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McLaughlin and Kaluzny s Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care

McLaughlin and Kaluzny s Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care Author William A. Sollecito
ISBN-10 9781449671075
Release 2011-09-29
Pages 624
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. Through a unique interdisciplinary perspective on quality management in health care, this text covers the subjects of operations management, organizational behavior, and health services research. With a particular focus on Total Quality Management and Continuous Quality Improvement, the challenges of implementation and institutionalization are addressed using examples from a variety of health care organizations, including primary care clinics, hospital laboratories, public health departments, and academic health centers. Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition

Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care Theory Implementations and Applications

Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care  Theory  Implementations  and Applications Author Curtis P. McLaughlin
ISBN-10 9780763727123
Release 2006
Pages 678
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The third edition of Continuous Quality Improvement In Health Care includes new, updated topics such as NIM, Crossing the Chasm report, motivating the focus on reducing medical errors and the introduction of CPOE under pressure from the Leapfrog Group. It also includes material on the Baldridge Award criteria and JCAHO as well as new cases. This essential book focuses on improving performance and patient safety in a variety of environments, including hospitals, public health departments and pharmaceutical companies.

Implementing Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care

Implementing Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care Author Curtis P. McLaughlin
ISBN-10 9780763795368
Release 2011-04-21
Pages 392
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This collection of 18 case studies covers a broad range of subjects related to health care quality improvement efforts. Ideal as complement to the new Fourth Edition of Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care, these case studies explore themes such as CQI in Ghana Malaria Control, CQI to reduce central line infections in pediatric hospital, a mother’s advocacy group against medical errors, WHO Safe Surgery Saves Lives Campaign, The Malcolm Baldrige Award Process in Health Care, Comparison of NICE and similar agencies for comparative effectiveness research, and much more.

Advanced Performance Improvement in Health Care Principles and Methods

Advanced Performance Improvement in Health Care  Principles and Methods Author Donald Lighter
ISBN-10 9781449655853
Release 2010-10-25
Pages 446
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This book explores the many recent advances in the application of quality improvement approaches in the healthcare industry. It includes a discussion of the underlying forces for change in healthcare organizations, issues relating to statistical analysis and management of healthcare information, as well as comprehensive sections on lean and six sigma applications in health care. This text is excellent as a stand alone text or as a supplement to the first text by Lighter and Fair, Quality Management in Health Care, which offers an introduction to the basics of quality improvement for healthcare professionals.

Basics of Health Care Performance Improvement

Basics of Health Care Performance Improvement Author Donald E. Lighter
ISBN-10 9781449679835
Release 2011-12-21
Pages 342
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Basics of Health Care Performance Improvement: A Lean Six Sigma Approach prepares future healthcare administrators to meet the challenges of a changing marketplace through the proven Lean Six Sigma method of quality improvement straightforward principles and procedures that enhance how healthcare organizations operate. With an eye toward meeting consumers increasing demand for value in health care, this new volume provides in-depth information on planning and implementing a Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) initiative to reduce errors and improve performance in healthcare settings, and serves as an essential reference on the basics of Lean Six Sigma and its application in augmenting the quality of care. Key Features: Lean Six Sigma case studies drawn from the industry; A thorough exploration of DMAIC approach to quality improvement; Discussion questions in every chapter Instructor Resources: Instructor's Manual, PowerPoint Presentations, and a TestBank"

Healthcare Human Resource Management

Healthcare Human Resource Management Author Walter J. Flynn
ISBN-10 9781305464964
Release 2015-01-28
Pages 448
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Healthcare management is changing. Do you know which direction it's headed? HEALTHCARE HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, 3E is written to be relevant to you, whether you're a student or currently working in healthcare. This text is current, topical, and informative. No matter your status, this is the human resources and healthcare textbook you need to stay ahead of the curve. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Strategic Planning for Nurses Change Management in Health Care

Strategic Planning for Nurses  Change Management in Health Care Author Michele Sare
ISBN-10 9781449659691
Release 2010-10-15
Pages 238
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This text builds insight and breaks boundaries that have historically hampered nursing's professional progression and power as a stakeholder in an ever-changing global business-based healthcare arena. The Essential Guide to Strategic Planning for Nurses offers specific skill and knowledge-based instruction on business concepts, trends and issues that face the demographically and culturally diverse nursing workforce of the 21st century.

