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Monsters Among Us

Monsters Among Us Author Linda S. Godfrey
ISBN-10 9780399176241
Release 2016
Pages 368
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If you've ever heard an inexplicable bump in the night, caught a glimpse of a strange-looking someone (or something?) out of the corner of your eye or seen an unusual craft dart across the sky before it vanishes without a trace, there's only one person to call. Linda S. Godfrey - author of numerous books that offer rare reporting on bigfoots, werewolves and strange energy forms - explores the mystical, legendary and scientific angles of these creatures. and the surprising secret portals and doorways they may use to enter our world.

Monsters of the Midwest

Monsters of the Midwest Author Jessica Freeburg
ISBN-10 9781591936619
Release 2016-08-22
Pages 120
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Does telling creepy tales around the campfire sound like a perfect night out? Is scaring yourself silly your idea of a good time? Paranormal investigators Jessica Freeburg and Natalie Fowler share reportedly true accounts of the strangest, the most bizarre, and the most chilling creatures ever documented in the Midwest states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. From sightings of bigfoot to encounters with werewolves—and even a Great Lakes sea monster—this collection of 23 stories is sure to keep you up at night. Try to remember: that noise you hear... it’s probably just the wind.

Real Wolfmen

Real Wolfmen Author Linda S. Godfrey
ISBN-10 9781585429080
Release 2012
Pages 334
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Traces alleged werewolf sightings in America since the 1930s, cataloging painstakingly researched accounts of anomalous, upright canids while assessing the latest reports, theorizing on possible origins and exploring the plausibility of werewolf claims. Original. 10,000 first printing.

Hunt for the Skinwalker

Hunt for the Skinwalker Author Colm A. Kelleher
ISBN-10 1416526935
Release 2005-12-06
Pages 320
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The author of the controversial bestseller Brain Trust brings his scientific expertise to the chilling true story of unexplained phenomena on Utah's Skinwalker Ranch -- and challenges us with a new vision of reality. For more than fifty years, the bizarre events at a remote Utah ranch have ranged from the perplexing to the wholly terrifying. Vanishing and mutilated cattle. Unidentified Flying Objects. The appearance of huge, otherworldly creatures. Invisible objects emitting magnetic fields with the power to spark a cattle stampede. Flying orbs of light with dazzling maneuverability and lethal consequences. For one family, life on the Skinwalker Ranch had become a life under siege by an unknown enemy or enemies. Nothing else could explain the horrors that surrounded them -- perhaps science could. Leading a first-class team of research scientists on a disturbing odyssey into the unknown, Colm Kelleher spent hundreds of days and nights on the Skinwalker property and experienced firsthand many of its haunting mysteries. With investigative reporter George Knapp -- the only journalist allowed to witness and document the team's work -- Kelleher chronicles in superb detail the spectacular happenings the team observed personally, and the theories of modern physics behind the phenomena. Far from the coldly detached findings one might expect, their conclusions are utterly hair-raising in their implications. Opening a door to the unseen world around us, Hunt for the Skinwalker is a clarion call to expand our vision far beyond what we know.

Monsters of Wisconsin

Monsters of Wisconsin Author Linda S. Godfrey
ISBN-10 0811745015
Release 2011-06-07
Pages 144
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Find out about the bizarre and mysterious creatures living in Wisconsin.

Hunting the American Werewolf

Hunting the American Werewolf Author Linda S. Godfrey
ISBN-10 1931599661
Release 2006
Pages 320
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He's out there? a malevolent beast with the head of a wolf?walking upright like a man! Don?t believe it? How do you explain dozens of verified sightings throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and nationwide? In this fascinating book, best-selling author and award-winning journalist Linda Godfrey continues the hunt she began in The Beast of Bray Road. With only her investigative mind and her wry sense of humor, she takes on weird creatures too bizarre to be real?and too well documented to be mere fairy-tales.

American Monsters

American Monsters Author Linda S. Godfrey
ISBN-10 9781101625286
Release 2014-08-28
Pages 384
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From pre-Columbian legends to modern-day eyewitness accounts, this comprehensive guide covers the history, sightings and lore surrounding the most mysterious monsters in America—including Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, and more. Bigfoot, the chupacabra, and thunderbirds aren’t just figments of our overactive imaginations—according to thousands of eyewitnesses, they exist, in every corner of the United States. Throughout America’s history, shocked onlookers have seen unbelievable creatures of every stripe—from sea serpents to apelike beings, giant bats to monkeymen—in every region. Author, investigator, and creature expert Linda S. Godfrey brings the same fearless reporting she lent to Real Wolfmen to this essential guide, using historical record, present-day news reports, and eyewitness interviews to examine this hidden menagerie of America’s homegrown beasts.

