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Sketch Think Draw

Sketch  Think  Draw Author
ISBN-10 8867324861
Release 2015-12-30
Pages 144
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When looking at the travel journals of Giancarlo Iliprandi, one of the masters of Italian graphic design, you can see how sketching can become a way of looking at reality, and therefore a way of designing communication. Travel journals and bundles of paper filled with sketches and drawings show, much like the engine underneath the bonnet, the processes that make Iliprandi tick. As he himself says «action precedes thought» and, in this case, it is the sketch precedes the birth of the idea.

The Songlines

The Songlines Author Bruce Chatwin
ISBN-10 9781504038331
Release 2016-10-18
Pages 293
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International Bestseller: The famed travel writer and author of In Patagonia traverses Australia, exploring Aboriginal culture and song—and humanity’s origins. Long ago, the creators wandered Australia and sang the landscape into being, naming every rock, tree, and watering hole in the great desert. Those songs were passed down to the Aboriginals, and for centuries they have served not only as a shared heritage but as a living map. Sing the right song, and it can guide you across the desert. Lose the words, and you will die. Into this landscape steps Bruce Chatwin, the greatest travel writer of his generation, who comes to Australia to learn these songs. A born wanderer, whose lust for adventure has carried him to the farthest reaches of the globe, Chatwin is entranced by the cultural heritage of the Aboriginals. As he struggles to find the deepest meaning of these ancient, living songs, he is forced to embark on a much more difficult journey—through his own history—to reckon with the nature of language itself. Part travelogue, part memoir, part novel, The Songlines is one of Bruce Chatwin’s final—and most ambitious—works. From the author of the bestselling In Patagonia and On the Black Hill, a sweeping exploration of a landscape, a people, and one man’s history, it is the sort of book that changes the reader forever. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Bruce Chatwin including rare images and never-before-seen documents from the author’s estate.


Gladiator Author Dan Clark
ISBN-10 9781439102299
Release 2009-02-10
Pages 256
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Aggressive, explosive, and boasting awesome athletic ability, Dan Clark rose to tremendous fame as Nitro on American Gladiators. He quickly emerged as the most popular cast member and became a reality television superstar. But a twenty-year affair with steroids led to a life of pissing blood, smuggling drugs, destroying hotel rooms, getting arrested, growing breasts, and lying bloodied in the street after a vicious fight with his best friend. This is Clark's riveting, fiercely candid account of his life, career, and steroid addiction. From an upbringing defined by tragedy and a difficult search for identity to tales of performing center stage at Madison Square Garden and bedding Playboy Bunnies and porn stars, Clark explores the price of fame, the pressure of stardom, and how the whole steroid-fueled fantasy finally imploded. What began in high school as a way to speed up recovery from injury rapidly turned into an all-consuming addiction. With selfdeprecating humor and a trove of incredible stories, Clark provides an eye-opening report on the dangers of steroids both obvious and hidden -- and offers his thoughts on why steroid use remains a persistent problem today. More than just a pulpy exposé, Gladiator is a triumphant story of self-discovery and redemption.

Moleskine Pro Collection Workbook

Moleskine Pro Collection Workbook Author
ISBN-10 1223115658
Release 2015
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Moleskine Pro Collection Workbook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Moleskine Pro Collection Workbook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Moleskine Pro Collection Workbook book for free.

Tangle Art

Tangle Art Author Beckah Krahula
ISBN-10 9781592538898
Release 2013-09
Pages 40
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The Tangle Art A Meditative Drawing Kit includes everything you need to get started with meditative doodling: a full-color, 32-page instruction booklet, drawing pens, a pencil and eraser, and 20 tiles!

From the Revolution to the Maquiladoras

From the Revolution to the Maquiladoras Author Jennifer Bickham Mendez
ISBN-10 9780822387305
Release 2005-08-17
Pages 302
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From the Revolution to the Maquiladoras is a major contribution to the study of globalization, labor, and women’s movements. Jennifer Bickham Mendez presents a detailed ethnographic account of the Nicaraguan Working and Unemployed Women’s Movement, “María Elena Cuadra” (mec), which emerged as an autonomous organization in 1994. Most of its efforts revolve around organizing women workers in Nicaragua’s free trade zones and working to improve conditions in maquiladora factories. Mendez examines the structural and cultural elements of mec in order to demonstrate how globalization affects grassroots advocacy for social and economic justice. She argues that globalization has created opportunities for new forms of organizing among those local populations that suffer its effects and that mec, which has forged vital links with transnational feminist and labor groups, exemplifies the possibilities—and pitfalls—of this new type of organizing. Mendez draws on interviews with leaders and program participants, including maquiladora workers; her participant observation while she worked as a volunteer within the organization; and analysis of the public statements, speeches, and texts written by mec members. She provides a sense of the day-to-day operations of the group as well as its strategies. By exploring the tension between mec and transnational feminist, labor, and solidarity networks, she illustrates how mec women’s outlooks are shaped by both their revolutionary roots within the Sandinista regime and their exposure to global discourses of human rights and citizenship. The complexities of the women’s labor movement analyzed in From the Revolution to the Maquiladoras speak to social and economic justice movements in the many locales around the world.

Understanding Pure Mathematics

Understanding Pure Mathematics Author A. J. Sadler
ISBN-10 0199142432
Release 1987
Pages 602
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A classic single-volume textbook, popular for its direct and straightforward approach. Understanding Pure Mathematics starts by filling the gap between GCSE and A Level and builds on this base for candidates taking either single-subject of double-subject A Level.

