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Melt Blowing

Melt Blowing Author L.S. Pinchuk
ISBN-10 9783642559846
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 212
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This book is devoted to a nontraditional class of materials which are manufactured by the melt-blowing process. The text examines the structure and main properties of melt-blown materials as conditioned by peculiarities of overheated polymer melt spraying in oxidizing medium. Information is given about filtering mechanisms and the main types of polymer fibrous filtering materials.

Currents in Industrial Mathematics

Currents in Industrial Mathematics Author Helmut Neunzert
ISBN-10 9783662482582
Release 2015-11-01
Pages 437
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This book offers an insider's view of how industrial problems are translated into mathematics and how solving the mathematics leads to convincing industrial solutions as well. In 6 technical chapters, a wide range of industrial problems is modeled, simulated, and optimized; 4 others describe the modeling, computing, optimization, and data analysis concepts shaping the work of the Fraunhofer ITWM. Each technical chapter illustrates how the relevant mathematics has been adapted or extended for the specific application and details the underlying practical problem and resulting software. The final chapter shows how the use of mathematical modeling in the classroom can change the image of this subject, making it exciting and fun.

Applied Physics

Applied Physics Author
ISBN-10 CHI:62414602
Release 2003
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Applied Physics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Applied Physics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Applied Physics book for free.

Mathematik im Fraunhofer Institut

Mathematik im Fraunhofer Institut Author Helmut Neunzert
ISBN-10 9783662448779
Release 2014-10-07
Pages 456
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Wie industrielle Problemstellungen zu mathematischen Herausforderungen werden, deren Bewältigung zu überzeugenden industriellen Lösungen führen, wird in diesem Buch ausführlich gezeigt. Neben 6 Fachbeiträgen, in denen exemplarisch bestimmte industrielle Aufgabenstellungen modelliert, simuliert und optimiert werden, zeigen 4 Übersichtsbeiträge, welche Konzepte der Modellierung, Berechnung, Optimierung und Datenanalyse die Arbeit des Fraunhofer-ITWM Instituts bestimmen. Neben einem größeren Abschnitt, in dem die angewandte bzw selbst entwickelte Mathematik detailliert auch für Fachkollegen und Studierende dargestellt wird, enthält jeder Fachbeitrag eine ausführliche Beschreibung der praktischen Aufgabenstellung sowie den Beitrag der erarbeiteten Software zur Bewältigung der industriellen Herausforderungen. Im letzten Kapitel wird gezeigt, wie mathematische Modellierung im Schulunterricht das Bild des Faches verändern und die Freude an der Mathematik verstärken kann.

American Book Publishing Record

American Book Publishing Record Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105111052911
Release 2002
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American Book Publishing Record has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from American Book Publishing Record also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full American Book Publishing Record book for free.

Polyolefin Compounds and Materials

Polyolefin Compounds and Materials Author Mariam Al-Ali AlMa'adeed
ISBN-10 9783319259826
Release 2015-12-23
Pages 354
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This book describes industrial applications of polyolefins from the researchers' perspective. Polyolefins constitute today arguably the most important class of polymers and polymeric materials for widespread industrial applications. This book summarizes the present state of the art. Starting from fundamental aspects, such as the polymerization techniques to synthesize polyolefins, the book introduces the topic. Basic knowledge about polyolefin composites and blends is explained, before applications aspects in different industry sectors are discussed. The spectrum comprises a wide range of applications and industry sectors, such as the packaging and food industry, the textile industry, automotive and buildings, and even biomedical applications. Topics, which are addressed in the various chapters, comprise synthesis and processing of the materials; their classification; mechanical, physical and technical requirements and properties; their characterization; and many more. In the end of the book, even the disposal, degradation and recycling of polyolefins are addressed, and light is shed on their commercial significance and economic value. In this way, the book follows the entire 'lifetime' of polyolefin compounds and materials: from their synthesis and processing, over applications, to the recycling and reuse of disposed or degraded polyolefin substrates.

