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British Military History For Dummies

British Military History For Dummies Author Bryan Perrett
ISBN-10 047006191X
Release 2007-04-04
Pages 464
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A plain-English guide to Britons in battle, from the Roman invasion to the ongoing Iraqi war Charging through the Britain's military past, this accessible guide brings to life the battles and wars that shaped the history of Britain-and the world. The book profiles commanders, explains strategies and tactics, and covers key developments in weaponry and technology.

Age of Atrocity

Age of Atrocity Author David Edwards
ISBN-10 184682267X
Release 2010
Pages 320
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This book - now in paperback - examines one of the bloodiest epochs in Irish history. Part one covers the 16th century, revealing how efforts by the Tudor monarchy to curb the powers of the autonomous Irish lords degenerated into a bitter cultural and sectarian conflict characterized by summary killings and massacres. The second part pays particular attention to the 1641 rebellion and the Confederate Wars.

Why Did Europe Conquer the World

Why Did Europe Conquer the World Author Philip T. Hoffman
ISBN-10 9781400865840
Release 2015-06-30
Pages 288
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Between 1492 and 1914, Europeans conquered 84 percent of the globe. But why did Europe establish global dominance, when for centuries the Chinese, Japanese, Ottomans, and South Asians were far more advanced? In Why Did Europe Conquer the World?, Philip Hoffman demonstrates that conventional explanations—such as geography, epidemic disease, and the Industrial Revolution—fail to provide answers. Arguing instead for the pivotal role of economic and political history, Hoffman shows that if certain variables had been different, Europe would have been eclipsed, and another power could have become master of the world. Hoffman sheds light on the two millennia of economic, political, and historical changes that set European states on a distinctive path of development, military rivalry, and war. This resulted in astonishingly rapid growth in Europe's military sector, and produced an insurmountable lead in gunpowder technology. The consequences determined which states established colonial empires or ran the slave trade, and even which economies were the first to industrialize. Debunking traditional arguments, Why Did Europe Conquer the World? reveals the startling reasons behind Europe's historic global supremacy.

Animal Man and Treescapes

Animal  Man and Treescapes Author Ian D. Rotherham (eds)
ISBN-10 9781904098249
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Animal Man and Treescapes has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Animal Man and Treescapes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Animal Man and Treescapes book for free.

Edexcel GCSE 9 1 History Medicine Through Time C1250 Present

Edexcel GCSE  9 1  History Medicine Through Time  C1250 Present Author Hilary Stark
ISBN-10 1292127376
Release 2016-06-30
Pages 184
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Exam Board: Edexcel Level: GCSE Subject: History First teaching: September 2016 First exams: Summer 2018 Series Editor: Angela Leonard This Student Book: covers the essential content in the new specification in an engaging way, using detailed narrative, sources, timelines, key words, helpful activities and extension material uses the 'Thinking Historically' approach and activities to help develop conceptual understanding of areas such as evidence, interpretations, causation and change, through targeted activities has 'Writing Historically' features that focus on the writing skills most important to historical success. This literacy support uses the proven Grammar for Writing approach used in many English departments includes lots of exam guidance, with practice questions, sources, sample answers and tips to support preparation for GCSE assessments. * These resources have not yet been endorsed. This information is correct as of 31st July 2015, but may be subject to change. You do not have to purchase any resources to deliver our qualification.

Global Migrants Local Culture

Global Migrants  Local Culture Author Laura Tabili
ISBN-10 9780230307711
Release 2011-04-05
Pages 329
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Employing the first analysis of the entire population of any British town, this book examines how overseas migrants affected society and culture in South Shields near Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Resituating Britain within global processes of migration and cultural change, it recasts British society pre-1940 as culturally and racially dynamic and diverse.

Introduction to English Linguistics

Introduction to English Linguistics Author Annette Becker
ISBN-10 9783825245283
Release 2017-02-13
Pages 228
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Neuauflage der praxisorientierten Einführung in die englische Sprachwissenschaft Der Band eignet sich hervorragend als Grundlage für Einführungskurse sowie zu Selbststudium und zur Prüfungsvorbereitung. Er besticht durch leicht verständliche Erklärungen, zahlreiche Beispiele, Abbildungen und Übungen mit Lösungen. Für die vierte Auflage wurden der Text, die Aufgaben und die Literaturhinweise überarbeitet und aktualisiert. Der Band aus der Reihe utb-basics ist ideale Einführungslektüre für alle Studierenden der englischen Sprachwissenschaft.

The Tipperary Hero

The Tipperary Hero Author Dermot O'Meara
ISBN-10 2503532306
Release 2012-01
Pages 798
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"The Ormonius" is a five-book heroic poem of nearly 4,000 hexameters on the military career of the 10th Earl of Ormond, Thomas Butler, written by Ormond's fellow-Irishman and Oxonian, the doctor Dermot O'Meara. It was published in London by Thomas Snodham in 1615. Two editions of the poem appeared, the second with corrections, though very few copies of either printing are now extant.

Making History Now and Then

Making History Now and Then Author D. Cannadine
ISBN-10 9780230594265
Release 2008-06-17
Pages 390
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Collects twelve previously unpublished essays by one of Britain's most eminent historians, David Cannadine, including his inaugural and valedictory lectures at the Institute of Historical Research. A unique volume discussing the study and nature of History itself and a range of key topics and periods in British and Imperial History.

