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Media Firms

Media Firms Author Robert G. Picard
ISBN-10 9781135636807
Release 2014-04-04
Pages 272
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Media Firms presents studies applying the company level approach to media and communication firms. It explores differences among missions, strategies, organizational choices, and other business decisions. Reviewing economic factors and pressures on media and communications companies, this book seeks to improve understanding of how these elements affect market and company structures, operations, and performance of firms. The chapters, written by leading scholars worldwide, were selected from papers on the theme of media firms presented at the 5th World Media Economics Conference hosted by the Turku School of Economics and Business Administration and The Journal of Media Economics. The collected studies provide: *an overview of economic and related managerial issues affecting the structures of markets in which firms compete; *the operations of media and communications firms; and *their financial performance. As a result, it expands the discussion of economic issues traditionally associated with the field due to narrowed focus of initial books in media economics. It is hoped that this book will induce additional avenues of inquiry regarding such issues.

Handbook of Media Management and Economics

Handbook of Media Management and Economics Author Alan B. Albarran
ISBN-10 9781135611682
Release 2006-04-21
Pages 750
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This comprehensive Handbook provides a synthesis of current work and research in media management and economics. The volume has been developed around two primary objectives: assessing the state of knowledge for the key topics in the media management and economics fields; and establishing the research agenda in these areas, ultimately pushing the field in new directions. The Handbook's chapters are organized into parts addressing the theoretical components, key issues, analytical tools, and future directions for research. Each chapter offers the current state of theory and scholarship of a specific area of study, and the volume contributors--all well established in their areas of specialty--represent domestic and international scholarship. With its unparalleled breadth of content from expert authors, the Handbook provides background knowledge of the various theoretical dimensions and historical paradigms, and establishes the direction for the next phases of research in this growing arena of study. The Handbook of Media Management and Economics will serve to stimulate future thought and research in the media management and economics disciplines. As such, this volume will be a required reference for students, professors, and industry practitioners for years to come.

Competitive Strategy for Media Firms

Competitive Strategy for Media Firms Author Sylvia M. Chan-Olmsted
ISBN-10 9781135617141
Release 2006-08-15
Pages 384
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Competitive Strategy for Media Firms introduces the concepts and analytical frameworks of strategic and brand management, and illustrates how they can be adapted according to the characteristics of distinct media products. Working from the premise that all media firms must strategize in response to the continuing evolution of new media, author Sylvia M. Chan-Olmsted offers applications of common business approaches to the products and components of the electronic media industry, and provides empirical examinations of broadcast, multichannel media, enhanced television, broadband communications, and global media conglomerate markets. This insightful and timely volume provides a thorough review of current concepts and industry practices, and serves as an essential primer for the application of business models in media contexts. As a realistic and integrated approach to media industry studies, this volume has much to offer researchers, scholars, and graduate students in media economics and management, and will be an important reference for industry practitioners.

21st Century Communication A Reference Handbook

21st Century Communication  A Reference Handbook Author William F. Eadie
ISBN-10 9781506320694
Release 2009-05-12
Pages 992
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Via 100 chapters, this 2-volume set (available in both print and electronic formats) highlights the most important topics, issues, questions, and debates any student obtaining a degree in the field of communication ought to have mastered for effectiveness in the 21st Century. The purpose is to provide undergraduate majors with an authoritative reference source that will serve their research needs going forward in this exciting field with more detailed information than encyclopedia entries but not as much jargon, detail or density as a journal article or a research handbook chapter.

Arab Television Today

Arab Television Today Author Naomi Sakr
ISBN-10 9780857737489
Release 2007-10-24
Pages 272
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There is a great deal at stake for everyone in the future of Arab television. Political and social upheavals in this central but unsettled region are increasingly played out on television screens and in the tussles over programming that take place behind them. Al-Jazeera is of course only one player among a still-growing throng of satellite channels, which now include private terrestrial stations in some Arab states. It is an industry urgently needing to be made sense of; this book does exactly this in a very readable and authoritative way, through exploring and explaining the evolving structures and content choices in both entertainment and news of contemporary Arab television. It shows how owners, investors, journalists, presenters, production companies, advertisers, regulators and media freedom advocates influence each other in a geolinguistic marketplace that encompasses the Arab region itself and communities abroad. Probing internal and external interventions in the Arab television landscape, the book offers a timely and compelling sequel to Naomi Sakr's 'Satellite Realms: Transnational Television, Globalization and the Middle East', which won the Middle Eastern Studies Book Prize in 2003.

