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Meditation Within Eternity

Meditation Within Eternity Author Eric Pepin
ISBN-10 0975908073
Release 2012-03-14
Pages 161
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Meditation Within Eternity has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Meditation Within Eternity also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Meditation Within Eternity book for free.

Meditation Within Eternity

Meditation Within Eternity Author Eric Pepin
ISBN-10 0975908065
Release 2012-06
Pages 161
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Meditation Within Eternity has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Meditation Within Eternity also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Meditation Within Eternity book for free.

The Handbook of the Navigator

The Handbook of the Navigator Author Eric Pepin
ISBN-10 9780975908020
Release 2011-05-25
Pages 262
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The Handbook of the Navigator has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Handbook of the Navigator also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Handbook of the Navigator book for free.

Igniting the Sixth Sense

Igniting the Sixth Sense Author Eric Pepin
ISBN-10 1939410037
Release 2013-08-04
Pages 288
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"Igniting the Sixth Sense deals with the magnetic sense that allows birds, whales, bees and many other animals to detect and use magnetic fields in ways that seem impossible for humans. Yet, we possess this same natural ability. What happens if you combine a modern human with an active, magnetic sensory? They display skills and abilities that seem, at time, super-human"--Publisher.

Silent Awakening

Silent Awakening Author Eric Pepin
ISBN-10 1939410002
Release 2013-11-01
Pages 354
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The struggle, letting go, and eventual triumph. Such growth can be demanding yet is ultimately freeing. To accelerate and assist your journey you are given techniques for energy healing, mental time travel, telepathy, and harmonious inner peace but that's just the beginning.

Waking the Immortal Within

Waking the Immortal Within Author Eric Pepin
ISBN-10 1939410142
Release 2014-06-16
Pages 336
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YOU SIT CONTENT. AT PEACE. IN PERFECT SILENT HARMONY. Your eyes do not stare blankly, they see what others cannot, witnessing the dance of the overlapping multiverse. Worlds phase and pass through each present moment. All of time held in the gaze of your immortal mind. WHAT IF YOU COULD: - Meditate to 'the sound of God', triggering an enlightened state of consciousness, anywhere and at anytime - Effectively balance your brain hemispheres for laser-focus and deep intuition - Quickly enter a higher state normally only experienced after a lifetime of practice That is the moment you sit as a master. Within you exists the building blocks of stars, trillions of years old, present since the dawn of the universe. Deeper and older still, lies a presence every seeker is aware of, yet few ever awaken. Waking the Immortal Within is the result of lessons spanning decades from Eric Pepin, the #1 bestselling spiritual author of Igniting the Sixth Sense and Meditation within Eternity, as he reverse-engineers his own process of awakening. YOU WILL DISCOVER: - A simple exercise that will activate your sixth sense in less than a minute - How to enhance your meditations and use them to improve every area of your life - The subtle designs in evolution and what it means for your spiritual journey - How the body absorbs energy, even while you sleep… And how to take advantage of these methods - A technique to shift your mind between dimensions; a skill that empowers you to see hidden layers of reality - How you speak and the words you use will make-or-break your spiritual growth - How to master your mind using the 'sound of God' meditation AS YOU CONTINUE, YOU WILL ALSO LEARN: - The single contemplation that reveals who you are while mastering the identities that masquerade as your true self - Practical exercises that you can do, right now, to feel your dimensional body - The back-door technique to enhance your spiritual awareness - The method to turn your chaotic, babbling mind into blissful stillness And that's only a small piece of your 336 page journey through Waking the Immortal Within. It is time to embark on your greatest adventure. Time to discover who you truly are... TIME TO AWAKEN THE IMMORTAL WITHIN.

The Human Body Owners Workshop Manual

The Human Body Owners Workshop Manual Author Allegedly K. A. Dave
ISBN-10 9781326027582
Release 2015-01-23
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The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual explains how some of the fundamental ideas that we take for granted may well be just an incorrect interpretation of observed phenomena and provides a radical and controversial view of the mysterious human body and its integral relationship to the universe it inhabits. It also proposes convincing alternatives to the dis-empowering theories of nutrition and disease and provides the tools required to operate the body and assist it in eliminating toxic substances and heal itself of any state of bad health.