High Performance and Specialty Fibers

High Performance and Specialty Fibers Author Society of Fiber Science & Technology, Japan
ISBN-10 9784431552031
Release 2016-08-16
Pages 451
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This book reviews the key technologies and characteristics of the modern man-made specialty fibers mainly developed in Japan. Since the production of many low-cost man-made fibers shifted to China and other Asian countries, Japanese companies have focused on production of high-quality, high-performance super fibers as well as highly functionalized fibers so-called ‘Shin-gosen’. ZylonTM and DyneemaTM manufactured by Toyobo, TechnoraTM produced by Teijin, and VectranTM developed by Kuraray are those examples of super fibers. Carbon fibers ToraycaTM from Toray have occupied the most advanced high-performance application area. Various types of polyester fibers having design-shaped cross-sections and special fiber morphologies and those showing specific physico-chemical properties have also been developed to acquire a high-value textile market of the world. This book describes how these high-tech fibers have been developed and what aspects are the most important in each fiber based on its structure-property relationship. Famous specialists both in industry and academia are responsible for the contents, explaining the design concepts and the special technologies for the production of these special fibers. For university teachers and students, this volume is an excellent textbook that elucidates the basic concepts of modern fibers. At the same time, researchers, both in academia and industry, will find a comprehensive overview of recent man-made fibers. This publication, presenting the most easily understandable general survey of specialty man-made fibers to date, is dedicated to the 70th-anniversary of the Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan.

Natural Fibers Plastics and Composites

Natural Fibers  Plastics and Composites Author Frederick T. Wallenberger
ISBN-10 9781441990501
Release 2011-06-28
Pages 370
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Natural Fibers Plastics and Composites has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Natural Fibers Plastics and Composites also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Natural Fibers Plastics and Composites book for free.

Frontiers in the Science and Technology of Polymer Recycling

Frontiers in the Science and Technology of Polymer Recycling Author Güneri Akovali
ISBN-10 9789401716260
Release 2013-03-09
Pages 476
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Polymers, main components of plastics and rubbers, are being discarded in increasing quantities. But this waste can also be considered as `plastic gold'. Public concern, coupled with the inherent value of the material, means that recycling is imperative. The present book presents a survey of current knowledge in the form of case studies, including current legal and educational issues. Topics covered also include regulation and practice in NATO countries, the economics of recycling, the reprocessing of single polymers and mixtures, and future prospects and strategies. Audience: Vital reading for all polymer scientists, technicians and engineers.

Metallopolymer Nanocomposites

Metallopolymer Nanocomposites Author A.D. Pomogailo
ISBN-10 3540209492
Release 2005-04-19
Pages 563
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Highly dispersed nanoscale particles in polymer matrices are currently attracting great interest in many fields of chemistry, physics, and materials science. This book presents and analyzes the essential data on nanoscale metal clusters dispersed in, or chemically bonded with polymers. Special attention is paid to the in situ synthesis of the nanocomposites, their chemical interactions, and the size and distribution of the particles in the polymer matrix. Numerous novel nanocomposites are described with regard to their mechanical, electrophysical, optical, magnetic, catalytic, and biological properties. Their applications, present and future, are outlined. The book is addressed both to researchers who actively use these materials and to students entering this multidisciplinary field.

Laser Precision Microfabrication

Laser Precision Microfabrication Author Koji Sugioka
ISBN-10 3642105238
Release 2010-08-13
Pages 344
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Miniaturization and high precision are rapidly becoming a requirement for many industrial processes and products. As a result, there is greater interest in the use of laser microfabrication technology to achieve these goals. This book composed of 16 chapters covers all the topics of laser precision processing from fundamental aspects to industrial applications to both inorganic and biological materials. It reviews the sate of the art of research and technological development in the area of laser processing.

Biomedical and Dental Applications of Polymers

Biomedical and Dental Applications of Polymers Author Charles Gebelein
ISBN-10 9781475795103
Release 2013-11-11
Pages 492
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The development and use of medical and dental materials are highly interdisciplinary endeavors which require expertise in chemistry, materials science, medicine and/or dentistry, mechanics and design engineering. The Symposium upon which this treatise is based was organized to bring members from these communities together to explore problems of mutual interest. The biomaterials which are used in medical or dental prostheses must not only exhibit structural stability and provide the desired function, but they must also perform over extended periods of time in the environment of the body. The latter is a very stringent requirement. The oral and other physiological environments are designed by nature to break down many organic substances. Also of importance is the requirement that materials used in the prosthesis not have a deleterious effect on body tissues. Most foreign (to the body) substances are somewhat toxic to human tissues; in fact, few factors are more limiting in the medical prosthesis field than the biocompatibility problem. Some of these problems and the attempts to solve them are discussed in this volume.

