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Martingale Limit Theory and Its Application

Martingale Limit Theory and Its Application Author P. Hall
ISBN-10 9781483263229
Release 2014-07-10
Pages 320
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Martingale Limit Theory and Its Application discusses the asymptotic properties of martingales, particularly as regards key prototype of probabilistic behavior that has wide applications. The book explains the thesis that martingale theory is central to probability theory, and also examines the relationships between martingales and processes embeddable in or approximated by Brownian motion. The text reviews the martingale convergence theorem, the classical limit theory and analogs, and the martingale limit theorems viewed as the rate of convergence results in the martingale convergence theorem. The book explains the square function inequalities, weak law of large numbers, as well as the strong law of large numbers. The text discusses the reverse martingales, martingale tail sums, the invariance principles in the central limit theorem, and also the law of the iterated logarithm. The book investigates the limit theory for stationary processes via corresponding results for approximating martingales and the estimation of parameters from stochastic processes. The text can be profitably used as a reference for mathematicians, advanced students, and professors of higher mathematics or statistics.

Probability with Martingales

Probability with Martingales Author David Williams
ISBN-10 9781139642989
Release 1991-02-14
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Probability theory is nowadays applied in a huge variety of fields including physics, engineering, biology, economics and the social sciences. This book is a modern, lively and rigorous account which has Doob's theory of martingales in discrete time as its main theme. It proves important results such as Kolmogorov's Strong Law of Large Numbers and the Three-Series Theorem by martingale techniques, and the Central Limit Theorem via the use of characteristic functions. A distinguishing feature is its determination to keep the probability flowing at a nice tempo. It achieves this by being selective rather than encyclopaedic, presenting only what is essential to understand the fundamentals; and it assumes certain key results from measure theory in the main text. These measure-theoretic results are proved in full in appendices, so that the book is completely self-contained. The book is written for students, not for researchers, and has evolved through several years of class testing. Exercises play a vital rôle. Interesting and challenging problems, some with hints, consolidate what has already been learnt, and provide motivation to discover more of the subject than can be covered in a single introduction.

Probability Theory

Probability Theory Author Yuan Shih Chow
ISBN-10 9781461219507
Release 2012-11-28
Pages 489
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Comprising the major theorems of probability theory and the measure theoretical foundations of the subject, the main topics treated here are independence, interchangeability, and martingales. Particular emphasis is placed upon stopping times, both as tools in proving theorems and as objects of interest themselves. No prior knowledge of measure theory is assumed and a unique feature of the book is the combined presentation of measure and probability. It is easily adapted for graduate students familiar with measure theory using the guidelines given. Special features include: - A comprehensive treatment of the law of the iterated logarithm - The Marcinklewicz-Zygmund inequality, its extension to martingales and applications thereof - Development and applications of the second moment analogue of Walds equation - Limit theorems for martingale arrays; the central limit theorem for the interchangeable and martingale cases; moment convergence in the central limit theorem - Complete discussion, including central limit theorem, of the random casting of r balls into n cells - Recent martingale inequalities - Cram r-L vy theorem and factor-closed families of distributions.

Modern Probability Theory

Modern Probability Theory Author B. Ramdas Bhat
ISBN-10 8122411894
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 344
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The Book Continues To Cover The Syllabus Of A One-Year Course On Probability Theory. The Rigorous Axiomatic Approach Continues To Be Followed. For Those Who Plan To Apply Probability Models In Their Chosen Areas The Book Will Provide The Necessary Foundation. For Those Who Want To Proceed To Work In The Area Of Stochastic Processes, The Present Work Will Provide The Necessary Preliminary Background. It Can Be Used By Probabilists, Statisticians And Mathematicians. In The Present Revised Edition Many Concepts Have Been Elaborated. Clarifications Are Given For A Number Of Steps In The Proofs Of Results Derived. Additional Examples And Problems Are Given At The End Of Different Chapters. An Additional Preliminary Chapter Has Been Added So That Students Can Recapitulate The Topics Normally Covered In The Undergraduate Courses. It Also Forms The Foundation For Topics Covered In The Remaining Chapters. The Third Edition Incorporates The Suggestions For Improvements Received By The Author When The Earlier Editions Were In Circulation. With The Additional Features And Most Of The Errors Weeded Out, The Book Is Hoped To Become More Useful In The Hands Of Students And Teachers.

Theory of Martingales

Theory of Martingales Author Robert Liptser
ISBN-10 9789400924383
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 792
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Theory of Martingales has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Theory of Martingales also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Theory of Martingales book for free.

