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Modernising Civil Liability Law in Europe China Brazil and Russia

Modernising Civil Liability Law in Europe  China  Brazil and Russia Author Gert Brüggemeier
ISBN-10 9781139497626
Release 2011-05-19
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Non-contractual liability, stemming from damage accountably caused to another, has been the subject of the PETL and DCFR VI European reform initiatives. Gert Brüggemeier, however, proposes alternative reforms which, instead of trying to overcome the differences between civil law (delict) and common law (torts), are restricted to civil liability. The focus is on the grounds of accountability, and stricter forms of liability are at the fore. Quasi-strict enterprise liability is introduced to fill the lacuna between personal fault and forms of strict liability. A commentary is included on recent legislation on civil liability in China, Brazil and Russia to demonstrate how these large countries try to come to grips with the challenges of 'risk society'.

International and Foreign Legal Research

International and Foreign Legal Research Author Marci Hoffman
ISBN-10 9789004204805
Release 2012-04-19
Pages 389
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International and Foreign Legal Research: A Coursebook, second edition by Hoffman and Rumsey, now in a second edition, is designed for classes in foreign and international legal research. Topics covered in the book range from treaty research to chapters on particular subjects of international law. Coverage also includes chapters on researching foreign and comparative law as well as major international organizations, including the UN and the EU.

Principles of Tort Law

Principles of Tort Law Author Rachael Mulheron
ISBN-10 9781316594827
Release 2016-09-22
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Presenting the law of tort as a body of principles, this authoritative textbook leads students to an incisive and clear understanding of the subject. Each tort is carefully structured and examined within a consistent analytical framework that guides students through its preconditions, elements, defences and remedies. Clear summaries and comparisons accompany the detailed exposition, and further support is provided by numerous diagrams and tables, which clarify complex aspects of the law. Critical discussion of legal judgments encourages students to develop strong analytical and case-reading skills, whilst key reform proposals and leading cases from other jurisdictions illustrate different potential solutions to conundrums in tort law. A rich companion website, featuring ten additional chapters and sections on more advanced areas of tort law, completes the learning package. Written specifically for students, the text is also ideal for practitioners, litigants, policymakers and law reformers seeking a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the law.

Causation in European Tort Law

Causation in European Tort Law Author Marta Infantino
ISBN-10 9781108418362
Release 2017-12-28
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This book takes an original and comparative approach to issues of causation in tort law across many European legal systems.

Civil Liability in Europe for Terrorism Related Risk

Civil Liability in Europe for Terrorism Related Risk Author Lucas Bergkamp
ISBN-10 9781107100442
Release 2015-10-13
Pages 384
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Comprehensive and forward-looking analysis of civil liability for terrorism-related risk under international, EU and selected national tort laws.

Modernised EC Competition Law in International Arbitration

Modernised EC Competition Law in International Arbitration Author Phillip Louis Landolt
ISBN-10 9789041123527
Release 2006
Pages 365
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Offers an analysis of the expectations and requirements of the Community legal order upon international arbitration, as well as a dependable source of answers to the EC competition law questions which arbitration practitioners will ordinarily be faced with. This guide is aimed at international litigation practitioners in Europe and globally.

Atiyah s Accidents Compensation and the Law

Atiyah s Accidents  Compensation and the Law Author Peter Cane
ISBN-10 9781107311503
Release 2013-02-28
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Since publication of the seventh edition of this seminal text, personal injury law has witnessed momentous changes. A major overhaul of the social security system began in 2012 and the Equality Act 2010 significantly modifies anti-discrimination law and its impact on the disabled. But perhaps the most important legal developments have affected the financing and conduct of personal injury claiming and the operation of the claims-management industry. This new edition takes account of all this activity while setting it into a wider and longer perspective. Complaints that Britain is a 'compensation culture' and that the tort system is out of control are explained and assessed and options for further change are explored. Through the turmoil and controversy, the tort system remains a central feature of the legal and social landscape. The book's enduring central argument for its radical reform remains as compelling as ever.

Decoding the International Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities

Decoding the International Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities Author Ajey Lele
ISBN-10 8182747007
Release 2012
Pages 190
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This book presents a wide range of views on the proposed International Space Code of Conduct (ICoC) for Outer Space as proposed by the European Union. On the whole, many contributors are in agreement to the idea of devising an ICoC; that this may not be a perfect solution, but it is still an important step in the right direction. The need for ICoC arises because despite the rapid advances in space technologies no corresponding normative architecture has been put in place till date. Alternatively, it has been suggested that the existing UN efforts need to be strengthened. This is because the UN system offers a provision for legally binding obligations and it could be incorrect to try finding a solution outside the UN mandate. Also, a need for meaningful verification measures has been emphasised.

Justice in the Forest

Justice in the Forest Author Marcus Colchester
ISBN-10 9789792446180
Release 2006
Pages 98
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Justice in the Forest has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Justice in the Forest also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Justice in the Forest book for free.

