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MHS2002 Author Japan. Monbu Kagakushō
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924096207612
Release 2002-10
Pages 280
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MHS2002 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from MHS2002 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full MHS2002 book for free.

BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory Short

BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory  Short Author Reuven Bar-On
ISBN-10 OCLC:181332867
Release 2002
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BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory Short has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory Short also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory Short book for free.

EQ i

EQ i Author Reuven Bar-On
ISBN-10 OCLC:244292920
Release 2002
Pages 174
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EQ i has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from EQ i also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full EQ i book for free.

Dilemmas in Animal Welfare

Dilemmas in Animal Welfare Author Michael C Appleby
ISBN-10 9781780642161
Release 2014-04-23
Pages 220
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There are endless on-going debates in animal welfare. This book seeks to distil some of the major themes of current debate into one volume edited by internationally known names in the field of animal welfare. Each chapter, written by a leading expert will discuss in an open-handed way a provocative topic, which will be of interest to anyone concerned with animal welfare. Issues covered include tail docking, pet obesity, isolation vs. group aggression, neutering feral cats and the need to conserve wildlife habitats in the face of wild animal overpopulation

Small scale Freshwater Toxicity Investigations

Small scale Freshwater Toxicity Investigations Author Christian Blaise
ISBN-10 9781402035531
Release 2006-01-16
Pages 422
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This broad review is the first to gather comprehensive information on the complete contemporary range of toxicity testing procedures and hazard assessment procedures, which is normally scattered and difficult to find. The two-volume set provides a consistent, template-based approach, linking relevant information on background, theory and practice to each bioassay. Volume 2 examines hazard assessment schemes. Includes extensive glossary.

Freshwater Fisheries Ecology

Freshwater Fisheries Ecology Author John F. Craig
ISBN-10 9781118394410
Release 2015-09-11
Pages 920
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Inland fisheries are vital for the livelihoods and food resources of humans worldwide but their importance is underestimated, probably because large numbers of small, local operators are involved. Freshwater Fisheries Ecology defines what we have globally, what we are going to lose and mitigate for, and what, given the right tools, we can save. To estimate potential production, the dynamics of freshwater ecosystems (rivers, lakes and estuaries) need to be understood. These dynamics are diverse, as are the earth?s freshwater fisheries resources (from boreal to tropical regions), and these influence how fisheries are both utilized and abused. Three main types of fisheries are illustrated within the book: artisanal, commercial and recreational, and the tools which have evolved for fisheries governance and management, including assessment methods, are described. The book also covers in detail fisheries development, providing information on improving fisheries through environmental and habitat evaluation, enhancement and rehabilitation, aquaculture, genetically modified fishes and sustainability. The book thoroughly reviews the negative impacts on fisheries including excessive harvesting, climate change, toxicology, impoundments, barriers and abstractions, non-native species and eutrophication. Finally, key areas of future research are outlined. Freshwater Fisheries Ecology is truly a landmark publication, containing contributions from over 100 leading experts and supported by the Fisheries Society of the British Isles. The global approach makes this book essential reading for fish biologists, fisheries scientists and ecologists and upper level students in these disciplines. Libraries in all universities and research establishments where biological and fisheries sciences are studied and taught should have multiple copies of this hugely valuable resource. About the Editor John Craig is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Fish Biology and has an enormous range of expertise and a wealth of knowledge of freshwater fishes and their ecology, having studied them around the globe, including in Asia, North America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. His particular interests have been in population dynamics and life history strategies. He is a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London and the Royal Society of Biology.

High Performance Programming for Soft Computing

High Performance Programming for Soft Computing Author Oscar Humberto Montiel Ross
ISBN-10 9781466586017
Release 2014-02-04
Pages 376
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This book examines the present and future of soft computer techniques. It explains how to use the latest technological tools, such as multicore processors and graphics processing units, to implement highly efficient intelligent system methods using a general purpose computer.

Handbook of Research on Synthesizing Human Emotion in Intelligent Systems and Robotics

Handbook of Research on Synthesizing Human Emotion in Intelligent Systems and Robotics Author Vallverdú, Jordi
ISBN-10 9781466672796
Release 2014-11-30
Pages 469
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Emotions convey significant information through means of natural language analysis, embodiment, and emotional signing. Machines equipped with the ability to experience and interpret emotions perform better in complex environments and share in the emotionally-rich social context. The Handbook of Research on Synthesizing Human Emotion in Intelligent Systems and Robotics presents a solid framework for taking human-robot interaction closer to its full potential. Presenting a close look at all the factors involved in modeling emotions and applying a thorough understanding of human emotional recognition to technology, this volume appeals to active researchers in the fields of artificial emotions, artificial intelligence, computing, robotics, philosophy, and psychology, as well as to students interested in the research of synthetic emotions.