Health Economics and Financing 5th Edition

Health Economics and Financing  5th Edition Author Thomas E. Getzen
ISBN-10 9781118476079
Release 2012-11-08
Pages 512
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Getzen's 5th edition of Health Economics and Financing is a primer for the economic analysis of medical markets that engages the central economic issues of the health economics and financing field. It provides principles and concepts of health economics rather and limited research methods, use of attribution, footnotes and references. Furthermore, this edition offers a strengthened macro section along with additional material on the ACA (Health Reform) as it is such a relevant topic today.

Lean Done Right

Lean Done Right Author Thomas G. Zindel
ISBN-10 1567934226
Release 2012
Pages 175
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Your healthcare organization cannot afford to waste time, money, or resources on an improper Lean implementation. You want to create a culture of continuous improvement, not a regime of fire-fighting tools that address problem areas but have short-lived results. Lean Done Right: Achieve and Maintain Reform in Your Healthcare Organization provides a roadmap for launching a transformative and sustainable Lean initiative that isn't consultant-driven. The Lean implementation model focuses on strategically directed action, developing a lean organizational culture, and enhancing the care delivery system. Chapters include: Death by Kaizen Event A Lean Implementation Model Strategically Directed Action The Culture-Creating Path Implement the Value Stream Work Plan The System-Creating Path

Guided Reflection

Guided Reflection Author Christopher Johns
ISBN-10 9781444347975
Release 2011-06-13
Pages 320
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" important text for practitioners...this text is a valuable tool that develops self-inquiry skills." Journal of Advanced Nursing Reflection is widely recognised as an invaluable tool in health care, providing fresh insights which enable practitioners to develop their own practice and improve the quality of their care. Guided Reflection: A Narrative Approach to Advancing Professional Practice introduces the practitioner to the concept of guided reflection, in which the practitioner is assisted by a mentor (or 'guide') in a process of self-enquiry, development, and learning through reflection in order to effectively realise one’s vision of practice and self as a lived reality. Guided reflection is grounded in individual practice, and can provide deeply meaningful insights into self-development and professional care. The process results in a reflexive narrative, which highlights key issues for enhancing healthcare practice and professional care. Reflection: A Narrative Approach to Advancing Professional Practice uses a collection of such narratives from everyday clinical practice to demonstrate the theory and practicalities of guided reflection and narrative construction. In this second edition, Chris Johns has explored many of the existing narratives in more depth. Many new contributions have been added including several more innovative reflections, such as performance and art.These narratives portray the values inherent in caring, highlight key issues in clinical practice, reveal the factors that constrain the quest to realise practice, and examine the ways practitioners work towards overcoming these constraints.

Case Studies in Patient Safety

Case Studies in Patient Safety Author Julie K. Johnson
ISBN-10 9781449681548
Release 2015-02-06
Pages 342
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This unique compendium of case studies on patient safety – told from the perspective of the patient and family – illustrates 24 stories of preventable health care errors that led to irreparable patient harm. The reader is guided through a structured analysis of the events, eliciting lessons learned and strategies for preventing similar events in the future. Learning objectives for each case facilitate the reader’s development of a set of core competencies related to improving safety and quality of health care. Students of the health professions including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, health administration, public health, as well as practicing professionals such as patient safety officers, chief quality officers, risk managers, and health service researchers will gain valuable insight into the real-world of medical errors and a better understanding of how they can be prevented through practical, actionable methods.

Quality Improvement in Healthcare

Quality Improvement in Healthcare Author Karen Parsley
ISBN-10 0748733558
Release 1999
Pages 399
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A practical multidisciplinary approach to the improvement of the quality of clinical practice. It attempts to assist individuals or groups of clinicians to work togther to improve their local practice, by discussing how they can measure and appraise the quality and effectiveness of the care they deliver. The book also considers the broader context of quality improvement, describing organisational approaches and national initiatives. These discussions include the use of a range of audit tools and the role of care pathways in practice.

Health Policy Analysis An Interdisciplinary Approach

Health Policy Analysis  An Interdisciplinary Approach Author Curtis P. McLaughlin
ISBN-10 9781449666392
Release 2009-10-05
Pages 438
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This innovative book analyzes current U.S. health policy and proposes various alternatives for developing future health policy. Unlike other texts on the subject, it does not attempt to push a single solution set. Rather, it takes the perspectives of a variety of disciplines including economics, political science, management, communications, and public health. The authors also draw on the experiences of health policies in other countries including Canada and Europe. Organized into three sections, Health Policy addresses the context of U.S. health policy, the policy analysis process, and professional response. The first section explores the current issues with the system and its history and then reviews the alternatives for future policy that have strong support. The second section identifies the issues and reviews the political processes that influence planning in various healthcare settings. It presents the accepted methods of economic and financial analysis and addresses the ethical and other value considerations that must enter into the health policy process. The final section deals with the roles, skills, and leadership that health professionals can bring to the policy making process in their local and national communities.