Scots and the Union

Scots and the Union Author Christopher A Whatley
ISBN-10 9780748680290
Release 2014-04-14
Pages 480
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This book traces the background to the Treaty of Union of 1707, explains why it happened and assesses its impact on Scottish society, including the bitter struggle with the Jacobites for acceptance of the union in the two decades that followed its inaugur

The Routledge History of Genocide

The Routledge History of Genocide Author Cathie Carmichael
ISBN-10 9781317514831
Release 2015-05-01
Pages 348
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The Routledge History of Genocide takes an interdisciplinary yet historically focused look at history from the Iron Age to the recent past to examine episodes of extreme violence that could be interpreted as genocidal. Approaching the subject in a sensitive, inclusive and respectful way, each chapter is a newly commissioned piece covering a range of opinions and perspectives. The topics discussed are broad in variety and include: genocide and the end of the Ottoman Empire Stalin and the Soviet Union Iron Age warfare genocide and religion Japanese military brutality during the Second World War heritage and how we remember the past. The volume is global in scope, something of increasing importance in the study of genocide. Presenting genocide as an extremely diverse phenomenon, this book is a wide-ranging and in-depth view of the field that will be valuable for all those interested in the historical context of genocide.

The Cry of a Stone

The Cry of a Stone Author Anna Trapnel
ISBN-10 UOM:39015049703559
Release 2000
Pages 123
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The Cry of a Stone has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Cry of a Stone also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Cry of a Stone book for free.

The Political Economy of Hazards and Disasters

The Political Economy of Hazards and Disasters Author Eric C. Jones
ISBN-10 0759113114
Release 2009-05-16
Pages 366
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Throughout history, societies have had to decide whom to 'sacrifice' and whom to help in times of disaster. This volume examines how elite groups attempt to maintain power through the use of particular economic, political, and ideological instruments and how both ruling elites and common people endeavor to create meaningful traditions while enduring hardship.The Political Economy of Hazards and Disasters demonstrates how vulnerability is economically constructed, primary producers adapt their production regimes, how traders and merchants adapt their practices, and how political economic objectives play out in recovery efforts.

Visions Prophecies And Divinations

Visions  Prophecies And Divinations Author Ana Paula Torres
ISBN-10 9789004316454
Release 2016-05-17
Pages 250
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One of the first English-language collections of essays dedicated to the millenarianism in the early modern Iberian world, Visions, Prophecies and Divinations offers an introduction to the complex phenomena of prophecy and vision in Spanish and Portuguese Empires.

The Global Cold War

The Global Cold War Author Odd Arne Westad
ISBN-10 9781139643825
Release 2007-03-01
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The Cold War shaped the world we live in today - its politics, economics, and military affairs. This book shows how the globalization of the Cold War during the last century created the foundations for most of the key conflicts we see today, including the War on Terror. It focuses on how the Third World policies of the two twentieth-century superpowers - the United States and the Soviet Union - gave rise to resentments and resistance that in the end helped topple one superpower and still seriously challenge the other. Ranging from China to Indonesia, Iran, Ethiopia, Angola, Cuba, and Nicaragua, it provides a truly global perspective on the Cold War. And by exploring both the development of interventionist ideologies and the revolutionary movements that confronted interventions, the book links the past with the present in ways that no other major work on the Cold War era has succeeded in doing.

The Colonial World of Richard Boyle First Earl of Cork

The Colonial World of Richard Boyle  First Earl of Cork Author David Edwards
ISBN-10 1846826896
Release 2017-10-27
Pages 286
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Richard Boyle, first earl of Cork (1566-1643), ranks among the most famous and infamous figures in the history of early modern Ireland and the wider English Atlantic world. The archetypal crooked land-grabber who made his initial fortune defrauding the crown of hidden revenues; the grasping colonial adventurer who became the biggest landowner in the Munster Plantation and the richest subject of the crown throughout the Three Kingdoms; and the vindictive leader of the powerful Protestant interest that seized control of the Irish government and persecuted native Catholics-these are just three elements of the reputation that attaches to him in histories of the period. This book re-examines his place in early seventeenth-century English colonialism, and reassesses his reputation, presenting an interdisciplinary interrogation of his life and activities by a panel of prominent and upcoming historians and archaeologists. Boyle emerges as a markedly more flexible figure than once was thought. The book pays close attention to his estates and clientele-a long neglected area-to reveal new evidence of connections with Virginia and the New World, and the methods deployed to manage large-scale industrial operations in southern Ireland, as well as identifying the military personnel he recruited to defend it all. It offers a new view of what colonialism was like in the early seventeenth century, and of how it was practiced. [Subject: History, 17th C. History, Colonialism, Irish Studies, Military History]

Ireland 1641

Ireland  1641 Author Micheál Ó Siochrú
ISBN-10 9781784992033
Release 2015-03-01
Pages 286
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The 1641 rebellion is one of the seminal events in early modern Irish and British history. Its divisive legacy, based primarily on the sharply contested allegation that the rebellion began with a general massacre of Protestant settlers, is still evident in Ireland today. Thousands of witness testimonies (the 1641 Depositions) housed in Trinity College Dublin became central to one of the most protracted and bitter of Irish historical controversies. This controversy has never been satisfactorily resolved as successive generations invented and re-invented the past in response to contemporary political developments. Propagandists, politicians and historians all exploited the surviving evidence at different times to justify their implacable hostility towards Irish nationalism and the Catholic religion. The 1641 'massacres', therefore, like King William's victory at the Boyne (1690) and the Battle of the Somme (1916) played a key role in creating and sustaining a collective Protestant/British identity in Ulster, in much the same way that the subsequent Cromwellian conquest in the 1650s helped forge a new Irish Catholic national identity. The original and wide-ranging themes chosen for this volume, along with the high standard of the contributions from leading international scholars, will ensure that this edited collection becomes required reading for all those interested in the 1641 Rebellion, as well as the history of early modern Ireland and Europe. It will also appeal to those engaged in early colonial studies in the Atlantic world and beyond, as the volume adopts a genuinely comparative approach throughout, examining developments in a broad global context.