Regulating Chemical Risks

Regulating Chemical Risks Author Johan Eriksson
ISBN-10 9048194288
Release 2010-08-18
Pages 350
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This volume presents research on current trends in chemical regulations – a fa- growing, complex, and increasingly internationalized field. The book grew out from a multidisciplinary research project entitled ‘Regulating Chemical Risks in the Baltic Sea Area: Science, Politics, and the Media’, led by Michael Gilek at Södertörn University, Sweden. This research project involved scholars and experts from natural as well as social sciences, based at Södertörn University, Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Karolinska Institutet, and Umeå University. The project group organized a multidisciplinary research conference on chemical risk regulations, held in Stockholm, August 15–17, 2007. Most of the contributions published in this book were, in draft form, first presented at this conference. The conference, like the ensuing edited volume, expanded the geographical focus beyond the Baltic Sea area to include wider European, and to some extent also global trends. Many thanks to all project colleagues and conference participants! We are very grateful for the generous financial support received from The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies (Östersjöstiftelsen), The Swedish Research Council Formas, and from Södertörn University. Without this support the present book would not have been possible. Special thanks to all of our fellow contributors, all of whom have submitted to- cal papers based on high-quality research. Many thanks also to Tobias Evers, who assisted us with technical editing. Finally, we are grateful for the professionalism shown by our editors at Springer.

New Trends in Mechanism Science

New Trends in Mechanism Science Author Doina Pisla
ISBN-10 9048196892
Release 2010-08-12
Pages 710
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After two succesful conferences held in Innsbruck (Prof. Manfred Husty) in 2006 and Cassino in 2008 (Prof Marco Ceccarelli) with the participation of the most important well-known scientists from the European Mechanism Science Community, a further conference was held in Cluj Napoca, Romania, in 2010 (Prof. Doina Pisla) to discuss new developments in the field. This book presents the most recent research advances in Mechanism Science with different applications. Amongst the topics treated are papers on Theoretical kinematics, Computational kinematics, Mechanism design, Mechanical transmissions, Linkages and manipulators, Mechanisms for biomechanics, Micro-mechanisms, Experimental mechanics, Mechanics of robots, Dynamics of multi-body systems, Dynamics of machinery, Control issues of mechanical systems, Novel designs, History of mechanism science etc.

Reorganizing the Military Health System

Reorganizing the Military Health System Author Susan D. Hosek
ISBN-10 0833030132
Release 2001
Pages 95
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Since the end of WWII, the question of whether to create a unified military health system has arisen repeatedly. Despite a variety of answers to this question, the system has largely retained its traditional structure, with separate Army, Navy and Air Force medical departments. This book documents research on the organization of the military health system. It considers 5 alternative organizational structures for their likely impact on peacetime health care and wartime readiness.

Handbook of Capsule Endoscopy

Handbook of Capsule Endoscopy Author Zhao-Shen Li
ISBN-10 9789401792295
Release 2014-07-30
Pages 199
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Handbook of Capsule Endoscopy is a concise guide to the clinical diagnostic use of capsule endoscopy, a non-invasive imaging technology of the gastrointestinal tract. This book is written by an international team with over 30 authors from 8 countries, mainly China, Britain, Israel, Italy, Germany, Korea, United Arab Emirates and the United States. This book introduces nearly all aspects of capsule endoscopy, including the six devices currently in use, the set up procedures, indications and contraindications, its application in three organs, special use in pediatrics, safety issues and case presentations. This book is an ideal reference work for physicians and surgeons who wish to utilize this helpful imaging technology. Prof. Zhaoshen Li and Associate Prof. Zhuan Liao are doctors in Changhai Hospital, the Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China. Mark McAlindon is a consultant gastroenterologist and the directorate of gastroenterology in Royal Hallamshire Hospital, England, the United Kingdom.

Simulated international processes

Simulated international processes Author Harold Steere Guetzkow
ISBN-10 UOM:39015004060854
Release 1981
Pages 400
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Simulated international processes has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Simulated international processes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Simulated international processes book for free.