Globalization and Private Law

Globalization and Private Law Author Michael Faure
ISBN-10 9781849805216
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 512
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This timely book explores the relationship between private law and globalization. It examines the consequences of the fact that law making now takes place in a globalized world which increasingly leads to questions of accountability and legitimacy of the law making process. Within this work, European and South African scholars deal with the relationship between private law and globalization in fourteen innovative chapters, addressing inter alia globalization, democracy and accountability, harmonization versus decentralization, public law issues, corporate governance, procedural issues as well as human rights and the environment. This well-documented and original study will be a valuable resource for academics and legal practitioners as well as students. Specialists in private law, transnational law, international law and legal theory should also not be without this important book.

Injury and Injustice

Injury and Injustice Author Anne Bloom
ISBN-10 9781108420242
Release 2018-03-15
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Explores the inescapable experience of injury and its implications for social inequality in different cultural settings.

Global Value Chains in a Changing World

Global Value Chains in a Changing World Author Deborah Kay Elms
ISBN-10 9287038821
Release 2013
Pages 409
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A collection of papers by some of the world's leading specialists on global value chains (GVCs). It examines how GVCs have evolved and the challenges they face in a rapidly changing world. The approach is multi-disciplinary, with contributions from economists, political scientists, supply chain management specialists, practitioners and policy-makers. Co-published with the Fung Global Institute and the Temasek

Tax Administration Reform in China

Tax Administration Reform in China Author John Brondolo
ISBN-10 9781475547344
Release 2016-03-23
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Tax administration improvements have contributed significantly to a doubling of China’s tax-to-GDP ratio and the substantial reduction in taxpayers’ compliance costs since the mid-1990s. This paper describes the key features of China’s tax administration and their evolution over the last 20 years. It also identifes emerging challenges to the tax system and areas where further tax administration improvements are needed to sustain tax revenue and reduce taxpayers’ compliance costs in the future.

The Civil Code of the Netherlands

The Civil Code of the Netherlands Author Netherlands
ISBN-10 9789041127662
Release 2009
Pages 1210
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This second edition of The Civil Code of the Netherlands will be an invaluable tool for lawyers, businessmen and students in their practice of, research or study into Dutch Law. The first edition, published in 2009, reflected the Civil Code as in effect on 1 October 2008. Since then it has been supplemented by significant new statutory provisions, the most important of which is the addition of Book 10 (Private International Law), which entered into force on 1 January 2012. The translators, who continually strive to update, improve and modernise their translation, are Hans Warendorf, a Dutch advocaat and former senior partner of a leading Dutch law firm; Richard Thomas, a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales and London partner of the international law firm Vedder Price, both experienced cross-border legal practitioners who have worked together as a translation team for more than twenty years; and Dr. Ian Curry-Sumner, founder of the Dutch legal advice firm Voorts Legal Services in Utrecht, with more than 10 years' experience translating and lecturing Dutch family and inheritance law.

Russia and the European Union

Russia and the European Union Author Oksana Antonenko
ISBN-10 9780415359078
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 290
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The focus of this book is the implications of EU enlargement in May 2004 for EU-Russian relations. How should the EU and Russia develop their priorities as neighbours? What role could Russia's border regions play in shaping this policy? The book looks at the array of political, security, economic, and social concerns raised by the enlargement process. It incorporates different perspectives from existing and new EU member states, Russian scholars and politicians from Moscow and the northwestern regions of Russia.

Non Contractual Liability Arising out of Damage Caused to Another

Non Contractual Liability Arising out of Damage Caused to Another Author Christian von Bar
ISBN-10 9783866538658
Release 2009-08-17
Pages 1440
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"Non-contractual liability arising out of damage caused to another" is one of the three main non-contractual obligations dealt with in the DCFR. The law of non-contractual liability arising out of damage caused to another (in the Common Law known as tort law or the law of torts, but in most other jurisdictions referred to as the law of delict) is the area of law which determines whether one who has suffered a damage can on that account demand reparation (in money or in kind) from another with whom there may be no other legal connection than the causation of damage itself. Besides determining the scope and extent of responsibility for dangers of one's own or another's creation, this field of law serves to protect fundamental rights in the private law domain, that is to say horizontally between citizens inter se. Based on pan-European comparative research which annotates the work, this volume presents model rules on liability. Explanatory comments and illustrations amplify the policy decisions involved. During the drafting process, comparative material from over 25 different EU jurisdictions has been taken into account. The work therefore is not only a presentation of a future model for European rules to come but provides also a fairly detailed indication of the present legal situation in the Member States.


Plunder Author Ugo Mattei
ISBN-10 9780470695807
Release 2008-04-30
Pages 296
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Plunder examines the dark side of the Rule of Law and explores how it has been used as a powerful political weapon by Western countries in order to legitimize plunder – the practice of violent extraction by stronger political actors victimizing weaker ones. Challenges traditionally held beliefs in the sanctity of the Rule of Law by exposing its dark side Examines the Rule of Law's relationship with 'plunder' – the practice of violent extraction by stronger political actors victimizing weaker ones – in the service of Western cultural and economic domination Provides global examples of plunder: of oil in Iraq; of ideas in the form of Western patents and intellectual property rights imposed on weaker peoples; and of liberty in the United States Dares to ask the paradoxical question – is the Rule of Law itself illegal?