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Martin Herbert Tell Them i Said No

Martin Herbert   Tell Them i Said No Author
ISBN-10 3956792009
Release 2016
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Martin Herbert Tell Them i Said No has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Martin Herbert Tell Them i Said No also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Martin Herbert Tell Them i Said No book for free.

The Uncertainty Principle

The Uncertainty Principle Author Martin Herbert
ISBN-10 3956790014
Release 2014
Pages 182
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The Uncertainty Principle has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Uncertainty Principle also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Uncertainty Principle book for free.


Kippenberger Author Susanne Kippenberger
ISBN-10 0982964285
Release 2013-05-31
Pages 564
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Over the course of his 20-year career, Martin Kippenberger (1953-1997) cast himself alternately as hard-drinking carouser and confrontational art-world jester, thrusting these personae to the forefront of his prodigious creativity. He was also very much a player in the international art world of the 1970s right up until his death in 1997, commissioning work from artists such as Jeff Koons and Mike Kelley, and acting as unofficial ringleader to a generation of German artists. Written by the artist's sister, Susanne Kippenberger, and now available in paperback, this first English-language biography draws both from personal memories of their shared childhood and exhaustive interviews with Kippenberger's extended family of friends and colleagues in the art world. "Kippenberger" gives insight into the psychology and drive behind this playful and provocative artist. Reviewing the hardcover edition in "The New York Times," Roberta Smith wrote: "Ms. Kippenberger provides wonderful thumbnail portraits of the many key figures in her brother's life, while using their reminiscences to create a finely diced composite oral history that makes palpable both his charming and his repellent sides."

The Artist s House

The Artist s House Author Kirsty Bell
ISBN-10 3943365301
Release 2013
Pages 334
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The artists house is a prism through which to view not only the artistic practice


Diaries Author Eva Hesse
ISBN-10 9780300185508
Release 2016-04-05
Pages 904
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The long-awaited publication of the personal diaries of pioneering American artist Eva Hesse

Artist at Work Proximity of Art and Capitalism

Artist at Work  Proximity of Art and Capitalism Author Bojana Kunst
ISBN-10 9781785350016
Release 2015-08-28
Pages 241
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The main affirmation of artistic practice must today happen through thinking about the conditions and the status of the artist's work. Only then can it be revealed that what is a part of the speculations of capital is not art itself, but mostly artistic life. Artist at Work examines the recent changes in the labour of an artist and addresses them from the perspective of performance.

In Out of Amsterdam

In   Out of Amsterdam Author Christophe Cherix
ISBN-10 0870707531
Release 2009
Pages 170
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During the 1960s and 1970s, Amsterdam was a nexus of intense art activities, drawing artists from all over the world including Stanley Brouwn, Gilbert & George, Sol LeWitt, Charlotte Posenenske, Allen Ruppersberg, and LawrenceWeiner. Reciprocally, some of the most influential Dutch artists traveled abroad extensively before establishing themselves in Amsterdam: Jan Dibbets studied in London, while Ger van Elk and Bas Jan Ader trained in Los Angeles. As a result of this new mobility, a dynamic cross-pollination of ideas and influences took place between artists of different nationalities, and many produced works directly related to the notion of travel and the city that fostered them. In & Out of Amsterdam presents more than 120 works including works on paper, installations, photographs and films by artists who were part of this remarkable creative culture. Essays, accompanied by lively illustrations and documentary photographs, illuminate the significance of these works as well as the unprecedented role that prints, bulletins, posters, mail art, artists books and ephemera played in the artists discourse. A brief essay or interview introduces each artist, and an extensive chronology, bibliography and illustrated checklist round out this unique volume.

David Hammons

David Hammons Author Elena Filipovic
ISBN-10 9781846381867
Release 2017-09
Pages 128
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One wintry day in 1983, alongside other street sellers in the East Village, David Hammons peddled snowballs of various sizes. He had neatly laid them out in graduated rows and spent the day acting as obliging salesman. He called the evanescent and unannounced street action Bliz-aard Ball Sale, thus inscribing it into a body of work that, from the late 1960s to the present, has used a lexicon of ephemeral actions and self-consciously "black" materials to comment on the nature of the artwork, the art world, and race in America. And although Bliz-aard Ball Sale has been frequently cited and is increasingly influential, it has long been known only through a mix of eyewitness rumors and a handful of photographs. Its details were as elusive as the artist himself; even its exact date was unrecorded. Like so much of the artist's work, it was conceived, it seems, to slip between our fingers -- to trouble the grasp of the market, as much as of history and knowability. In this engaging study, Elena Filipovic collects a vast oral history of the ephemeral action, uncovering rare images and documents, and giving us singular insight into an artist who made an art of making himself difficult to find. And through it, she reveals Bliz-aard Ball Sale to be the backbone of a radical artistic oeuvre that transforms such notions as "art," "commodity," "performance," and even "race" into categories that shift and dissolve, much like slowly melting snowballs.

What Art Is

What Art Is Author Arthur C. Danto
ISBN-10 9780300174878
Release 2013-03-19
Pages 174
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One of America's most celebrated art critics offers a lively meditation on the nature of art.

