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Medicine and Pharmacy in Byzantine Hospitals

Medicine and Pharmacy in Byzantine Hospitals Author David Bennett
ISBN-10 9781317010746
Release 2016-08-12
Pages 266
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Scholars have made conflicting claims for Byzantine hospitals as medical institutions and as the forebears of the modern hospital. In this study is the first systematic examination of the evidence of the xenôn texts, or Xenonika, on which all such claims must in part rest. These texts, compiled broadly between the ninth and thirteenth centuries, are also transcribed or edited, with the exception of the combined texts of Romanos and Theophilos that, the study proposes, were originally a single manual and teaching work for doctors, probably based on xenôn practice. A schema of their combined chapter headings sets out the unified structure of this text. A short handlist briefly describes the principal manuscripts referred to throughout the study. The introduction briefly examines our evidence for the xenônes from the early centuries of the East Roman Empire to the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Chapter 3 examines the texts in xenon medical practice and compares them to some other medical manuals and remedy texts of the Late period and to their structures. The xenôn-ascribed texts are discussed one by one in chapters 4–8; the concluding chapter 9 draw together the common, as well as the divergent, aspects of each text and looks to the comparative evidence for hospital medical practice of the time in the West.

A History of Geology and Medicine

A History of Geology and Medicine Author C.J. Duffin
ISBN-10 9781862393561
Release 2013-12-10
Pages 512
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The historical links between Geology and Medicine are surprisingly numerous and diverse. This, the first ever volume dedicated to the subject, contains contributions from an international authorship of geologists, historians and medical professionals. Rocks, minerals, fossils and earths have been used therapeutically since earliest times and details recorded on ancient papyri, clay tablets, medieval manuscripts and early published sources. Pumice was used to clean teeth, antimony to heal wounds, clays as antidotes to poison, gold to cure haemorrhoids and warts, and gem pastes to treat syphilis and the plague, while mineral springs preserved health. Geology was crucial in the development of public health. Medical men making important geological contributions include Steno, Worm, Parkinson, Bigsby, William Hunter, Jenner, John Hulke, Conan Doyle, Gorini and various Antarctic explorers. A History of Geology and Medicine will be of particular interest to Earth scientists, medical personnel, historians of science and the general reader who has an interest in science.

Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery Author Walter Sneader
ISBN-10 9780470015520
Release 2005-10-31
Pages 472
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Written by a leading authority with an excellent reputation and ability for writing a good narrative, Drug Discovery: A History is a far cry from simply a list of chemical structures. This lively new text considers the origins, development and history of medicines that generate high media interest and have a huge social and economic impact on society. Set within a wide historical, social and cultural context, it provides expanded coverage of pre-twentieth century drugs, the huge advances made in the twentieth century and the latest developments in drug research. Hallmark features: Up-to-the-minute information in drug research Vignettes of special and unusual information, and anecdotes Discusses drug prototypes from all sources More comprehensive than other volumes on history of drug discovery From the reviews: " excellent bibliographic resource for those interested in the background papers that serve as the foundation for discovery of specific drug entities." JOURNAL OF MEDICAL CHEMISTRY, June 2006 "...a very comprehensive overview of drug development. It should be on the shelf on any aspiring pharmacist, medicinal chemist, or person interested in the history of therapeutic agents." JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL EDUCATION, February 2006 "...a very readable and closely researched book..." CHEMISTRY & INDUSTRY, October 2005

An Introduction to the history of medicine

An Introduction to the history of medicine Author Fielding Hudson Garrison
ISBN-10 STANFORD:24503531655
Release 1914
Pages 763
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An Introduction to the history of medicine has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from An Introduction to the history of medicine also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full An Introduction to the history of medicine book for free.

Food and Foodways of Medieval Cairenes

Food and Foodways of Medieval Cairenes Author Paulina Lewicka
ISBN-10 9789004194724
Release 2011-08-25
Pages 626
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As a corpus-based study which aims at profiling the food culture of medieval Cairo, the book is an attempt to reconstruct the menu of Cairenes as well as their various daily practices, customs and habits related to food and eating.

Medicine and Humanism in Late Medieval Italy

Medicine and Humanism in Late Medieval Italy Author Sarah R. Kyle
ISBN-10 9781351997799
Release 2016-08-12
Pages 258
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"The Carrara Herbal is an exceptional illustrated book of materia medica (therapeutic substances drawn from plants, animals and minerals). It is exceptional in both its illustrations and its content, making it of interest to historians of art and medicine alike. The Herbal contains a translation into Paduan dialect of a Latin version of the mid-thirteenth-century Arabic pharmacopeia, Kitab al-Adwiya al-mufrada (The Book of Simple Medicines), written by Ibn Sarabi, a Christian physician working in al-Andalus and known in the Latin West as Serapion the Younger."--Introduction.

