies. In the end, just like any other service members, they put their lives on the line – willingly – to defend our freedom and liberties, and our country.

Goodnight Saigon

Goodnight Saigon Author Charles Henderson
ISBN-10 0425224023
Release 2008
Pages 420
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A Marine Corps veteran and author of Jungle Rules draws on extensive interviews and research to provide a firsthand view of the final days of American involvement in Vietnam, from the Paris Peace Accords to the last hours before the fall of Saigon and the rescue of the last five Marines from the roof of the U.S. embassy. Reprint.


Sniper Author Gina Cavallaro
ISBN-10 9780762784325
Release 2010-09-01
Pages 240
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Heart-pounding real-life tales from the military’s most experienced snipers, the best of the best snipers in action today. Gunfights, long distance shots, stalking, and more.


Sniper Author Martin Pegler
ISBN-10 9781849089920
Release 2011-08-20
Pages 304
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Following the success of Out of Nowhere: A History of the Military Sniper, sniper expert Martin Pegler gives us an in-depth study of the emergence of American rifleman, sharpshooter and sniper, examining the evolution of the rifle in America from the earliest firearms of the 15th century to the highly accurate sniping rifles of the 21st century. Pegler analyses the technological development of the rifle, sighting systems and ammunition and uses contemporary accounts to describe how the use of the rifle during the Revolutionary War, Civil War and the conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries have impacted on US military history. This detailed account concludes with a study of the American sniper in modern warfare, including Afghanistan and the ongoing conflict in Iraq, providing an overview of the march of weapons technology, as well as an unusual insight into the lives and the motives of the men who used them.

American Sniper

American Sniper Author Richard Lyle
ISBN-10 1508635269
Release 2015-02-25
Pages 30
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In 1991 Chuck Mawhinney was reluctantly dragged out of anonymity when it was revealed that he held the record among United States Marine Corps snipers with over 103 confirmed kills. This story takes a look at the mindset and philosophy of an American Sniper as he is thrown into Arizona territory (named as such because of its numerous Wild West style firefights) at the height of the Vietnam War.

Crosshairs on the Kill Zone

Crosshairs on the Kill Zone Author Charles W. Sasser
ISBN-10 1416503625
Release 2004-07-01
Pages 384
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