Hunting Monsters

Hunting Monsters Author Darren Naish
ISBN-10 9781784281915
Release 2016-01-26
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The Loch Ness Monster, bigfoot and the yeti have long held a fascination for people the world over. Debates about their actual existence or what they might really be have continued for decades, if not centuries. Known also as cryptids, they have spawned a body of research known as cryptozoology. This entertaining book looks at the evidence of these mysterious monsters and others and explores what they might really be (if they exist at all), why they have been represented as they have and the development of cryptozoology and how it has collected data to discover more about these unknown creatures.

Weird Michigan

Weird Michigan Author Linda S. Godfrey
ISBN-10 9781402739071
Release 2006
Pages 248
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Explores ghosts and haunted places, local legends, cursed roads, crazy characters, and unusual roadside attractions found in Michigan.

The Monster Book

The Monster Book Author Nick Redfern
ISBN-10 9781578596287
Release 2016-08-22
Pages 432
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Monsters have been spotted everywhere, not just hiding under a child’s bed, lurking in the closet, or springing forth from folkloric tales. Exploring the history, mythology, pop culture, and the world of the supernatural, The Monster Book: Creatures, Beasts, and Fiends of Nature is a comprehensive resource of the monster menagerie from around the world. Examining the lore and legends, as well as the first-person accounts of bizarre freaks of nature and spine-tingling paranormal entities, it details each beast with thorough research, while recounting the facts in an engaging narrative. This fascinating look at monsters investigates nearly 200 beings, beasts, freaks, and fiends, ranging from the renowned and celebrated to the little-known and inglorious, including Werewolves, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, the chupacabra, Mothman, the Abominable Snowman, the Mongolian Death Worm, Living Pterosaurs, Alien Big Cats, Lizard Man, Lake Worth Monster, the Monstrous Monitor, South American Sasquatch, the Jersey Devil, Sea Serpents, Phantom Black Dogs, and much, much more.

Phantoms Monsters

Phantoms   Monsters Author Lon Strickler
ISBN-10 1539465551
Release 2016-12-02
Pages 180
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A collection of unexplained encounters submitted by regular people who felt compelled to contact me about their encounter. I truly understand their dilemma...they want answers. But can they comprehend the truth? I have also included transcriptions and vintage news reports that detail unknown beasts and bizarre events. Black-eyed people, humanoids, entities, Bigfoot and hairy hominids, flying monsters and winged anomalies, upright canines, Dogman, Pennsylvania's lycans and more cryptids.

Three Men Seeking Monsters

Three Men Seeking Monsters Author Nick Redfern
ISBN-10 141650057X
Release 2004-03-24
Pages 272
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They sought out the strange. They investigated the inexplicable. They had one hell of a hangover. On an odyssey of oddities that would take them all to the very limits of their imagination (and inebriation), bestselling author Nick Redfern teamed up with professional monster-hunters Jonathan Downes and Richard Freeman. For six weeks in the summer of 2001, the intrepid-yet-hard-partying trio rampaged across the remote wilds of Great Britain in hot pursuit of werewolves, lake monsters, giant cats, ghostly devil dogs, and ape-men. Their adventures led them deep into ancient forests, into the dark corridors of a mansion hiding a wild man, and to the shores of the legendary Loch Ness -- along the way encountering all manner of curious characters, including witches, government agents, and eyewitnesses who claim to have seen monsters firsthand. And only at journey's end did the hard questions posed at the start of their quest begin to reveal some mind-bending answers. That monsters truly do exist in our world. And that we are responsible for their existence! Whether you're seeking a glimpse into the bizarre reaches of reality, or just looking for a good time, Three Men Seeking Monsters is a uniquely gonzo trek with a trio of adventurers who pushed themselves to the edge -- and went right over it.

The Beast of Bray Road

The Beast of Bray Road Author Linda S. Godfrey
ISBN-10 1879483912
Release 2003
Pages 177
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In the early 1990s people around the small town of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, claimed to see strange, hairy, wolf-headed creatures that sometimes walked upright and seemed not afraid of man. The canid sensation was soon dubbed Beast of Bray Road, after the location of the first reported sightings. Author Linda Godfrey began investigating this story and soon found herself in the middle of a national sensation. Nobody has ever been able to prove whether the beast is a flesh-and-blood werewolf or will-o'-the-wisp, demon dog, or noble animal. But the author gives the reader plenty to chew on. Make up your own mind, if you do so at all, only after the marrow has been extracted and well digested.

