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Mathematics for Economists

Mathematics for Economists Author Malcolm Pemberton
ISBN-10 9781784991487
Release 2015-02-09
Pages 775
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This book, now in its fourth edition, is a self-contained treatment of all the mathematics needed by undergraduate and masters-level students of economics: calculus, matrix algebra, probability, optimisation and dynamics. The emphasis throughout is on intuitive argument and problem-solving, and all methods are illustrated by well-chosen examples, exercises and problems selected from central areas of modern economic analysis. Clear, systematic and building up gently from a very low level, the book can be used in a variety of course formats for students with or without prior knowledge of calculus, for reference and for self-study. The last two chapters provide an introduction to the rigorous mathematical analysis used in graduate-level economics, and two chapters on probability theory, new to this edition, provide the essential mathematical background for upper-level courses on economic theory, econometrics and finance. Answers to all exercises and complete solutions to all problems are available online from a regularly updated website.

Mathematics for Economics

Mathematics for Economics Author Michael Hoy
ISBN-10 9780262294805
Release 2011-03-11
Pages 976
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This text offers a comprehensive presentation of the mathematics required to tackle problems in economic analyses. To give a better understanding of the mathematical concepts, the text follows the logic of the development of mathematics rather than that of an economics course. The only prerequisite is high school algebra, but the book goes on to cover all the mathematics needed for undergraduate economics. It is also a useful reference for graduate students. After a review of the fundamentals of sets, numbers, and functions, the book covers limits and continuity, the calculus of functions of one variable, linear algebra, multivariate calculus, and dynamics. To develop the student's problem-solving skills, the book works through a large number of examples and economic applications. This streamlined third edition offers an array of new and updated examples. Additionally, lengthier proofs and examples are provided on the book's website. The book and the web material are cross-referenced in the text. A student solutions manual is available, and instructors can access online instructor's material that includes solutions and PowerPoint slides. Visit for complete details.

Maths for Economics

Maths for Economics Author Geoff Renshaw
ISBN-10 9780198704379
Release 2016-03-03
Pages 744
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Drawing on his extensive experience teaching in the area, Geoff Renshaw has developed Maths for Economics to enable students to master and apply mathematical principles and methods both in their degrees and their careers. Through the use of a gradual learning gradient and the provision of examples and exercises to constantly reinforce learning, the author has created a resource which students can use to build their confidence - whether coming from a background of a GCSE or A Level course, or more generally for students who feel they need to go back to the very basics. Knowledge is built up in small steps rather than big jumps, and once confident that they have firmly grasped the foundations, the book helps students to make the progression beyond mechanical exercises and on to the development of a maths tool-kit for the analysis of economic and business problems - an invaluable skill for their course and future employment. The Online Resource Centre contains the following resources: For Students: Ask the author forum Excel tutorial Maple tutorial Further exercises Answers to further questions Expanded solutions to progress exercises For Lecturers (password protected): Test exercises Graphs from the book Answers to test exercises PowerPoint presentations Instructor manual

Mathematics for Economics and Finance

Mathematics for Economics and Finance Author Martin Anthony
ISBN-10 0521559138
Release 1996-07-13
Pages 394
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Mathematics has become indispensable in the modelling of economics, finance, business and management. Without expecting any particular background of the reader, this book covers the following mathematical topics, with frequent reference to applications in economics and finance: functions, graphs and equations, recurrences (difference equations), differentiation, exponentials and logarithms, optimisation, partial differentiation, optimisation in several variables, vectors and matrices, linear equations, Lagrange multipliers, integration, first-order and second-order differential equations. The stress is on the relation of maths to economics, and this is illustrated with copious examples and exercises to foster depth of understanding. Each chapter has three parts: the main text, a section of further worked examples and a summary of the chapter together with a selection of problems for the reader to attempt. For students of economics, mathematics, or both, this book provides an introduction to mathematical methods in economics and finance that will be welcomed for its clarity and breadth.

