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Modernising Civil Liability Law in Europe China Brazil and Russia

Modernising Civil Liability Law in Europe  China  Brazil and Russia Author Gert Brüggemeier
ISBN-10 9781139497626
Release 2011-05-19
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Non-contractual liability, stemming from damage accountably caused to another, has been the subject of the PETL and DCFR VI European reform initiatives. Gert Brüggemeier, however, proposes alternative reforms which, instead of trying to overcome the differences between civil law (delict) and common law (torts), are restricted to civil liability. The focus is on the grounds of accountability, and stricter forms of liability are at the fore. Quasi-strict enterprise liability is introduced to fill the lacuna between personal fault and forms of strict liability. A commentary is included on recent legislation on civil liability in China, Brazil and Russia to demonstrate how these large countries try to come to grips with the challenges of 'risk society'.

Civil Liability in Europe for Terrorism Related Risk

Civil Liability in Europe for Terrorism Related Risk Author Lucas Bergkamp
ISBN-10 9781107100442
Release 2015-10-13
Pages 384
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Comprehensive and forward-looking analysis of civil liability for terrorism-related risk under international, EU and selected national tort laws.

Product Liability in Comparative Perspective

Product Liability in Comparative Perspective Author Duncan Fairgrieve
ISBN-10 113944803X
Release 2005-10-27
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This book examines the law of product liability from a comparative perspective. With the European Directive on Product Liability enacted over 20 years ago, this publication analyses the state of product liability in a number of key jurisdictions including both Western European countries and New Member States. Account is also taken of developments further afield, including the United States and Japan. Distinguished contributors, including a high court judge, European Commission official, leading litigators and academics, provide individual country reports and a number of integrated comparative studies. The book is designed for practical use by legal practitioners, academics, students and others interested in the area of contract, tort, civil procedure and multi-party litigation. In particular, practitioners will find the country reports an essential reference point.

Vicarious Liability in Tort

Vicarious Liability in Tort Author Paula Giliker
ISBN-10 9781139493079
Release 2010-10-28
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Vicarious liability is controversial: a principle of strict liability in an area dominated by fault-based liability. By making an innocent party pay compensation for the torts of another, it can also appear unjust. Yet it is a principle found in all Western legal systems, be they civil law or common law. Despite uncertainty as to its justifications, it is accepted as necessary. In our modern global economy, we are unlikely to understand its meaning and rationale through study of one legal system alone. Using her considerable experience as a comparative tort lawyer, Paula Giliker examines the principle of vicarious liability (or, to a civil lawyer, liability for the acts of others) in England and Wales, Australia, Canada, France and Germany, and with reference to legal systems in countries such as the United States, New Zealand and Spain.

Principles of Tort Law

Principles of Tort Law Author Rachael Mulheron
ISBN-10 9781107151369
Release 2016-09-30
Pages 1100
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Presenting tort law as a body of principles, this authoritative textbook guides students to a rich understanding of the subject. Summaries, diagrams, comparative discussion and detailed legal analysis accompany the exposition, and a companion website features ten additional chapters. This accessible text will appeal to both students and practitioners.

Modernised EC Competition Law in International Arbitration

Modernised EC Competition Law in International Arbitration Author Phillip Louis Landolt
ISBN-10 9789041123527
Release 2006
Pages 365
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Offers an analysis of the expectations and requirements of the Community legal order upon international arbitration, as well as a dependable source of answers to the EC competition law questions which arbitration practitioners will ordinarily be faced with. This guide is aimed at international litigation practitioners in Europe and globally.

The Vienna Rules

The Vienna Rules Author Franz T. Schwarz
ISBN-10 9789041123442
Release 2009
Pages 1049
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This authoritative commentary examines the new Vienna Rules and the Austrian Arbitration Act that both came into effect on 1 July 2006 as the result of a major reform. Following a call for modernization, this reform has further enhanced the attraction of Austria as an arbitral seat and has reinforced the importance of the Centre for parties seeking to resolve international commercial disputes. While the Rules themselves have become widely known among lawyers and arbitrators, there has been no significant commentary or guidance available until the advent of this book. Set out as an article-by-article commentary, the authorsand’ expert guidance proceeds in conformance with international practice, reconciling approaches adopted in both common law and civil law traditions. Within this enormously valuable international perspective, the book provides in depth coverage of all details of arbitral procedure under the Vienna Rules and Austrian arbitration law, including: validity of arbitration agreement and jurisdictional disputes; appointment, rights and duties of arbitrators; liability of arbitrators; multiparty proceedings; challenge of arbitrators and experts; treatment of counter-claims; interim measures of protection; settlements and awards; and costs and fees in arbitration. The book provides the reader with a framework, and specific instruments, to negotiate arbitrations effectively and ensure that the process remains predictable, expeditious and fair. Drawing on extensive research into the practice of the International Arbitral Centre in Vienna, as well as on case law, academic writing, and the Actand’s legislative history, this book will be of great value to corporate counsel, international lawyers, and arbitrators, as well as to students of dispute resolution.