Media Product Portfolios

Media Product Portfolios Author Robert G. Picard
ISBN-10 9781135250348
Release 2014-04-08
Pages 272
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Media product portfolios are rapidly becoming the predominant shared characteristic of media companies worldwide. The phenomenon involves firms from all kinds of media--newspapers, magazines, television, radio, cinema--and is found in enterprises ranging from small, local firms to large, globalized companies. This volume is the result of a coordinated effort of scholars in the United States and Europe to explore the characteristics, processes, challenges, and implications of media product portfolios. This book breaks new ground by introducing the concepts of product portfolio management and applying them to media companies in a comprehensive manner. It draws from knowledge and methods of analyzing product portfolio management in other industries, applies that knowledge to media industries, and analyzes current practices in media firms. The process and issues of portfolio strategy, development, and management are complex and wide ranging. The book explores the development of media product portfolios from an interdisciplinary perspective, providing insight from business, economic, organizational, and communication approaches. The book explores why and how firms develop portfolios, how company strategy and organizational development relate to portfolios, the role of leaders in developing portfolio activities, economic and economic geography issues in portfolios, production issues, challenges in managing multiple products and operations, issues of marketing and branding issues in portfolios, personnel implications, and the unique challenges in the internationalization of media portfolio operations.

The Oxford Handbook of Public Accountability

The Oxford Handbook of Public Accountability Author Mark Bovens
ISBN-10 9780191002571
Release 2014-05-15
Pages 800
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Over the past two decades public accountability has become not only an icon in political, managerial, and administrative discourse but also the object of much scholarly analysis across a broad range of social and administrative sciences. This handbook provides a state of the art overview of recent scholarship on public accountability. It collects, consolidates, and integrates an upsurge of inquiry currently scattered across many disciplines and subdisciplines. It provides a one-stop-shop on the subject, not only for academics who study accountability, but also for practitioners who are designing, adjusting, or struggling with mechanisms for accountable governance. Drawing on the best scholars in the field from around the world, The Oxford Handbook of Public Accountability showcases conceptual and normative as well as the empirical approaches in public accountability studies. In addition to giving an overview of scholarly research in a variety of disciplines, it takes stock of a wide range of accountability mechanisms and practices across the public, private and non-profit sectors, making this volume a must-have for both practitioners and scholars, both established and new to the field.

21st Century Economics A Reference Handbook

21st Century Economics  A Reference Handbook Author Rhona C. Free
ISBN-10 9781412961424
Release 2010-05-14
Pages 1000
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Interest in economics is at an all-time high. Among the challenges facing the nation is an economy with rapidly rising unemployment, failures of major businesses and industries, and continued dependence on oil with its wildly fluctuating price. Americans are debating the proper role of the government in company bailouts, the effectiveness of tax cuts versus increased government spending to stimulate the economy, and potential effects of deflation. Economists have dealt with such questions for generations, but they have taken on new meaning and significance. Tackling these questions and encompassing analysis of traditional economic theory and topics as well as those that economists have only more recently addressed, 21st Century Economics: A Reference Handbook is intended to meet the needs of several types of readers. Undergraduate students preparing for exams will find summaries of theory and models in key areas of micro and macroeconomics. Readers interested in learning about economic analysis of an issue as well students embarking on research projects will find introductions to relevant theory and empirical evidence. And economists seeking to learn about extensions of analysis into new areas or about new approaches will benefit from chapters that introduce cutting-edge topics. To make the book accessible to undergraduate students, models have been presented only in graphical format (minimal calculus) and empirical evidence has been summarized in ways that do not require much background in statistics or econometrics. It is thereby hoped that chapters will provide both crucial information and inspiration in a non-threatening, highly readable format.