Guild of Psi

Guild of Psi Author Eric Pepin
ISBN-10 1939410088
Release 2015-03-01
Pages 454
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The Ultimate Reality Many Contemplate, Some Know Truly Exists but Only the Precious Few Ever See... This book leads you down a seldom-tread spiritual path: the spoken language of the Universe called Feels-Like, the hidden potential of spiritual polarities, and how to pass through layers of reality... or influence it with a method called Dimensional Jumping. That, by itself, would be a treasured tome. Yet, strangely perhaps, this same book crosses the spiritual with another road into the paranormal. It offers an improved, and more accurate technique for astral projection and remote viewing. How to enter the dreams of others. The true nature of energy beings (often called ghosts or entities), immortals and more. To the uninitiated, these appear to be separate. Two schools of thought, not related to one another. But, the person of knowledge, the seeker of truth, realizes that only at the crossroads between these two paths lies the entrance to higher levels of reality. WHAT IF YOU COULD: Contemplate your existence in such a way that it triggers a positive reaction from the Universe. Use mind projection, to extend your consciousness, sending it to any place or person while you are wide awake (so you know the experience is real). 'Speak' the correct language to influence reality harmoniously, without decades of practice. GUILD OF PSI is the result of lessons spanning decades from Eric Pepin, the #1 bestselling spiritual author of Igniting the Sixth Sense and Meditation Within Eternity, as he teaches you how to harness psychic abilities and paranormal experiences to accelerate your spiritual awakening. YOU WILL DISCOVER: The sequence of thoughts needed to reach a state of enlightened consciousness (not unique enough be specific) What is the Enlightenment Bubble, and how to enter it How seeing an entity can help you to overcome fear of death... and awaken The most neglected method of using your energy body and stretching your mind How impatience and expectation will prevent enlightenment and how to overcome them How you can use water as a tool to move energy and work with dimensions The strange connection between your brain, the time of night, and 'dimensional dreams' The true workings of Astral Projection and why popular beliefs will prevent you achieving it The most obvious sign that your dreams are being 'hacked' (rare but possible) How to communicate and interact with dimensional beings, shadow people, and 'ghosts' How to liberate yourself from the confines of your "bubble of reality" AS YOU CONTINUE, YOU WILL ALSO FIND: The unusual strategy for 'redesigning' your consciousness The link between dreams and parallel realities The technique of 'dimensional jumping' and how it's used to influence and program reality And that's only a small piece of your 480 page journey through GUILD OF PSI. Higher levels of reality can t be accessed with the physical five senses. You need to use the psychic-sense in order to navigate this path. Combine the paranormal, to the spiritual. It is time to open the unknown door. Time to discover what you're truly capable of... TIME TO ENTER THE GUILD OF PSI.


Meditation Author Matteo Pistono
ISBN-10 9781781809617
Release 2017-10-03
Pages 208
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A practical, step-by-step guide to meditation, suitable for beginners as well as those wishing to refresh their knowledge and inspire their practice.Matteo shares the essence of the many teachings and practices he learned during his 20 years of study under eminent teachers in Nepal, India, Tibet and Thailand, and his guidance is especially relevant as an antidote to today’s stresses and challenges. Matteo shares how to: •Develop a daily meditation practice •Connect the body and mind with body-scanning meditation •Integrate mindfulness awareness into everyday life •Meditate while walking, drinking tea, eating and in daily life •Come to know your heart and mind in the innermost way

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind Author Joseph Murphy
ISBN-10 9781469062471
Release 2015-09-15
Pages 45
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The Classic of Empowered Living, Now in a Special Concise Edition! Do you sense the existence of a greater power inside you? You are right. You will discover your true potential in this unique abridgement of the masterwork of higher living: Joseph Murphy's The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. This thorough but compact condensation exposes you, in an unforgettable forty minutes, to the methods, principles, and exercises you can use right now to harness your subconscious mind for achievement, wellness, and success. Learn: How to find answers to problems while you sleep. How your inner talking becomes reality. The secret to effective prayer. The right use of visualizations and affirmations. How to escape self-limiting patterns of the past. Condensed and introduced by PEN Award-winning historian Mitch Horowitz, this brief volume will broaden how you see yourself and your possibilities. Discover what millions have found in The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

