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Meta Luxury

Meta Luxury Author Manfredi Ricca
ISBN-10 9780230293571
Release 2012-04-26
Pages 224
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Meta-Luxury sets out to define the ultimate meaning of true luxury, exploring it as both a culture and business model. Through the concept of Unique Achievement and the drivers of Craftsmanship, Focus, History, and Rarity, the authors examine what is at the heart of true luxury and its implications for brand and business management. A unique series of conversations with an eclectic array of world-renowned craftsmen, artists, academics, and heads of unique brands, brings insightful illumination to the paradigm of meta-luxury. Conversations include: Salvatore Accardo Hans Peter Danuser von Platen Paolo Fazioli Simon Jacomet Francis Kurkdjian Kauzmi Murose Horacio Pagani Renzo Piano Dr. Michael Scott Francesco Trapani

Meta Luxury

Meta Luxury Author M. Ricca
ISBN-10 9781137005663
Release 2012-04-26
Pages 224
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Meta-Luxury sets out to define the ultimate meaning of true luxury, exploring it as both a culture and business model. Through the concept of Unique Achievement and the drivers of Craftsmanship, Focus, History and Rarity, the authors examine what is at the heart of true luxury through a unique series of conversations.

Meta Luxury

Meta Luxury Author M. Ricca
ISBN-10 9781137005663
Release 2012-04-26
Pages 224
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Meta-Luxury sets out to define the ultimate meaning of true luxury, exploring it as both a culture and business model. Through the concept of Unique Achievement and the drivers of Craftsmanship, Focus, History and Rarity, the authors examine what is at the heart of true luxury through a unique series of conversations.

Luxury Retail Management

Luxury Retail Management Author Michel Chevalier
ISBN-10 9780470830291
Release 2012-01-13
Pages 384
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Noted experts offer invaluable insights into the glamorous world of luxury retail Luxury Retail Management is your gold-plated ticket to the glamorous world of luxury retail. Defining all the tools that are necessary to manage luxury stores, from the analysis of location and design concept, to the selection, training, and motivation of the staff, the book covers everything you need to know to enter, expand, understand, and succeed in the world of luxury retail. Reaching the luxury customer is no longer the domain of the exclusive salon—the global luxury market boom and the phenomenal growth of luxury stores now views the retail sector as key to driving brand profitability. In dealing with this rapid change, luxury brands have experienced a steep learning curve and accumulated bags of retail expertise. And while some of the luxury retail rules and models in this book are exclusive to the luxury market, many have lessons for the whole retail sector. Examines the essential aspects of luxury customer relationship management, personal sales, and the customer experience Delves into the sophisticated business models that luxury brands have developed based on a mix of directly-operated-stores and wholesale Covers the management essentials—distribution, location, design, merchandising, pricing, brand promotion, and the management agenda for success Written by respected experts Michel Chevalier and Michel Gutsatz, who lend their solid academic credentials and professional expertise to the subject, Luxury Retail Management asks and answers the questions that retail professionals need to understand in order to thrive in the luxury market.

Kapferer on Luxury

Kapferer on Luxury Author Jean-Noël Kapferer
ISBN-10 9780749474379
Release 2015-03-03
Pages 240
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Kapferer on Luxury addresses the No 1 challenge of all major luxury brands today: How can these brands pursue their growth yet remain luxury? How do you reconcile growth and rarity? Kapferer on Luxury offers a selection of the most recent and insightful articles and original essays on the luxury growth challenge from Jean-Noël Kapferer, a world-renowned luxury analyst and co-author of the reference book The Luxury Strategy. Each chapter addresses a specific issue relating to the luxury growth challenge such as sustaining the 'luxury dream', adapting the internet to luxury demands, re-widening the gap with premium brands' competition, facing the demand of the Chinese clients, the importance of non-delocalization, rising sustainable quality and experiential standards, developing real luxury services and managing luxury brands within groups without diluting their equity and more. As such, Kapferer on Luxury is the perfect and timely resource for luxury executives, communication managers, luxury observers and advanced students, willing to deepen their understanding of this major luxury challenge.