Strategic Responses to Media Market Changes

Strategic Responses to Media Market Changes Author Robert G. Picard
ISBN-10 9189164466
Release 2004
Pages 180
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Strategic Responses to Media Market Changes has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Strategic Responses to Media Market Changes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Strategic Responses to Media Market Changes book for free.

Ensuring artists fair compensation

Ensuring artists fair compensation Author United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property
ISBN-10 PSU:000063504880
Release 2007-01
Pages 123
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Ensuring artists fair compensation has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ensuring artists fair compensation also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ensuring artists fair compensation book for free.

Determinants of Cable System Product Diversification

Determinants of Cable System Product Diversification Author Fang Liu
ISBN-10 MSU:31293028453102
Release 2006
Pages 232
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Determinants of Cable System Product Diversification has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Determinants of Cable System Product Diversification also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Determinants of Cable System Product Diversification book for free.

Digital Terrestrial Television in Europe

Digital Terrestrial Television in Europe Author Allan Brown
ISBN-10 9781135618544
Release 2004-09-22
Pages 368
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Digital technology for the production, transmission, and reception of television is expected to replace analogue transmission throughout the world. The timetable for this transition is uncertain and different projections have been made for virtually every country in the world. This book gives the exhaustive details of the issues of this changeover in Europe and elsewhere. The details are placed within the context of the massive changes, which the television industry has been subjected to over the past 25 years. The rollout of digital terrestrial television (DTTV) in Europe is a significant issue for every country included in this survey. It is of such importance because DTTV is the centerpiece of many governments' policies toward making Europe the world leader in new information and communication technologies. These same governments are all wrestling with the issues of how to use the technology in ways that create both commercial and non-commercial value. European perspectives on the social, cultural, and political nature of broadcasting vary significantly from those in other parts of the world and require that the introduction of DTTV should be handled differently to its introduction elsewhere. There are enormous technical, political, and economic aspects to be considered and these vary from country to country in Europe. The two editors bring a perspective to this study as media economists who come to the European scene from other parts of the world. The book covers DTTV in depth, and it also includes discussions of cable, satellite, broadband, and Internet technology for comparison.

Optimizing Firm Performance

Optimizing Firm Performance Author Christian Faden
ISBN-10 9783658027469
Release 2013-07-31
Pages 176
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​Academic research has identified several operational drivers in manufacturing companies that have an effect on either the physical production of goods or its distribution: working capital requirements, manufacturing performance, supply chain performance and supply chain risk. Despite the fact that these four operational drivers have been operationalized in empirical studies and theoretical discourses, no-one has yet conducted a holistic study of how they interrelate and what specific contribution they make to overall firm performance. The key question addressed by this study is therefore how companies should align these operational drivers of excellence to achieve superior firm performance. The results are based on a universe of 274 top-class manufacturing companies based in Germany, Switzerland or Austria and more than 15 interviews with top executives. By consequence, a trade-off exists: Strong firm performance requires a significant level of supply chain risk at the expense of working capital performance. Companies that accept a reasonable level of supply chain risk while maintaining high manufacturing and supply chain performance outperform the lowest-performing reference group by 14% in terms of sales, sales growth, profitability and market share ("firm performance").

Media economics

Media economics Author Robert G. Picard
ISBN-10 0803935013
Release 1989
Pages 136
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How is it possible for USA Today to succeed while hundreds of daily newspapers fail nationwide? With the advent of cable television, why has the audience share of major networks suffered while local independent stations remain largely unaffected? And, why does the videocassette market bear more resemblance to the book market than the television programming market? From competition and the demands of labor to market responses and economic performance, Media Economics examines those forces which directly--and indirectly--influence what we see in today's media. This concise volume explores such factors as government intervention in the market, the concept and role of the market, the impact of monopolies, consumer and producer choices, and media performance. In addition, this volume is richly illustrated with contemporary examples, situations, and case studies. Well-written and practical, this volume is ideally suited for all students and researchers who want a lively synthesis of available work on media economics. "Media Economics is an excellent introduction and guide to the concepts and major research literature in the field of media studies." --Media and Values "Picard's primer nicely fits the purpose of Sage's CommText series: to recite 'the substance' of mass communication scholarship concisely and inexpensively. . . . [This] little book tells us where we are and touches on where we might go next. It provides a useful service at a thrifty price. --Journal of Communication "A concise work." --Circular: The Bulletin of CIRCLE (Cultural Information and Research Centres Liaison in Europe) "Provides a beginner's guide to the concepts, theory, and issues of media economics. . . . Unlike most other books on media economics available, Picard does not presume a basic knowledge of economic theory and terminology. Rather, he provides that basic level of knowledge. The book does not avoid jargon, but does provide definitions for most of it in the text, as well as in the glossary. . . . An excellent basic introduction. . . . Media Economics would be very useful as a starting place for courses in media economics, or as a supporting text in courses in effects, structures, or policy that want to consider economic approaches to those subjects. It would also make a good introduction to the traditional economic perspective and approach." --Journalism Quarterly "Provides a very useful short guide to an area of increasing interest." --Communication Booknotes

