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Mississippi Harvest

Mississippi Harvest Author Nollie Hickman
ISBN-10 1604732881
Release 1962
Pages 306
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In this classic work of Mississippi history, Nollie W. Hickman relates the felling of great. forests of longleaf pine in a southern state where lumbering became a mighty industry. Mississippi Harvest records the arduous transportation of logs to the mills, at first by. oxcart and water and later by rail. It details how the naval stores trade flourished. through the production of turpentine, pitch, and rosin and through the expansion of. exports, which furnished France with spars for sailing vessels. The book tracks the. impact of the Civil War on southern lumbering, the tragedy of denuded lands, and, . finally, the renewal of resources through reforestation. Born into a family of lumbermen, Hickman acquired firsthand knowledge of forest. industries. Later, as a student of history, he devoted years of painstaking work to. gathering materials on lumbering. His information comes from many sources including. interviews with loggers, rafters, sawmill and turpentine workers, and company. managers, and from company records, land records, diaries, old newspapers, lumber. trade journals, and government documents. While the author's purpose is to share the history of a natural resource, he also gives the. reader the panorama of Mississippi. Mississippi Harvest interprets the state's people, . agriculture, industry, government, politics, economy, and culture through the lens of. one of the state's earliest and most lasting economic engine

This Delta this Land

This Delta  this Land Author Mikko Saikku
ISBN-10 9780820340692
Release 2011-03-15
Pages 373
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This environmental history of the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta places the Delta's economic and cultural history in an environmental context. It reveals the human aspects of the region's natural history, including land reclamation, slave and sharecropper economies, ethnic and racial perceptions of land ownership and stewardship, and even blues music.

Looking for Longleaf

Looking for Longleaf Author Lawrence S. Earley
ISBN-10 0807875783
Release 2005-10-12
Pages 336
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Covering 92 million acres from Virginia to Texas, the longleaf pine ecosystem was, in its prime, one of the most extensive and biologically diverse ecosystems in North America. Today these magnificent forests have declined to a fraction of their original extent, threatening such species as the gopher tortoise, the red-cockaded woodpecker, and the Venus fly-trap. Conservationists have proclaimed longleaf restoration a major goal, but has it come too late? In Looking for Longleaf, Lawrence S. Earley explores the history of these forests and the astonishing biodiversity of the longleaf ecosystem, drawing on extensive research and telling the story through first-person travel accounts and interviews with foresters, ecologists, biologists, botanists, and landowners. For centuries, these vast grass-covered forests provided pasture for large cattle herds, in addition to serving as the world's greatest source of naval stores. They sustained the exploitative turpentine and lumber industries until nearly all of the virgin longleaf had vanished. Looking for Longleaf demonstrates how, in the twentieth century, forest managers and ecologists struggled to understand the special demands of longleaf and to halt its overall decline. The compelling story Earley tells here offers hope that with continued human commitment, the longleaf pine might not just survive, but once again thrive.

Southeastern Geographer

Southeastern Geographer Author David M. Cochran Jr.
ISBN-10 9780807872581
Release 2012-04-01
Pages 152
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Table of Contents for Volume 52, Number 1 (Spring 2012) Cover Art A Section of the Kansas City Southern in Hattiesburg, Mississippi David M. Cochran, Jr. Introduction David M. Cochran, Jr. and Carl A. Reese Part I: Papers Spatial and Temporal Variations in West Virginia's Precipitation, 1931–2000 James Leonard and Kevin Law The Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper Individual Fishing Quota Program in Florida: Perceptions and Implications Kamal Alsharif and Nathan Miller Reflections in the Water: Society and Recreational Facilities, a Case Study of Public Swimming Pools in Mississippi P. Caleb Smith Local Food Initiatives in Tobacco Transitions of the Southeastern United States Richard A. Russo A GIS-Based Football Stadium Evacuation Model Joslyn J. Zale and Bandana Kar Part II: Geographical Notes The Origin and Appreciation of Savannah, Georgia's Historic City Squares Louis De Vorsey Part III: Reviews Louisiana Place Names of Indian Origin, A Collection of Words William A. Read, edited by George M. Riser Reviewed by Andy Hilburn The SAGE Handbook of Geographical Knowledge Edited by John Agnew and David N. Livingstone Reviewed by J. O. Joby Bass