The Road to Strange

The Road to Strange Author Michael Brein
ISBN-10 9781942157168
Release 2017-05-15
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Travel opens the door to the unknown. When you pack your bags for travel and adventure, you might get more than you expected – a side trip into a phantom world where mysterious things happen. This collection of 44 page-turning original, true stories tells of travelers around the world who are suddenly faced with ghosts, paranormal phenomena, unusual synchronicities, time slips, magic, visions, past-life connections, premonitions, mystical experiences, mysterious figures, and more. Each story has an expert, insightful commentary. Read about: A blood-soaked man who wanders the streets of Paris An angry dead woman who destroys a house Mystical experiences beyond time at sacred sites A gas-pumping ghost in the desert Death curses and devil snakes And much more! “A fascinating book with great commentary. Plenty of interesting stories of earthbound spirits and why they inhabit the dark stairwells of the world.” – David Hatcher Childress, author and owner, Adventures Unlimited Press “The Road to Strange, with its variety of exceptional experiences happening to ordinary people (and the accompanying commentary), is a truly interesting book that makes one wonder about our world and our own experiences. You may find it hard to put down – and you’ll be searching your memory for your own extraordinary happenings.” – Loyd Auerbach, parapsychologist, author, and President, Forever Family Foundation

The Most Mysterious Places on Earth

The Most Mysterious Places on Earth Author Nick Redfern
ISBN-10 9781477706855
Release 2013-07-15
Pages 208
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Just what makes a locale one of the world's most mysterious places is a subject open to debate. But if Bigfoot, UFOs, and chain-rattling ghosts all appear in one particular location, time and again, along with a fantastic range of other bizarre phenomena, then this is highly suggestive that the place is truly weird and mysterious in the extreme. Readers will learn startling truths of these amazing, paranormal locations and uncanny hot spots. Included are eerie haunts scattered across the United States, Russia, Canada, and just about everywhere in between, including such infamous locales as Death Valley, the Bermuda Triangle, Loch Ness, and even the New York City subway. Also addressed are the various theories that have been posited to explain why such places have become so infinitely weird in the first place. This is a wild tour of the world and its many rich cultures and folklore that reveals the top twenty-five places on Earth that are...well...incredibly weird and mysterious.

A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts

A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts Author Ken Gerhard
ISBN-10 9780738749273
Release 2016-09-08
Pages 240
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Draw Back the Curtain and Marvel at the Amazing Collection of Mysterious Beasts Within Join cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard on an enigmatic journey through the world of mysterious beasts, exploring eyewitness encounters with creatures thought to exist only in myths and legends. This compelling compendium presents a wide variety of astounding and bizarre creatures, from the Minnesota Iceman to the White Bluff Screamer to the Texas T. rex. Discover the fascinating history and modern case studies of ape-men roaming the Americas. Experience captivating, first-hand accounts of dragon, werewolf, and mermaid sightings from Europe to Australia. Featuring sea monsters, colossal insects, enormous eagles, oversized amphibians, and more, A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts is the ultimate resource for cryptid creature enthusiasts. Praise: “In his new book, Ken Gerhard—the Indiana Jones of monster-hunting—provides us with an absolute smorgasbord of unknown animals.”—Nick Redfern, author of Chupacabra Road Trip “Ken Gerhard’s writings are always replete with original research and hitherto-unpublished reports. A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts is no exception—a monstrously good, thoroughly entertaining, and highly informative read for cryptozoology fans everywhere!”—Dr. Karl P.N. Shuker, author of A Manifestation of Monsters “Ken Gerhard deftly blends authentic historical accounts with piles of new eyewitness reports to create a heady, global cocktail of cryptid mysteries.”—Linda S. Godfrey, author of American Monsters “After reading this menagerie of the damned you will be in no doubt that monsters are real.”—Richard Freeman, author of Dragons “Ken brings us an excellent read, a combination of his own personal investigations and direct eyewitness testimony. Importantly, the book flows very well as it deals with a variety of cryptids, including more controversial subjects which he is to be credited for not shying away from.”—Adam Davies, cryptozoologist and explorer

Strange Intruders

Strange Intruders Author David Weatherly
ISBN-10 1945950005
Release 2016-08-29
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Strange Intruders has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Strange Intruders also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Strange Intruders book for free.