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Multicultural Research

Multicultural Research Author Carl A. Grant
ISBN-10 9781135707644
Release 2005-08-12
Pages 296
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This is a book at the cutting edge of research on multiculturalism. With contributions from top American authors currently working in this area, the result is a text that not only dissects the multicultural issues facing education in the USA today, but also reveals the methods and procedures of research into this contentious area.

Multicultural Research

Multicultural Research Author Carl A. Grant
ISBN-10 0750708808
Release 1999
Pages 282
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This is a book at the cutting edge of research on multiculturalism. With contributions from top American authors currently working in this area, the result is a text that not only dissects the multicultural issues facing education in the USA today, but also reveals the methods and procedures of research into this contentious area.

Our Worlds in Our Words

Our Worlds in Our Words Author Mary Dilg
ISBN-10 080777068X
Release 2015-04-17
Pages 149
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How can teachers help their students to meet high standards of reading and writing while also preparing them to become thoughtful and productive members of a multicultural society? And why is it important to do this? In her new book, Mary Dilg brings us into her high school English classroom, where we see students reach across the social, cultural, and economic lines that divide them to build lifelong literacy skills. The book explores what happens when we introduce students to the words of a broad spectrum of American scholars, writers, and artists and then invite them to examine, debate, and negotiate the ideas presented. Dilg provides a safe space to explore complex issues and includes samples of classroom writing to demonstrate how students use their language arts classroom to make sense of themselves and their world.

The RoutledgeFalmer Reader in Multicultural Education

The RoutledgeFalmer Reader in Multicultural Education Author David Gillborn
ISBN-10 0415336627
Release 2004
Pages 265
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Bringing together scholarship from both sides of the Atlantic, this book focuses on the questions that shape the field of multicultural education, offering the reader an opportunity to achieve a real grasp of the subject.

Multicultural Education

Multicultural Education Author Patricia Ramsey
ISBN-10 9781135582210
Release 2003-12-16
Pages 312
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The second edition of this source book contains essays and annotations on a number of issues related to multicultural education. The authors define multicultural education as a process-oriented creation of learning experiences that foster an awareness of, respect for, and enjoyment of the diversity of our society and world. Inherent in this definition of multicultural education is a commitment to create a more just and equitable society for all people. This book, then, offers suggestions relevant to the teaching of all children, all teaching and curricular decisions, and every aspect of educational policy.

The Intersection of Race Class and Gender in Multicultural Counseling

The Intersection of Race  Class  and Gender in Multicultural Counseling Author Donald B. Pope-Davis
ISBN-10 0761911588
Release 2001
Pages 498
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Featuring an outstanding group of the leading theorists and researchers from the fields of multicultural psychology and counseling, this book begins with chapters on how the interplay of such variables of class, gender, and race interact in the development of an individual in a pluralistic society. It then presents theories on how to integrate issues of class, gender and race into counseling theory.

Knowledge Differences and Identity in the Time of Globalization

Knowledge  Differences and Identity in the Time of Globalization Author James Kusch
ISBN-10 9781443831338
Release 2011-05-25
Pages 330
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The discourse of globalization that pertains to higher education reform is troubling. The first troubling thing about much of the discourse that concerns globalization is that it most often does not name a human subject. We propose that globalization discourse should be written for and directed towards human beings or students. The second troubling thing about the discourse of globalization is the way that it antagonizes and marginalizes who that missing subject might be. The two relationships form the themes of this book. The nature and logic of discourse about globalization expresses a social rationality that serves as a precondition to constructing relevant meanings. The way that we conceive or obscure the subject produces a condition or position where those whom are the subject of the discourse must indeed await its effects—who is the pertinent policy about? Or, for whom is policy intended? Much policy discourse holds consequences for the way in which outcomes of policies are understood or explained in the social milieu where policies are enacted. The same discourse constructs and deconstructs identities and, as we will see, the language of reform in fact antagonizes and marginalizes students by virtue of a particular vagueness in the discourse and symbols of the discourse. What is at issue in the discourse of globalization is the character and logic of collective identities. How then to relate students to the cluster of features that comprise globalization?

Cultivating pluralism

Cultivating pluralism Author Malcolm MacLachlan
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105110530784
Release 2000
Pages 328
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Includes statistics.

Case Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education

Case Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education Author Paul C. Gorski
ISBN-10 9781351142502
Release 2018-02-21
Pages 152
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Case Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education offers pre- and in-service educators an opportunity to analyze and reflect upon a variety of realistic case studies related to educational equity and social justice. The accessibly written cases allow educators to practice the process of considering a range of contextual factors, checking their own biases, and making immediate- and longer-term decisions about how to create and sustain equitable learning environments for all students. This revised edition adds ten new cases to offer greater coverage of elementary education, as well as topics such as body-shaming, Black Lives Matter, and transgender oppression. Existing cases have been updated to reflect new societal contexts, and streamlined for ease-of-use. The book begins with a seven-point process for examining case studies. Largely lacking from existing case study collections, this framework guides readers through the process of identifying, examining, reflecting on, and taking concrete steps to resolve challenges related to diversity and equity in schools. The cases themselves present everyday examples of the ways in which racism, sexism, homophobia and heterosexism, class inequities, language bias, religious-based oppression, and other equity and diversity concerns affect students, teachers, families, and other members of our school communities. They involve classroom issues that are relevant to all grade levels and content areas, allowing significant flexibility in how and with whom they are used. Although organized topically, the intersections of these issues are stressed throughout the cases, reflecting the complexities of real-life scenarios. All cases conclude with a series of questions to guide discussion and a section of facilitator notes, called ‘Points for Consideration.’ This unique feature provides valuable insight for understanding the complexities of each case.

