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Measurement Uncertainty and Probability

Measurement Uncertainty and Probability Author Robin Willink
ISBN-10 9781107021938
Release 2013-02-14
Pages 276
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Useful for researchers and graduate students, this book examines the practical meaning of probability.

Uncertainty Calibration and Probability

Uncertainty  Calibration and Probability Author C.F Dietrich
ISBN-10 9781351406277
Release 2017-07-12
Pages 554
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All measurements are subject to error because no quantity can be known exactly; hence, any measurement has a probability of lying within a certain range. The more precise the measurement, the smaller the range of uncertainty. Uncertainty, Calibration and Probability is a comprehensive treatment of the statistics and methods of estimating these calibration uncertainties. The book features the general theory of uncertainty involving the combination (convolution) of non-Gaussian, student t, and Gaussian distributions; the use of rectangular distributions to represent systematic uncertainties; and measurable and nonmeasurable uncertainties that require estimation. The author also discusses sources of measurement errors and curve fitting with numerous examples of uncertainty case studies. Many useful tables and computational formulae are included as well. All formulations are discussed and demonstrated with the minimum of mathematical knowledge assumed. This second edition offers additional examples in each chapter, and detailed additions and alterations made to the text. New chapters consist of the general theory of uncertainty and applications to industry and a new section discusses the use of orthogonal polynomials in curve fitting. Focusing on practical problems of measurement, Uncertainty, Calibration and Probability is an invaluable reference tool for R&D laboratories in the engineering/manufacturing industries and for undergraduate and graduate students in physics, engineering, and metrology.

Measurement Uncertainty

Measurement Uncertainty Author Simona Salicone
ISBN-10 9780387463285
Release 2007-06-04
Pages 228
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The expression of uncertainty in measurement poses a challenge since it involves physical, mathematical, and philosophical issues. This problem is intensified by the limitations of the probabilistic approach used by the current standard (the GUM Instrumentation Standard). This text presents an alternative approach. It makes full use of the mathematical theory of evidence to express the uncertainty in measurements. Coverage provides an overview of the current standard, then pinpoints and constructively resolves its limitations. Numerous examples throughout help explain the book’s unique approach.

Evaluating the Measurement Uncertainty

Evaluating the Measurement Uncertainty Author I Lira
ISBN-10 1420034367
Release 2002-04-09
Pages 251
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It is now widely recognized that measurement data should be properly analyzed to include an assessment of their associated uncertainty. Since this parameter allows for a meaningful comparison of the measurement results and for an evaluation of their reliability, its expression is important not only in the specialized field of scientific metrology, but also in industry, trade, and commerce. General rules for evaluating and expressing the uncertainty are given in the internationally accepted ISO Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement, generally known as the GUM. Evaluating the Measurement Uncertainty details the theoretical framework on which the GUM is based and provides additional material on more advanced topics such as least-squares adjustment and Bayesian statistics. The book does not require previous knowledge other than elementary calculus and can be read as a complement to the GUM or as a stand-alone reference source. It stresses fundamental principles and illustrates their applications through numerous examples taken from many different fields of metrology. The book includes practical guidance as well as theoretical aspects, resulting in an invaluable resource for metrologists, engineers, physicists, and graduate students involved with measurements in academia and industry.

Measurement Uncertainty

Measurement Uncertainty Author Ronald H. Dieck
ISBN-10 1556179154
Release 2006
Pages 277
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Literally an entire course between two covers,Measurement Uncertainty: Methods and Applications, Fourth Edition, presents engineering students with a comprehensive tutorial of measurement uncertainty methods in a logically categorized and readily utilized format. The new uncertainty technologies embodied in both U.S. and international standards have been incorporated into this text with a view toward understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both. The book is designed to also serve as a practical desk reference in situations that commonly confront an experimenter. The text presents the basics of the measurement uncertainty model, non-symmetrical systematic standard uncertainties, random standard uncertainties, the use of correlation, curve-fitting problems, and probability plotting, combining results from different test methods, calibration errors, and uncertainty propagation for both independent and dependent error sources. The author draws on years of experience in industry to direct special attention to the problem of developing confidence in uncertainty analysis results and using measurement uncertainty to select instrumentation systems.

