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Never Submit

Never Submit Author Michael Anderle
ISBN-10 1717417477
Release 2018-04-25
Pages 316
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One Last Hail Mary attack by those on Earth goes awry when the Queen herself shows up with John Grimes along for the ride.Five puppies have plans that surprise everyone.The Queen has a problem, and her closest friends travel to Earth to find her a solution.It's time for an audience with the King of Yoll, and he isn't going to like the outcome. Not one bit. He has a secret he has been hiding, and those sneaky Aliens in space find out what it is, and turn it against him.It's time to release the Queen Bitch for her final clean-up of Kurtherians - This area of the Galaxy will never be the same, again.So grab your favorite drink, recline in your favorite chair or bed or couch, and relax for just a moment or two, because...Bethany Anne is BACK!

We Have Contact

We Have Contact Author Michael Anderle
ISBN-10 1984026518
Release 2018-01-19
Pages 316
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When you least expect it, expect it. Bethany Anne has been notified there is a spaceship inside the system...but they can't find it. Is it Kurtherian, someone else? The governments have to be told about aliens, which sparks a worldwide effort by Governments to find what TQB has... Oh, and Eric wants to date Gabrielle but he wants her to know he can protect her if need be. But his idea on how? Well, let's just say it might not be the best solution. Read We Have Contact Today!

We Will Build

We Will Build Author Michael Anderle
ISBN-10 1533341532
Release 2016-05-25
Pages 356
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The World Needs Protecting - Before they can build in space Bethany Anne's Group must GET into space. There is a 'false queen' attacking vampires in Asia - Bethany Anne sends the Queen's Own to look into that. The moon base needs to be settled, can her technology team make it happen? Do they have enough people? CAN they get the right people to help? John's cousin is now part of the team, will she make it? There is a group looking to find her people and they are using Barb to do it. This is the first book in the second arc (books 08-14) for The Kurtherian Gambit. The stakes are raised a lot higher! **Please note, as mentioned in another review, there is flagrantly foul language in this novel. The main character does not have a problem with cussing, just uninspired cussing. If you haven't read the previous books, you will need to go back to #1 (the book does not explain the characters and previous relationships / deeds). Series includes: Death Becomes Her - The Kurtherian Gambit 01 Queen Bitch - The Kurtherian Gambit 02 Love Lost - The Kurtherian Gambit 03 Bite This - The Kurtherian Gambit 04 Never Forsaken - The Kurtherian Gambit 05 Under My Heel - The Kurtherian Gambit 06 Kneel or Die - The Kurtherian Gambit 07 We Will Build - The Kurtherian Gambit 08 Frank Kurns - Tales from the Unknown World It's Hell To Choose - The Kurtherian Gambit 09 (May)

It s Hell to Choose

It s Hell to Choose Author Michael Anderle
ISBN-10 1977830609
Release 2016-05-25
Pages 316
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The World is caught off guard by the sudden advances in technology, some are not happy about that at all.Bethany Anne's group needs to move into production, who is she going to hire for that position?Old enemies take a stronger stance at revenge than before.Helping others is a tall order, but TQB Rises to the Occasion!This is the second book in the second arc (books 08-14) for The Kurtherian Gambit. Now, the World is on Notice!**Please note, as mentioned in another review, there is flagrantly foul language in this novel. The main character does not have a problem with cussing, just uninspired cussing.If you haven't read the previous books, you will need to go back to #1 (the book does not explain the characters and previous relationships / deeds).

Under My Heel

Under My Heel Author Michael Anderle
ISBN-10 1548482064
Release 2016-02-03
Pages 304
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Europe is erupting is tension and violence. David is only adding to the conflagration by setting a trap, one that our team will trip to save those people still alive. There is one thing every enemy of Bethany Anne finds out. They will be ground down under her heels. Read the series one Amazon Reviewer says: "I have absolutely DEVOURED this series in a period of 36 hrs, and am considering knocking on the author's door to ask him to hurry up with the rest of the series."

Darkest Before the Dawn

Darkest Before the Dawn Author Michael Anderle
ISBN-10 1642020052
Release 2018-03-15
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Darkest Before the Dawn has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Darkest Before the Dawn also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Darkest Before the Dawn book for free.