Luxury Brand Management

Luxury Brand Management Author Michel Chevalier
ISBN-10 9781118171790
Release 2012-05-18
Pages 320
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The definitive guide to managing a luxury brand, newly revised and updated What defines a luxury brand? Traditional wisdom suggests that it's one that's selective and exclusive—to such a degree that only one brand can exist within each retail category (automobiles, fragrances, cosmetics, etc.). But this definition is inherently restrictive, failing to take into account the way in which luxury brands today are increasingly identified as such by their placement in stores and how consumers perceive them. This revised and updated edition of Luxury Brand Management, the first comprehensive book on luxury brand management, looks at the world of branding today. Written by two renowned insiders, the book builds on this new, broader definition of luxury and examines more than 450 internationally known brands from a wide range of industries. Packed with new information covering the financial crisis's impact on luxury brands, and looking towards a new period of growth, the book reconciles management, marketing, and creation with real-life examples and management tools that the authors have successfully used in their professional careers. Includes dedicated chapters focusing on each of the main functions of a luxury brand, including brand creation, the complexity of managing brand identity, the convergence of arts and brands, and much more Addresses the practical functions that can make or break bottom lines and affect brand perception, such as distribution, retailing, logistics, and licensing Focuses on brand life-cycle, brand identity, and licensing issues A compelling and comprehensive examination of the different dimensions of luxury management in various sectors, this new edition of the classic text on brand management is essential reading for anyone working with or interested in making the most of a luxury brand in the post-recession world.


Luxury Author Ashok Som
ISBN-10 9780470830024
Release 2015-02-02
Pages 432
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A thorough, comprehensive guide to the luxury goods industry for executives, entrepreneurs, and MBA students As key new luxury markets like China and India continue to expand, this book gives professionals in the industry a holistic understanding of luxury market dynamics around the world using relevant data and statistics on current market trends. For investors, the book offers valuable insight on where the industry is headed. For industry insiders and executives, it presents valuable data with which to craft successful business strategies. The definitive insider's guide to the luxury sector Includes rigorous academic data, including information on the business attractiveness and appropriateness of various country markets For professionals in the luxury industry, as well as those studying it or investing in it, Luxury presents a complete and information-packed resource covering virtually every aspect of this growing sector.

Human Accomplishment

Human Accomplishment Author Charles Murray
ISBN-10 9780061745676
Release 2009-10-13
Pages 688
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A sweeping cultural survey reminiscent of Barzun's From Dawn to Decadence. "At irregular times and in scattered settings, human beings have achieved great things. Human Accomplishment is about those great things, falling in the domains known as the arts and sciences, and the people who did them.' So begins Charles Murray's unique account of human excellence, from the age of Homer to our own time. Employing techniques that historians have developed over the last century but that have rarely been applied to books written for the general public, Murray compiles inventories of the people who have been essential to the stories of literature, music, art, philosophy, and the sciences—a total of 4,002 men and women from around the world, ranked according to their eminence. The heart of Human Accomplishment is a series of enthralling descriptive chapters: on the giants in the arts and what sets them apart from the merely great; on the differences between great achievement in the arts and in the sciences; on the meta-inventions, 14 crucial leaps in human capacity to create great art and science; and on the patterns and trajectories of accomplishment across time and geography. Straightforwardly and undogmatically, Charles Murray takes on some controversial questions. Why has accomplishment been so concentrated in Europe? Among men? Since 1400? He presents evidence that the rate of great accomplishment has been declining in the last century, asks what it means, and offers a rich framework for thinking about the conditions under which the human spirit has expressed itself most gloriously. Eye-opening and humbling, Human Accomplishment is a fascinating work that describes what humans at their best can achieve, provides tools for exploring its wellsprings, and celebrates the continuing common quest of humans everywhere to discover truths, create beauty, and apprehend the good.

Luxury Strategy in Action

Luxury Strategy in Action Author J. Hoffmann
ISBN-10 9780230361546
Release 2016-01-05
Pages 205
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Written by experts in Luxury and Fashion Management at SKEMA Business School this exciting new book offers a new perspective that challenges the established rules of the luxury and fashion industry. The authors and contributors examine the evolution of luxury strategy and how the luxury industry is being redefined in the twenty-first century.

Luxury Sales Force Management

Luxury Sales Force Management Author M. Merk
ISBN-10 9781137347442
Release 2014-02-24
Pages 213
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The sales team can often make or break the success of new brands or products. This comprehensive guide provides strategies, models and checklists to help managers and directors strengthen the relationships of their firm's sales force with their own or other brands, maximizing turnover and profit in the long run.

