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Ming China 1368 1644

Ming China  1368 1644 Author John W. Dardess
ISBN-10 9781442204904
Release 2012
Pages 155
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This engaging, deeply informed book provides the first concise history of one of China's most important eras. Leading scholar John W. Dardess offers a thematically organized political, social, and economic exploration of China from 1368 to 1644. He examines how the Ming dynasty was able to endure for 276 years, illuminating Ming foreign relations and border control, the lives and careers of its sixteen emperors, its system of governance and the kinds of people who served it, its great class of literati, and finally the mass outlawry that, in unhappy conjunction with the Manchu invasions from outside, ended the once-mighty dynasty in the mid-seventeenth century. The Ming witnessed the beginning of China's contact with the West, and its story will fascinate all readers interested in global as well as Asian history.

Imagined Civilizations

Imagined Civilizations Author Roger Hart
ISBN-10 9781421406060
Release 2013-07-11
Pages 374
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While the Jesuits claimed Xu as a convert, he presented the Jesuits as men from afar who had traveled from the West to China to serve the emperor.

From the Mongols to the Ming Dynasty

From the Mongols to the Ming Dynasty Author Hing Ming Hung
ISBN-10 9781628941524
Release 2016-05-15
Pages 260
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A beggar, an itinerant monk, leapt to greatness during a tumultuous epoch and went on to found the Ming Dynasty of China (1368--1644). As a destitute peasant with nothing to lose, he started a local rebellion; success built on success. Defeating local warlords, Zhu Yuan Zhang conquered all the southern part of China, then sent his army north and took the rest. By unifying many Chinese lands, he brought peace and prosperity after a long period of tumult. He is honored with the temple name of Ming Taizu, Grand Ancestor of Ming.

Rising China and Its Postmodern Fate

Rising China and Its Postmodern Fate Author Charles Horner
ISBN-10 9780820333342
Release 2009
Pages 224
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As China debates its past, how will it define its future? In this work, Horner offers a different interpretation of how China's changed view of its modern historical experience has also changed China's understanding of its long intellectual and cultural tradition.

Power and Glory

Power and Glory Author He Li
ISBN-10 0939117436
Release 2016-02-02
Pages 280
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The last native Chinese imperial lineage, the Ming dynasty epitomizes the glories of China's past. Ming means bright, and the term could not be more appropriate, since artwork in many mediums—among them painting, textiles, ceramics, and objects in jades and other stones, gold and other metals, enamel, lacquer, wood, and bamboo—achieved true brilliance during this splendid period. Roughly contemporaneous with the European Renaissance, the Ming dynasty produced comparable artistic achievements, but its depth and diversity have been too seldom explored. This Chinese art book, cataloguing the groundbreaking exhibition at the Asian Art Museum, offers a fresh look at the court arts of the Ming dynasty—featuring exceptional objects from the Palace Museum, Beijing; the Nanjing Municipal Museum; the Shanghai Museum; and the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco—many of which have never before been exhibited in the U.S. Power and Glory: Court Arts of China's Ming Dynasty is an essential reference for anyone who wishes to comprehend the historical development and enduring richness of Chinese court arts of the era.

The Troubled Empire

The Troubled Empire Author Timothy Brook
ISBN-10 0674046021
Release 2010-06-30
Pages 329
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Explores the history of China between the Mongol reunification of China in 1279 under the Yuan dynasty and the Manchu invasion four centuries later, explaining how climate changes profoundly affect the empire during this period. By the author of Collaboration: Japanese Agents and Local Elites in Wartime China

Four Seasons

Four Seasons Author John W. Dardess
ISBN-10 9781442265608
Release 2016-04-12
Pages 294
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Richly researched and engagingly written, this important history of imperial China shows in fascinating detail how Emperor Jiajing and his grand secretaries governed. Drawing on a treasure trove of the grand secretaries’ personal writings, John W. Dardess’s narrative brings to life the inner workings of the largest polity on the face of the earth.

