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Multiple Light Scattering

Multiple Light Scattering Author H Van de Hulst
ISBN-10 9780323155571
Release 2012-12-02
Pages 332
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Multiple Light Scattering: Tables, Formulas, and Applications, Volume 1 serves to give concise and handy information related to multiple scattering theory in such a way that the reader would not have to rely on extensive literature on the subject. The book is divided into two parts. Part I: General Theory covers the basic concepts, terms, and notations related to multiple scattering theory; exponential integrals and related functions; reciprocity and detailed balance; different related methods; and homogenous atmospheres with arbitrary phase function and single-scattering albedo. Part II: Isotropic Scattering discusses related concepts such as solutions using the Milne operator; semi-infinite atmospheres; the H-functions; and finite slabs. The text is recommended for practitioners in optics, atmospheric physics, astronomy, and other fields that need a reference book in the subject of multiple light scattering.

Aerosol Optics

Aerosol Optics Author Alexander Kokhanovsky
ISBN-10 3540499091
Release 2008-03-18
Pages 148
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This new text offers experienced students a comprehensive review of available techniques for the remote sensing of aerosols. These small particles influence both atmospheric visibility and the thermodynamics of the atmosphere. They are also of great importance in any consideration of climate change problems. Aerosols may also be responsible for the loss of harvests, human health problems and ecological disasters. Thus, this detailed study of aerosol properties on a global scale could not be more timely.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision Author Richard Szeliski
ISBN-10 1848829469
Release 2010-11-05
Pages 812
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Humans perceive the three-dimensional structure of the world with apparent ease. However, despite all of the recent advances in computer vision research, the dream of having a computer interpret an image at the same level as a two-year old remains elusive. Why is computer vision such a challenging problem and what is the current state of the art? Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications explores the variety of techniques commonly used to analyze and interpret images. It also describes challenging real-world applications where vision is being successfully used, both for specialized applications such as medical imaging, and for fun, consumer-level tasks such as image editing and stitching, which students can apply to their own personal photos and videos. More than just a source of “recipes,” this exceptionally authoritative and comprehensive textbook/reference also takes a scientific approach to basic vision problems, formulating physical models of the imaging process before inverting them to produce descriptions of a scene. These problems are also analyzed using statistical models and solved using rigorous engineering techniques Topics and features: structured to support active curricula and project-oriented courses, with tips in the Introduction for using the book in a variety of customized courses; presents exercises at the end of each chapter with a heavy emphasis on testing algorithms and containing numerous suggestions for small mid-term projects; provides additional material and more detailed mathematical topics in the Appendices, which cover linear algebra, numerical techniques, and Bayesian estimation theory; suggests additional reading at the end of each chapter, including the latest research in each sub-field, in addition to a full Bibliography at the end of the book; supplies supplementary course material for students at the associated website, Suitable for an upper-level undergraduate or graduate-level course in computer science or engineering, this textbook focuses on basic techniques that work under real-world conditions and encourages students to push their creative boundaries. Its design and exposition also make it eminently suitable as a unique reference to the fundamental techniques and current research literature in computer vision.

Excel 2013 The Missing Manual

Excel 2013  The Missing Manual Author Matthew MacDonald
ISBN-10 9781449359515
Release 2013-04-18
Pages 1020
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The world’s most popular spreadsheet program is now more powerful than ever, but it’s also more complex. That’s where this Missing Manual comes in. With crystal-clear explanations and hands-on examples, Excel 2013: The Missing Manual shows you how to master Excel so you can easily track, analyze, and chart your data. You’ll be using new features like PowerPivot and Flash Fill in no time. The important stuff you need to know: Go from novice to ace. Learn how to analyze your data, from writing your first formula to charting your results. Illustrate trends. Discover the clearest way to present your data using Excel’s new Quick Analysis feature. Broaden your analysis. Use pivot tables, slicers, and timelines to examine your data from different perspectives. Import data. Pull data from a variety of sources, including website data feeds and corporate databases. Work from the Web. Launch and manage your workbooks on the road, using the new Excel Web App. Share your worksheets. Store Excel files on SkyDrive and collaborate with colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Master the new data model. Use PowerPivot to work with millions of rows of data. Make calculations. Review financial data, use math and scientific formulas, and perform statistical analyses.

