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Media in Egypt and Tunisia From Control to Transition

Media in Egypt and Tunisia  From Control to Transition Author E. Webb
ISBN-10 9781137409966
Release 2014-04-11
Pages 112
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This book examines the mass media systems of Egypt and Tunisia under the pre-uprising regimes, with a focus on the last decade of the Mubarak and Ben Ali periods, as well as on how media are adapting to the political transitions underway. Findings are based on extensive interviews with journalists.

State Memory and Egypt s Victory in the 1973 War

State  Memory  and Egypt   s Victory in the 1973 War Author Mustafa Menshawy
ISBN-10 9783319501215
Release 2017-05-03
Pages 320
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This book explores and problematises the war discourse regarding Egypt's victory in the 1973 War. It traces the process through which this discourse was constructed and reconstructed by the state throughout the periods of President Anwar Sadat, his successor Hosni Mubarak, and afterwards. It uses Critical Discourse Analysis to combine analysis of texts commemorating the war with a study of the socio-political milieu related to personal authoritarianism and the state’s intricate relations with the army, the press and Islamists.

Globalization against Democracy

Globalization against Democracy Author Guoguang Wu
ISBN-10 9781108121385
Release 2017-04-24
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Globalization has reconfigured both the external institutional framework and the intrinsic operating mechanisms of capitalism. The global triumph of capitalism implies the embracing of the market by the state in all its variants, and that global capitalism is not confined to the shell of nation-state democracy. Guoguang Wu provides a theoretical framework of global capitalism for specialists in political economy, political science, economics and international relations, for graduate and undergraduate courses on globalization, capitalism, development and democracy, as well as for the public who are interested in globalization. Wu examines the new institutional features of global capitalism and how they reframe movements of capital, labor and consumption. He explores how globalization has created a chain of connection in which capital depends on effective authoritarianism, while democracy depends on capital. Ultimately, he argues that the emerging state-market nexus has fundamentally shaken the existing institutional systems, harming democracy in the process.

Promoting Social Change and Democracy Through Information Technology

Promoting Social Change and Democracy Through Information Technology Author Vikas Kumar
ISBN-10 9781466685031
Release 2015-06-30
Pages 297
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Promoting Social Change and Democracy Through Information Technology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Promoting Social Change and Democracy Through Information Technology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Promoting Social Change and Democracy Through Information Technology book for free.

Arab National Media and Political Change

Arab National Media and Political Change Author Fatima El-Issawi
ISBN-10 9781349709151
Release 2016-11-08
Pages 202
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This book examines the evolution of national Arab media and its interplay with political change, particularly in emerging democracies in the context of the Arab uprisings. Investigated from a journalistic perspective, this research addresses the role played by traditional national media in consolidating emerging democracies or in exacerbating their fragility within new political contexts. Also analyzed are the ways journalists report about politics and transformations of these media industries, drawing on the international experiences of media in transitional societies. This study builds on a field investigation led by the author and conducted within the project “Arab Revolutions: Media Revolutions,” covering Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt.

Global Modernity

Global Modernity Author V. Schmidt
ISBN-10 9781137435811
Release 2014-05-07
Pages 110
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This book introduces the concept of global modernity as a paradigm for the analysis of the contemporary era. Building on Parson's distinction between social, cultural, personal and organismic systems, it presents a four-dimensional scheme that aims to identify modernity's key structural components.

Asian Perspectives on the Development of Public Relations

Asian Perspectives on the Development of Public Relations Author T. Watson
ISBN-10 9781137398154
Release 2014-04-24
Pages 175
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The National Perspectives on the Development of Public Relations: Other Voices series is the first to offer an authentic world-wide view of the history of public relations. It will feature six books, five of which will cover continental and regional groups. This first book in the series focuses on Asia and Australasia.

The Risk of School Rampage Assessing and Preventing Threats of School Violence

The Risk of School Rampage  Assessing and Preventing Threats of School Violence Author E. Madfis
ISBN-10 9781137399281
Release 2014-04-25
Pages 142
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By examining averted school rampage incidents, this work addresses problematic gaps in school violence scholarship and advances existing knowledge about mass murder, violence prevention, bystander intervention, threat assessment, and disciplinary policy in school contexts.

Female Football Fans

Female Football Fans Author C. Dunn
ISBN-10 9781137398239
Release 2014-04-18
Pages 136
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Most sociological work on football fandom has focused on the experience of men, and it usually talks about alcohol, fighting and general hooliganism. This book shows that there are some unique facets of female experience and fascinating negotiations of identity within the male-dominated world of men's professional football.

Remembering Dennis Potter Through Fans Extras and Archives

Remembering Dennis Potter Through Fans  Extras and Archives Author J. Garde-Hansen
ISBN-10 9781137349309
Release 2014-04-29
Pages 109
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An accessible case study of television heritage, Remembering Dennis Potter Through Fans, Extras and Archive draws on the memories of fans and extras of Potter's productions. In providing insight into issues of visibility, memory and television production, it fulfils a vital need for better understanding of television production history as heritage.