Multicultural Intelligence

Multicultural Intelligence Author David R. Morse
ISBN-10 0980174562
Release 2009
Pages 244
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Critics of this new book might argue the election of President Obama is proof that racial, ethnic, gender and sexual preference barriers have been torn down, and marketing to these attributes isn't all that important anymore.This book takes the position that instead of getting pushed to the background, multicultural segmentation needs to become more sophisticated, and take its rightful place--front and center.With decades of experience in multicultural marketing, author David Morse reviews the history of marketing to black, Hispanic, Asian, and LGBT (mostly lesbian and gay) consumers. He explains how including appropriate cultural cues in advertising can build brand loyalty that will pay huge dividends. He also cautions that missing the mark with advertising that excludes or is culturally offensive can be a costly mistake.Replete with scores of examples of campaigns that have been extremely effective, as well as those that have sparked outrage and boycotts, this book provides EIGHT basic rules that should guide you through the process of marketing as diversity becomes mainstream. Recommended, for all levels of management and any student of marketing or advertising.

Race Culture and Psychotherapy

Race  Culture and Psychotherapy Author Roy Moodley
ISBN-10 9781317822141
Release 2014-05-12
Pages 328
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What is multicultural psychotherapy? How do we integrate issues of gender, class and sexual orientation in multicultural psychotherapy? Race, Culture and Psychotherapy provides a thorough critical examination of contemporary multiculturalism and culturalism, including discussion of the full range of issues, debates and controversies that are emerging in the field of multicultural psychotherapy. Beginning with a general critique of race, culture and ethnicity, the book explores issues such as the notion of interiority and exteriority in psychotherapy, racism in the clinical room, race and countertransference conflicts, spirituality and traditional healing issues. Contributors from the United States, Britain and Canada draw on their professional experience to provide comprehensive and balanced coverage of the following subjects: critical perspectives in race and culture in psychotherapy governing race in the transference racism, ethnicity and countertransference intersecting gender, race, class and sexual orientation spirituality, cultural healing and psychotherapy future directions Race, Culture and Psychotherapy will be of interest not only to practicing psychotherapists, but also to students and researchers in the field of mental health and anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of psychotherapy in a multicultural society.

Sourcebook of Family Theory and Research

Sourcebook of Family Theory and Research Author Vern L. Bengtson
ISBN-10 9781452279107
Release 2004-11-09
Pages 688
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Sponsored by the National Council on Family Relations, the Sourcebook of Family Theory and Research is the reference work on theory and methods for family scholars and students around the world. This volume provides a diverse, eclectic, and paradoxically mature approach to theorizing and demonstrates how the development of theory is crucial to the future of family research. The Sourcebook reflects an interactive approach that focuses on the process of theory building and designing research, thereby engaging readers in "doing" theory rather than simply reading about it. An accompanying Web site,, offers additional participation and interaction in the process of doing theory and making science.

Feminism Multiculturalism and the Media

Feminism  Multiculturalism  and the Media Author Angharad N. Valdivia
ISBN-10 9781452247175
Release 1995-09-27
Pages 344
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The multiplicity of voices in this volume illustrate the contradictions inherent in multicultural and feminist perspectives on the media. This book breaks new ground by exploring intersecting variables of oppression, from the personal to the political. Compelling case studies illustrate how issues of gender, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation and global origin affect the media coverage, portrayal and reception of individuals. The chapters present theoretical perspectives plus examples of methodologies, focus on topics of current interest and represent a variety of media.

Foundational Perspectives in Multicultural Education

Foundational Perspectives in Multicultural Education Author Eduardo Manuel Duarte
ISBN-10 0321023455
Release 2000
Pages 374
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This edited volume of works encourages students to think about contemporary (post-modern) ideas regarding multiculturalism and multicultural education. The wide range of selections will inspire critical classroom discussions.

Multicultural and Diversity Education

Multicultural and Diversity Education Author Peter Michael Appelbaum
ISBN-10 9781576072646
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 191
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Explores a variety of approaches to multicultural education in America, focusing on historical developments, case studies, and arguments for and against the approaches discussed.

Campus and Classroom

Campus and Classroom Author
ISBN-10 0139488782
Release 2001
Pages 378
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A guide to help prepare educators and their students for the diversity of people they will encounter in their classrooms.

Troubling Intersections of Race and Sexuality

Troubling Intersections of Race and Sexuality Author Kevin K. Kumashiro
ISBN-10 0742501906
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 226
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In recent years, researchers have considerably expanded our understanding of the experiences of students of color and of students who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning (ie. Queer). They have provided us with rich resources for addressing racism and heterosexism; however, few have examined the unique experiences of students who are both queer and of color, and few have examined the heterosexist or white-centered nature of anti-racist or anti-heterosexist education (respectively). What of the students and educators who live and teach at the intersection of race and sexuality? By combining autobiographical accounts with qualitative and quantitative research on queer students of different racial backgrounds, these essays not only trouble the ways we think about the intersections of race and sexuality, they also offer theoretical insights and educational strategies to educators committed to bringing about change.