Public Health 101

Public Health 101 Author Richard K. Riegelman
ISBN-10 9781284040852
Release 2014-02-28
Pages 275
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From clean drinking water, to seat belts, to immunizations, the impact of public health on every individual is undeniable. For undergraduates, an understanding of the foundations of public health is an essential step toward becoming an educated citizen. Public Health 101: Healthy People Healthy Populations provides a big-picture, population perspective on the determinants of health and disease and the tools available to protect and promote health. It examines the full range of options for intervention including use of the healthcare system, the public health system, and society-wide systems such as laws and taxation. Through case studies, vignettes, and extensive examples, readers will come away with a clear understanding of how public health affects them in their everyday lives. They will learn and apply frameworks for thinking about the issues of public health and gain a deeper understanding about the health news they are exposed to each day. Key Features: Public Health 101 fully implements the curriculum framework, learning objectives, and enduring understandings of undergraduate public health education as recommended by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U)* and the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research (APTR). Frameworks for thinking, checklists, and step-by-step examples provide students with hands-on practice. Case studies, vignettes, and extensive illustrations reinforce the materials and provide interactive exercises for classroom discussions, homework, and examinations. A full package of instructor resources is available online at http: // * To learn more about the AAC&U initiative, The Educated Citizen and Public Health, or to download the curriculum guide, log on to: Looking for more real-life evidence? Check out Essential Case Studies in Public Health, Putting Public Health into Practice."

Understanding Research Methods

Understanding Research Methods Author Mildred L Patten
ISBN-10 9781351817387
Release 2017-06-26
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A perennial bestseller since 1997, this updated tenth edition of Understanding Research Methods provides a detailed overview of all the important concepts traditionally covered in a research methods class. It covers the principles of both qualitative and quantitative research, and how to interpret statistics without computations, so is suitable for all students regardless of their math background. The book is organized so that each concept is treated independently and can be used in any order without resulting in gaps in knowledge--allowing it to be easily and precisely adapted to any course. It uses lively examples on contemporary topics to stimulate students' interest, and engages them by showing the relevance of research methods to their everyday lives. Numerous case studies and end-of-section exercises help students master the material and encourage classroom discussion. The text is divided into short, independent topic sections, making it easy for you to adapt the material to your own teaching needs and customize assignments to the aspect of qualitative or quantitative methods under study--helping to improve students' comprehension and retention of difficult concepts. Additional online PowerPoint slides and test bank questions make this a complete resource for introducing students to research methods. ? New to this edition: New topic section on design decisions in research Additional material on production of knowledge and research methods Significant development of material on ethical considerations in research Fresh and contemporary examples from a wide variety of real, published research Topic-specific exercises at the end of each section now include suggestions for further steps researchers can take as they build their research project.

Essentials of Health Information Systems and Technology

Essentials of Health Information Systems and Technology Author Jean A Balgrosky
ISBN-10 9781284150766
Release 2014-08-11
Pages 300
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As health care and public health continue to evolve, the field of Health Information Systems (HIS) has revealed an overwhelming universe of new, emerging, competing, and conflicting technologies and services. Even seasoned HIS professionals, as well as those new to the field, are often confounded by these myriad systems. Essentials of Health Information Systems and Technology unravels the mysteries of HIS by breaking these technologies down to their component parts, while articulating intricate concepts clearly and carefully in simple, reader-friendly language. The book provides a thorough yet unintimidating introduction to this complex and fascinating field. This book will provide undergraduate and early graduate students with a solid understanding not only of what is needed for a successful healthcare career in HIS, but also of the vast frontier that lies before us as we develop new tools to support improved methods of care, analytics, policy, research, and public health. Contents Include: • HIS overview • Systems and management • Biomedical informatics • Data and analytics • Research, policy, and public health • Future directions of HIS

Statistical Process Control for Health Care

Statistical Process Control for Health Care Author Marilyn K. Hart
ISBN-10 053437865X
Release 2002
Pages 343
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This book teaches and illustrates the use of SPC (Statistical Process Control) techniques for healthcare professionals. SPC techniques allow these professionals to properly extract information from healthcare data, make intelligent decisions based on statistical data, and know if the data has been presented in an appropriate manner. Using a case study approach, the authors present the theory, computations (hand and computer), and application (case study) for each concept. In recent years, SPC has been proven effective in improving the quality of health care, just as it has in other service industries and in manufacturing.