Stochastic Limit Theory

Stochastic Limit Theory Author James Davidson
ISBN-10 9780191525049
Release 1994-10-13
Pages 562
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This is a survey of the recent developments in the rapidly expanding field of asymptotic distribution theory, with a special emphasis on the problems of time dependence and heterogeneity. The book is designed to be useful on two levels. First as a textbook and reference work, giving definitions of the relevant mathematical concepts, statements, and proofs of the important results from the probability literature, and numerous examples; and second, as an account of recent work in the field of particular interest to econometricians, including a number of important new results. It is virtually self-contained, with all but the most basic technical prerequisites being explained in their context; mathematical topics include measure theory, integration, metric spaces, and topology, with applications to random variables, and an extended treatment of conditional probability. Other subjects treated include: stochastic processes, mixing processes, martingales, mixingales, and near-epoch dependence; the weak and strong laws of large numbers; weak convergence; and central limit theorems for nonstationary and dependent processes. The functional central limit theorem and its ramifications are covered in detail, including an account of the theoretical underpinnings (the weak convergence of measures on metric spaces), Brownian motion, the multivariate invariance principle, and convergence to stochastic integrals. This material is of special relevance to the theory of cointegration.

The Bootstrap and Edgeworth Expansion

The Bootstrap and Edgeworth Expansion Author Peter Hall
ISBN-10 9781461243847
Release 2013-12-01
Pages 354
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This monograph addresses two quite different topics, each being able to shed light on the other. Firstly, it lays the foundation for a particular view of the bootstrap. Secondly, it gives an account of Edgeworth expansion. The first two chapters deal with the bootstrap and Edgeworth expansion respectively, while chapters 3 and 4 bring these two themes together, using Edgeworth expansion to explore and develop the properties of the bootstrap. The book is aimed at graduate level for those with some exposure to the methods of theoretical statistics. However, technical details are delayed until the last chapter such that mathematically able readers without knowledge of the rigorous theory of probability will have no trouble understanding most of the book.

Martingale Approximations

Martingale Approximations Author I︠U︡riĭ Vasilʹevich Borovskikh
ISBN-10 9067642711
Release 1997
Pages 322
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Limit theorems for semimartingales form the basis of the martingale approximation approach. The methods of martingale approximation addressed in this book pertain to estimates of the rate of convergence in the central limit theorem and in the invariance principle. Some applications of martingale approximation are illustrated by the analysis of U-statistics, rank statistics, statistics of exchangeable variables and stochastic exponential statistics. Simplified results of stochastic analysis are given for use in investigations of many applied problems, including mathematical statistics, financial mathematics, mathematical biology, industrial mathematics and engineering.

Probability and Mathematical Statistics

Probability and Mathematical Statistics Author Eugene Lukacs
ISBN-10 9781483269207
Release 2014-05-10
Pages 254
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Probability and Mathematical Statistics: An Introduction provides a well-balanced first introduction to probability theory and mathematical statistics. This book is organized into two sections encompassing nine chapters. The first part deals with the concept and elementary properties of probability space, and random variables and their probability distributions. This part also considers the principles of limit theorems, the distribution of random variables, and the so-called student’s distribution. The second part explores pertinent topics in mathematical statistics, including the concept of sampling, estimation, and hypotheses testing. This book is intended primarily for undergraduate statistics students.

Self Normalized Processes

Self Normalized Processes Author Victor H. Peña
ISBN-10 9783540856368
Release 2008-12-25
Pages 275
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Self-normalized processes are of common occurrence in probabilistic and statistical studies. A prototypical example is Student's t-statistic introduced in 1908 by Gosset, whose portrait is on the front cover. Due to the highly non-linear nature of these processes, the theory experienced a long period of slow development. In recent years there have been a number of important advances in the theory and applications of self-normalized processes. Some of these developments are closely linked to the study of central limit theorems, which imply that self-normalized processes are approximate pivots for statistical inference. The present volume covers recent developments in the area, including self-normalized large and moderate deviations, and laws of the iterated logarithms for self-normalized martingales. This is the first book that systematically treats the theory and applications of self-normalization.

Probability Theory an Analytic View

Probability Theory  an Analytic View Author Daniel W. Stroock
ISBN-10 0521663490
Release 1999
Pages 536
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Revised edition of a first-year graduate course on probability theory.