Probability and Measurement Uncertainty in Physics

Probability and Measurement Uncertainty in Physics Author Giulio D'Agostini
ISBN-10 OCLC:75701788
Release 1995
Pages 100
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Probability and Measurement Uncertainty in Physics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Probability and Measurement Uncertainty in Physics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Probability and Measurement Uncertainty in Physics book for free.

The History of Statistics

The History of Statistics Author Stephen M. Stigler
ISBN-10 067440341X
Release 1986
Pages 410
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Stigler shows how statistics arose from the interplay of mathematical concepts and the needs of several applied sciences. His emphasis is upon how methods of probability theory were developed for measuring uncertainty, for reducing uncertainty, and as a conceptual framework for quantitative studies in the social sciences.

Measurement and Probability

Measurement and Probability Author Giovanni Battista Rossi
ISBN-10 9789401788250
Release 2014-05-19
Pages 286
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Measurement plays a fundamental role both in physical and behavioral sciences, as well as in engineering and technology: it is the link between abstract models and empirical reality and is a privileged method of gathering information from the real world. Is it possible to develop a single theory of measurement for the various domains of science and technology in which measurement is involved? This book takes the challenge by addressing the following main issues: What is the meaning of measurement? How do we measure? What can be measured? A theoretical framework that could truly be shared by scientists in different fields, ranging from physics and engineering to psychology is developed. The future in fact will require greater collaboration between science and technology and between different sciences. Measurement, which played a key role in the birth of modern science, can act as an essential interdisciplinary tool and language for this new scenario. A sound theoretical basis for addressing key problems in measurement is provided. These include perceptual measurement, the evaluation of uncertainty, the evaluation of inter-comparisons, the analysis of risks in decision-making and the characterization of dynamical measurement. Currently, increasing attention is paid to these issues due to their scientific, technical, economic and social impact. The book proposes a unified probabilistic approach to them which may allow more rational and effective solutions to be reached. Great care was taken to make the text as accessible as possible in several ways. Firstly, by giving preference to as interdisciplinary a terminology as possible; secondly, by carefully defining and discussing all key terms. This ensures that a wide readership, including people from different mathematical backgrounds and different understandings of measurement can all benefit from this work. Concerning mathematics, all the main results are preceded by intuitive discussions and illustrated by simple examples. Moreover, precise proofs are always included in order to enable the more demanding readers to make conscious and creative use of these ideas, and also to develop new ones. The book demonstrates that measurement, which is commonly understood to be a merely experimental matter, poses theoretical questions which are no less challenging than those arising in other, apparently more theoretical, disciplines.

Measurements and Their Uncertainties

Measurements and Their Uncertainties Author Ifan Hughes
ISBN-10 9780199566327
Release 2010-07-01
Pages 136
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This short book is primarily intended to be used in undergraduate laboratories in the physical sciences. No prior knowledge of statistics is assumed, with the necessary concepts introduced where needed, and illustrated graphically. In contrast to traditional treatments a combination of spreadsheet and calculus-based approaches is used. Error analysis is introduced at a level accessible to school leavers, and carried through to research level. The emphasisthroughout is on practical strategies to be adopted in the laboratory. Error calculation and propagation is presented though a series of rules-of-thumb, look-up tables and approaches amenable to computeranalysis.

Measuring Uncertainty within the Theory of Evidence

Measuring Uncertainty within the Theory of Evidence Author Simona Salicone
ISBN-10 9783319741390
Release 2018-04-23
Pages 330
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This monograph considers the evaluation and expression of measurement uncertainty within the mathematical framework of the Theory of Evidence. With a new perspective on the metrology science, the text paves the way for innovative applications in a wide range of areas. Building on Simona Salicone’s Measurement Uncertainty: An Approach via the Mathematical Theory of Evidence, the material covers further developments of the Random Fuzzy Variable (RFV) approach to uncertainty and provides a more robust mathematical and metrological background to the combination of measurement results that leads to a more effective RFV combination method. While the first part of the book introduces measurement uncertainty, the Theory of Evidence, and fuzzy sets, the following parts bring together these concepts and derive an effective methodology for the evaluation and expression of measurement uncertainty. A supplementary downloadable program allows the readers to interact with the proposed approach by generating and combining RFVs through custom measurement functions. With numerous examples of applications, this book provides a comprehensive treatment of the RFV approach to uncertainty that is suitable for any graduate student or researcher with interests in the measurement field.