Time of Flight Cameras

Time of Flight Cameras Author Miles Hansard
ISBN-10 9781447146582
Release 2012-11-06
Pages 96
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Time-of-flight (TOF) cameras provide a depth value at each pixel, from which the 3D structure of the scene can be estimated. This new type of active sensor makes it possible to go beyond traditional 2D image processing, directly to depth-based and 3D scene processing. Many computer vision and graphics applications can benefit from TOF data, including 3D reconstruction, activity and gesture recognition, motion capture and face detection. It is already possible to use multiple TOF cameras, in order to increase the scene coverage, and to combine the depth data with images from several colour cameras. Mixed TOF and colour systems can be used for computational photography, including full 3D scene modelling, as well as for illumination and depth-of-field manipulations. This work is a technical introduction to TOF sensors, from architectural and design issues, to selected image processing and computer vision methods.

MATLAB An Introduction with Applications 5th Edition

MATLAB  An Introduction with Applications  5th Edition Author Amos Gilat
ISBN-10 9781118801802
Release 2014-01-08
Pages 432
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More college students use Amos Gilat's MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications than any other MATLAB textbook. This concise book is known for its just-in-time learning approach that gives students information when they need it. The new edition gradually presents the latest MATLAB functionality in detail. Equally effective as a freshmen-level text, self-study tool, or course reference, the book is generously illustrated through computer screen shots and step-by-step tutorials, with abundant and motivating applications to problems in mathematics, science, and engineering.

Tomorrow s Chemistry Today

Tomorrow s Chemistry Today Author Bruno Pignataro
ISBN-10 3527628916
Release 2009-09-22
Pages 464
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Providing a glimpse into the future, the young scientists contributing here were considered to be the most important for tomorrow's chemistry and materials science. They present the state of the art in their particular fields of research, with topics ranging from new synthetic pathways and nanotechnology to green chemistry. Of major interest to organic chemists, materials scientists and biochemists.

Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry Author Edmond de Hoffmann
ISBN-10 9781118681947
Release 2013-04-03
Pages 504
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The latest edition of a highly successful textbook, Mass Spectrometry, Third Edition provides students with a complete overview of the principles, theories and key applications of modern mass spectrometry. All instrumental aspects of mass spectrometry are clearly and concisely described: sources, analysers and detectors. Tandem mass spectrometry is introduced early on and then developed in more detail in a later chapter. Emphasis is placed throughout the text on optimal utilisation conditions. Various fragmentation patterns are described together with analytical information that derives from the mass spectra. This new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated and has been redesigned to give the book a more contemporary look. As with previous editions it contains numerous examples, references and a series of exercises of increasing difficulty to encourage student understanding. Updates include: Increased coverage of MALDI and ESI, more detailed description of time of flight spectrometers, new material on isotope ratio mass spectrometry, and an expanded range of applications. Mass Spectrometry, Third Edition is an invaluable resource for all undergraduate and postgraduate students using this technique in departments of chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, material science and food science. It is also of interest for researchers looking for an overview of the latest techniques and developments.


Microeconometrics Author A. Colin Cameron
ISBN-10 9781139444866
Release 2005-05-09
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This book provides the most comprehensive treatment to date of microeconometrics, the analysis of individual-level data on the economic behavior of individuals or firms using regression methods for cross section and panel data. The book is oriented to the practitioner. A basic understanding of the linear regression model with matrix algebra is assumed. The text can be used for a microeconometrics course, typically a second-year economics PhD course; for data-oriented applied microeconometrics field courses; and as a reference work for graduate students and applied researchers who wish to fill in gaps in their toolkit. Distinguishing features of the book include emphasis on nonlinear models and robust inference, simulation-based estimation, and problems of complex survey data. The book makes frequent use of numerical examples based on generated data to illustrate the key models and methods. More substantially, it systematically integrates into the text empirical illustrations based on seven large and exceptionally rich data sets.