Industry and Intelligence

Industry and Intelligence Author Liam Gillick
ISBN-10 9780231540964
Release 2016-03-29
Pages 192
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The history of modern art is often told through aesthetic breakthroughs that sync well with profound cultural and political change. Monet’s riotous landscapes, Picasso’s fractured forms, Pollock’s insolent splatters, Warhol’s proliferating soup cans—these examples track with the disruptions of industrialization, fascism, revolution, and war, among other influences. But filtering modern art only through catastrophic events cannot account for the subtle interrogations that inform so many contemporary works. The conceptual artist Liam Gillick writes the holistic genealogy of contemporary art that we need to appreciate its engagement with history, even when it seems apathetic or blind to current events. Rather than focus on dominant works or special cases, Gillick takes a broad view of artistic creation from 1820 to today, underscoring the industry and intelligence of artists as they have responded to incremental developments in science, politics, and technology. The great innovations and dislocations of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have their place in this timeline, but their traces are alternately amplified and diminished as Gillick moves through artistic reactions to liberalism, mass manufacturing, psychology, nuclear physics, automobiles, and a host of other advances. He intimately ties the origins of contemporary art to the social and technological adjustments of modern life, which artists struggled to incorporate truthfully into their works.

Albert York

Albert York Author Albert York
ISBN-10 0982410050
Release 2010
Pages 96
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Literary Nonfiction. Art. Illustrated by 40 color plates. Essay by William Corbett. ALBERT YORK is the first monograph on the little known but intensely admired American painter who died in 2009 at eighty-one. York showed at Manhattan's Davis & Langdale Gallery beginning in 1963 and throughout his career. His shows had good reviews; his work sold but word of his special quality has just begun to spread into the wider world. His subjects are as ordinary--cows, trees in a meadow, flowers bunched in a tomato can--as his forms and paint handling powerful. William Corbett has followed York's work for thirty-five years. He has published a book on Philip Guston, edited the letters of James Schuyler, and is a poet.

The Pleasure of Research

The Pleasure of Research Author Hendrik Pieter Slager
ISBN-10 9515333970
Release 2012
Pages 88
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Henk Slager shows how the discussion on artistic research delving into issues such as knowledge production, artistic thinking, medium-specificity, context-responsiveness, and counter-archival display has affected the current state of art and education. He concludes that today’s debate on art education and artistic research echoes the semiotics debate in the 1970s, in which a formatting, academic order tried to discipline semiotics into a traditional, academic domain. Therefore, a reconsideration of artistic research is currently required; a reconsideration in line with Roland Barthes’ former response to a semiotics in the process of becoming static. In Henk Slager’s view that requires a stance where artistic research is considered a gaya scienza: a temporary autonomous activity focusing on the intellectual pleasure of an experimental method and an implicated form of artistic thought.

Show and Tell

Show and Tell Author Julie Ault
ISBN-10 UOM:39076002879794
Release 2010
Pages 267
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Edited by Julie Ault. Essays by Doug Ashford, Julie Ault, Sabrina Locks, Tim Rollins.

What are You Looking At

What are You Looking At Author Will Gompertz
ISBN-10 9780670920495
Release 2012
Pages 435
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What is modern art? Why do we either love it or loathe it? And why is it worth so much damn money? Join Will Gompertz, the BBC Arts Editor, and probably the world's first art history stand-up comedian, on a dazzling tour that will change the way you look at modern art forever. From Monet's water lilies to Van Gogh's sunflowers, from Warhol's soup cans to Hirst's pickled shark, hear the stories behind the masterpieces, meet the artists as they really were, and discover the real point of modern art. You will learn: Conceptual art isn't rubbish Picasso is a genius (but Cézanne might be better) Pollock is no drip Cubism has no cubes A urinal changed the course of art And why your five-year-old really couldn't do it Refreshing, irreverent and always straightforward, What Are You Looking At? cuts through the pretentious art speak and asks all the basic questions that you were too embarrassed to. After reading this, your next gallery or museum visit is going to be a little less intimidating, and a lot more interesting.

Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp Author Calvin Tomkins
ISBN-10 1936440393
Release 2013
Pages 93
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In 1964, Calvin Tomkins spent a number of afternoons interviewing Marcel Duchamp in his apartment on West 10th Street in New York City. The Afternoon Interviews reveals him to be a man and an artist whose playful principles toward living freed him to make art that was as unpredictable, complex, and surprising as life itself. The book includes never before published portraits of Duchamp recently discovered in the Philadelphia Museum of Art archive and an introductory interview with Tomkins reflecting on Duchamp as an artist, guide and friend. Marcel Duchamp: The Afternoon Interviews reintroduces the reader key ideas of his artistic world in a lively and candid way and renews him as a vital model for a new generation of artists living and working today.

Public Servants

Public Servants Author Lisa Phillips
ISBN-10 0262034816
Release 2016-10-28
Pages 512
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How should we understand the purpose of publicly engaged art in the twenty-first century, when the very term "public art" is largely insufficient to describe such practices? Concepts such as "new genre public art," "social practice," or "socially engaged art" may imply a synergy between the role of art and the role of government in providing social services. Yet the arts and social services differ crucially in terms of their methods and metrics. Socially engaged artists need not be aligned (and may often be opposed) to the public sector and to institutionalized systems. In many countries, structures of democratic governance and public responsibility are shifting, eroding, and being remade in profound ways -- driven by radical economic, political, and global forces. According to what terms and through what means can art engage with these changes? This volume gathers essays, dialogues, and art projects -- some previously published and some newly commissioned -- to illuminate the ways the arts shape and reshape a rapidly changing social and governmental landscape. An artist portfolio section presents original statements and projects by some of the key figures grappling with these ideas.

Tirdad Zolghadr

Tirdad Zolghadr Author Tirdad Zolghadr
ISBN-10 3956792033
Release 2017-01-17
Pages 264
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The first in a new series of readers from the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts at