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Nasty Author Selena Kitt
ISBN-10 069288551X
Release 2017-04-27
Pages 182
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NASTY: Fetish Fights Back is a daring new collection of erotic short fiction spanning sexualities, genders, orientations, positions, & proclivities. From fetish priests to breath restriction, bondage play to somnophilia, there's something in NASTY for everyone. With stories from New York Times Bestseller Selena Kitt, Shirley Jackson Winner Gemma Files, five-time Bram Stoker Award Winner Lucy A. Snyder and more, this collection pushes the boundaries not only of steamy sex but of what defines us as sexual beings. Explore repressed yet explosive gay erotica in a politically-themed tale, "The Straw Man," by Jessica Freely. In A. Merc Rustad's "Bodies Like Galaxies," a nonconventional gendered couple engage in consciousness upload. Jaye Wells ventures into erotic romance with "Aural Sex." A woman explores her obsession with sensual words. Chiaroscuro never sounded so sexy. Genital piercing has rarely been this orgasmic. Read "Metal" by Lazuli Jones. Cassie Alexander, the author of "The House: An Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure," brings "Galatea." The myth has never made more sense than in this retelling. Hugo and Nebula Finalist, Kelly Robson explores the titillating world of aging lesbians and a group penchant for public nudity in "The Desperate Flesh." Moreover, who doesn't like a good Nazi takedown? Douglas F. Warrick's "The Things I Told the Cops After the Uprising (And a Few Things I Wish I'd Told Them)" is a bittersweet yet beautiful, romantic yet sensual journey through violence and transition. Focused on acceptance and consent, co-editors, Anna Yeatts & Chris Phillips, hope the stories in NASTY: Fetish Fights Back will help readers see the sexuality & sensuality common to all of us. Stories from Selena Kitt, Gemma Files, Jaye Wells, A. Merc Rustad, Lucy A. Snyder, Cassandra Khaw, Lucien Soulban, Jessica Freely, Cassie Alexander, Kelly Robson, Jason S. Ridler, Tim Waggoner, Steve Berman, D. F. Warrick, 'Nathan Burgoine, Kaysee Renee Robichaud, Darien Cox, Molly Tanzer, Tom Cardamone, Lazuli Jones, Rose de Fer, Ann Castle, Charles Payseur, Nathan Pettigrew, Robert Brouhard, Konstantine Paradias, and Matthew F. Amati.

Women Who Love Monsters

Women Who Love Monsters Author Lori Perkins
ISBN-10 9781626014435
Release 2018-03-06
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It’s a tale as old as time… The fascination with very different loving goes as far back as Greek myths about Zeus and his human lovers and those Renaissance stories of death and the Maiden. Contemporary pop culture has been smitten with stories of women who love monsters since King Kong and The Creature from the Black Lagoon, as well as Shrek, Barnabas Collins, Lestat, Hellboy, Swampthing and that sparkly vampire dude, capped off by our national embracing of The Shape of Water. It should come as no surprise that when ViceTV decided to do an episode on “Monsters Fantasies,” they came to Riverdale Avenue Books to interview some of those authors in an episode that aired on March 2018. Women Who Love Monsters With Stories by Cecilia Tan * Jamie K. Schmidt * Laura Antoniou * Katherine Ramsland* Trinity Blacio* Nathan Pettigrew * j. Gambardella * Truth Venson * CB Archer * Jennifer Williams * Stanley B. Webb * Amy Stilgenbauer * Cynthia Ward