Assessing Child Survival Programs in Developing Countries

Assessing Child Survival Programs in Developing Countries Author Joseph J. Valadez
ISBN-10 0674049950
Release 1991
Pages 247
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Throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America public health professionals and paraprofessionals work to control serious, frequent and preventable causes of death and sickness among women and children. Despite international agreement about which health programs to implement and huge investments to support them, avoidable deaths remain high. One reason is the inadequate quality with which programs are implemented. Assessing Child Survival Programs in Developing Countries provides local health system managers with basic principles for rapid precise program monitoring and evaluation in difficult tropical conditions. Joseph Valadez explains how to adapt Lot Quality Assurance Sampling (LQAS) as used in industrial quality control more than half a century ago, to assess health program coverage and technical quality of service providers. He shows that by examining no more than 19 children from a health facility catchment area a manager can judge whether coverage with child survival interventions has reached a minimal level, and how to observe health workers perform a task 6 times to judge their technical competency. Joseph Valadez demonstrates that quick assessment is not necessarily dirty, and can provide the information needed to enhance child survival throughout the developing world. In that spirit Assessing Child Survival Programs in Developing Countries is a path breaking text book of modern health services research that both practitioners and students will find indispensable and understandable.

Improving the Quality of Health Care for Mental and Substance Use Conditions

Improving the Quality of Health Care for Mental and Substance Use Conditions Author Institute of Medicine
ISBN-10 0309133661
Release 2006-03-29
Pages 528
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Each year, more than 33 million Americans receive health care for mental or substance-use conditions, or both. Together, mental and substance-use illnesses are the leading cause of death and disability for women, the highest for men ages 15-44, and the second highest for all men. Effective treatments exist, but services are frequently fragmented and, as with general health care, there are barriers that prevent many from receiving these treatments as designed or at all. The consequences of this are seriousâ€"for these individuals and their families; their employers and the workforce; for the nation’s economy; as well as the education, welfare, and justice systems. Improving the Quality of Health Care for Mental and Substance-Use Conditions examines the distinctive characteristics of health care for mental and substance-use conditions, including payment, benefit coverage, and regulatory issues, as well as health care organization and delivery issues. This new volume in the Quality Chasm series puts forth an agenda for improving the quality of this care based on this analysis. Patients and their families, primary health care providers, specialty mental health and substance-use treatment providers, health care organizations, health plans, purchasers of group health care, and all involved in health care for mental and substanceâ€"use conditions will benefit from this guide to achieving better care.

The Negotiation Coach

The Negotiation Coach Author Peter Fleming
ISBN-10 1473605350
Release 2016-06-07
Pages 256
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For anyone who wants to think more deeply about how they negotiate, to get better results, this book will help you to have new skills and knowledge, and be fully ready to use it in a specific negotiation With a combination of practical tried-and-tested advice, and unique interactive exercises done in your own time, at your own pace, this book will help you achieve your goals. By the end of this book you will have be ready to lead at a higher level: Understand your negotiating style Develop your weaknesses into strengths Develop plans for key specific negotiations Focus on results, not effort Make a positive impact on your business

Psychologists Desk Reference

Psychologists  Desk Reference Author Gerald P. Koocher Ph.D.
ISBN-10 9780199845507
Release 2013-09-04
Pages 840
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Fully revised and expanded, this third edition of the Psychologists' Desk Reference includes several new chapters on emerging topics in psychology and incoporates updates from top clinicians and program directors in the field. This classic companion for mental health practioners presents an even larger variety of information required in daily practice in one easy-to-use resource. Covering the entire spectrum of practice issues-from diagnostic codes, practice guidelines, treatment principles, and report checklists, to insight and advice from today's most respected clinicians-this peerless reference gives fingertip access to the whole range of current knowledge. Intended for use by all mental health professionals, the Desk Reference covers assessment and diagnosis, testing and psychometrics, treatment and psychotherapy, biology and pharmacotherapy, self-help resources, ethical and legal issues, forensic practice, financial and insurance matters, and prevention and cosultation. Chapters have been clearly written by master clinicians and include easy-to-read checklists and tables as well as helpful advice. Filled with information psychologists use everyday, the Psychologists' Desk Reference, Third Edition, will be the most important and widely used volume in the library of psychologists, social workers, and counselors everywhere.