The Marriage of Spirit Enlightened Living in Today s World

The Marriage of Spirit  Enlightened Living in Today   s World Author Leslie Temple-Thurston
ISBN-10 9781931679107
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 222
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The Marriage of Spirit is a handbook for spiritual awakening for people living and working in the world. It directly addresses how we can experience divine presence in our lives, and offers simple, powerful and fast exercises for creating balance and harmony. Based in the ancient teachings of the reconciliation of opposites, these revolutionary, unique, and easy journaling techniques help us accelerate the path to unity consciousness by quickly and dramatically moving us beyond egoic limitations and overcoming negativity, anger, pain and fear. Included is the especially powerful “Squares” technique, which creates radical and rapid transformation. In this groundbreaking book, which has been translated into several languages and has helped thousands worldwide, Leslie Temple-Thurston shares the story of the awakenings that led to her spiritual transformation, and her eclectic, yogic-influenced approach to Western enlightenment. Filtered through spiritual psychology, her insights and principles are based on the truth teachings of ancient mystery schools, traditions and religions, revamped and simplified for the contemporary spiritual seeker. As the author says, “We have arrived at a new and different time; we are here to enlighten the physical plane, the body, and the personality while living and working in the world.... If we integrate the dualistic and polarized schisms in our personality, we can know directly and palpably the unity which we truly are, beyond the limited personality.” In a world torn apart by polarization, it offers hope for a third way, the way of unity amidst diversity.

Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records

Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records Author Kevin J. Todeschi
ISBN-10 9780876044018
Release 1998-01-27
Pages 181
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The Akashic Records, also known as “The Book of Life,” are the storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth. Every word, deed, feeling, thought, and intent that ever occurred are contained within. Todeschi takes you on a journey to understanding how you are in charge of shaping your own destiny with additional instruction on how you can tap into your own records—your past lives, your present experiences, and your future—to create the life you desire now.

Prescient Visions

Prescient Visions Author Eric Pepin
ISBN-10 1939410177
Release 2015-11-02
Pages 735
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Prescience is more than seeing the future. It's a state of limitless awareness not restricted by time or space. It is to have presence in all time, in all places, all at once. Imagine having access to the entire collection of human experience. You see all, feel all. Your visions span from extraordinary future worlds to ancient civilizations. You are a seer of time. Through the backdoor of your mind's eye, you choose your destination, fixate your gaze and all that was hidden no longer remains in question. Prescient Visions picks up where Guild of PSI left off . In this book you will: Explore the process of conscious weather manipulation - From dissolving clouds in the sky, to calming the wind, to bringing forth a storm. There will no longer be any doubt that you are capable of changing reality. See the unseen - Use remote viewing to access dimensional doorways, experience otherworldly beings from aliens to entities and more. Receive the three most crucial ingredients to successful power manifestations and gracefully deter the backlash commonly experienced with programming reality. The Controversial Truth Of Sexuality - The common thread that binds enlightened masters of past and present and what this means for your own Awakening. The reality behind the Darkside, and the ongoing battle between life and anti-matter that is taking place all around you. How a dying flower blooming back to life holds the key to dramatically accelerate healing. A new era is upon us - one where spiritual people are no longer bound to metaphorical caves but are empowered to experience realities and phenomena beyond their wildest dreams. Join us on a journey through Prescient Visions. Eric Pepin, the #1 Amazon bestselling author, leads the way with unique teaching methods and an immeasurable understanding of the Universe to deliver profoundly satisfying answers and experiences."