Comparative International Commercial Arbitration

Comparative International Commercial Arbitration Author Julian D. M. Lew
ISBN-10 9789041115683
Release 2003
Pages 953
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This treatise describes the practice of international commercial arbitration with reference to the major international treaties and instruments, arbitration rules and national laws. It provides an analysis of the interaction between party autonomy and arbitration practice.

Atiyah s Accidents Compensation and the Law

Atiyah s Accidents  Compensation and the Law Author Peter Cane
ISBN-10 9781107636323
Release 2013-02-28
Pages 508
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Definitive text on personal injury law now updated to take into account recent significant changes in the law.

Marx at the Margins

Marx at the Margins Author Kevin B. Anderson
ISBN-10 9780226019840
Release 2010-05-15
Pages 336
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In Marx at the Margins, Kevin Anderson uncovers a variety of extensive but neglected texts by the well-known political economist which cast what we thought we knew about his work in a startlingly different light. Analyzing a variety of Marx’s writings, including journalistic work written for the New York Tribune, Anderson presents us with a Marx quite at odds with our conventional interpretations. Rather than providing us with an account of Marx as an exclusively class-based thinker, Anderson here offers a portrait of Marx for the twenty-first century: a global theorist whose social critique was sensitive to the varieties of human social and historical development, including not just class, but nationalism, race, and ethnicity, as well. Marx at the Margins ultimately argues that alongside his overarching critique of capital, Marx created a theory of history that was multi-layered and not easily reduced to a single model of development or revolution. Through highly-informed readings on work ranging from Marx’s unpublished 1879–82 notebooks to his passionate writings about the antislavery cause in the United States, this volume delivers a groundbreaking and canon-changing vision of Karl Marx that is sure to provoke lively debate in Marxist scholarship and beyond.

European Union Customs Code

European Union Customs Code Author Tom Walsh
ISBN-10 9041152326
Release 2015
Pages 1184
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The long-awaited modernisation of the European Unionè^--s Community Customs Code (CCC) of 1992 remains entangled in technical difficulties, and the very complex CCC, with its unsignposted and seemingly unrelated provisions, remains in force. Yet it is the contention of the internationally respected author of this enormously useful book that identifiable and immutable principles of taxation and administration are at the heart of customs procedures and practices and determine the broad framework of customs legislation generally. Accordingly, in extraordinarily precise and meticulously organised detail, the book demonstrates how these principles are enshrined in European customs law and how they work in practice.

Justice in the Forest

Justice in the Forest Author Marcus Colchester
ISBN-10 9789792446180
Release 2006
Pages 98
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Justice in the Forest has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Justice in the Forest also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Justice in the Forest book for free.

The Chinese Navy

The Chinese Navy Author
Release 2012
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The Chinese Navy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Chinese Navy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Chinese Navy book for free.

The Global Competitiveness Report 2004 2005

The Global Competitiveness Report 2004 2005 Author Michael E. Porter
ISBN-10 1403949131
Release 2004-12-03
Pages 624
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The World Economic Forum's annual Global Competitiveness Report evaluates the potential for sustained economic growth of over 100 economies and ranks them accordingly. Since it first release in 1979, the Report has become the most authoritative and comprehensive study of its type. The 2004-2005 Report Contains: *Detailed country competitiveness provides of 104 economies *Data tables for survey and hard data variable ranking profiled economies *Complementary global rankings: the Growth Competitiveness Index (GCI) and the Business Competitiveness Index (BCI), measuring growth and productivity respectively *Exclusive Data from the Executive Onion Survey, with over 8,700 responses from business leaders worldwide. Produced in collaboration with a distinguished group of international scholars and a global network of over 100 leading national research institutes and business organizations, the Report also showcases the latest thinking and research on issues of immediate relevance for business leaders and policy-makers.

Media Piracy in Emerging Economies

Media Piracy in Emerging Economies Author Joe Karaganis
ISBN-10 9780984125746
Release 2011
Pages 424
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Media Piracy in Emerging Economies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Media Piracy in Emerging Economies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Media Piracy in Emerging Economies book for free.

Injury and Injustice

Injury and Injustice Author Anne Bloom
ISBN-10 9781108420242
Release 2018-03-15
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Explores the inescapable experience of injury and its implications for social inequality in different cultural settings.

Russia in Decline

Russia in Decline Author S. Enders Wimbush
ISBN-10 0998666009
Release 2017-03
Pages 200
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Russia is in precipitous decline, which is unlikely to be reversed. This conclusion, based on the research of Russian and American experts, constitutes the bottom line of The Jamestown Foundation's project, Russia in Decline. Moreover, the tempo of Russia's decay is accelerating across virtually every fragment of its politics, economy, society and military, which renders Russia a poor candidate to survive globalization, let alone claim the mantle of a Great Power. This small volume details why Russia's spiraling into decline and disarray should keep strategists awake at night. It should also alert foreign policy, security and military planners, for whom Russia's decline will necessarily become the leitmotif of informed planning.