A Brief History of Chinese Civilization

A Brief History of Chinese Civilization Author Conrad Schirokauer
ISBN-10 9780495913238
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 448
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This compelling text explores the development of China through its art, religion, literature, and thought as well as through its economic, political, and social history. The author team combines strong research with extensive classroom teaching experience to offer a clear, consistent, and highly readable text that is accessible to students with no previous knowledge of the history of China. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Qing Dynasty and Traditional Chinese Culture

The Qing Dynasty and Traditional Chinese Culture Author Richard J. Smith
ISBN-10 9781442221949
Release 2015-10-23
Pages 560
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The Qing dynasty (1636–1912)—a crucial bridge between “traditional” and “modern” China—was remarkable for its expansiveness and cultural sophistication. This engaging and insightful history of Qing political, social, and cultural life traces the complex interaction between the Inner Asian traditions of the Manchus, who conquered China in 1644, and indigenous Chinese cultural traditions. Noted historian Richard J. Smith argues that the pragmatic Qing emperors presented a “Chinese” face to their subjects who lived south of the Great Wall and other ethnic faces (particularly Manchu, Mongolian, Central Asian, and Tibetan) to subjects in other parts of their vast multicultural empire. They were attracted by many aspects of Chinese culture, but far from being completely “sinicized” as many scholars argue, they were also proud of their own cultural traditions and interested in other cultures as well. Setting Qing dynasty culture in historical and global perspective, Smith shows how the Chinese of the era viewed the world; how their outlook was expressed in their institutions, material culture, and customs; and how China’s preoccupation with order, unity, and harmony contributed to the civilization’s remarkable cohesiveness and continuity. Nuanced and wide-ranging, his authoritative book provides an essential introduction to late imperial Chinese culture and society.

The Renaissance and Reformation

The Renaissance and Reformation Author Merry E. Wiesner
ISBN-10 0195308891
Release 2012
Pages 163
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Includes bibliographical references (p. 152-156) and index.

Ming China and Vietnam

Ming China and Vietnam Author Kathlene Baldanza
ISBN-10 9781316531310
Release 2016-03-29
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Studies of Sino-Viet relations have traditionally focused on Chinese aggression and Vietnamese resistance, or have assumed out-of-date ideas about Sinicization and the tributary system. They have limited themselves to national historical traditions, doing little to reach beyond the border. Ming China and Vietnam, by contrast, relies on sources and viewpoints from both sides of the border, for a truly transnational history of Sino-Viet relations. Kathlene Baldanza offers a detailed examination of geopolitical and cultural relations between Ming China (1368–1644) and Dai Viet, the state that would go on to become Vietnam. She highlights the internal debates and external alliances that characterized their diplomatic and military relations in the pre-modern period, showing especially that Vietnamese patronage of East Asian classical culture posed an ideological threat to Chinese states. Baldanza presents an analysis of seven linked biographies of Chinese and Vietnamese border-crossers whose lives illustrate the entangled histories of those countries.

The China Boom

The China Boom Author Ho-fung Hung
ISBN-10 9780231540223
Release 2015-11-03
Pages 256
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Many thought China’s rise would fundamentally remake the global order. Yet, much like other developing nations, the Chinese state now finds itself entrenched in a status quo characterized by free trade and American domination. Through a cutting-edge historical, sociological, and political analysis, Ho-fung Hung exposes the competing interests and economic realities that temper the dream of Chinese supremacy—forces that are stymieing growth throughout the global South. Hung focuses on four common misconceptions about China’s boom: that China could undermine orthodoxy by offering an alternative model of growth; that China is radically altering power relations between the East and the West; that China is capable of diminishing the global power of the United States; and that the Chinese economy would restore the world’s wealth after the 2008 financial crisis. His work reveals how much China depends on the existing order and how the interests of the Chinese elites maintain these ties. Through its perpetuation of the dollar standard and its addiction to U.S. Treasury bonds, China remains bound to the terms of its own prosperity, and its economic practices of exploiting debt bubbles are destined to fail. Dispelling many of the world’s fantasies and fears, Hung warns of a postmiracle China that will grow increasingly assertive in attitude while remaining constrained in capability.

A Short History of China and Southeast Asia

A Short History of China and Southeast Asia Author Martin Stuart-Fox
ISBN-10 1864489545
Release 2003
Pages 278
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New in the Short History of Asia series, edited by Milton Osborne, this is a readable, well-informed and comprehensive short history of China's relationships with its Southeast Asian neighbours from ancient times to the present day.

