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Masculinity and Monstrosity in Contemporary Hollywood Films

Masculinity and Monstrosity in Contemporary Hollywood Films Author K. Combe
ISBN-10 9781137359827
Release 2013-11-11
Pages 267
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In film, Men are good and Monsters are bad. In this book, Combe and Boyle consider the monstrous body as a metaphor for the cultural body and regard gendered behavior as a matter of performativity. Taken together, these two identity positions, manliness and monsterliness, offer a window into the workings of current American society.

Masculinities and the Nation in the Modern World

Masculinities and the Nation in the Modern World Author Simon Wendt
ISBN-10 9781137536105
Release 2016-04-29
Pages 277
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Masculinities and the Nation in the Modern World sheds new light on the interrelationship between gender and the nation, focusing on the role of masculinities in various processes of nation-building in the modern world between 1800 and the 1960s.

Masculinities in Literature of the American West

Masculinities in Literature of the American West Author Lydia R. Cooper
ISBN-10 9781137564771
Release 2016-11-15
Pages 197
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The Western genre provides the most widely recognized, iconic images of masculinity in the United States - gun-slinging, laconic white male heroes who emphasize individualism, violence, and an idiosyncratic form of justice. This idealized masculinity has been fused with ideas of national identity and character. Masculinities in Literature of the American West examines how contemporary literary Westerns push back against the coded image of the Western hero, exposing pervasive anxieties about what it means to "act like a man." Contemporary Westerns critique assumptions about innate connections between power, masculinity, and "American" character that influence public rhetoric even in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. These novels struggle with the monumental challenge of all Westerns: the challenge of being human in a place where "being a man" is so strictly coded, so unachievable, so complicit in atrocity, and so desirable that it is worth dying for, worth killing for, or perhaps worth nothing at all.

Blood guns and testosterone

Blood  guns  and testosterone Author Barna William Donovan
ISBN-10 0810872625
Release 2010
Pages 259
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Since the early days of film, the representation of masculinity has changed cosiderably. In the beginning men on screen instinctively knew right from wrong. They rode to the rescue and saved the day in the nick of time to the admiration and gratitude of society. But over the decades such figures evolved from larger than life infallible heroes to cynical washed-up, unwanted outsiders. The violent content in these films also evolved-from fist fights and gunplay to brutal attacks and nuclear explosions-escalating in frequency, intensity, and graphic depictions.

Representations of War Migration and Refugeehood

Representations of War  Migration  and Refugeehood Author Daniel H. Rellstab
ISBN-10 9781134656769
Release 2014-09-19
Pages 290
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War, migration, and refugeehood are inextricably linked and the complex nature of all three phenomena offers profound opportunities for representation and misrepresentation. This volume brings together international contributors and practitioners from a wide range of fields, practices, and backgrounds to explore and problematize textual and visual inscriptions of war and migration in the arts, the media, and in academic, public, and political discourses. The essays in this collection address the academic and political interest in representations of the migrant and the refugee, and examine the constructed nature of categories and concepts such as ‘war,’ ‘refuge(e),’ ‘victim,’ ‘border,’ ‘home,’ ‘non-place,’ and ‘dis/location.’ Contributing authors engage with some of the most pressing questions surrounding war, migration, and refugeehood as well as with the ways in which war and its multifarious effects and repercussions in society are being framed, propagated, glorified, or contested. This volume initiates an interdisciplinary debate which re-evaluates the relationship between war, migration, and refugeehood and their representations.