Neutron Standards and Applications

Neutron Standards and Applications Author
ISBN-10 UCR:31210023556275
Release 1977
Pages 370
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Neutron Standards and Applications has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Neutron Standards and Applications also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Neutron Standards and Applications book for free.

Publications of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Catalog

Publications of the National Institute of Standards and Technology     Catalog Author National Institute of Standards and Technology (U.S.)
ISBN-10 UIUC:30112101561220
Release 1990
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Publications of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Catalog has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Publications of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Catalog also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Publications of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Catalog book for free.

Dynamic Light Scattering

Dynamic Light Scattering Author R. Pecora
ISBN-10 9781461323891
Release 2013-11-11
Pages 420
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In the twenty years since their inception, modern dynamic light-scattering techniques have become increasingly sophisticated, and their applications have grown exceedingly diverse. Applications of the techniques to problems in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, and fluid mechanics have prolifer ated. It is probably no longer possible for one or two authors to write a monograph to cover in depth the advances in scattering techniques and the main areas in which they have made a major impact. This volume, which we expect to be the first of aseries, presents reviews of selected specialized areas by renowned experts. It makes no attempt to be comprehensive; it emphasizes a body of related applications to polymeric, biological, and colloidal systems, and to critical phenomena. The well-known monographs on dynamic light scattering by Berne and Pecora and by Chu were published almost ten years ago. They provided comprehensive treatments of the general principles of dynamic light scat tering and gave introductions to a wide variety of applications, but natu rally they could not treat the new applications and advances in older ones that have arisen in the last decade. The new applications include studies of interacting particles in solution (Chapter 4); scaling approaches to the dynamics of polymers, including polymers in semidilute solution (Chapter 5); the use of both Fabry-Perot interferometry and photon correlation spectroscopy to study bulk polymers (Chapter 6); studies of micelIes and microemulsions (Chapter 8); studies of polymer gels (Chapter 9).

SPIE 1991 Publications Index

SPIE 1991 Publications Index Author
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924063151348
Release 1992
Pages 762
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SPIE 1991 Publications Index has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from SPIE 1991 Publications Index also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full SPIE 1991 Publications Index book for free.

Molecular Fluorescence

Molecular Fluorescence Author Bernard Valeur
ISBN-10 9783527650026
Release 2013-03-27
Pages 500
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This second edition of the well-established bestseller is completely updated and revised with approximately 30 % additional material, including two new chapters on applications, which has seen the most significant developments. The comprehensive overview written at an introductory level covers fundamental aspects, principles of instrumentation and practical applications, while providing many valuable tips. For photochemists and photophysicists, physical chemists, molecular physicists, biophysicists, biochemists and biologists, lecturers and students of chemistry, physics, and biology.

Controlling the Propagation of Light in Disordered Scattering Media

Controlling the Propagation of Light in Disordered Scattering Media Author Ivo Micha Vellekoop
ISBN-10 9036526639
Release 2008
Pages 142
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Controlling the Propagation of Light in Disordered Scattering Media has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Controlling the Propagation of Light in Disordered Scattering Media also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Controlling the Propagation of Light in Disordered Scattering Media book for free.

Russian Chemical Reviews

Russian Chemical Reviews Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015026414055
Release 1977
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Russian Chemical Reviews has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Russian Chemical Reviews also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Russian Chemical Reviews book for free.

Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers

Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers Author William John Palm
ISBN-10 1259012050
Release 2012
Pages 564
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Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers book for free.