Life Goes On

Life Goes On Author Michael Anderle
ISBN-10 1642020214
Release 2018-02-14
Pages 316
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It is finished... Sweat dripping off her brow as the threads started long ago start to fuse together. It's time to make plans, hide the truth, and get the HELL off her throne. But, how to accomplish creating a Federation, when those coming together want to gut her Empire? Anyone who understands the Queen Bitch, knows she won't accept that condition without a fight. However, to accomplish meeting her love again in a system far away, she will accomplish the impossible. Her eyes start to glow red. No one will stop her from getting back to Michael. Grab Life Goes On and complete the massive story today!

Claiming Flame

Claiming Flame Author Desi Lin
ISBN-10 9781948185301
Release 2018-02-27
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After years of being shuttled from school to school, Sera has built walls to keep others out, too afraid of being hurt when she has to leave. So, when three boys, all part of the same Genus, take an interest in her, she tries to keep them at arm’s length. Sera tries harder to keep the boys’ away in an attempt to protect them, and trying to stand on her own, when her dorm matron decides she needs a firm hand. The boys refuse to give up and as an important date for any Elementum looms closer, can she learn that her real strength, confidence and courage lie in letting three boys in?


Ren Author Sarah Noffke
ISBN-10 1519210876
Release 2015-11-15
Pages 200
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Born with the power to control minds, hypnotize others, and read thoughts, Ren Lewis, is certain of one thing: God made a mistake. No one should be born with so much power. A monster awoke in him the same year he received his gifts. At ten years old. A prepubescent boy with the ability to control others might merely abuse his powers, but Ren allowed it to corrupt him. And since he can have and do anything he wants, Ren should be happy. However, his journey teaches him that harboring so much power doesn't bring happiness, it steals it. Once this realization sets in, Ren makes up his mind to do the one thing that can bring his tortured soul some peace. He must kill the monster.

The Savage Earth

The Savage Earth Author P. T. Hylton
ISBN-10 1546340963
Release 2017-04-26
Pages 306
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It's been over a century since the humans lost the war for Earth. Cities have been reclaimed by nature, and the planet is quiet and empty by day. At night, feral vampires-more beast than man-roam the lands, hungry for blood. The few thousand surviving humans live on a massive airship that circles the Earth, moving with the rotation of the planet so it's always in sunlight. Alexandria Goddard is a member of the elite Ground Mission Team, a group tasked with making dangerous runs to the planet's surface for the supplies needed to keep the ship airborne. But even as the team fights for their people's survival, dangerous forces are working against them. A growing movement aboard the airship believes it's time for humans to resettle the Earth, and they are willing to go to extreme measures to make their vision a reality. As the situation aboard the ship becomes more desperate, Alex and her team discover a terrifying secret about the vampires infesting the Earth. P.T. Hylton, author of Regulation 19 and the Zane Halloway series, and Jonathan Benecke, a bold new voice in science fiction, bring you a post-apocalyptic vision of a world where vampires rule, humanity is on the run, and safety is an illusion as fleeting as a shadow.

Night of the Unicorn

Night of the Unicorn Author T. S. Paul
ISBN-10 1947945181
Release 2017-09
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Fergus was born in Montana on the Magnus farm. Before he was taken from his herd and sold to Agatha's evil Aunt Camilla he had a girlfriend and a life. Now he's going home. Someone is killing the members of his herd Magically. Special Agent in Charge Agatha Blackmore and her team have been assigned to find the killers and bring them to justice. It sounds like an easy assignment when you have a talking Unicorn on the team. One small problem. Fergus doesn't want to speak to them. Not at all. The team has to dodge Blood Magick and Gods while trying to save lives. Sacrifices shouldn't come back from the dead. Join Agatha and her team as they challenge Native Magick in the once wild west. Read book five of the Witchin' new series.

Love Lost

Love Lost Author Michael Anderle
ISBN-10 1545163901
Release 2015-11-25
Pages 258
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When one of Bethany Anne's loved one gets caught in the crossfire between her and the Forsaken, she goes rabid in rage. She doesn't believe in seeking peace and harmony, but rather revenge and mayhem. Continuing the story of Bethany Anne and TQB team, Love Lost picks up after Queen Bitch. She works to complete both her business and military team leads and we meet Stephen's daughter Gabrielle as plans are made to exact revenge South of the Border. You don't touch one of Bethany Anne's loved ones and get away with it, no matter how far away you live. **Please note, as mentioned in another review, there is flagrantly foul language in this novel. The main character does not have a problem with cussing, just uninspired cussing.

