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Mentoring New Teachers Through Collaborative Coaching

Mentoring New Teachers Through Collaborative Coaching Author Kathy Dunne
ISBN-10 0914409301
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 95
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What are the best approaches for developing effective teacher mentors? In their work across the country, Kathy Dunne and Susan Villani have combined the nonjudgmental approach of collaborative coaching with a focus on student learning to heighten teacher effectiveness. The result is a stunningly effective model that benefits mentors and teachers alike — all in the service of students. For education leaders who oversee mentor programs and those who provide professional development for mentors, this book looks at mentoring from the context of the research on effective mentoring and provides extensive guidance on how mentors can understand the needs of new teachers, build strong relationships with them, and coach them through an ongoing process of improving their teaching practice. Step-by-step professional development activities spell out the details in the companion facilitation and training guide.

Mentoring New Teachers Through Collaborative Coaching

Mentoring New Teachers Through Collaborative Coaching Author Kathy Dunne
ISBN-10 091440931X
Release 2007
Pages 300
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Designed for professional developers who work with mentors, the Facilitation and Training Guide can be used to recreate or customize the comprehensive mentoring program developed by WestEd's Kathy Dunne and Susan Villani. Activities are organized at two levels: (1) for working directly with mentor teachers and (2) for helping professional developers design their own mentor training programs. Each step-by-step activity includes a statement of purpose, facilitator notes, and all necessary handouts and overheads. In addition to the hardcopy binder materials, a CD-ROM holds all customizable handouts and agendas as well as complete PowerPoint presentations. The materials in this guide supplement and expand upon the companion book,Mentoring New Teachers Through Collaborative Coaching: Linking Student and Teacher Learning.

Mentoring Programs for New Teachers

Mentoring Programs for New Teachers Author Susan Villani
ISBN-10 0761978690
Release 2002
Pages 244
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Get started on the right mentoring model to establish a program that will affect hiring, orientation, teacher effectiveness, and staff morale for the better!

Mentoring and Coaching in Schools

Mentoring and Coaching in Schools Author Suzanne Burley
ISBN-10 9781136760143
Release 2011-03-25
Pages 152
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Mentoring and Coaching in Schools explores the ways in which mentoring and coaching can be used as a dynamic collaborative process for effective professional learning.

Comprehensive Mentoring Programs for New Teachers

Comprehensive Mentoring Programs for New Teachers Author Susan Villani
ISBN-10 9781452272788
Release 2009-06-17
Pages 240
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This updated edition presents 18 successful real-world programs, 5 factors for developing a comprehensive mentoring initiative, and new material for mentoring special education, math, and science teachers.

Creating Dynamic Schools Through Mentoring Coaching and Collaboration

Creating Dynamic Schools Through Mentoring  Coaching  and Collaboration Author Judy F. Carr
ISBN-10 9781416602965
Release 2005
Pages 165
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A guide to creating successful schools covers mentoring of new teachers, using study groups, and building a variety of learning communities.

Mentoring New Teachers

Mentoring New Teachers Author Hal Portner
ISBN-10 9781452280646
Release 2008-04-25
Pages 168
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A comprehensive guide for developing successful mentors! In the latest edition of this bestseller, the author draws upon research, experience, and insights to provide an overview of essential mentoring behaviors. Packed with strategies, exercises, and resources, this book examines four critical mentoring functions and gives school leaders, mentors, and staff developers the tools to create a dynamic mentoring program or revitalize an existing one. Features and topics new to this edition include: Classroom observation methods and instruments Teacher mentor standards based on the NBPTS Core Propositions Approaches to mentoring the nontraditional new teacher A guide for careerlong professional development

What Successful Mentors Do

What Successful Mentors Do Author Cathy D. Hicks
ISBN-10 9781452299433
Release 2004-11-17
Pages 224
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Be the best mentor you can be with these state-of-the-art strategies! How can you relate all of your teaching experience to a new teacher? Working from decades of experience, the authors of this guide offer sensible strategies to help mentors help new teachers. The authors synthesize theory and practice to show mentors how to: Increase new-teacher support, success, and retention Guide teachers in their relationships and classroom strategies Improve their own mentoring approach Avoid common mentoring pitfalls

Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching Author Les Foltos
ISBN-10 9781483300214
Release 2013-07-23
Pages 232
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Teachers are better together! For schools to implement the classroom changes the future demands, teachers must learn how to collaborate effectively. This book details the deeply-researched peer coaching method formulated by Les Foltos and implemented in over 40 countries with powerful results. Its insights include: How peer coaching that makes a difference involves much more than just offering advice. How a coaching relationship is first built on trust, and then on the willingness to take risks. Why peer coaching should focus on adapting teaching methods to the technological future of education.

