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Nachhaltige Mobilit t in der Grundschule am Beispiel des Schulfahrtencurriculums

Nachhaltige Mobilit  t in der Grundschule am Beispiel des Schulfahrtencurriculums Author Carola Willner
ISBN-10 9783640811342
Release 2011-01
Pages 80
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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2010 im Fachbereich Sachunterricht, Heimatkunde (Grundschulpadagogik), Note: 2,0, Leuphana Universitat Luneburg, Veranstaltung: Qualitatsentwicklung im Sachunterrcht und in der Sekundarstufe mittels des Curriculum Mobilitat, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: 1. Einleitung In dieser Hausarbeit zum Thema Nachhaltige Mobilitat in der Grundschule am Beispiel des Schulfahrtencurriculums" wird ein Schulfahrtenkonzept fur die Grundschule vorgestellt, welches sich am Curriculum Mobilitat orientiert. Mobilitat, wie es im Curriculum Mobilitat verstanden wird, meint nicht nur Verkehr, sondern allgemein die Moglichkeit von Bewegung. Unter Mobilitat wird die Moglichkeit zur raumlichen Bewegung von Menschen [und Gutern], nicht jedoch die Bewegung an sich verstanden, [...] So druckt sich ein hoher Grad an Mobilitat darin aus, dass eine Person erstens moglichst viele Optionen fur raumliche Bewegung hat, sie jedoch nicht automatisch alle wahrnimmt, und zweitens den Aufwand fur raumliche Bewegung moglichst minimal halt. Verkehr dagegen ist realisierte Mobilitat." Die Moglichkeit zur Mobilitat spielt im Diskurs um eine nachhaltige Entwicklung eine entscheidende Rolle. Hierbei spielen Fragen nach Art von Bewegung, den damit verbundenen Emissionen, Fragen des Ressourcenverbrauchs, Gesundheitsaspekte sowie soziale und kulturelle Fragen eine zentrale Rolle. Mit dem Leitbild einer nachhaltigen Mobilitat ruckt die aktive und motivierende Gestaltbarkeit der Zukunft ins Zentrum schulischen Handelns. Das Ziel von einer Bildung fur einen nachhaltige Entwicklung (BNE) ist also die Vermittlung von Kompetenzen (vor allem Gestaltungskompetenz). De Haan formuliert das Ziel wie folgt: Bildung fur eine Nachhaltige Entwicklung hat unter den bildungstheoretischen Pramissen von Offenheit, Reflexivitat und Zukunftsfahigkeit zum Ziel, Lernenden ein systematisch generiertes und begrundetes Angebot zu den Themen, Aufgaben und Instrumenten von nachhaltiger Entwicklung zu machen." D"

Sixteenth Century Scotland

Sixteenth Century Scotland Author
ISBN-10 9789047433736
Release 2008-06-25
Pages 500
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This is a collection of essays on the political, cultural and religious history of Scotland in the era of the Renaissance and Reformation.

Playing with Style for String Quartet or String Orchestra

Playing with Style for String Quartet or String Orchestra Author Joanne Martin
ISBN-10 1457408147
Pages 20
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Playing with Style is a set of colorful concert pieces in a variety of styles, including tango, ragtime, and jazz. These audience-pleasing pieces are enjoyable to play and will broaden the musical horizons of young players. The pieces use effects such as glissando and tremolo and allow opportunities to explore chromaticisms, swing rhythms and syncopation. Available for string quartet or string orchestra, violin duet or viola duet. Titles are: * Chromatic Tango * Soft Shoe * Hoedown * April Rag * Hopak * Mellow Moment.

Devolution and Social Citizenship in the UK

Devolution and Social Citizenship in the UK Author Scott L. Greer
ISBN-10 1847420354
Release 2009-01-21
Pages 237
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This timely book explores how changing territorial politics are impacting on social citizenship rights across the UK.

European Cinema after 1989

European Cinema after 1989 Author L. Rivi
ISBN-10 9780230609280
Release 2007-12-09
Pages 195
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The book examines cinema in post-1989 Europe by looking at how the new post-Cold War cinematographic co-productions articulate the political and cultural objectives of a new Europe as they redefine a European identity.

Disappearing Forests

Disappearing Forests Author Corona Brezina
ISBN-10 9781435850187
Release 2009-01-15
Pages 64
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Examines deforestation and desertification, discusses the human impact on forests, and explores sustainable development and conservation.