German books in print

German books in print Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015046438936
Release 2002
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German books in print has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from German books in print also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full German books in print book for free.

Plastics Processing Data Handbook

Plastics Processing Data Handbook Author D.V. Rosato
ISBN-10 9789401096584
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 392
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This comprehensive book provides guidelines for maximizing plastics proc essing efficiency in the manufacture of all types of products, using all types of plastics. A practical approach is employed to present fundamental, yet comprehensive, coverage of processing concepts. The information and data presented by the many tables and figures interrelate the different variables that affect injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, compression molding, reinforced plastics molding, rotational molding, re action injection molding, coining, casting, and other processes. The text presents a great number of problems pertaining to different phases of processing. Solutions are provided that will meet product per formance requirements at the lowest cost. Many of the processing variables and their behaviors in the different processes are the same, as they all in volve basic conditions of temperature, time, and pressure. The book begins with information applicable to all processes, on topics such as melt soft ening flow and controls; all processes fit into an overall scheme that re quires the interaction and proper control of systems. Individual processes are reviewed to show the effects of changing different variables to meet the goal of zero defects. The content is arranged to provide a natural progres sion from simple to complex situations, which range from control of a sin gle manual machine to simulation of sophisticated computerized processes that interface with many different processing functions.

Droplet and Spray Transport Paradigms and Applications

Droplet and Spray Transport  Paradigms and Applications Author Saptarshi Basu
ISBN-10 9789811072338
Release 2017-12-12
Pages 379
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This book focuses on droplets and sprays and their applications. It discusses how droplet level transport is central to a multitude of applications and how droplet level manipulation and control can enhance the efficiency and design of multiphase systems. Droplets and sprays are ubiquitous in a variety of multiphase and multiscale applications in surface patterning, oil recovery, combustion, atomization, spray drying, thermal barrier coating, renewable energy, and electronic cooling, to name but a few. This book provides two levels of details pertaining to such applications. Each chapter delves into a specific application and provides not only an overview but also detailed physical insights into the application mechanism from the point of view of droplets and sprays. All chapters provide a mix of cutting-edge applications, new diagnostic techniques and modern computational methodologies, as well as the fundamental physical mechanism involved in each application. Taken together, the chapters provide a translational perspective on these applications, from basic transport processes to optimization, and from design to implementation using droplets or sprays as fundamental building blocks. Given its breadth of coverage, the book will be of interest to students, researchers, and industry professionals alike.

Biomimetics in Materials Science

Biomimetics in Materials Science Author Michael Nosonovsky
ISBN-10 9781461409267
Release 2011-12-07
Pages 418
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Biomimetics in Materials Science provides a comprehensive theoretical and practical review of biomimetic materials with self-healing, self-lubricating and self-cleaning properties. These three topics are closely related and constitute rapidly developing areas of study. The field of self-healing materials requires a new conceptual understanding of this biomimetic technology, which is in contrast to traditional engineering processes such as wear and fatigue. Biomimetics in Materials Science is the first monograph to be devoted to these materials. A new theoretical framework for these processes is presented based on the concept of multi-scale structure of entropy and non-equilibrium thermodynamics, together with a detailed review of the available technology. The latter includes experimental, modeling, and simulation results obtained on self-healing/lubricating/cleaning materials since their emergence in the past decade.

Composite Materials

Composite Materials Author Kamal K. Kar
ISBN-10 9783662495148
Release 2016-10-24
Pages 686
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Composite materials are used as substitutions of metals/traditional materials in aerospace, automotive, civil, mechanical and other industries. The present book collects the current knowledge and recent developments in the characterization and application of composite materials. To this purpose the volume describes the outstanding properties of this class of advanced material which recommend it for various industrial applications.