Mississippi Author Westley F. Busbee, Jr
ISBN-10 9781118755921
Release 2014-10-28
Pages 528
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The second edition of Mississippi: A History features a series of revisions and updates to its comprehensive coverage of Mississippi state history from the time of the region’s first inhabitants into the 21st century. Represents the only available comprehensive textbook on Mississippi history specifically for use in college-level courses Features an engaging narrative mix of topical and chronological chapters Includes chapter objectives that may be used by professors and students Offers coverage of Mississippi’s major political, economic, social, and cultural developments Presents two entirely new chapters on important 21st-century developments in Mississippi Contains expanded coverage of slavery in Mississippi history Includes completely up-to-date chapter sources, selected bibliography, and subject index

Plain Folk of the South Revisited

Plain Folk of the South Revisited Author Samuel C. Hyde, Jr.
ISBN-10 9780807158593
Release 1997-10-01
Pages 288
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The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture Author Martin Melosi
ISBN-10 9781469616605
Release 2014-02-01
Pages 320
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From semitropical coastal areas to high mountain terrain, from swampy lowlands to modern cities, the environment holds a fundamental importance in shaping the character of the American South. This volume of The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture surveys the dynamic environmental forces that have shaped human culture in the region--and the ways humans have shaped their environment. Articles examine how the South's ecology, physiography, and climate have influenced southerners--not only as a daily fact of life but also as a metaphor for understanding culture and identity. This volume includes ninety-eight essays that explore--both broadly and specifically--elements of the southern environment. Thematic overviews address subjects such as plants, animals, energy use and development, and natural disasters. Shorter topical entries feature familiar species such as the alligator, the ivory-billed woodpecker, kudzu, and the mockingbird. Also covered are important individuals in southern environmental history and prominent places in the landscape, such as the South's national parks and seashores. New articles cover contemporary issues in land use and conservation, environmental protection, and the current status of the flora and fauna widely associated with the South.

U S Forest Service Research Paper SO

U S  Forest Service Research Paper SO Author
ISBN-10 WISC:89041953688
Release 1968
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U S Forest Service Research Paper SO has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from U S Forest Service Research Paper SO also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full U S Forest Service Research Paper SO book for free.

The Lumberman s Frontier

The Lumberman s Frontier Author Thomas R. Cox
ISBN-10 UOM:39076002865306
Release 2010
Pages 531
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With The Lumberman's Frontier, Thomas Cox has reconstructed a groundbreaking history that stands apart from all previous studies of American forests. Forests were ubiquitous in early America, but it was only in selected areas that trees, rather than farming, attracted settlement. These areas constitute the lumberman's frontier, which appeared first in northern New England in the seventeenth century, followed by upstate New York, the Allegheny Plateau, the upper Great Lakes states, the Gulf South, and the Far West. The forest frontiers generated capital and building materials important in the nation's development, but they also left a legacy of environmental problems, class and urban-rural divisions, and economic frictions. The 1930s marked the end of the lumberman's frontier, but these consequences continue to shape attitudes and policies toward forests, most notably the questions "Whose forests are they?" and "How and by whom should forests be used?" Drawing upon recent work in social and economic history, as well as a wealth of historical data on forest industries and individuals, The Lumberman's Frontier neither glorifies economic development nor falls into the maw of gloom-and-doom. It puts individual actors at center stage, allowing the points of view of the workers and lumbermen to emerge. The Lumberman's Frontier will appeal to students and scholars of forestry, public policy, and environmental history, as well as to general readers interested in the history and settlement of the United States.

A Dreadful Deceit

A Dreadful Deceit Author Jacqueline Jones
ISBN-10 9780465069804
Release 2013-12-10
Pages 400
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In 1656, a planter in colonial Maryland tortured and killed one of his slaves, an Angolan man named Antonio who refused to work the fields. Over three centuries later, a Detroit labor organizer named Simon Owens watched as strikebreakers wielding bats and lead pipes beat his fellow autoworkers for protesting their inhumane working conditions. Antonio and Owens had nothing in common but the color of their skin and the economic injustices they battled—yet the former is what defines them in America’s consciousness. In A Dreadful Deceit, award-winning historian Jacqueline Jones traces the lives of these two men and four other African Americans to reveal how the concept of race has obscured the factors that truly divide and unite us. Expansive, visionary, and provocative, A Dreadful Deceit explodes the pernicious fiction that has shaped American history.