Understanding Uncertainty

Understanding Uncertainty Author Dennis V. Lindley
ISBN-10 9781118650127
Release 2013-12-16
Pages 424
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Praise for the First Edition "...a reference for everyone who is interested in knowing and handling uncertainty." —Journal of Applied Statistics The critically acclaimed First Edition of Understanding Uncertainty provided a study of uncertainty addressed to scholars in all fields, showing that uncertainty could be measured by probability, and that probability obeyed three basic rules that enabled uncertainty to be handled sensibly in everyday life. These ideas were extended to embrace the scientific method and to show how decisions, containing an uncertain element, could be rationally made. Featuring new material, the Revised Edition remains the go-to guide for uncertainty and decision making, providing further applications at an accessible level including: A critical study of transitivity, a basic concept in probability A discussion of how the failure of the financial sector to use the proper approach to uncertainty may have contributed to the recent recession A consideration of betting, showing that a bookmaker's odds are not expressions of probability Applications of the book’s thesis to statistics A demonstration that some techniques currently popular in statistics, like significance tests, may be unsound, even seriously misleading, because they violate the rules of probability Understanding Uncertainty, Revised Edition is ideal for students studying probability or statistics and for anyone interested in one of the most fascinating and vibrant fields of study in contemporary science and mathematics.

An Introduction to Uncertainty in Measurement

An Introduction to Uncertainty in Measurement Author L. Kirkup
ISBN-10 9781139454902
Release 2006-06-01
Pages 233
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Measurement shapes scientific theories, characterises improvements in manufacturing processes and promotes efficient commerce. In concert with measurement is uncertainty, and students in science and engineering need to identify and quantify uncertainties in the measurements they make. This book introduces measurement and uncertainty to second and third year students of science and engineering. Its approach relies on the internationally recognised and recommended guidelines for calculating and expressing uncertainty (known by the acronym GUM). The statistics underpinning the methods are considered and worked examples and exercises are spread throughout the text. Detailed case studies based on typical undergraduate experiments are included to reinforce the principles described in the book. This guide is also useful to professionals in industry who are expected to know the contemporary methods in this increasingly important area. Additional online resources are available to support the book at

Measuring uncertainty

Measuring uncertainty Author Samuel A. Schmitt
ISBN-10 UOM:39015068339665
Release 1969
Pages 400
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Measuring uncertainty has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Measuring uncertainty also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Measuring uncertainty book for free.

How to Measure Anything

How to Measure Anything Author Douglas W. Hubbard
ISBN-10 9781118539279
Release 2014-03-17
Pages 432
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Presents advice on making profitable business decisions, describing how to use statistical methods to measure certain aspects of a business that are difficult to quantify, including such things as customer satisfaction, organizational flexibility, and technology risk.

Integration Measure and Probability

Integration  Measure and Probability Author H. R. Pitt
ISBN-10 9780486488158
Release 2012-03
Pages 110
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Introductory treatment develops the theory of integration in a general context, making it applicable to other branches of analysis. More specialized topics include convergence theorems and random sequences and functions. 1963 edition.

A Modeling Language for Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation

A Modeling Language for Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation Author Marco Wolf
ISBN-10 9781445215129
Release 2009
Pages 230
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A Modeling Language for Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Modeling Language for Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Modeling Language for Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation book for free.

Probability and Statistics

Probability and Statistics Author John Tabak
ISBN-10 9780816068739
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 241
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Presents a survey of the history and evolution of the branch of mathematics that focuses on probability and statistics, including useful applications and notable mathematicians in this area.