The Internet and the Mass Media

The Internet and the Mass Media Author Lucy Küng
ISBN-10 9781412947343
Release 2008-05-30
Pages 182
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'This book analyses issues of the internet and mass media in a rapidly changing environment. It covers a wide range of fundamentals which will be in effect for a longer time, and reflects the benefits of international and interdisciplinary collaboration' - Professor Heinz-Werner Nienstedt, President European Media Management Education Association 'This excellent book will be of great use to researchers, teachers and students interested in the relationship between the Internet and the mass media and it offers an invaluable contribution to the literature. The overall picture that emerges from this book is one that is very balanced, stressing both the radical potential of the internet and the ways in which the various media sectors have experienced the impact differently' - Professor Colin Sparks, University of Westminster What impact has the Internet really had on the media industries? What new regulatory policies and business models are driven by the Internet? And what are the effects of the Internet on how we produce, access and consume music, film, television and other media content? After an initial flurry of analysis and prediction of the future of the dot com boom, this is the first book to review the developments of the first Internet era and investigate its actual outcomes. Bringing together sophisticated analyses from leading scholars in the field, The Internet and the Mass Media explores the far-reaching implications of the Internet from economic, regulatory, strategic and organizational perspectives. This cross-disciplinary, international view is essential for a rich, nuanced understanding of the many technological, economic, and social changes the Internet has brought to the way we live and work. This book will be essential reading for those who study, research or work in media, communication, journalism, media management, and arts administration.

Journalism and Society

Journalism and Society Author Denis McQuail
ISBN-10 9781446290811
Release 2013-03-15
Pages 256
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"Every serious student of journalism should read this book... Denis McQuail has succeeded in producing a work of scholarship that shows what journalists do and what they should do." - Stephen Coleman, University of Leeds "For a half century we have spoken earnestly of journalism's responsibility to society instead of to business and government. Now this concept is given sophistication unmatched, by the best scholar of media theory of his generation." - Clifford Christians, University of Illinois "The grand old man of communication theory presents an overarching social theory of journalism that goes beyond the usual Anglo-American focus." - Jo Bardoel, University of Amsterdam (ASCoR) and Nijmegen "This book deals with the eternal question of how journalism is linked to society... I cannot think of a better staple food for students of journalism at all levels." - Kaarle Nordenstreng, University of Tampere This is a major new statement on the role of journalism in democracy from one of media and communication's leading thinkers. Denis McQuail leads the reader through a systematic exploration of how and why journalism and society have become so inextricably entwined and - as importantly - what this relationship should be like. It is a strong re-statement of the fundamental values that journalism aspires to. Written for students, this book: Makes the theory accessible and relevant Teaches the importance of journalism to power and politics Explores the status and future of journalism as a profession Outlines the impact and consequences of the digital Reveals journalism as it is, but also as it should be Takes each chapter further with guided reading list and free online journal articles. This textbook is the perfect answer to the how and why of journalism. It is crucial reading for any student of media studies, communication studies and journalism.

Management and International Review

Management and International Review Author David M. Brock
ISBN-10 9783322909992
Release 2013-06-29
Pages 154
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The major changes in strategy and structure in MNEs increasing levels of global integration, innovation by design, new network structures, outsourcing of major value-chain activities, E-commerce and the backlash against globalization. This special issue includes an overview of the integration-responsiveness framework.