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Murder and Mayhem

Murder and Mayhem Author Rhys Ford
ISBN-10 9781634762236
Release 2015-06-05
Pages 236
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To clear his name of a murder charge, former thief Rook Stevens must turn to the last man he’d expect to help him—Detective Dante Montoya.

Murder and Mayhem

Murder and Mayhem Author Nathan M Farrugia
ISBN-10 9781537863122
Release 2017-11-07
Pages 2062
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Looking for unforgettable heroes pitted against unbeatable odds? Evil lurks in broad daylight. Conspiracies play out in the shadows. Nowhere is safe. And these 20 pulse-pounding mysteries and thrillers won’t let you forget it…‘ Fans of Lee Child, James Patterson, Gillian Flynn, Paula Hawkins, and John Grisham will love the USA Today and Award-Winning authors in the MURDER & MAYHEM boxed set, which is why the authors of this collection came together to bundle 20 EXCLUSIVE thrillers and mysteries, including plenty of BRAND NEW material! This unbeatable lineup of stories will spike your heart rate and blow your senses with thousands of pages of clever crimes, devastating murders, heart-pounding mystery, and psychological twists. From tales of spies and espionage to small-town mysteries and traditional courtroom thrillers to hard-boiled noir, this collection offers a cross-section of modern thriller and mystery. Scroll Up Now and Pre-order Today to secure your 20 stories from the masters of thrills and kills! Including Titles From… Award-Winning author Nathan M. Farrugia Nick Thacker John Birmingham N.D. Hill Eva Winters Lee Hayton USA Today bestselling author Olivia Wildenstein Nathan Goodman John Ling Award-Winning author Fiona Quinn M.R. Graham USA Today bestselling author H.B. Moore Award-Winning author Pamela Crane Award-Winning author Ashley C. Harris Award-Winning author Terry Keys Steve P. Vincent Tina Glasneck Award-Wining author Pauline Creeden Dave Sinclair New York Times bestselling author Monica Corwin

Killer Verse

Killer Verse Author Harold Schechter
ISBN-10 9780307700933
Release 2011
Pages 255
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A seasonally appropriate anthology of poems about the deadly art of murder ranges from old Scottish ballads to hard-boiled 20th-century noir and includes depictions of colorful villains and victims as immortalized by such writers as Browning, Hardy and Auden.

Murder and Mayhem

Murder and Mayhem Author James Smallwood
ISBN-10 1585442801
Release 2003
Pages 182
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In the states of the former Confederacy, Reconstruction amounted to a second Civil War, one that white southerners were determined to win. An important chapter in that undeclared conflict played out in northeast Texas, in the Corners region where Grayson, Fannin, Hunt, and Collin Counties converged. Part of that violence came to be called the Lee-Peacock Feud, a struggle in which Unionists led by Lewis Peacock and former Confederates led by Bob Lee sought to even old scores, as well as to set the terms of the new South, especially regarding the status of freed slaves. Until recently, the Lee-Peacock violence has been placed squarely within the Lost Cause mythology. This account sets the record straight. For Bob Lee, a Confederate veteran, the new phase of the war began when he refused to release his slaves. When Federal officials came to his farm in July to enforce emancipation, he fought back and finally fled as a fugitive. In the relatively short time left to his life, he claimed personally to have killed at least forty people—civilian and military, Unionists and freedmen. Peacock, a dedicated leader of the Unionist efforts, became his primary target and chief foe. Both men eventually died at the hands of each other’s supporters. From previously untapped sources in the National Archives and other records, the authors have tracked down the details of the Corners violence and the larger issues it reflected, adding to the reinterpretation of Reconstruction history and rescuing from myth events that shaped the following century of Southern politics.

Murder and Mayhem

Murder and Mayhem Author D. P. Lyle
ISBN-10 0312309457
Release 2003-01-09
Pages 278
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Collects the author's most noted "The Doctor is In" columns, in which he answers medical and forensic questions categorized under such headers as "Weapons of Death," "Police & the Crime Scene," and "The Coroner & the Crime Lab."

Dying on the Job

Dying on the Job Author Ronald D. Brown
ISBN-10 9781442218437
Release 2013
Pages 317
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Dying on the Job looks at the variety of reasons people take the lives of coworkers or themselves and offers explanations for their behavior. Some are pathological; others are simply stretched to limits they can t sustain. The author offers real stories throughout and ends with a consideration of trends, responses, and prevention strategies."