Meditations of the Heart

Meditations of the Heart Author Howard Thurman
ISBN-10 9780807010839
Release 2014-11-18
Pages 216
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Meditations of the Heart is a beautiful collection of meditations and prayers by one of our greatest spiritual leaders. Howard Thurman, the great spiritualist and mystic, was renowned for the quiet beauty of his reflections on humanity and our relationship with God. This collection of fifty-four of his most well-known meditations features his thoughts on prayer, community, and the joys and rituals of life. Within this collection are words that sustain, elevate, and inspire. Thurman addresses those moments of trial and uncertainty and offers a message of hope and endurance for people of all faiths.

Meditation Made Easy

Meditation Made Easy Author Lorin Roche
ISBN-10 9780061747557
Release 2009-10-13
Pages 216
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You′ve probably heard about the benefits of meditation: Sharper thinking, reduced stress, improved concentration, lower blood pressure, even increased sexual pleasure , all of these positive effects have been confirmed by science. In this uniquely accessible guide, Lorin Roche shows that meditation is that easy , and pleasurable. Roche answers questions and debunks meditation myths, and gives three easy-to-follow techniques for getting started 塴he Do Nothing Technique," "Salute Each of the Senses," and "Feeling at Home Exercise". He and shows you how to integrate "mini meditations" into spare moments of the day, from savouring morning coffee to taking advantage of the five minutes before a meeting. He explains how to overcome meditation obstacles, customise meditation to your own needs, and use your breath, voice, and attention as meditation aids. And he shows how meditation will give you the power to explore your inner passions , and enrich your sense of self.

Burying Jane Doe

Burying Jane Doe Author Barb Jenkins
ISBN-10 1640034536
Release 2017-11-07
Pages 138
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Burying Jane Doe: A Journey of Courage and Strength is written to encourage survivors of rape and sexual assault, especially women, since they make up the largest of the population of those who have been affected by this. This book will give voice to the heart cry of every woman, man, and child who has been assaulted in this way.

Spirit Guide Contact Through Hypnosis

Spirit Guide Contact Through Hypnosis Author Dr. Bruce Goldberg
ISBN-10 9781601637802
Release 2005-05-15
Pages 256
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"“By providing easy-to-follow techniques of self-hypnosis and guided meditation, Dr. Bruce Goldberg makes the mechanism of contact with one's spirit guides accessible to all who sincerely apply themselves. Dr. Goldberg has blessed his readers with countless hours of inspiration and guidance. This is a book that will bring comfort and joy to millions.” —Brad Steiger, author of Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides Contacting spirit guides is as old as civilization itself. Shamans dating back to at least 50,000 B.C. ritualistically contacted nonphysical entities. The Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia, Rome, and India also dealt with contacting spirit guides. Every major religion acknowledges the reality of discarnate entities or spirits, whether they are called saints, angels, the Holy Spirit, and so on. One of the purposes of this book is to demystify this process. The media’s depiction of spirit contact has led to the false assumption that anyone who establishes this contact must be in great danger. In reality, this communication is natural, relatively simple and a wonderful growth experience. Spirit communication removes the fear of death and bereavement, and results in a form of spiritual empowerment. Contacting our spirit guides can help us: 1. Develop our intuition and other psychic abilities. 2. Increase our ability to love ourselves and others. 3. Become more aware of the workings of the universe. 4. Establish better contact with our own Masters and Guides and Higher Self to facilitate our own spiritual evolution. 5. Protect us from negative entities and/or other forces in the universe. 6. Access the wisdom of the ancients. 7. Establish and maintain our own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 8. Overcome bad habits and fears. 9. Eliminate the fear of death. 10. See into the future. 11. Master the art of out-of-body experiences. 12. Learn our true karmic purpose. Dr. Bruce Goldberg is a clinical hypnotherapist who wrote the international best-seller Past Lives, Future Lives, as well as Self-Hypnosis, Dream Your Problems Away, and Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed (all New Page Books), Soul Healing, Astral Voyages, New Age Hypnosis, Time Travelers From Our Future, and many others. He has appeared on a wide variety of major shows, including Oprah, Regis, CBS News, CNN, Art Bell, and many others.