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Miss Moon

Miss Moon Author Janet Hill
ISBN-10 9781101917930
Release 2016-01-12
Pages 48
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Dog governess Wilhelmina Moon imparts twenty lessons that are practical and playful for dogs and humans alike.

Miss Moon Wise Words from a Dog Governess

Miss Moon  Wise Words from a Dog Governess Author Janet Hill
ISBN-10 9781101917954
Release 2016-03-08
Pages 48
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Miss Wilhelmina Moon is a dog governess. At her first placement, on a small island off the coast of France, her new charges - sixty-seven dogs of all shapes, sizes and colors - run wild. But armed with patience and a passion for teaching, as well as her companions, Mitford the monkey and Petunia the French bulldog, Miss Moon soon imparts twenty important lessons to her furry brood. Some are practical, some are playful, one or two are a little unusual, but all are necessary for the raising of happy, healthy and well-mannered dogs (and humans).

If I Ran the Dog Show

If I Ran the Dog Show Author Tish Rabe
ISBN-10 9780375866821
Release 2012-01
Pages 48
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Presents information about man's best friend, from the wide range of canine breeds and the ways their tails help their balance to how they see in the dark and the amazing things that dogs can be trained to do.

Tiny Goes to the Library

Tiny Goes to the Library Author Cari Meister
ISBN-10 9781101641156
Release 2000-07-01
Pages 32
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Tiny likes to go places with his best friend. But when they go to the library, Tiny has to wait outside. Soon it's time to bring the books home. Tiny is a very big help! Not since Clifford has a big dog been so appealing!

Miss Mink

Miss Mink Author Janet Hill
ISBN-10 9781770499232
Release 2019-01-15
Pages 48
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This whimsical collection of twenty cat-approved life lessons for living your purrfect life is accompanied by gorgeous, lushly detailed paintings. Miss Marcella Mink and sixty-seven of her favorite feline friends live happily in her big house by the sea. But there was a time when Miss Mink was not so happy. When Miss Mink created her own business -- a feline-friendly cruise company for cat lovers and their furry companions -- she found she no longer had time or energy for herself or her friends. For advice she turned to her cats, who always seemed so happy, healthy, well-rounded, well-groomed and well-rested. It was not long before the Cat Countess was feeling shipshape again. Collected here are Miss Mink's twenty cat-approved lessons, from the benefits of a good grooming and an afternoon nap to valuable advice on friendship and diet.

Ragweed s Farm Dog Handbook

Ragweed s Farm Dog Handbook Author Anne Vittur Kennedy
ISBN-10 9781536201437
Release 2018-03
Pages 32
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This tongue-in-cheek primer on how to be a good farm dog--and how ignoring the rules may result in a biscuit--is a guaranteed treat. Being a farm dog is a tough job, but luckily, Ragweed's handbook will tell you everything you need to know. Step one: don't wake the farmer! You may really, really want to, but that's the rooster's job. Of course, if you do wake the farmer, you might just get a biscuit. . . . Full of hilarious dog logic, Ragweed's Farm Dog Handbook explores the pitfalls--and opportunities!--of a dog's life on the farm. Readers will love being in on the joke as Ragweed breaks all his own rules, collecting biscuits as he goes.

The Tale of Rescue

The Tale of Rescue Author Michael J. Rosen
ISBN-10 9780763679446
Release 2015-10-13
Pages 112
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A family—a mother, a father, and their ten-year-old son—have come all the way from Florida to the Appalachian foothills to experience the wonder of a snowy weekend. At a nearby farm, a cattle dog is working, as she does every day, driving her forty head of cattle from pasture to corral and back again. And then, suddenly, a blizzard descends. The family is trapped outside, disoriented in the whiteout. They are panicked, exhausted, freezing, and stranded in waist-deep drifts. From off in the distance, the cattle dog has heard their faint, snow-drowned cries. Her inexhaustible attention turns to saving them. This stirring tale is both a compelling story of survival and a meditation on the tremendous will of man's best friend.

A Perfect Place for Ted

A Perfect Place for Ted Author Leila Rudge
ISBN-10 9780763667818
Release 2014
Pages 32
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Looking for the perfect place where he can stand out on his own, Ted the dog visits the circus, the pet store, and the pet pageant, but when he meets a young girl named Dot, he may have finally found his perfect place.