Greco Arab and Islamic Herbal Medicine

Greco Arab and Islamic Herbal Medicine Author Bashar Saad
ISBN-10 1118002261
Release 2011-04-27
Pages 552
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This book presents a systematic review on traditional Arab herbal medicine including historical background, medical innovations introduced by Arab physicians, common roots of Arab medicine and western medicine, methodology of drug discovery and therapy in Arabic and Islamic medicine, a state-of-the-art description of traditional Arab herbal medicine, and evidence-based safety and efficacy of Arab and Islamic medicines. The usage of modern cell biological, biochemical, in vitro and in vivo techniques for the evaluation of medicinal plant safety and efficacy is also discussed. The toxicity of herbal formulations safety, quality assurances, and chemical analytical techniques are introduced in this book.

A Census of Greek Medical Manuscripts

A Census of Greek Medical Manuscripts Author Alain Touwaide
ISBN-10 9781317188797
Release 2016-08-12
Pages 452
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Manuscripts containing Greek medical texts were inventoried by author and work at the beginning of the 20th century by a group of philologists under the direction of Hermann Diels. Useful as it was - and will continue to be – Diels’ catalogue omitted authors and works, misidentified manuscripts, and overlooked codices. Furthermore, since the publication of the catalogue, some libraries have adopted a new system of classification, manuscripts have been destroyed, items have changed location, and new ones have come to light. The present Census is a checklist of the Greek medical manuscripts currently known in collections worldwide. It is both an amended and updated index of Diels’ catalogue, and a list of the items missed or overlooked in Diels, or located since. Although it does not supersede Diels’ catalogue, it is the indispensable instrument for a New Diels, and will be the reference for years to come for any new critical edition and medico-historical research based on manuscripts, besides providing the basis for a broad range of other historical inquiries, from codicology to the history of medicine and science, including Byzantine intellectual history, Renaissance studies and humanism, history of the book and early printing, and the history of medical philology and learning.

Herbs and Healers from the Ancient Mediterranean through the Medieval West

Herbs and Healers from the Ancient Mediterranean through the Medieval West Author Dr Anne Van Arsdall
ISBN-10 9781409456667
Release 2012-08-01
Pages 394
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Herbs and Healers from the Ancient Mediterranean through the Medieval West brings together eleven papers by leading scholars in ancient and medieval medicine and pharmacy. Fittingly, the volume honors Professor John M. Riddle, one of today's most respected medieval historians, whose career has been devoted to decoding the complexities of early medicine and pharmacy. "Herbs" in the title generally connotes drugs in ancient and medieval times; the essays here discuss interesting aspects of the challenges scholars face as they translate and interpret texts in several older languages. Some of the healers in the volume are named, such as Philotas of Amphissa, Gariopontus, and Constantine the African; many are anonymous and known only from their treatises on drugs and/or medicine. The volume's scope demonstrates the breadth of current research being undertaken in the field, examining both practical medical arts and medical theory from the ancient world into early modern times. It also includes a paper about a cutting-edge Internet-based system for ongoing academic collaboration. The essays in this volume reveal insightful research approaches and highlight new discoveries that will be of interest to the international academic community of classicists, medievalists, and early-modernists because of the scarcity of publications objectively evaluating long-lived traditions that have their origin in the world of the ancient Mediterranean.

The Medieval Islamic Hospital

The Medieval Islamic Hospital Author Ahmed Ragab
ISBN-10 9781107109605
Release 2015-10-31
Pages 274
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The first monograph on Islamic hospitals, this volume examines their origins, development, architecture, social roles, and connections to non-Islamic institutions.

Peter of Spain Questiones super libro De Animalibus Aristotelis

Peter of Spain  Questiones super libro  De Animalibus  Aristotelis Author Dr Francisca Navarro Sánchez
ISBN-10 9781409449133
Release 2015-12-28
Pages 468
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This book presents an edition of the Questiones super libro ‘De Animalibus’ Aristotelis, a work by one of the greatest philosophers and physicians of the 13th century, Peter of Spain. Preceding the critical edition, Navarro offers an introduction to Peter of Spain and a short analysis of the linguistics and form of the Questiones. She also analyses the sources on which Peter drew, Greco-Latin, Arabo-Jewish and, of course, late antique and medieval treatises, showing that the text was not exclusively zoological in nature, but discusses important medical and philosophical topics, illustrating his extensive knowledge of both the Aristotelian corpus and 13th-century medicine.