Effective teacher induction mentoring

Effective teacher induction   mentoring Author Michael Strong
ISBN-10 0807749346
Release 2009
Pages 152
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A well-known authority on teacher induction programs offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date review of all recent research on the effectiveness of mentoring and induction support for new teachers. Michael Strong provides a revealing analysis of teacher induction programs and their consequences for education, teacher quality, teacher effectiveness, and teacher development. Because mentoring programs can be costly, particularly in large urban school districts with high teacher turnover rates, there is a rapidly growing body of research on program structures and their outcomes. This valuable book synthesizes the relevant research in a manner that is accessible, straightforward, and useful

Mentoring Beginning Teachers

Mentoring Beginning Teachers Author Jean Boreen
ISBN-10 9781571107428
Release 2009-01
Pages 192
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The expanded second edition--packed with insights, anecdotes, and updated research--provides mentors with a road map for helping new teachers become confident, reflective educators. The collaborative model outlined in the book is for the mentor and the novice alike. The authors have incorporated the latest findings on all aspects of mentoring--from preparing to be a mentoring guide or coach to school culture and parent outreach. Mentoring Beginning Teachers, Second Edition provides a comprehensive and tested plan for helping mentors guide new teachers in moving beyond the basics of plan/teach/evaluate to a higher level of joint assessment and inquiry.

Mentoring Coaching and Collaboration

Mentoring  Coaching  and Collaboration Author Corwin Press
ISBN-10 1412969697
Release 2008
Pages 285
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Mentoring Coaching and Collaboration has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mentoring Coaching and Collaboration also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mentoring Coaching and Collaboration book for free.

Instructional Coaching in Action

Instructional Coaching in Action Author Ellen B. Eisenberg
ISBN-10 9781416623687
Release 2017-05-22
Pages 180
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Unlike “fix-it” strategies that targeted teachers are likely to resist, educator-centered instructional coaching—ECIC—offers respectful coaching for professionals within their schoolwide community. Evidence-based results across all content areas, authentic practices for data collection and analysis, along with nonevaluative, confidential collaboration offer a productive and promising path to teacher development. Coaches and teachers implement ECIC through a before-during-after—BDA—cycle that includes comprehensive planning between coach and teacher; classroom visitation and data collection; and debriefing and reflection. Drawing on their extensive experience with ECIC, authors Ellen B. Eisenberg, Bruce P. Eisenberg, Elliott A. Medrich, and Ivan Charner offer this detailed guidance for coaches and school leaders on how you and your school can * create the conditions for an effective ECIC program, * get buy-in from teachers, * clearly define the role of coach, * roll out a coaching initiative, and * ensure ongoing success with coaching. Filled with authentic advice from coaches, Instructional Coaching in Action provides valuable insight and demonstrates how educator-centered instructional coaching can make a difference in teacher learning, instructional practice, and student outcomes.

Teaching Coaching and Mentoring Adult Learners

Teaching  Coaching and Mentoring Adult Learners Author Heather Fehring
ISBN-10 9781317335801
Release 2016-11-03
Pages 178
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The challenge for those coaching, mentoring, supervising or teaching adults is to design and deliver high-quality programmes that encompass a blend of teaching and learning approaches and strategies, that are constructed for adult learners in multiple educational environments and that cater for the diversity of adult learners’ needs. Adult learners are complex individuals who come to the learning process with a multitude of different experiences. Teaching, Coaching and Mentoring Adult Learners helps practitioners step up to this challenge by developing the skills needed to share their expertise with adult learners and engage them in new transformative practices. This book also forms a timely contribution to the current period of evolution in adult education, where extreme changes in the nature and scope of work and the globalisation of work and life are influencing learning. The shift in adult education addressed in this book includes: the globalisation of the workforce and the cultural impact on adult, tertiary and further education the relationship established between adult educators and adult learners provision of adult education and professional development by private and major multimedia and corporate interests occupations boundaries between professions and between skilled and unskilled work assessing adult learners’ needs and adapting strategies to meet the perceived needs of adult learners in medicine, education, psychology and industry designing learning experiences to maximise the processing of complex conceptual knowledge and then transforming the knowledge to fit new learning environments the role of new technologies of learning in adult and vocational learning. This book provides research-based insight into the expectations and the value of the coach, mentor, tutor and supervisor roles and combines research with strategic guidance to support the implementation of innovative techniques through case studies, strategies and methodologies in teaching and learning in higher education and professional learning. Bringing together insights from an expert range of international contributors, this text will be invaluable to higher education professionals and those involved in supervising, coaching and mentoring in the workforce.

Leading the Teacher Induction and Mentoring Program

Leading the Teacher Induction and Mentoring Program Author Barry W. Sweeny
ISBN-10 9781452293806
Release 2007-08-01
Pages 296
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Use these step-by-step strategies to develop and implement a proven program that links to districtwide goals and results in highly qualified teachers and increased student achievement.

Quality Teaching in a Culture of Coaching

Quality Teaching in a Culture of Coaching Author Stephen G. Barkley
ISBN-10 9781607095828
Release 2010-08-16
Pages 210
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This book expands on the framework established in the original volume of Quality Teaching in a Culture of Coaching, providing many examples that can be incorporated into any educational environment.

The Active Mentor

The Active Mentor Author Ron Nash
ISBN-10 9781412980500
Release 2010-01-06
Pages 126
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This resource demonstrates how to build effective, active teacher mentoring programs—from helping new teachers implement active classroom principles to creating a schoolwide climate for mentoring.