Extraordinary Jane

Extraordinary Jane Author Hannah E. Harrison
ISBN-10 9780698150553
Release 2014-02-06
Pages 40
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For anyone with a beloved pet, this delightful and heartwarming story set at the circus shows that quiet qualities like friendship, kindness, and loyalty are important and worthy. Jane is an ordinary dog in an extraordinary circus. She isn't strong, graceful, or brave like her family. When she tries to be those things, Jane just doesn't feel like herself, but she also doesn't feel special. Is she really meant for this kind of life? Her Ringmaster thinks so, but not for the reasons Jane believes. Ordinary can be extraordinary!

The Adventures of Miss Petitfour

The Adventures of Miss Petitfour Author Anne Michaels
ISBN-10 9781770495005
Release 2015-11-03
Pages 144
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Meet the utterly irresistible Miss Petitfour. She loves baking and making and dancing with her cats, but most of all she loves to fly. All she has to do is pick up a favourite tablecloth, catch the breeze and she swooshes off on an adventure - with her many cats dangling paw-to-tail behind her.

Spare Dog Parts

Spare Dog Parts Author Alison Hughes
ISBN-10 9781459807068
Release 2016-01-26
Pages 32
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A stumpy tail, mismatched paws, a long, drooly snout and the biggest dog heart that ever beat. In a celebration of what makes a pet unique, a little girl imagines how an odd assortment of parts combined to make the perfect dog. With spare, inviting text from Alison Hughes and charmingly offbeat illustrations by award-winning illustrator Ashley Spires, this gorgeous picture book is sure to be an instant classic.

When Tiny Was Tiny

When Tiny Was Tiny Author Cari Meister
ISBN-10 9781101650073
Release 1999-09-13
Pages 32
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When Tiny was a puppy, he fit inside a shoe. He fit in a bag, and he even fit in a pocket. Then Tiny grew, and now he is too big for his doghouse. He is too big to lick his friend's face--yuck! Young readers will enjoy this sweet, funny story about a very big dog who was once a tiny puppy. Not since Clifford has a big dog been so appealing!

Kiki Coco in Paris

Kiki   Coco in Paris Author Nina Gruener
ISBN-10 0918684501
Release 2011-11-01
Pages 32
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Coco, a doll, describes the fun experiences she has with her human owner, Kiki, while visiting Paris, including a scary moment when Coco gets hurt after Kiki accidentally leaves her in a chair at a restaurant.

Back to Dog Gone School

Back to Dog Gone School Author Amy Schmidt
ISBN-10 9781101935118
Release 2016
Pages 32
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"Poems about dogs at school"--

Wolf Camp

Wolf Camp Author Andrea Zuill
ISBN-10 9780553509144
Release 2016-05-03
Pages 40
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Meet Homer, a dog who heads to camp to live like a wolf! Here’s the perfect book for the legions of kids out there who love dogs and funny books. Homer is a dog . . . but he also secretly fancies himself part wolf. So when an invitation to attend WOLF CAMP (“Where every dog can live as a wolf for a week”) falls out of his kibble bag one morning, he’s determined to go. After his people finally agree, Homer boards the bus bound for Wolf Camp, along with fellow campers Trixie and Rex. They’re greeted on the other end by wolf counselors Fang and Grrr (“they seem nice”), and what follows is an array of wolf activities, including learning to howl, mark, and hunt. Of course, Homer’s a little homesick at times, and the food isn’t very good, but that just makes heading home all the sweeter. Perfect for all those kids anticipating camp themselves, Zuill’s debut introduces a charmer of a dog and puts him in some laugh-out-loud scenarios.

Hickory Dickory Dog

Hickory Dickory Dog Author Alison Murray
ISBN-10 0763668265
Release 2014-06-10
Pages 32
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A boy named Zack and his dog Rufus go to school, where Rufus joins in on all the activities and goes home a mess.

Princess Posey and the Next Door Dog

Princess Posey and the Next Door Dog Author Stephanie Greene
ISBN-10 9781101535622
Release 2011-09-15
Pages 96
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Princess Posey is back with the third story in this chapter book series for first grade readers! After hearing about her classmate's new puppy, Posey wants a dog of her own even though she's a little bit scared of dogs. When a new neighbor moves in with a dog that has a very big bark, Posey tries not to be afraid. Will her special pink tutu give her the courage to befriend the next-door dog? "Posey is the perfect fictional friend for any first-grade girl."—Kirkus Reviews