Retail Advertising and Promotion

Retail Advertising and Promotion Author Jay Diamond
ISBN-10 1563678985
Release 2011-03-17
Pages 448
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Retail Advertising and Promotion explores how today's retailers can effectively reach their existing customers while also attracting and retaining new ones. The only advertising book that focuses specifically on the retail industry, it covers historical perspectives, ethics, regulations, and current trends while featuring practical information on planning and budgeting and advice on how to work with advertising agencies. All forms of advertising media are covered, from newspapers and magazines to television, radio, outdoor advertising, and the Internet. The book also discusses promotional tools such as special events, visual merchandising, and public relations, providing students with all they need to coordinate successful advertising and promotional initiatives on behalf of a retail business. Instructors, contact your Sales Representative for access to Instructor's Materials.

Strategic Retail Management

Strategic Retail Management Author Joachim Zentes
ISBN-10 9783658101831
Release 2016-10-07
Pages 468
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This book is devoted to the dynamic development of retailing. The focus is on various strategy concepts adopted by retailing companies and their implementation in practice. This is not a traditional textbook or collection of case studies; it aims to demonstrate the complex and manifold questions of retail management in the form of twenty lessons, where each lesson provides a thematic overview of key issues and illustrates them via a comprehensive case study. The examples are all internationally known retail companies, to facilitate an understanding of what is involved in strategic retail management and illustrate best practices. In the third edition, all chapters were revised and updated. Two new chapters were added to treat topics like corporate social responsibility as well as marketing communication. All case studies were replaced by new ones to reflect the most recent developments. Well-known retail companies from different countries, like Tesco, Zalando, Hugo Boss, Carrefour, Amazon, Otto Group, are now used to illustrate particular aspects of retail management.

Branded Beauty

Branded Beauty Author Mark Tungate
ISBN-10 9780749461829
Release 2011-10-03
Pages 288
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Beauty is a multi-billion dollar global industry embracing make-up, skincare, hair care, fragrances, cosmetic surgery - even tattooing and piercing. Over the years it has used flattery, seduction, science and shame to persuade consumers that they'll have to invest if they want to look their best. In Branded Beauty, Mark Tungate delves into the history and evolution of the beauty business. From luxury boutiques in Paris to tattoo parlours in Brooklyn, he talks to the people who've made skin their trade. He analyses the marketing strategies used by those who create and sell beauty products. He visits the labs where researchers seek the key to eternal youth. He compares attitudes to beauty around the world and examines the rise of organic beauty products. Full of fascinating detail on great names such as Rubinstein and Arden, Revlon, Estée Lauder, L'Oréal and Max Factor, Branded Beauty also considers the future of the beauty business.

Luxury Essentials

Luxury Essentials Author Daniel André Langer
ISBN-10 069236126X
Release 2015-01-02
Pages 182
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This book provides truly new insights into the seemingly elusive concept of luxury and it does so using a compact and convenient format. More precisely, it condenses the authors' groundbreaking book on Luxury: Marketing & Management - which has become a standard textbook on luxury and is used in Universities around the world - into easy to digest pieces of knowledge, yet maintains the essence of the full-fledged original. Thus, the Essentials provide the best format for people on the go yet provide a comprehensive entry into this fascinating world of luxury with its most unique products, ideas and challenges for consumers, managers and also scientists. Daniel A. Langer & Oliver P. Heil on why they wrote this book: "Whether we teach luxury to students or have discussions with luxury professionals or talk to luxury consumers, one common theme emerges again and again: While luxury seems to be easy to grasp at first, it quickly evolves into a most complicated endeavor. That is, its management poses most unique challenges, e.g. as price is often seemingly irrelevant. While intuitively there should be a lot of publications on luxury that really matter, there are only a few that try to meet the luxury challenge." "Luxury Essentials" has the ambition to provide what many call the "gold standard" in luxury publications "Luxury: Marketing & Management" to a much broader audience. It covers the key content in an essential, more compact, easy to digest format. To those who want to go beyond the essentials and get additional inspiration by more background and more examples, the original textbook would seem to be a natural next step to read. This is what the world's leading experts on luxury say about the authors' book "Luxury: Marketing & Management" "The book Luxury: Marketing & Management will be of considerable interest to both managers and academics seeking to understand and manage luxury goods in the 21st Century." Prof. Dr. David B. Montgomery, Stanford University & former Dean, Singapore Management University "This new and interesting research provides insight into the unique world of luxury and I have no doubt will prove a fascinating read for consumers and managers. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has been at the pinnacle of automotive luxury for over 100 years and it is enlightening to see scientific research on the industry." Torsten Muller-Otvos, CEO Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd "This book provides a large coverage of research on luxury, combined with new practical approaches, such how to analyze the luxury potential of a category on the basis of the price differentials. Very enlightening reading for managers and consumers alike." Prof. Dr. Gilles Laurent, HEC Paris "Many asked me in the course of the year what is the essence of luxury, and there is in my opinion a one world answer to this: luxury is pure emotion. In their book the authors provide an elaborated overview on luxury both from a researcher's and a manager's perspective. It's a must-read for those interested in luxury." Pietro Beccari, Chairman & CEO Fendi "As a maker of high-end mechanical watches, we are impressed by the precision of this analysis on the meaning of luxury today and the practical and valuable conclusions for a successful management of luxury products. Most interesting work!" Philippe Merk, CEO Audemars Piguet "This book's development of luxury signals provides a new and creative perspective of luxury. Reading it will amount to a very good investment for managers and be enlightening for consumers of luxury items around the globe. Fun to read!" Prof. Dr. Kris Helsen, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST)