Masculinity in Vietnam War Narratives

Masculinity in Vietnam War Narratives Author Brenda M. Boyle
ISBN-10 9780786454396
Release 2009-08-06
Pages 211
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Occurring alongside the Women's Rights, Gay Rights, Civil Rights, and other identity movements of the 1960s, the Vietnam War was part of an era that rescripted gender and other social identity roles for many, if not most, Americans. This book examines the ways in which the war and its accompanying movements greatly altered traditional American conceptions of masculinity, as reflected in discourses ranging from fictional narratives to memoirs, films, and military recruiting advertisements. Analysis of two canonical fiction texts--John Del Vecchio's The 13th Valley and Bobbie Ann Mason's In Country--illustrates the interrelatedness of race, sexuality, disability and masculinity, an approach appearing in no other book-length study. The text illustrates how, decades later, the masculine anxieties of the Vietnam era persist.

Redemptive Masculinities

Redemptive Masculinities Author Ezra Chitando
ISBN-10 9966150625
Release 2012
Pages 565
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Redemptive Masculinities has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Redemptive Masculinities also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Redemptive Masculinities book for free.

A History of Virility

A History of Virility Author Alain Corbin
ISBN-10 0231168780
Release 2016-01-16
Pages 752
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These original essays follow the socio-historical evolution of virility, as opposed to masculinity, to unsettle popular accounts of politics and culture. A major contribution to the nascent field of masculinity studies, this history consults painting, sculpture, literature, philosophy, film, and cultural and sociological critique. With the twentieth century delivering one blow after another to hegemonic virility, this book also explores where manliness might be headed next.

Alternative Masculinities for a Changing World

Alternative Masculinities for a Changing World Author À. Carabí
ISBN-10 9781137462565
Release 2014-10-08
Pages 244
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Focusing on global examples of gender equality, this collection explores non-dominant models of masculinity that represent gender equity in pro-feminist ways. Essays explore new alternative models of masculinity by a wide variety of contemporary authors and texts, ranging from Paul Auster to Jonathan Franzen.

The Crisis of Identity in Contemporary Japanese Film

The Crisis of Identity in Contemporary Japanese Film Author Timothy Iles
ISBN-10 9789047424697
Release 2008-09-17
Pages 256
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A concise, textually analytical study of the ways in which works of contemporary Japanese cinema have explored and reflected a 'crisis' in Japan's changing conceptions of individuality and identity approaching the central issue from a range of aspects.

Global Asian American Popular Cultures

Global Asian American Popular Cultures Author Shilpa Dave
ISBN-10 9781479867097
Release 2016-05-10
Pages 400
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Asian Americans have long been the subject and object of popular culture in the U.S. The rapid circulation of cultural flashpoints—such as the American obsession with K-pop sensations, Bollywood dance moves, and sriracha hot sauce—have opened up new ways of understanding how the categories of “Asian” and “Asian American” are counterbalanced within global popular culture. Located at the crossroads of these global and national expressions, Global Asian American Popular Cultures highlights new approaches to modern culture, with essays that explore everything from music, film, and television to comics, fashion, food, and sports. As new digital technologies and cross-media convergence have expanded exchanges of transnational culture, Asian American popular culture emerges as a crucial site for understanding how communities share information and how the meanings of mainstream culture shift with technologies and newly mobile sensibilities. Asian American popular culture is also at the crux of global and national trends in media studies, collapsing boundaries and acting as a lens to view the ebbs and flows of transnational influences on global and American cultures. Offering new and critical analyses of popular cultures that account for emerging textual fields, global producers, technologies of distribution, and trans-medial circulation, this ground-breaking collectionexplores the mainstream and the margins of popular culture.


Drown Author Junot Díaz
ISBN-10 1101147148
Release 1997-07-01
Pages 224
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From the beloved and award-winning author Junot Díaz, a spellbinding saga of a family’s journey through the New World. A coming-of-age story of unparalleled power, Drown introduced the world to Junot Díaz's exhilarating talents. It also introduced an unforgettable narrator— Yunior, the haunted, brilliant young man who tracks his family’s precarious journey from the barrios of Santo Domingo to the tenements of industrial New Jersey, and their epic passage from hope to loss to something like love. Here is the soulful, unsparing book that made Díaz a literary sensation.

