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Moral Psychology

Moral Psychology Author Mark Alfano
ISBN-10 9781509503148
Release 2016-09-06
Pages 216
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Moral psychology is the systematic inquiry into how morality works, when it does work, and breaks down when it doesn't work. In this comprehensive new textbook, Mark Alfano outlines the five central concepts in the study of moral psychology: agency, patiency, sociality, temporality, and reflexivity. Subsequent chapters each assess a key area of research, which Alfano relates both to the five central concepts and to empirical findings. He then draws out the philosophical implications of those findings before suggesting future directions for research. One of Alfano's guiding themes is that moral philosophy without psychological content is empty, whereas psychological investigation without philosophical insight is blind. He advocates and demonstrates a holistic vision that pictures moral psychology as a project of collaborative inquiry into the descriptive and normative aspects of the human condition. Featuring a glossary of technical terms, further reading sections and chapter-by-chapter study questions, this rich, systematic, and accessible introduction to moral psychology will be suitable for both undergraduates and researchers in philosophy, psychology and related fields.

Moral Psychology

Moral Psychology Author Valerie Tiberius
ISBN-10 9781136304378
Release 2014-05-30
Pages 256
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This is the first philosophy textbook in moral psychology, introducing students to a range of philosophical topics and debates such as: What is moral motivation? Do reasons for action always depend on desires? Is emotion or reason at the heart of moral judgment? Under what conditions are people morally responsible? Are there self-interested reasons for people to be moral? Moral Psychology: A Contemporary Introduction presents research by philosophers and psychologists on these topics, and addresses the overarching question of how empirical research is (or is not) relevant to philosophical inquiry.

Dimensions of Moral Theory

Dimensions of Moral Theory Author Jonathan Jacobs
ISBN-10 9780470776971
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 192
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Dimensions of Moral Theory examines the key presuppositions and philosophical commitments that support and shape moral theories.

Moral Psychology

Moral Psychology Author Thomas Nadelhoffer
ISBN-10 9781405190206
Release 2010-11-01
Pages 408
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Moral Psychology: Historical and Contemporary Readings is the first book to bring together the most significant contemporary and historical works on the topic from both philosophy and psychology. Provides a comprehensive introduction to moral psychology, which is the study of psychological mechanisms and processes underlying ethics and morality Unique in bringing together contemporary texts by philosophers, psychologists and other cognitive scientists with foundational works from both philosophy and psychology Approaches moral psychology from an empirically informed perspective Explores a wide range of topics from passion and altruism to virtue and responsibility Editorial introductions to each section explain the background of and connections between the selections

A Contemporary Introduction of Moral Psychology

A Contemporary Introduction of Moral Psychology Author Edwin Bearden
ISBN-10 1983796948
Release 2017-08-17
Pages 162
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A Contemporary Introduction of Moral Psychology presents research by philosophers and psychologists on these topics, and addresses the overarching question of how empirical research is (or is not) relevant to philosophical inquiry.Textbook in moral psychology, introducing students to a range of philosophical topics and debates such as: What is moral motivation? Do reasons for action always depend on desires?

The Moral Psychology of St Thomas Aquinas

The Moral Psychology of St  Thomas Aquinas Author Peter Redpath
ISBN-10 0998894036
Release 2017-04-28
Pages 804
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Through a radical reinterpretation of classical philosophy as an organizational psychology, The Moral Psychology of St. Thomas: An Introduction to Ragamuffin Ethics just as radically reinterprets St. Thomas Aquinas's moral teaching to be a behavioristic psychology chiefly designed to synthesize right reason and right pleasure to help a person excel at living life as a whole. In the process of so doing, this work demonstrates how the skill of prudential living is a necessary condition for becoming a grand master of leadership in any and every profession.

Advances in Experimental Moral Psychology

Advances in Experimental Moral Psychology Author Hagop Sarkissian
ISBN-10 9781472513045
Release 2014-03-27
Pages 272
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Advances in Experimental Moral Psychology brings together leading scholars in the field to provide fresh theoretical perspectives on research in philosophy and psychology. Reflecting a diverse and active field of study, contributors are drawn from across both subjects to pursue central questions concerning moral psychology. Covering a wide-ranging selection of arguments, issues and debates, topics includes the role of emotion in moral judgment (both at a general theoretical level and with regards to specific topics); the moral psychology behind political orientation; the nature and content of moral character and more higher-order questions concerning the status of morality itself. For philosophers and researchers in the social and behavioral science, this exciting new volume reveals the beneficial results of integrating these two disciplines and illustrates the promise of this experimental approach to moral psychology.

Normativity and the Will

Normativity and the Will Author R. Jay Wallace
ISBN-10 9780191536991
Release 2006-03-16
Pages 356
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Normativity and the Will collects fourteen important _ papers on moral psychology and practical reason by R. Jay _ Wallace, one of the leading philosophers currently working_ in these areas. The papers explore the interpenetration of normative and _ psychological issues in a series of debates that lie at the heart of moral philosophy. Part I, Reason, Desire, and the_ Will, discusses the nexus linking normativity to motivation, including the relations between desire and reasons, the role of normative considerations in explanations of action, and_ the normative commitments involved in willing an end (such_ as the requirement to adopt the necessary means). Part II,_ Responsibility, Identification, and Emotion, looks at _ questions about the rational capacities presupposed by _ accountable agency and the psychic factors that both inhibit and enable identification with what we do. It includes an interpretation of the Nietzschean claim that ressentiment is among the sources of modern moral consciousness. Part III,_ Morality and Other Normative Domains, addresses the _ structure of moral reasons and moral motivation, and the _ relations between moral demands and other normative domains (including especially the requirements of living a _ meaningful human life). _ _ Wallace's treatments of these topics are at once _ sophisticated and engaging. Taken together, they constitute an advertisement for a distinctive way of pursuing issues in moral psychology and the theory of practical reason. The _ book articulates and defends a unified framework for _ thinking about those issues, while offering sustained _ critical discussions of other influential approaches (by _ philosophers such as Korsgaard, McDowell, Nietzsche, Raz, Scanlon, and Williams). It should be of interest to every _ serious student of moral philosophy. _