Mathematics for Economists

Mathematics for Economists Author Carl P. Simon
ISBN-10 0393957330
Release 1994
Pages 930
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Mathematics for Economists, a new text for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students in economics, is a thoroughly modern treatment of the mathematics that underlies economic theory.

Mathematics for Economics and Finance

Mathematics for Economics and Finance Author Michael Harrison
ISBN-10 9781136819223
Release 2011-03-31
Pages 384
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The aim of this book is to bring students of economics and finance who have only an introductory background in mathematics up to a quite advanced level in the subject, thus preparing them for the core mathematical demands of econometrics, economic theory, quantitative finance and mathematical economics, which they are likely to encounter in their final-year courses and beyond. The level of the book will also be useful for those embarking on the first year of their graduate studies in Business, Economics or Finance.

Mathematics for Economics

Mathematics for Economics Author Mik Wisniewski
ISBN-10 9781137015464
Release 2013-03-15
Pages 544
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This book shows how mathematics is used in developing economic theory and in applied economic analysis. The text gradually develops the mathematical skills needed by students and allows them to progress at their own pace. A wide variety of examples shows how, and why, the application of mathematics has become essential to economists.

Essential Mathematics for Economics and Business

Essential Mathematics for Economics and Business Author Teresa Bradley
ISBN-10 9781118358290
Release 2013-05-06
Pages 688
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Containing numerous worked examples and exercises, this text aims to help students improve their understanding of key concepts and to develop stronger mathematical skills.

An Introduction to Mathematics for Economics

An Introduction to Mathematics for Economics Author Akihito Asano
ISBN-10 9781139851435
Release 2012-11-08
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An Introduction to Mathematics for Economics introduces quantitative methods to students of economics and finance in a succinct and accessible style. The introductory nature of this textbook means a background in economics is not essential, as it aims to help students appreciate that learning mathematics is relevant to their overall understanding of the subject. Economic and financial applications are explained in detail before students learn how mathematics can be used, enabling students to learn how to put mathematics into practice. Starting with a revision of basic mathematical principles the second half of the book introduces calculus, emphasising economic applications throughout. Appendices on matrix algebra and difference/differential equations are included for the benefit of more advanced students. Other features, including worked examples and exercises, help to underpin the readers' knowledge and learning. Akihito Asano has drawn upon his own extensive teaching experience to create an unintimidating yet rigorous textbook.

Elements of Mathematics for Economics and Finance

Elements of Mathematics for Economics and Finance Author Vassilis C. Mavron
ISBN-10 1846285615
Release 2007-03-06
Pages 312
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This book equips undergraduates with the mathematical skills required for degree courses in economics, finance, management, and business studies. The fundamental ideas are described in the simplest mathematical terms, highlighting threads of common mathematical theory in the various topics. Coverage helps readers become confident and competent in the use of mathematical tools and techniques that can be applied to a range of problems.

Mathematics for Economics and Business

Mathematics for Economics and Business Author Jean Soper
ISBN-10 1405111275
Release 2004-05-21
Pages 432
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This text offers the ideal approach for economics and business students seeking to understand the mathematics relevant to them. Each chapter demonstrates basic mathematical techniques, while also explaining the economic analysis and business context where each is used. By following the worked examples and tackling the practice problems, students will discover how to use and apply each of these techniques. Now in its second edition, the text features expanded summaries of economic analysis, new sections on matrix algebra and linear programming, and additional demonstrations of economics applications. Demonstrates mathematical techniques while explaining their economic and business applications Engages the reader with numerous worked examples and practice problems Features new sections on matrix algebra and linear programming Includes a companion website with the book, containing the award winning MathEcon software, Excel files, Powerpoint slides, all definitions and 'remember boxes', and additional practice questions

Mathematical Economics

Mathematical Economics Author Akira Takayama
ISBN-10 0521314984
Release 1985-08-30
Pages 737
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This book provides a systematic exposition of mathematical economics, presenting and surveying existing theories and showing ways in which they can be extended. One of its strongest features is that it emphasises the unifying structure of economic theory in such a way as to provide the reader with the technical tools and methodological approaches necessary for undertaking original research. The author offers explanations and discussion at an accessible and intuitive level providing illustrative examples. He begins the work at an elementary level and progessively takes the reader to the frontier of current research. This second edition brings the reader fully up to date with recent research in the field.