Knowing China

Knowing China Author Gregory C Chow
ISBN-10 9789814483742
Release 2004-02-13
Pages 268
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' This invaluable book offers an insight into China through its history, culture, people, economy, education, science and technology, as well as government and political system. The author also compares the “twin” cities of Hong Kong and Shanghai, and describes places of interest in the world's most populous country. In addition, he offers a glimpse into the delicate China–US relations, highlighting partnership opportunities between the two giant economies. The book is based on the author's knowledge accumulated over five decades of research, teaching, traveling, directing projects on China, and working with Chinese government officials, educators, academics and entrepreneurs. Contents:Some Facets of China's HistoryCulture and Daily LifeThe EconomyThe Chinese PeopleEducation, Science and TechnologyGovernment System and PerformanceHong Kong and Shanghai: Two Modern CitiesA Country for TouristsUS–China Relations Readership: Undergraduates, graduate students, academics, business people and general readers. Keywords:China;Culture;History;Economy;US-China Relations;Tourists;Confucius;BeijingReviews:“Gregory Chow enlivens this authoritative and lucid survey of China — its history, its current condition, its future prospects — by drawing on his own experience as a native born Chinese who has spent more than half a century as an academic in the West and has been active in mainland China as teacher and advisor since the early 1980's.”Milton Friedman most influential economist in the last half century and recipient of the 1976 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences “I have read the manuscript by Gregory Chow on China with great interest. As one who is working in China, I find it most effective in its scope and depth and in its direct style. Generally I find it GREAT.”Robert Venturi most prominent architect and 1991 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate “Gregory Chow has once again written an excellent and very readable book on China, covering history, culture, population issues, governmental system, and other topics besides the economy. I strongly recommend the book to any one who wants a good introduction to China.”Gary Becker 1992 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences “China 's path of development is a fascinating story, and the future development of that immense country will touch people throughout the world. Gregory Chow gives us a thoughtful, authoritative, and readable book that will inform us and deepen our understanding of these portentous developments.”George P Shultz former U.S. Secretary of State “This is an excellent book. I enjoyed very much reading it and learned enormously from it.”Samuel C C Ting 1976 Nobel Laureate in Physics “I highly recommend this book. It will be an important addition to the library of readers interested in gaining valuable insights into a culture and economy that has only just begun to impact our nascent international order. During these times of commercial globalization and international political turmoil, Professor Chow's central message and reminder that the best way to understand another country is to keep in mind the other country's interests and needs, is an important one. There's an old Chinese expression that states that all long journeys must start with a first step: Professor Chow's book is an essential first step for anyone thinking about a short or long voyage to China.”Bryan Bachner Associate Professor of Law City University of Hong Kong “Written in a manner readily accessible by the general public, ‘Knowing China’ provides an insightful view into the complex world of China.”Futurecasts '

Golden Silk Smoke

Golden Silk Smoke Author Carol Benedict
ISBN-10 9780520262775
Release 2011-04-10
Pages 334
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"Tobacco has been pervasive in China almost since its introduction from the Americas in the mid-sixteenth century. One-third of the world's smokers--over 350 million--now live in China, and they account for 25 percent of worldwide smoking-related deaths. This book examines the deep roots of China's contemporary "cigarette culture" and smoking epidemic and provides one of the first comprehensive histories of Chinese consumption in global and comparative perspective"--

The Theft of History

The Theft of History Author Jack Goody
ISBN-10 9781107394704
Release 2012-03-29
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In The Theft of History Jack Goody builds on his own previous work to extend further his highly influential critique of what he sees as the pervasive Eurocentric or occidentalist biases of so much western historical writing and the consequent 'theft' by the West of the achievements of other cultures in the invention of (notably) democracy, capitalism, individualism and love. Goody, one of the world's most distinguished anthropologists, raises questions about theorists, historians and methodology and proposes a new comparative approach to cross-cultural analysis which allows for more scope in examining history than an East versus West style.

A Concise History of Korea

A Concise History of Korea Author Michael J. Seth
ISBN-10 9781442235182
Release 2016-01-21
Pages 612
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Now in a fully revised and updated edition, this comprehensive book surveys Korean history from Neolithic times to the present. Michael J. Seth explores the origins and development of Korean society, politics, and still little-known cultural heritage from their inception to the two Korean states of today. Telling the remarkable story of the origins and evolution of a society that borrowed and adopted from abroad, Seth describes how various tribal peoples in the peninsula came together to form one of the world’s most distinctive communities. He shows how this ancient, culturally and ethnically homogeneous society was wrenched into the world of late-nineteenth-century imperialism, fell victim to Japanese expansionism, and then became arbitrarily divided into two opposed halves, North and South, after World War II. Tracing the seven decades since 1945, the book explains how the two Koreas, with their deeply different political and social systems and geopolitical orientations, evolved into sharply contrasting societies. South Korea, after an unpromising start, became one of the few postcolonial developing states to enter the ranks of the first world, with a globally competitive economy, a democratic political system, and a cosmopolitan and dynamic culture. North Korea, by contrast, became one of the world’s most totalitarian and isolated societies, a nuclear power with an impoverished and famine-stricken population. Seth describes and analyzes the radically different and historically unprecedented trajectories of the two Koreas, formerly one tight-knit society. Throughout, he adds a rare dimension by placing Korean history into broader global perspective. All readers looking for a balanced, knowledgeable history will be richly rewarded with this clear and concise book.