A Cretan Healer s Handbook in the Byzantine Tradition

A Cretan Healer s Handbook in the Byzantine Tradition Author Patricia Ann Clark
ISBN-10 9781317188582
Release 2016-03-16
Pages 320
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In 1930 the Cretan healer Nikolaos Konstantinos Theodorakis of Meronas re-copied a notebook containing medical lore passed down through his family over generations. The present volume offers an edition of this notebook together with an English translation, the first of its kind. It belongs to the genre of iatrosophia, practical handbooks dating mainly to the 17th to 19th centuries which compiled healing wisdom, along with snippets of agricultural, meteorological and veterinary advice, and admixtures of religion, astrology and magic. Both fascinating and of critical importance, iatrosophia allow glimpses of classical and Byzantine medical sources and illustrate the vitality and resilience of Greek traditional medical and botanical knowledge. From years spent exploring local healing customs in Crete's Amari region, Patricia Clark is able to present Theodorakis' iatrosophion against a rich historical, geographical and social background. Introductory essays and explanatory notes to the translation give context to the iatrosophion and provide the specialized information necessary for a good understanding of the text. The abundant materia medica of the notebook is treated in a substantial appendix. Each animal, mineral, plant or product is provided with an overview of its various names through the millennia. Such entries are not only a key to understanding the Greek medical legacy, but also a vivid illustration of its usage from antiquity to the present day.

Ancient Jewish Magic

Ancient Jewish Magic Author Gideon Bohak
ISBN-10 9780521874571
Release 2008-04-03
Pages 483
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Jewish magic : a contradiction in terms? -- Jewish magic in the Second Temple period -- Jewish magic in late antiquity -- The "insider" evidence -- Non-Jewish elements in late-antique jewish magic -- How "Jewish" was ancient Jewish magic? -- Magic and magicians in rabbinic literature

The Economic History of European Jews

The Economic History of European Jews Author Michael Toch
ISBN-10 9789004235342
Release 2012-09-28
Pages 373
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The Economic History of European Jews offers a radical revision of demographics and economics. It explains how the presence of Jews was a limited one and their trade was just that, trade by Jews, not “Jewish Trade”.

Plant Resins

Plant Resins Author Jean H. Langenheim
ISBN-10 0881925748
Release 2003
Pages 586
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Few people are aware of the great diversity of resin-producing plants or the remarkable roles resins play in the lives of plants and people. Plant Resins tells the whole story about these fascinating plant products.

A History of Chinese Science and Technology

A History of Chinese Science and Technology Author Yongxiang Lu
ISBN-10 9783662442579
Release 2014-10-14
Pages 491
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A History of Chinese Science and Technology (Volumes 1, 2 & 3) presents 44 individual lectures, beginning with Ancient Chinese Science and Technology in the Process of Human Civilizations and an Overview of Chinese Science and Technology, and continuing with in-depth discussions of several issues in the History of Science and the Needham Puzzle, interspersed with topics on Astronomy, Arithmetic, Agriculture and Medicine, The Four Great Inventions, and various technological areas closely related to clothing, food, shelter and transportation. This book is the most authoritative work on the history of Chinese Science and Technology. It is the Winner of the China Book Award, the Shanghai Book Award (1st prize), and the Classical China International Publishing Project (GAPP, General Administration of Press and Publication of China) and offers an essential resource for academic researchers and non-experts alike. It originated with a series of 44 lectures presented to top Chinese leaders, which received very positive feedback. Written by top Chinese scholars in their respective fields from the Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences and many other respected Chinese organizations, the book is intended for scientists, researchers and postgraduate students working in the history of science, philosophy of science and technology, and related disciplines. Yongxiang Lu is a professor, former president and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), and Vice Chairman of the National Congress of China.

The World of Pharmacy and Pharmacists in Maml k Cairo

The World of Pharmacy and Pharmacists in Maml  k Cairo Author Leigh Chipman
ISBN-10 9789004176065
Release 2010
Pages 318
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This is the first detailed analysis of an immensely popular 13th c. Arabic guide for pharmacists, from a time in which Jewish physicians and pharmacists worked alongside Muslim and Christian practioners. "Minh j al-dukk n" ("How to manage a pharmacy"), by Ab l-Mun al-K h n al- A r (fl. 1260) is the first attempt to explore the full spectrum of pharmacy in the medieval Arabic world: identification of the materia medica and methods of preparation; pharmacy's place within the sciences and particularly its relationship with medicine; the social position of the pharmacist and his role in the marketplace and the hospital; the economics of pharmacy; legal aspects of pharmacy; and the image of the pharmacist in literature and drama. The result is a full and nuanced picture of a section of society usually invisible.