Probability Author Rick Durrett
ISBN-10 9781139491136
Release 2010-08-30
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This classic introduction to probability theory for beginning graduate students covers laws of large numbers, central limit theorems, random walks, martingales, Markov chains, ergodic theorems, and Brownian motion. It is a comprehensive treatment concentrating on the results that are the most useful for applications. Its philosophy is that the best way to learn probability is to see it in action, so there are 200 examples and 450 problems. The fourth edition begins with a short chapter on measure theory to orient readers new to the subject.

A User s Guide to Measure Theoretic Probability

A User s Guide to Measure Theoretic Probability Author David Pollard
ISBN-10 0521002893
Release 2002
Pages 351
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This book grew from a one-semester course offered for many years to a mixed audience of graduate and undergraduate students who have not had the luxury of taking a course in measure theory. The core of the book covers the basic topics of independence, conditioning, martingales, convergence in distribution, and Fourier transforms. In addition there are numerous sections treating topics traditionally thought of as more advanced, such as coupling and the KMT strong approximation, option pricing via the equivalent martingale measure, and the isoperimetric inequality for Gaussian processes. The book is not just a presentation of mathematical theory, but is also a discussion of why that theory takes its current form. It will be a secure starting point for anyone who needs to invoke rigorous probabilistic arguments and understand what they mean.

A Graduate Course in Probability

A Graduate Course in Probability Author Howard G. Tucker
ISBN-10 9781483220505
Release 2014-06-27
Pages 288
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Probability and Mathematical Statistics: A Series of Monographs and Textbooks: A Graduate Course in Probability presents some of the basic theorems of analytic probability theory in a cohesive manner. This book discusses the probability spaces and distributions, stochastic independence, basic limiting operations, and strong limit theorems for independent random variables. The central limit theorem, conditional expectation and martingale theory, and Brownian motion are also elaborated. The prerequisite for this text is knowledge of real analysis or measure theory, particularly the Lebesgue dominated convergence theorem, Fubini's theorem, Radon-Nikodym theorem, Egorov's theorem, monotone convergence theorem, and theorem on unique extension of a sigma-finite measure from an algebra to the sigma-algebra generated by it. This publication is suitable for a one-year graduate course in probability given in a mathematics program and preferably for students in their second year of graduate work.

Theory of U Statistics

Theory of U Statistics Author Vladimir S. Korolyuk
ISBN-10 9789401735155
Release 2013-03-09
Pages 554
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The theory of U-statistics goes back to the fundamental work of Hoeffding [1], in which he proved the central limit theorem. During last forty years the interest to this class of random variables has been permanently increasing, and thus, the new intensively developing branch of probability theory has been formed. The U-statistics are one of the universal objects of the modem probability theory of summation. On the one hand, they are more complicated "algebraically" than sums of independent random variables and vectors, and on the other hand, they contain essential elements of dependence which display themselves in the martingale properties. In addition, the U -statistics as an object of mathematical statistics occupy one of the central places in statistical problems. The development of the theory of U-statistics is stipulated by the influence of the classical theory of summation of independent random variables: The law of large num bers, central limit theorem, invariance principle, and the law of the iterated logarithm we re proved, the estimates of convergence rate were obtained, etc.

Foundations of Stochastic Analysis

Foundations of Stochastic Analysis Author M. M. Rao
ISBN-10 9780486481227
Release 2011-08
Pages 295
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Stochastic analysis involves the study of a process involving a randomly determined sequence of observations, each of which represents a sample of one element of probability distribution. This volume considers fundamental theories and contrasts the natural interplay between real and abstract methods. Starting with the introduction of the basic Kolmogorov-Bochner existence theorem, the text explores conditional expectations and probabilities as well as projective and direct limits. Subsequent chapters examine several aspects of discrete martingale theory, including applications to ergodic theory, likelihood ratios, and the Gaussian dichotomy theorem. Prerequisites include a standard measure theory course. No prior knowledge of probability is assumed; therefore, most of the results are proved in detail. Each chapter concludes with a problem section that features many hints and facts, including the most important results in information theory.

Probability For Analysts

Probability For Analysts Author Karl Stromberg
ISBN-10 0412041715
Release 1994-04-01
Pages 330
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This book will enable researchers and students of analysis to more easily understand research papers in which probabilistic methods are used to prove theorems of analysis, many of which have no other known proofs. The book assumes a course in measure and integration theory but requires little or no background in probability theory. It emplhasizes topics of interest to analysts, including random series, martingales and Brownian motion.