Biofuels Author Ayhan Demirbas
ISBN-10 9781848820111
Release 2008-11-14
Pages 336
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Biofuel is a renewable energy source produced from natural materials. The benefits of biofuels over traditional petroleum fuels include greater energy security, reduced environmental impact, foreign exchange savings, and socioeconomic issues related to the rural sector. The most common biofuels are produced from classic food crops that require high-quality agricultural land for growth. However, bioethanol can be produced from plentiful, domestic, cellulosic biomass resources such as herbaceous and woody plants, agricultural and forestry residues, and a large portion of municipal and industrial solid waste streams. There is also a growing interest in the use of vegetable oils for making biodiesel. “Biofuels: Securing the Planet’s Future Energy Needs” discusses the production of transportation fuels from biomass (such as wood, straw and even household waste) by Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. The book is an important text for students and researchers in energy engineering, as well as professional fuel engineers.

Introduction to Japanese Politics

Introduction to Japanese Politics Author Louis D. Hayes
ISBN-10 9781351998321
Release 2017-08-07
Pages 292
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Introduction to Japanese Politics, now in its fully updated sixth edition, is a comprehensive and current review of political and public policy developments in Japan. Since the previous edition, Japan’s economic policy has undergone significant change with a prolonged period of deflation having altered the dynamics of the Japanese economy. At the same time, the Abe administration has expanded Japan’s international security participation, previously limited by the constitution, while China’s activities in the South China Sea have impinged upon Japan’s territorial claims. This classic introduction to the Japanese political system has been revised and fully updated in this sixth edition to take into account these widespread changes in the country's political life. Building on the structure and content of the previous edition, this new edition covers: An overview of Japan's geographical setting and history Japan’s political institutions, processes, and actors Recent organizational, ideological, and policy changes in the LDP since its return to power The country's distinctive social order and its educational, healthcare, and public safety systems The increasingly contentious realm of foreign relations and security issues, including China's expanding role and the effect of North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons. This broad-ranging textbook continues to be essential reading for students of Japanese politics, international politics and Japanese studies.

Quantitative Finance

Quantitative Finance Author T. Wake Epps
ISBN-10 0470455276
Release 2009-03-23
Pages 448
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A rigorous, yet accessible, introduction to essential topics in mathematical finance Presented as a course on the topic, Quantitative Finance traces the evolution of financial theory and provides an overview of core topics associated with financial investments. With its thorough explanations and use of real-world examples, this book carefully outlines instructions and techniques for working with essential topics found within quantitative finance including portfolio theory, pricing of derivatives, decision theory, and the empirical behavior of prices. The author begins with introductory chapters on mathematical analysis and probability theory, which provide the needed tools for modeling portfolio choice and pricing in discrete time. Next, a review of the basic arithmetic of compounding as well as the relationships that exist among bond prices and spot and forward interest rates is presented.? Additional topics covered include: Dividend discount models Markowitz mean-variance theory The Capital Asset Pricing Model Static?portfolio theory based on the expected-utility paradigm Familiar probability models for marginal distributions of returns and the dynamic behavior of security prices The final chapters of the book delve into the paradigms of pricing and present the application of martingale pricing in advanced models of price dynamics. Also included is a step-by-step discussion on the use of Fourier methods to solve for arbitrage-free prices when underlying price dynamics are modeled in realistic, but complex ways. Throughout the book, the author presents insight on current approaches along with comments on the unique difficulties that exist in the study of financial markets. These reflections illustrate the evolving nature of the financial field and help readers develop analytical techniques and tools to apply in their everyday work. Exercises at the end of most chapters progress in difficulty, and selected worked-out solutions are available in the appendix. In addition, numerous empirical projects utilize MATLAB® and Minitab® to demonstrate the mathematical tools of finance for modeling the behavior of prices and markets. Data sets that accompany these projects can be found via the book's FTP site. Quantitative Finance is an excellent book for courses in quantitative finance or financial engineering at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels. It is also a valuable resource for practitioners in related fields including engineering, finance, and economics.

Voluntary Sector and Rural Development

Voluntary Sector and Rural Development Author Rajeeb Misra
ISBN-10 WISC:89100304930
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 216
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Voluntary Sector and Rural Development systematically analyzes the theoretical background of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) based on contemporary thoughts on the subject. The book covers the concepts of development and rural development and devotes adequate space to the strategies adopted to rural development in India, including an analysis of the themes of various rural development programs under India's First to Tenth Five-Year Plan. The findings contain many significant observations on the functioning of NGOs. The book constitutes the author's seminal contribution in studying the strategy for poverty removal and rural development. The idea contained here is not only fresh but, in all appearances, pragmatic as well. It points to the role of three forces in the civil society â?? authority, voluntarism, and profit. It asserts that programs designed to work in a social system, without integrating the above three forces, will not succeed fully. The book also charts out a strategy for adoption by program implementation agencies.