Honolulu Homicide

Honolulu Homicide Author Gary A. Dias
ISBN-10 1573061565
Release 2003-01
Pages 203
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Retired Honolulu Police Department major Gary A. Dias and Honolulu advertiser reporter Robbie Dingeman provide inside information about some of Oahu's most disturbing crimes.

Murder and Mayhem in the Holy City

Murder and Mayhem in the Holy City Author Pat Hendrix
ISBN-10 1596291621
Release 2006
Pages 128
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Perhaps Charlestonian James Louis Petigru said it best when he declared in 1861 that "South Carolina is too small for a republic, but too large for an insane asylum." South Carolina has consistently been one of the most violent places in American history; Charleston as much a hotbed of criminal mayhem as a "holy" city. While hundreds of books explore the illustrious past of this national treasure, few delve into the darker, and equally fascinating, side of its past. With this new book, historian and archaeologist Pat Hendrix takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the history of crime in the Holy City. "It was not an easy transition. Charleston was a colorful, multi-ethnic celebration of cruelty and misrule, a Charles Dickens novel come to life. Charlestonians drank harder, fought more seriously, and escalated minor quarrels into murderous frays without a hint of restraint. Vivid descriptions of feuds, brawls, knife fights, and murders feature prominently in visitors' accounts, newspaper articles and journals from the eighteenth century onward. While the hooligans brawled in the streets and taverns, gentlemen preferred to duel. To comprehend this practice, one must first understand the culture of Charleston, a culture where "honor" gave shape and purpose to every facet of life. Like their poorer counterparts, the elites were caught in the same cross currents of honor and retribution; loyalty and vengeance; and courtesy and violence that underlay Charleston's social order

Differences Deceits and Desires

Differences  Deceits and Desires Author Mirna Cicioni
ISBN-10 0874130514
Release 2008
Pages 228
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Italian crime fiction has developed from a popular genre to a fully-fledged literary genre; and in the past 30 years it gradually became the focus of growing interest from literary critics as well as the reading public. This collection of 12 essays looks at Italian crime fiction.

The Mystery Readers Advisory

The Mystery Readers  Advisory Author John Charles
ISBN-10 083890811X
Release 2002
Pages 227
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In this handy reference, you'll find an introduction to the world of mystery, a step-by-step guide on how to interview readers in order to match their tastes with stories, programming ideas, marketing strategies, and collection development tips on the sticky issues of weeding, paperbacks, and obtaining out-of-print titles. The second half of the book presents two winning booklists organized by themes (e.g., Classic, Ecclesiastical, Cozy) and subgenres (e.g., Private Investigator, Legal Thrillers, True Crime). And a where-to-go guide for more specifics includes reference information, review literature, specialty publishers, and Websites. Packed with information, this user-friendly book will help you to: -- Develop your understanding of the mystery world -- its awards, popular publications, hot authors, and more-- Build an enticing mystery collection-- Make insightful mystery recommendations to curious readers-- Organize discussion groups and author programs-- Market the library and its mystery,centerIf you'd like to create a dynamic mystery center in your library but don't know where to start, solve the puzzle using the clues in The Mystery Readers' Advisory.


Evil Author Colin Wilson
ISBN-10 9781629149387
Release 2014-10-21
Pages 192
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A collection of the most shocking, horrifying accounts of true crime ever. Evil knows no boundaries. In 1614, Hungarian countess Elizabeth Báthory died, sealed in a tiny closet in her castle. Her crimes? She was rumored to have bathed in the blood of her victims, which may have numbered in the hundreds. More recently, Russia’s Andrei Chikatilo, the United States’ Ted Bundy, and Great Britain’s Peter Sutcliffe added to the horrors humans inflict upon their fellow man. Featuring maps, callouts, and facts that follow these criminals’ trails of crime, Evil is a groundbreaking volume. It explores some of the most famous crime cases of real-life murder and mayhem. In this epic account of history’s most infamous murder cases, leading true-crime researcher and writer Colin Wilson teams up with his son Damon Wilson to masterfully recount the shocking details of more than sixty cases of murder and mayhem. Illustrated with hundreds of color and black-and-white photos, Evil features images of criminals, forensic evidence, and key personalities and places that put each crime in historical context. In a continuing search for the meaning in murder, the Wilsons create one of the definitive books in the field of criminology.