Pretend I m Dead

Pretend I m Dead Author Jen Beagin
ISBN-10 9781501183942
Release 2018-05-15
Pages 240
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Miranda July meets Mary Karr in this brilliant debut novel from Jen Beagin, Whiting Award winner and “one of the freshest voices I've read in years—funny, wise, whip-smart and compassionate” (Jami Attenberg, author of The Middlesteins), about a cleaning lady on a quest for self-acceptance after her relationship with a loveable junkie goes awry. Jen Beagin’s quirky, moving, “frank and unflinching” (Josh Ferris) debut novel introduces an unforgettable character, Mona—almost twenty-four, emotionally adrift, and cleaning houses to get by. Handing out clean needles to drug addicts, she falls for a recipient she calls Mr. Disgusting, who proceeds to break her heart in unimaginable ways. In search of healing, Mona decamps to Taos, New Mexico, for a fresh start, where she finds a community of seekers and cast-offs, all of whom have one or two things to teach her—the pajama-wearing, blissed-out New Agers, the slightly creepy client with peculiar tastes in controlled substances, the psychic who might really be psychic. But always lurking just beneath the surface are her memories of growing up in a chaotic, destructive family from which she’s trying to disentangle herself, and the larger legacy of the past she left behind. The story of Mona’s journey to find her place in this working-class American world is at once hilarious and wonderfully strange, true to life and boldly human, and introduces a stunningly one-of-a-kind new voice in American fiction.


Redshift Author Al Sarrantonio
ISBN-10 0451459040
Release 2002-11-22
Pages 665
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A revolutionary anthology of remarkable works of speculative fiction encompasses contributions by Ursula K. Le Guin, Joyce Carol Oates, Larry Niven, Harry Turtledove, Gregory Benford, Michael Moorcook, Joe Haldeman, Stephen Baxter, Catherine Asaro, and other acclaimed authors. Reprint.

The Safety of Objects

The Safety of Objects Author A. M. Homes
ISBN-10 9781101590416
Release 2013-01-29
Pages 208
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The breakthrough story collection that established A. M. Homes as one of the most daring writers of her generation Originally published in 1990 to wide critical acclaim, this extraordinary first collection of stories by A. M. Homes confronts the real and the surreal on even terms to create a disturbing and sometimes hilarious vision of the American dream. Included here are "Adults Alone," in which a couple drops their kids off at Grandma's and gives themselves over to ten days of Nintendo, porn videos, and crack; "A Real Doll," in which a girl's blond Barbie doll seduces her teenaged brother; and "Looking for Johnny," in which a kidnapped boy, having failed to meet his abductor's expectations, is returned home. These stories, by turns satirical, perverse, unsettling, and utterly believable, expose the dangers of ordinary life even as their characters stay hidden behind the disguises they have so carefully created.


Fling Author Sara Fawkes
ISBN-10 9780062252043
Release 2013-06-25
Pages 336
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Fling, an erotica collection of three steamy BDSM novellas set in Italy’s kinky Mancusi Resort during its infamous Fetish Week, features Take Me by New York Times bestselling author Sara Fawkes, Teach Me by Cathryn Fox, and Tame Me by Lauren Hawkeye. Kate Swansea’s fiancée dumps her a day before the wedding. Will wealthy Greek businessman Alexander Stavros convince the BDSM virgin that a sexual adventure is the cure for her broken heart? Tycoon Luca Mancusi whisks fashion intern Josie Pelletier off to his private resort to negotiate a deal for her boss’s lingerie line. But, by negotiation, he means a long, slow, spicy seduction… Ariel Monroe, pop-star princess, refuses to sign a contract with CEO Marco Kennedy. She’s furious when he follows her to Fetish Week, although she could use a hot BDSM play partner. If he’s up to the challenge, of course. Fans of E.L. James and Sylvia Day will fall for Fling.

Sweet Filthy Boy

Sweet Filthy Boy Author Christina Lauren
ISBN-10 9781476751818
Release 2014-05-13
Pages 416
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THE ROMANTIC TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR that Sylvia Day called “a sexy, sweet treasure of a story. I loved every word.” When three besties meet three hot guys in Vegas anything can—and does—happen. Book One of the New York Times bestselling Wild Seasons series from the author of the Beautiful Bastard series. One-night stands are supposed to be with someone convenient, or wickedly persuasive, or regrettable. They aren’t supposed to be with someone like him. But after a crazy Vegas weekend celebrating her college graduation—and terrified of the future path she knows is a cop-out—Mia Holland makes the wildest decision of her life: follow Ansel Guillaume—her sweet, filthy fling—to France for the summer and When feelings begin to develop behind the provocative roles they take on, and their temporary masquerade adventures begin to feel real, Mia will have to decide if she belongs in the life she left because it was all wrong, or in the strange new one that seems worlds away.