Yaa Baa

Yaa Baa Author Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy
ISBN-10 9971692783
Release 2004-01
Pages 210
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The abuse of methamphetamines in Southeast Asia has become a major problem over the past decade. Thailand has been particularly hard hit, and methamphetamines abuse now affects all sectors of Thai society. In the early 1990s, manufacturers set up laboratories across the border in Burma and began large-scale production. The new and inexpensive product, known in Thailand as yaa baa or madness medicine, flooded the local market, and has also been found in the United States and Europe. Published in French in 2002 and now made available in an English translation, this book is the first to deal with the rapid spread of methamphetamines in the region and in Thailand in particular, and their impact it has had on local society."

Silent City on a Hill

Silent City on a Hill Author Blanche Linden-Ward
ISBN-10 1558495711
Release 2007
Pages 373
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Originally published in 1989, this book offers an insightful inquiry into the intellectual and cultural origins of Mount Auburn Cemetery, the first landscape in the United States to be designed in the picturesque style. Inspired by developments in England and France, and founded in 1831, Mount Auburn became the prototype for the "rural cemetery" movement and was an important precursor of many of America's public parks, beginning with New York City's Central Park.This new edition has been completely redesigned in a larger format, with new photographs and a new epilogue that carries the story forward into the twentieth century. Published in association with Library of American Landscape History:

Meaning and the Bilingual Dictionary

Meaning and the Bilingual Dictionary Author Arleta Adamska-Sałaciak
ISBN-10 363155320X
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 231
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The topic of this book, central to the endeavours of bilingual dictionary-makers and metalexicographers, is how to transmit meaning across languages within the confines of a lexicographic work of reference. The issues addressed - including, among others, the status and typology of bilingual dictionaries, the different ways of overcoming lack of interlingual equivalence, and the difficulties involved in providing adequate examples of usage - are set against the background of recent theoretical perspectives on meaning and illustrated with problem cases taken from the author's own lexicographic practice.

Hand off Communication

Hand off Communication Author Kurt A. Patton
ISBN-10 157839788X
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 174
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Hand off Communication has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Hand off Communication also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Hand off Communication book for free.

Beyond Light

Beyond Light Author Ro Bily
ISBN-10 1606721992
Release 2008-09
Pages 412
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Beyond Light is a tale of two brothers, Jacques and Andre Tremaine. Jacques is a powerful, charismatic person with thousands of friends, notably among the police, fire and health services. He wallows in the bowels of our affluent society to become the richest man in the world with no holds barred. Andre is a Vietnam doctor veteran dedicated to helping oppressed and poor children enjoy a better, healthier life. A mountain neighbor of Andreas is a village of Dakota Native Americans who are descendants of a Light Culture. How do these people effect our everyday lives? Where did they come from originally? Ancient people, Star-blooded people hundreds of years old, who help control our environmental studies to preserve Mother Earth, also live in this village. How effective are they? How do they help Andre and Jacques?

Vitamin Politics

Vitamin Politics Author John J. Fried
ISBN-10 087975222X
Release 1984
Pages 238
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Millions of Americans are spending billions of dollars each year buying megavitamin supplements in an attempt to prevent or cure physical ailments from the common cold to cancer, avoid mental depression, and starve off the effects of old age. What they don’t know is that not only are they wasting their money, but they may be endangering their lives. In Vitamin Politics, John Fried shows how we have been misled and manipulated by vitamin enthusiasts who preach megavitamin therapy for a host of common ills. Operating without a conclusive body of proof, they continue to promote massive doses of vitamins to a willing public that is more interested in miracle cures than in reasoned scientific skepticism and caution. Vitamins taken in megadoses are no longer vitamins—they are drugs. As drugs they can and do have dangerous side effects. Numerous cases have been documented describing the effects suffered by those on megavitamin regimens including lethargy, vomiting, loss of hair, enlarged livers and spleens, and abnormal skull growth. But, Fried found, megavitamin proponents are more interested in publicity than scientific investigation, and vitamin promoters are more involved in the economics of vitamin production than in determining the effects of vitamins taken in large quantities. Vitamin Politics, an update of Fried’s classic The Vitamin Conspiracy, combines the misinformation of vitamin faddists and offers a well-reasoned, thoroughly researched report of the facts.

A Breathless Hush

A Breathless Hush Author David Rayvern Allen
ISBN-10 UOM:39015059159411
Release 2004
Pages 492
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An Anthology of the finest cricket verse of the last 200 years, including contributions from Arthur Conan Doyle, E.V. Lucas, Francis Thompson and Neville Cardus, and several previously unpublished works.