The Psychology of Human Leadership

The Psychology of Human Leadership Author Michael Paschen
ISBN-10 9783642370540
Release 2013-07-22
Pages 245
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The book seamlessly links fundamental insights and practical approaches to address the most important leadership problems and challenges. Each of the 11 chapters takes a close look at a specific leadership aspect and explains how to develop personal leadership qualities, such as charisma, the ability to motivate others, assertiveness, and how to overcome crises and conflicts to create new structures. Ethical questions and possible negative developments in connection with leadership and power are also examined. Unlike conventional leadership manuals, this book on leadership goes beyond the standard 'recipes' and models by providing clear trains of thought as well as a psychological and philosophical basis, and by focusing on major achievements in terms of leadership, it creates a more profound understanding and holistic view of the subject of leadership, while promoting a genuine fascination for it.

Moleskine Pro Collection Workbook

Moleskine Pro Collection Workbook Author
ISBN-10 1223115593
Release 2015
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Moleskine Pro Collection Workbook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Moleskine Pro Collection Workbook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Moleskine Pro Collection Workbook book for free.

The Lure

The Lure Author Steve Schroeder
ISBN-10 9781435457133
Release 2011
Pages 560
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Beginning in the fall of 1999, a number of Internet-related businesses and financial institutions in the United States suffered computer intrusions or "hacks" that originated from Russia. The hackers gained control of the victims' computers, copied and st

Brand Portfolio Strategy

Brand Portfolio Strategy Author David A. Aaker
ISBN-10 1439188831
Release 2009-12-01
Pages 368
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In this long-awaited book from the world's premier brand expert and author of the seminal work Building Strong Brands, David Aaker shows managers how to construct a brand portfolio strategy that will support a company's business strategy and create relevance, differentiation, energy, leverage, and clarity. Building on case studies of world-class brands such as Dell, Disney, Microsoft, Sony, Dove, Intel, CitiGroup, and PowerBar, Aaker demonstrates how powerful, cohesive brand strategies have enabled managers to revitalize brands, support business growth, and create discipline in confused, bloated portfolios of master brands, subbrands, endorser brands, co-brands, and brand extensions. Aaker offers readers step-by-step advice on what to do when confronting scenarios such as the following: • Brands are underleveraged • The business strategy is at risk because of inadequate brand platforms • The business faces a relevance threat caused by emerging subcategories • The firm's brands are tired and bland • Strategy is paralyzed by a lack of priority among the brands • Brands are cluttered and confusing to both customers and employees • The firm needs to move into the super-premium or value arenas to create margin or sales volume • Margin pressures require points of differentiation Renowned brand guru Aaker demonstrates that assuring that each brand in the portfolio has a clear role and actively reinforces and supports the other portfolio brands will profoundly affect the firm's profitability. Brand Portfolio Strategy is required reading not only for brand managers but for all managers with bottom-line responsibility to their shareholders.

Mod perl 2 User s Guide

Mod perl 2 User s Guide Author Stas Bekman
ISBN-10 0977920119
Release 2007
Pages 420
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This users guide explains key changes to the Apache Perl programming language and demonstrates the tools used to port modules and migrate existing code. The text provides information on how to get up and running on Apache 2 and mod_perl 2. (Computers - Internet)

Passage to Abstract Mathematics

Passage to Abstract Mathematics Author Mark E. Watkins
ISBN-10 0321738632
Release 2011-01
Pages 232
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Passage to Abstract Mathematics facilitates the transition from introductory mathematics courses to the more abstract work that occurs in advanced courses. This text covers logic, proofs, numbers, sets, induction, functions, and more–material which instructors of upper-level courses often presume their students have already mastered but are in fact missing from lower-level courses. Students will learn how to read and write mathematics–especially proofs–the way that mathematicians do. The text emphasizes the use of complete, correct definitions and mathematical syntax.

Financial ACCT 2010 Student Edition Book Only

Financial ACCT  2010 Student Edition  Book Only Author Norman Godwin
ISBN-10 053879898X
Release 2010-03-08
Pages 336
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Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Moleskine 18 Month Weekly Planner Pocket Elm Green

Moleskine 18 Month Weekly Planner  Pocket  Elm Green Author
ISBN-10 1223132862
Release 2017
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Moleskine 18 Month Weekly Planner Pocket Elm Green has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Moleskine 18 Month Weekly Planner Pocket Elm Green also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Moleskine 18 Month Weekly Planner Pocket Elm Green book for free.

A Barrel Full of Pennies

A Barrel Full of Pennies Author John Patrick
ISBN-10 0822200953
Release 1971
Pages 62
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THE STORY: In the household of Adonis Samaritan, cab driver and lover of mankind, all homeless creatures, dogs, lame ducks and people--are welcome, much to the distress of daughter Alicia, who wishes she didn't have to be embarrassed at the thought

Ocean County Through Time

Ocean County Through Time Author Robert Gilinsky
ISBN-10 1635000335
Release 2016-06-30
Pages 96
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Ocean County, the second largest county in New Jersey, leads the state in terms of population growth over the past several decades. Long known for its beautiful barrier island beaches and inland pine barrens, many traces of yesteryear have vanished with the recent influx of people and radical remodeling of places. Long ago the wild southern badlands of Monmouth, Ocean County broke away in 1850. After many decades of dormancy, the county now boasts one of the East Coast's most revered theme parks, five major hospitals, a minor league baseball team and stadium, one of the world's largest yeshivas, miles of pristine and preserved barrier island beach space, pine barren wilderness, a healthy manufacturing sector, and sprawling developments with their associated shopping malls. Once sought out by individuals and communities for its isolated quiet beauty, there is no turning back for Ocean County. This book intends to serve as an armchair tour guide documenting the evolution of both well-known landmarks and back road locales for long-time residents and newcomers alike.