Amaranth and Ash

Amaranth and Ash Author Jessica Freely
ISBN-10 1607377411
Release 2010-09-16
Pages 272
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"In a world where everyone has their place, Amaranth & Ash belong together..." Amaranth is a vasai, born with both male and female characteristics, and a soul that can reach out and touch the souls of others in order to heal them. But a vasai's services are only for the Elai, who demand sexual satisfaction as well as healing from their beautiful servants. Frustrated with these constraints, Amaranth wants to use his talent to help those who really need it. Ash is a chel. Considered devoid of souls, chel are the lowest of the low. Not content with his lot, Ash steals from the middle class pel. One night he's caught and brutally punished. A soul in agony calls out to Amaranth from across the city. When he discovers that it belongs to a chel, it only confirms his worst suspicions about the lies of the Elai. Amaranth takes Ash home and heals him, an act of rebellion that could cost both their lives. Amaranth's compassion for Ash soon turns to passion. Ash treats him like a person, not an instrument of sexual gratification. Neither of them have much experience with mutual pleasure but together they embark on an exploration of intimacy and desire that carries them to the heights of passion and love -- and shakes the very foundation of their world. "Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find objectionable: Intersex relationships, violence.

The Ortolan Hunters and Other Disturbing Tales

The Ortolan Hunters and Other Disturbing Tales Author Guy New York
ISBN-10 9788822891891
Release 2017-01-17
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The Ortolan Hunters and Other Disturbing Tales is a beautiful collection of three short stories and a novella. Occasionally funny, sometimes hot, and frequently twisted, the collection dives into sexual desires, erotic one-upmanship, and the boundary between fetish and morality. The Ortolan Hunters is about a couple fighting over the little birds. When the narrator is finally convinced to procure the exotic, and illegal dish, he decides he needs to teach his partner a lesson. It's intense, delicious, and fairly twisted, to say the least. The Elevator follows another couple acting out a horrible fantasy with a stranger. It's a disturbing story that flips the rules of consent as they draw out his most basic instincts. The Unicorn is the funny break in the middle and follows the narrator as he heads over to be the third to some friends who have never had a threesome before. It's safe to say, nothing goes exactly as planned. The Day The Lights Went out takes place in a NYC Hotel during a blackout. Two strangers meet for a one-night-stand but get interrupted when the place goes dark. Instead of just getting busy they decide to test each other with stories of their past, each trying to prove how horrible they are. In between each story they discuss sexuality, consent, fetish, guilt, and kink, arguing about feminism and masculinity all the while trying to out do each other. Their stories are filthy and border on the edge of acceptable, often falling off the wrong side. But how much are they making up and how much is true? And more importantly, does it matter?

The Big Book of Submission

The Big Book of Submission Author Rachel Kramer Bussel
ISBN-10 1627782222
Release 2017-12-28
Pages 216
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This sequel to The Big Book of Submission is an erotica anthology with stories focused on the submission side of BDSM relationships.

Improvise This

Improvise This Author Mark Bergren
ISBN-10 9781401397012
Release 2002-06-01
Pages 214
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Businesses are sending their top managers to improvisational classes to learn how to give presentations, how to talk to clients, and how to finesse difficult situations. But those same skills can be mastered with the help of the simple and fun exercises found in this book. The authors explain how improvisation comes into play in our daily lives, and the rewards of taking risks in those situations. Improvise This! is filled with true-to-life business scenarios and offers methods for not only surviving but triumphing in those situations, making this a valuable and entertaining resource.

Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers

Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers Author Ellen Datlow
ISBN-10 9781453273241
Release 2012-09-11
Pages 312
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A dangerously seductive collection of tales that—like the sirens themselves—are impossible to resist Sensuality mingles with fantasy in this sultry anthology starring fairies, sphinxes, werewolves, and other beings by masterful storytellers including Joyce Carol Oates, Neil Gaiman, Jane Yolen, Ellen Kushner, and more. Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers features a vampire who falls in love with her human prey, an updated Red Riding Hood fantasy, an unsuspecting young man who innocently joins in seductive faerie revelry, and a cat goddess made human. Alluring and charismatic, this collection from master editors Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling will stimulate more than just your imagination. This ebook features illustrated biographies of Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, including rare photos from the editors’ personal collections.