Sued for Peace

Sued for Peace Author Michael Anderle
ISBN-10 1981790195
Release 2017-12-15
Pages 312
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Greed and Fear, two emotions that rule both individuals...and Countries. Now, China has decided that they will do whatever it takes to acquire TQB technology. There was a glaring flaw in their plan. When they kill an unborn little baby in a raid, the Queen Bitch is Released. Now, China has two options...Kill Bethany Anne, or Sue For Peace.

Bite This

Bite This Author Michael Anderle
ISBN-10 154633467X
Release 2015-11-14
Pages 268
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You take out one annoying vampire in revenge, and now you have to clean up the mess? What a pain in the ... something. Bethany Anne and crew are back! They need to grab a ship, figure out who is trying to dig into her businesses, get their hands around the potential for creating an A.I. and the ongoing mess with Anton and South America. One of these days, she will get a break. Fortunately for us, it wasn't today. Got an attitude? That's nice. Just don't show it around Bethany Anne. When she slaps a face off, the whole head goes with it. Bite This, The Kurtherian Gambit 04 follows the story after Love Lost. If you haven't read the preceding books YOU PRETTY MUCH HAVE TO. These are a series and many of the characters have been introduced in preceding volumes. **Please note, as mentioned in another review, there is flagrantly foul language in this novel. The main character does not have a problem with cussing, just uninspired cussing.

Feared by Hell

Feared by Hell Author Michael Anderle
ISBN-10 1642020206
Release 2018-04-05
Pages 292
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You never mess with a young girl around James Brownstone. It doesn't matter what crime syndicate you belong to, that just doesn't sit well with him. ** AMAZON Top 100 Best Selling Author ** The world has changed since the news of Oriceran came out twenty years before. Now, countries all over the world have agreed to using a bounty system for dangerous criminals using advanced magic or advanced technology. People too powerful for the cops to deal with. Magical criminals, thugs and bounty hunters, in the future we revert to what worked in the past. if you find out you are hunted by Brownstone, we suggest you turn yourself in. It will save you a monumental ass-kicking. Brownstone likes his life simple, but Life is about to throw him a wicked curveball. NOTE: This book contains cursing. Perhaps humorous cursing, but cursing nevertheless. If this offends you, I don't suggest reading this book.

Nomad s Galaxy

Nomad s Galaxy Author Craig Martelle
ISBN-10 1976024072
Release 2017-09-12
Pages 356
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They say that behind every great man is a great woman...but what if that woman is a Werewolf? The readers love Terry Henry Walton: "So much action in this book and yet the characters are distinct and thoroughly formed. Your heart beats with each of them." "This series just keeps getting better. Awesome Craig has done it again and then some. Speechless.... I love the characters and how the story seems to flow." "It was long .... but Craig Martelle filled in a lot of stuff we, as readers, really appreciate. I loved it!" ..".wow I don't care how long a book is when it is good it is not long enough..." Civilization has returned to humanity and brought with it the vices of the civilized. The fight for the end begins as petty power seeks to fill vacuums. From China to Chicago to New York City, Terry and Char are fighting for their lives. The FDG, Vampires, Weres, Michael, and Valerie all collide in this epic climax to the Terry Henry Walton Chronicles. When the finish line isn't the finish at all, but the start of something new. It's a whole new battle, one for the FUTURE of mankind. Terry's just not sure where it will be fought.

By Moonrise

By Moonrise Author Jackie Dana
ISBN-10 0692557903
Release 2015-12-06
Pages 496
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In Sarducia, magic is real-at least for now. Kate Norton isn't prepared for a debate about magic. All she wants is to keep her job. But when the silver ring she just inherited suddenly drops her into this mysterious, archaic land, her priorities quickly change. For magic is what lies at the heart of a political rivalry threatening to tear Sarducia apart. Even as Kate tries to figure out why she ended up in Sarducia, she gets pulled into the conflict. Unwilling to be a passive bystander to unfolding events, Kate forges her own path, using instinct to decide who she can trust, and rebuffs those who try to manipulate her. Driven by loyalty and love, Kate takes dangerous risks with far-reaching consequences. Will her efforts be enough to save herself and her friends? By Moonrise is a tale of intrigue, mystery and romance... and one stubborn woman who keeps tripping on the hem of her dress.