Global Indigenous Media

Global Indigenous Media Author Pamela Wilson
ISBN-10 9780822388692
Release 2008-08-06
Pages 374
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In this exciting interdisciplinary collection, scholars, activists, and media producers explore the emergence of Indigenous media: forms of media expression conceptualized, produced, and created by Indigenous peoples around the globe. Whether discussing Maori cinema in New Zealand or activist community radio in Colombia, the contributors describe how native peoples use both traditional and new media to combat discrimination, advocate for resources and rights, and preserve their cultures, languages, and aesthetic traditions. By representing themselves in a variety of media, Indigenous peoples are also challenging misleading mainstream and official state narratives, forging international solidarity movements, and bringing human rights violations to international attention. Global Indigenous Media addresses Indigenous self-representation across many media forms, including feature film, documentary, animation, video art, television and radio, the Internet, digital archiving, and journalism. The volume’s sixteen essays reflect the dynamism of Indigenous media-making around the world. One contributor examines animated films for children produced by Indigenous-owned companies in the United States and Canada. Another explains how Indigenous media producers in Burma (Myanmar) work with NGOs and outsiders against the country’s brutal regime. Still another considers how the Ticuna Indians of Brazil are positioning themselves in relation to the international community as they collaborate in creating a CD-ROM about Ticuna knowledge and rituals. In the volume’s closing essay, Faye Ginsburg points out some of the problematic assumptions about globalization, media, and culture underlying the term “digital age” and claims that the age has arrived. Together the essays reveal the crucial role of Indigenous media in contemporary media at every level: local, regional, national, and international. Contributors: Lisa Brooten, Kathleen Buddle, Cache Collective, Michael Christie, Amalia Córdova, Galina Diatchkova, Priscila Faulhaber, Louis Forline, Jennifer Gauthier, Faye Ginsburg, Alexandra Halkin, Joanna Hearne, Ruth McElroy, Mario A. Murillo, Sari Pietikäinen, Juan Francisco Salazar, Laurel Smith, Michelle Stewart, Pamela Wilson

Sustainable Management of Luxury

Sustainable Management of Luxury Author Miguel Angel Gardetti
ISBN-10 9789811029172
Release 2017-03-25
Pages 510
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As this book is the first book worldwide in the "sustainable" management of luxury area, it highlights key aspects in the sustainable management of luxury based on presentations using different approaches, whether reflexive, empirical, hands-on or applied theory and cases.

The Luxury Strategy

The Luxury Strategy Author Jean-Noël Kapferer
ISBN-10 9780749464929
Release 2012-09-03
Pages 408
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The Luxury Strategy, written by two world experts on the subject, provides the first rigorous blueprint for the effective management of luxury brands and companies at the highest level. It rationalizes those business models that have achieved profitability and unveils the original methods that were used to transform small family businesses such as Ferrari, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Chanel, Armani, Gucci, and Ralph Lauren into profitable global brands. By defining the differences between premium and luxury brands and products, analysing the nature of true luxury brands and turning established marketing 'rules' upside down, it has established itself as the definitive work on the essence of a luxury brand strategy. This fully revised second edition of The Luxury Strategy explores the diversity of meanings of 'luxury' across different markets. It also now includes a section on marketing and selling luxury goods online and the impact of social networks and digital developments, cementing its position as the authority on luxury strategy.