Mathematics for Economists

Mathematics for Economists Author E. Roy Weintraub
ISBN-10 0521287693
Release 1982
Pages 180
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As one's understanding of functions, relationships, and variables becomes richer and more detailed, one's ability to provide explanations for economic phenomena becomes stronger and more sophisticated. Here, the author encourages the student's geometric intuition of the mathematical results.

Basic Mathematics for Economics Business and Finance

Basic Mathematics for Economics  Business and Finance Author EK Ummer
ISBN-10 9781136728358
Release 2012-03-15
Pages 496
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This book can help overcome the widely observed math-phobia and math-aversion among undergraduate students in these subjects. The book can also help them understand why they have to learn different mathematical techniques, how they can be applied, and how they will equip the students in their further studies. The book provides a thorough but lucid exposition of most of the mathematical techniques applied in the fields of economics, business and finance. The book deals with topics right from high school mathematics to relatively advanced areas of integral calculus covering in the middle the topics of linear algebra; differential calculus; classical optimization; linear and nonlinear programming; and game theory. Though the book directly caters to the needs of undergraduate students in economics, business and finance, graduate students in these subjects will also definitely find the book an invaluable tool as a supplementary reading. The website of the book – – provides supplementary materials and further readings on chapters on difference equation, differential equations, elements of Mathematica®, and graphics in Mathematica®, . It also provides materials on the applications of Mathematica®, as well as teacher and student manuals.

Mathematical Methods and Models for Economists

Mathematical Methods and Models for Economists Author Angel de la Fuente
ISBN-10 0521585295
Release 2000-01-28
Pages 835
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A textbook for a first-year PhD course in mathematics for economists and a reference for graduate students in economics.

Mathematics for Economics and Business

Mathematics for Economics and Business Author R. S. Bhardwaj
ISBN-10 8174464506
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 570
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This book is designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of students, keeping in view the varied applications of mathematical techniques in different areas of Economics, Commerce, Finance and Management, at the Undergraduate and Post Graduate levels. The subject matter has been presented in a very simple and lucid manner. A large number of questions from various University examination papers have been included to provide a range of questions on different topics of the subjects. Exercises given at the end of each topic will provide a source of practice to the students and make them more confident, assuring better performance in the Examination. Teachers in the subject may also find it absorbing and different from other books, in respect of approach, style and lucidity in explanation supported by appropriate diagrams.

Basic Mathematics for Economists

Basic Mathematics for Economists Author Mike Rosser
ISBN-10 9781317280835
Release 2016-04-28
Pages 620
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Basic Mathematics for Economists, now in its 3rd edition, is a classic of its genre and this new edition builds on the success of previous editions. Suitable for students who may only have a basic mathematics background, as well as students who may have followed more advanced mathematics courses but who still want a clear explanation of fundamental concepts, this book covers all the basic tenets required for an understanding of mathematics and how it is applied in economics, finance and business. Starting with revisions of the essentials of arithmetic and algebra, students are then taken through to more advanced topics in calculus, comparative statics, dynamic analysis, and matrix algebra, with all topics explained in the context of relevant applications, New features in this third edition reflect the increased emphasis on finance in many economics and related degree courses, with fuller analysis of topics such as: savings and pension schemes, including draw down pensions asset valuation techniques for bond and share prices the application of integration to concepts in economics and finance input-output analysis, using spreadsheets to do matrix algebra calculations In developing new topics the book never loses sight of their applied context and examples are always used to help explain analysis. This book is the most logical, user-friendly book on the market and is usable for mathematics of economics, finance and business courses in all countries.