A Contemporary Theology for Ecumenical Peace

A Contemporary Theology for Ecumenical Peace Author J. Will
ISBN-10 9781137397973
Release 2014-04-25
Pages 57
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Humanity's long history of intermittent conflicts and contemporary violence undermines Christian's (and their Jewish and Muslim fellow believers) religious confidence in and moral commitment to world peace. The principal issue is the ambiguity of God's presence and action in the world as we experience it. In A Contemporary Theology for Ecumenical Peace, this problem is addressed by relating biblical theology to contemporary philosophical and theological perspectives to motivate and sustain the practice of love and justice in the context of civil religion.

Transformations in Egyptian Journalism

Transformations in Egyptian Journalism Author Naomi Sakr
ISBN-10 9780857732927
Release 2013-01-22
Pages 128
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Egypt’s revolutionary uprising in 2011 raised important questions about the kind of journalism that would be viable in the country’s changing political dynamics. Suddenly the output of bloggers, online radio and social media news operations, which had all formed part of the groundswell of action against dictatorship and repression, posed an explicit challenge to journalists in state-run and commercial media companies who were more directly subject to government controls. As different interest groups struggle over the country’s future, Naomi Sakr considers emerging visions of journalism in Egypt. In this book she charts recent transformations in Egyptian journalism, exploring diverse approaches to converged media and the place of participatory cross-media networks in expanding and developing the country’s body of professional journalists. She analyses journalists’ initiatives for restructuring publicly-owned media and securing a safe and open environment in which to work.

Digital Memory Studies

Digital Memory Studies Author Andrew Hoskins
ISBN-10 9781317267416
Release 2017-09-27
Pages 314
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Digital media, networks and archives reimagine and revitalize individual, social and cultural memory but they also ensnare it, bringing it under new forms of control. Understanding these paradoxical conditions of remembering and forgetting through today’s technologies needs bold interdisciplinary interventions. Digital Memory Studies seizes this challenge and pioneers an agenda that interrogates concepts, theories and histories of media and memory studies, to map a holistic vision for the study of the digital remaking of memory. Through the lenses of connectivity, archaeology, economy, and archive, contributors illuminate the uses and abuses of the digital past via an array of media and topics, including television, videogames and social media, and memory institutions, network politics and the digital afterlife.

The Arab Uprisings in Egypt Jordan and Tunisia

The Arab Uprisings in Egypt  Jordan and Tunisia Author Andrea Teti
ISBN-10 9783319690445
Release 2017-12-06
Pages 142
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The Arab Uprisings were unexpected events of rare intensity in Middle Eastern history – mass, popular and largely non-violent revolts which threatened and in some cases toppled apparently stable autocracies. This volume provides in-depth analyses of how people perceived the socio-economic and political transformations in three case studies epitomising different post-Uprising trajectories – Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt – and drawing on survey data to explore ordinary citizens’ perceptions of politics, security, the economy, gender, corruption, and trust. The findings suggest the causes of protest in 2010-2011 were not just political marginalisation and regime repression, but also denial of socio-economic rights and regimes failure to provide social justice. Data also shows these issues remain unresolved, and that populations have little confidence governments will deliver, leaving post-Uprisings regimes neither strong nor stable, but fierce and brittle. This analysis has direct implications both for policy and for scholarship on transformations, democratization, authoritarian resilience and ‘hybrid regimes’.

Artists and the Arab Uprisings

Artists and the Arab Uprisings Author Lowell H. Schwartz
ISBN-10 9780833080400
Release 2013-05-28
Pages 100
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Regional artists can play a positive role in shaping public debate and supporting democratic transition in the Middle East. This report explores the challenges artists have faced since the Arab uprisings, U.S. government programs to support arts in the region, and the wide array of nongovernmental activities to engage Arab artists, offering recommendations to improve support for these artists.

The Age of Migration

The Age of Migration Author Stephen Castles
ISBN-10 1572309008
Release 2003
Pages 338
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Now in a revised and expanded third edition, this widely adopted text provides a global perspective on the nature of migration movements, why they take place, and their effects on industrialized countries and the developing world. Extensively rewritten chapters provide information on and comparative analyses of the world's main migration regions. The role of migration in the formation of ethnic minority groups is examined, as is the impact of growing ethnic diversity on economies, cultures, and political institutions. Included are a wealth of concrete examples, tables, and maps.

Military Responses to the Arab Uprisings and the Future of Civil Military Relations in the Middle East

Military Responses to the Arab Uprisings and the Future of Civil Military Relations in the Middle East Author W. Taylor
ISBN-10 9781137410054
Release 2014-08-07
Pages 252
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This book explains Arab military responses to the social uprisings which began in 2011. Through a comparative case study analysis of Egyptian, Tunisian, Libyan, and Syrian militaries, it explains why militaries fractured, supported the regime in power, or removed their presidents.