Metaethics Author Andrew Fisher
ISBN-10 9781317491811
Release 2014-12-05
Pages 200
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Do moral facts exist? What would they be like if they did? What does it mean to say that a moral claim is true? What is the link between moral judgement and motivation? Can we know whether something is right and wrong? Is morality a fiction? Metaethics: An Introduction presents a very clear and engaging survey of the key concepts and positions in what has become one of the most exciting and influential fields of philosophy. Free from technicality and jargon, the book covers the main ideas that have shaped metaethics from the work of G. E. Moore to the latest thinking. Written specifically for beginning students, the book assumes no prior philosophical knowledge. The book highlights ways to avoid common errors, offers hints and tips on learning the subject, includes a glossary of core terms, and provides guidance for further study.

Moral Psychology Today

Moral Psychology Today Author David K. Chan
ISBN-10 1402068727
Release 2008-02-03
Pages 250
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This volume is an edited collection of original papers on the theme of "Values, Rational Choice, and the Will". The editor is a Stanford-trained moral philosopher, and the organizer of a conference held on April 1-3, 2004. The conference succeeded in bringing together a wide range of essays that dealt with most of the central questions of moral philosophy today, in both normative ethics and meta-ethics, theoretical and applied ethics, and especially in moral psychology.

Moral Psychology

Moral Psychology Author Sergio Tenenbaum
ISBN-10 9789042022263
Release 2007-01
Pages 343
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In recent decades the central questions of moral psychology have attracted renewed interest. Contemporary work on moral motivation and the rationality of moral action has broadened its focus to include a wide array of related issues. New interpretations of historical figures have also contributed to conceptual advances in moral psychology, in a way unparalleled in any other area of philosophy. This volume presents original work from some of the most prominent philosophers currently working on moral psychology, spanning both the historical and the contemporary problem-based approaches.

The Social Turn in Moral Psychology

The Social Turn in Moral Psychology Author Mark Fedyk
ISBN-10 9780262035569
Release 2017-01-13
Pages 256
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An argument that moral psychology can benefit from closer integration with the social sciences, offering a novel ethical theory bridging the two.

Socratic Moral Psychology

Socratic Moral Psychology Author Thomas C. Brickhouse
ISBN-10 9781139488426
Release 2010-05-06
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Socrates' moral psychology is widely thought to be 'intellectualist' in the sense that, for Socrates, every ethical failure to do what is best is exclusively the result of some cognitive failure to apprehend what is best. Until publication of this book, the view that, for Socrates, emotions and desires have no role to play in causing such failure went unchallenged. This book argues against the orthodox view of Socratic intellectualism and offers in its place a comprehensive alternative account that explains why Socrates believed that emotions, desires and appetites can influence human motivation and lead to error. Thomas C. Brickhouse and Nicholas D. Smith defend the study of Socrates' philosophy and offer an alternative interpretation of Socratic moral psychology. Their novel account of Socrates' conception of virtue and how it is acquired shows that Socratic moral psychology is considerably more sophisticated than scholars have supposed.

Moral Psychology and Human Agency

Moral Psychology and Human Agency Author Justin D'Arms
ISBN-10 9780198717812
Release 2014
Pages 282
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This volume examines the implications of developments in the science of ethics for philosophical theorizing about moral psychology and human agency. These ten new essays in empirically informed philosophy illuminate such topics as responsibility, the self, and the role in morality of mental states such as desire, emotion, and moral judgement.

Nationalism and the Moral Psychology of Community

Nationalism and the Moral Psychology of Community Author Bernard Yack
ISBN-10 9780226944661
Release 2012-04-27
Pages 328
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Yack develops a broader and more flexible theory of community and shows how to use it in the study of nations and nationalism. What makes nationalism such a powerful and morally problematic force in our lives is the interplay of old feelings of communal loyalty and relatively new beliefs about popular sovereignty. By uncovering this fraught relationship, Yack moves our understanding of nationalism beyond the oft-rehearsed debate between primordialists and modernists, those who exaggerate our loss of individuality and those who underestimate the depth of communal attachments.

Moral Psychology

Moral Psychology Author Peggy DesAutels
ISBN-10 0742534804
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 245
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Twelve original essays from feminist philosophers explore some of the many questions raised in the study of moral psychology. The volume opens with a discussion of what happens in a society when terrorist acts destroy people's sense of basal security . Other contributions include, for example, a refutation of the theory that women prefer social rol

Character psychology and character education

Character psychology and character education Author Daniel K. Lapsley
ISBN-10 0268033714
Release 2005-07-28
Pages 352
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Daniel K. Lapsley and F. Clark Power provides new perspective on the nature of character and moral education by utilizing insights from the disciplines of moral psychology and ethical theory.