Papal dispensation for murder and mayhem

Papal dispensation for murder and mayhem Author Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Release 2018-05-29
Pages 19
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Theosophy and Jesuitism are the two opposite poles: one far above, the other far below even that stagnant marsh. One is the power of Light, the other that of Darkness. Theosophists are slandered and reviled by the Jesuits and their adherents everywhere. Roman Catholicism is but a name. As a Church it is a phantom of the past and a mask. The Jesuits have practised Black Magic in its worst form, far more than any other body of men; and to it they owe in large measure their power and influence. The day may come when their wealth will be violently taken from them, and they themselves mercilessly destroyed amidst the general execrations and applause of all nations and peoples. There is a Nemesis-Karma, though often it allows Evil and Sin to go on successfully for ages.

Tales of Murder and Mayhem

Tales of Murder and Mayhem Author Marc Trop
ISBN-10 9781467026000
Release 2011-09-26
Pages 72
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Stories with unexpected twists that lead to solving crimes. One solution comes about through a ten-year old doing his homework, the second story is a murder that results from a huge mistake, and the last story is solved by an assignment written on a blackboard in a classroom.

Sex Murder and Mayhem

Sex  Murder and Mayhem Author Alexander Blanca Aguirre
ISBN-10 1436391652
Release 2009-07
Pages 276
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I was so into what I was doing that it caught me off guard when she started to suck my dick, I let out a moan that even surprised me, she took me in her mouth and it felt so crazy, it sent me into a frenzy and I started to gobble her pussy up, asshole and all. After about ten minutes of licking and sucking I was ready to fuck. I got up to take the rest of my clothes off but I could not get her to stop sucking, she went right from the bed to her knees and kept doing what she was doing. Finally I was able to get her to stop and once I entered her I was in heaven, Her pussy felt like it was made to accommodate me and all my needs, her shit was so fat and juicy I knew I had to keep her. Sam: You like the way your dick feel in my pussy don

Murder and Mayhem

Murder and Mayhem Author David Nash and Anne-Marie Kilday
ISBN-10 9781137290458
Release 2018-04-25
Pages 327
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Murder and Mayhem has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Murder and Mayhem also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Murder and Mayhem book for free.

The Dark Angel

The Dark Angel Author Elly Griffiths
ISBN-10 9780544750531
Release 2018-05-15
Pages 352
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In this highly atmospheric mystery, Ruth Galloway—“a captivating amateur sleuth” (Louise Penny)—and DCI Nelson investigate a murder in a medieval Italian town where dark secrets are buried as deep as bones. It’s not every day that you’re summoned to the Italian countryside on business, so when archaeologist Angelo Morelli asks for Ruth Galloway’s help identifying bones found in the tiny hilltop town of Fontana Liri, she jumps at the chance to go, bringing her daughter along with her for a working vacation. Upon arriving, she begins to hear murmurs of Fontana Liri’s strong resistance movement during World War II and senses the townspeople are dancing around a deeply buried secret. But how could that be connected to the ancient remains she’s been studying? Ruth is just beginning to get her footing in the dig when she’s thrown off-guard by the appearance of DCI Nelson. And when Ruth’s findings lead them to a modern-day murder, their holidays are both turned upside down, and they race to find out what darkness is lurking in this seemingly picturesque town.

Murder and Mayhem in the Napa Valley

Murder and Mayhem in the Napa Valley Author Todd L. Shulman
ISBN-10 9781614236269
Release 2012-08-14
Pages 144
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The picturesque vineyards of California's Napa Valley, one of the world's premier tourist destinations, disguise a tangled history of lawlessness, depravity and frontier justice. Some crimes were committed over debts, some for retribution and others in the name of love. Famed photographer Eadweard Muybridge killed a man for seducing his wife but was acquitted. Other criminals were not so lucky and met the gallows, like murderer William Roe, the state's final public execution. From the Pomo massacre--the first criminal case heard by the California Supreme Court--to the cold cases that continue to haunt the region, Napa Police Detective Todd Shulman decants the crimes of the Napa Valley, memorializing the victims and honoring the efforts of local law enforcement.