North American Forest and Conservation History

North American Forest and Conservation History Author Ronald J. Fahl
ISBN-10 MINN:319510001294817
Release 1977
Pages 408
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Ronald J. Fahl has compiled a milestone reference work, one that offers historians and other interested scholars for the first time a reliable and comprehensive access to the widely scattered written materials that reveal the history of forestry, forest conservation, and forest industry in the United States and Canada. Sponsored by the Forest History Society and funded in part by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, this volume covers published scholarly books and writings from many sources containing significant historical matter, including lumber trade journals, professional forestry journals, conservation magazines, government publications, state and local histories, autobiographies, and oral history interviews.

Longleaf Pine an Annotated Bibliography 1946 Through 1967

Longleaf Pine  an Annotated Bibliography  1946 Through 1967 Author Thomas C. Croker
ISBN-10 MINN:31951D02889369M
Release 1968
Pages 52
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Longleaf Pine an Annotated Bibliography 1946 Through 1967 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Longleaf Pine an Annotated Bibliography 1946 Through 1967 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Longleaf Pine an Annotated Bibliography 1946 Through 1967 book for free.

Plantation Forests and Biodiversity Oxymoron or Opportunity

Plantation Forests and Biodiversity  Oxymoron or Opportunity Author Eckehard G. Brockerhoff
ISBN-10 9048128072
Release 2010-07-23
Pages 296
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This book brings together a selection of original research articles that address biodiversity and conservation in plantation forests. Although such forests are perhaps the poor cousins of the species richer natural and semi-natural forests, they can still make a significant contribution to biodiversity conservation. This is particularly the case in regions that have lost much of their natural forest cover. Comparatively few studies have previously attempted to examine the biota associated with plantation forests and, as a result, some conservation needs and opportunities highlighted here have not been adequately recognised. Conversely, plantations have sometimes been a direct cause of natural habitat loss, and greater awareness is required to avoid this with future afforestation projects. The contributions in this volume provide new information about a wide range of taxa from lichens to primates, from various temperate and tropical regions around the world, in the context of plantation forestry, combined with suggestions for forest management at both stand and landscape levels, to improve biodiversity conservation. The findings are equally of interest to the scientific community, policy makers and forest managers. The topical examples of applied conservation issues will make the volume also highly valuable for use in conservation biology courses. Reprinted from Biodiversity and Conservation, volume 17 No. 5 (2008).

The Longleaf Pine Ecosystem

The Longleaf Pine Ecosystem Author Shibu Jose
ISBN-10 9780387306872
Release 2007-09-09
Pages 438
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This book unites a wealth of current information on the ecology, silviculture and restoration of the Longleaf Pine ecosystem. The book includes a discussion of the significant historical, social and political aspects of ecosystem management, making it a valuable resource for students, land managers, ecologists, private landowners, government agencies, consultants and the forest products industry.

Painted Wood

Painted Wood Author Valerie Dorge
ISBN-10 9780892365012
Release 1998-08-27
Pages 552
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The function of the painted wooden object ranges from the practical to the profound. These objects may perform utilitarian tasks, convey artistic whimsy, connote noble aspirations, and embody the highest spiritual expressions. This volume, illustrated in color throughout, presents the proceedings of a conference organized by the Wooden Artifacts Group of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) and held in November 1994 at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in Williamsburg, Virginia. The book includes 40 articles that explore the history and conservation of a wide range of painted wooden objects, from polychrome sculpture and altarpieces to carousel horses, tobacconist figures, Native American totems, Victorian garden furniture, French cabinets, architectural elements, and horse-drawn carriages. Contributors include Ian C. Bristow, an architect and historic-building consultant in London; Myriam Serck-Dewaide, head of the Sculpture Workshop, Institut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique, Brussels; and Frances Gruber Safford, associate curator of American decorative arts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. A broad range of professionals—including art historians, curators, scientists, and conservators—will be interested in this volume and in the multidisciplinary nature of its articles.

Fundamentals of Tree ring Research

Fundamentals of Tree ring Research Author James H. Speer
ISBN-10 0816526842
Release 2010
Pages 333
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Although there are other scientific means of dating climatic and environmental events, dendrochronology provides the most reliable of all palaeorecords. This comprehensive text addresses all of the subjects that a reader who is new to the field will need to know and will be a welcome reference for practitioners at all levels. It includes a history of the discipline, biological and ecological background, principles of the field, basic scientific information on the structure and growth of trees, the complete range of dendrochronology methods, and a full description of each of the relevant subdisciplines.

Forest management and the impact on water resources

Forest management and the impact on water resources Author García Chevesich, Pablo
ISBN-10 9789231002168
Release 2017-04-24
Pages 198
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Forest management and the impact on water resources has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Forest management and the impact on water resources also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Forest management and the impact on water resources book for free.