International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities

International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities Author Michael Flood
ISBN-10 9781134317066
Release 2007-08-07
Pages 744
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The International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities offers a comprehensive guide to the current state of scholarship about men, masculinities, and gender around the world. The Encyclopedia's coverage is comprehensive across three dimensions: areas of personal and social life, academic disciplines, and cultural and historical contexts and formations. The Encyclopedia: examines every area of men's personal and social lives as shaped by gender covers masculinity politics, the men's groups and movements that have tried to change men's roles presents entries on working with particular groups of boys or men, from male patients to men in prison incorporates cross-disciplinary perspectives on and examinations of men, gender and gender relations gives comprehensive coverage of diverse cultural and historical formations of masculinity and the bodies of scholarship that have documented them. The Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities is composed of over 350 free-standing entries written from their individual perspectives by eminent scholars in their fields. Entries are organized alphabetically for general ease of access but also listed thematically at the front of the encyclopedia, for the convenience of readers with specific areas of interest.

Cultures of Masculinity

Cultures of Masculinity Author Tim Edwards
ISBN-10 9781134452446
Release 2004-08-02
Pages 192
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Presenting a survey of the social, cultural and theoretical issues which surround and inform our understanding of masculinity, this book explores the interface between traditional sociological approaches and the work covered by more post-structural, media-driven or cultural perspectives. Edwards well known for his work on representations of masculinities, uses grounded examples of the job market and domestic violence to set his theoretical discussion. He argues that there is a need for more dialogue on men and masculinities between disciplines, and considers the validity of the concerns and anxieties which surround masculinity in the contemporary world through a range of key topics, including: the new man, the new lad and ‘men’s movements’ men, masculinity and violence marginalized masculinities: black masculinity and gay male sexuality queer theory, performativity and fashion cinema, representation and the body. One of the most comprehensive and progressive studies of modern masculinity available, this book will be essential reading for students of gender, culture and sociology.

Cable Guys

Cable Guys Author Amanda D. Lotz
ISBN-10 9781479800582
Release 2014-03-31
Pages 251
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From the meth-dealing but devoted family man Walter White of AMC’s Breaking Bad, to the part-time basketball coach, part-time gigolo Ray Drecker of HBO’s Hung, depictions of male characters perplexed by societal expectations of men and anxious about changing American masculinity have become standard across the television landscape. Engaging with a wide variety of shows, including The League, Dexter, and Nip/Tuck, among many others, Amanda D. Lotz identifies the gradual incorporation of second-wave feminism into prevailing gender norms as the catalyst for the contested masculinities on display in contemporary cable dramas. Examining the emergence of “male-centered serials” such as The Shield, Rescue Me, and Sons of Anarchy and the challenges these characters face in negotiating modern masculinities, Lotz analyzes how these shows combine feminist approaches to fatherhood and marriage with more traditional constructions of masculine identity that emphasize men’s role as providers. She explores the dynamics of close male friendships both in groups, as in Entourage and Men of a Certain Age, wherein characters test the boundaries between the homosocial and homosexual in their relationships with each other, and in the dyadic intimacy depicted in Boston Legal and Scrubs. Cable Guys provides a much needed look into the under-considered subject of how constructions of masculinity continue to evolve on television.

Spectacular Passions

Spectacular Passions Author Brett Farmer
ISBN-10 0822325896
Release 2000-10-30
Pages 305
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DIVAn examination of how cinematic spectatorship is articulated, practiced, and experienced in the contexts of gay male subjectivities./div

The Cambridge Companion to Alfred Hitchcock

The Cambridge Companion to Alfred Hitchcock Author Jonathan Freedman
ISBN-10 9781107107571
Release 2015-07-08
Pages 270
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In this Companion, leading film scholars and critics of American culture and imagination trace Hitchcock's interplay with the Hollywood studio system, the Cold War, and new forms of sexuality, gender, and desire over his thirty-year American career.