Nothing Looks Familiar

Nothing Looks Familiar Author Shawn Syms
ISBN-10 9781551525716
Release 2014-10-29
Pages 184
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In Nothing Looks Familiar, Shawn Syms' debut story collection, characters from a wide swath of society chart paths from places of danger or unhappiness into the great unknown, each grappling with a central and sometimes unanswerable question: if you fight to change your circumstances, could it be possible to reconfigure your very identity? From bullied kids to meth-smoking mothers, characters in dire straits take measures?sometimes drastic ones?to take charge of their own fates. With a particular focus on the lives of the downtrodden and marginalized, Nothing Looks Familiar marries a vivid and distinct sense of place?the sights and smells of a meatpacking plant; a church-basement meeting hall full of sexual abusers?with universal themes such as the nature of friendship and relationships, and the configuration of the self. In this book, men and women alike struggle to cope, to survive, and to transform their surroundings; each of them is determined to come out the other side changed. In these richly drawn, deeply nuanced stories, nothing may look familiar, but everything is up for grabs. Shawn Syms is an author and journalist who has written for fifty-plus publications over twenty-five years.

Like Porno for Psychos

Like Porno for Psychos Author Wrath James White
ISBN-10 1936383845
Release 2011-09-01
Pages 100
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"Violent, erotic, blasphemous, and extreme." -Fear Zone "Without apologies, White tears through your emotions, from sympathy to hate, humor to shock..." -Horror Web From a world-ending orgy to home liposuction. From the hidden desires of politicians to a woman with a fetish for lions. This is a place where necrophilia, self-mutilation, and murder are all roads to love. Like Porno for Psychos collects the most extreme erotic horror from the celebrated hardcore horror master. Wrath James White is your guide through sex, death, and the darkest desires of the heart.

Demon s Captive

Demon s Captive Author Stephanie Snow
ISBN-10 9781596325562
Release 2007-10-02
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When battle ravages her world, Charity is left without family or friend. Invading warriors from the sky decimate the planet and deem her people unworthy to live. After a desperate flight for her life, she is caught by the cruelest of their enemies, Commander Melmanon. Melmanon is a hero renowned for his terrible bloodlust and legendary tortures, and, bored with the war, he's restless for new challenges. When Charity eludes capture for six days, his pride takes a beating and he plots his revenge carefully. But in her complete submissiveness he finds a perfect prize, and he abandons his plans for murder to make her his 'torture slave.' Unwillingly seduced by the brutal domination of her master, Charity quickly becomes enthralled. Even the harsh lash of punishment cannot dim her sexual craving, and she is torn between the urge to flee...and the desire to stay. As this hardened warrior uses his defenseless captive for his pleasure and her own, he finds that giving can be as satisfying as receiving. Torn between the monster he has been and the man that wants the love of his slave, Melmanon must decide if it is better to be loved...or feared.

How to Write and Sell Erotica

How to Write and Sell Erotica Author M. Christian
ISBN-10 1615083014
Release 2011-02
Pages 138
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A Master's Level Course in Writing and Selling Erotica. "Want to write erotica and GET PUBLISHED? Then do yourself a favor and buy this book!" -Marilyn Jaye Lewis, author, founder The Erotic Authors Association. No one knows more about writing and selling erotica, from inspiration to publication, than M. Christian. The author of over three hundred stories (many selected for annual "Best of" anthologies), eight collections of his own short fiction, five novels, and editor of over two dozen anthologies, M. Christian has seen the process from every point of view, as writer, editor and publisher. "Christian's book is a must-read. ...practical insider's tips ... a fearlessly honest look at the realities of publishing erotica ... will educate, amuse and inspire." -Donna George Storey, author Amorous Woman. In this unique insider's guide, M. Christian makes the path easy for others with lifesaving tips, hard-earned lessons and personal observations, including how to: * incorporate the key elements that make an erotic story sell; * think sexy and cultivate your erotic imagination; * create plots and characters that turn readers on; * put the right dash of sex in a sex story; * sell your work to magazines, websites, anthologies, book publishers; * write convincing stories for sexual orientations and interests beyond your own; * find the best internet resources for writers of erotica; * pinpoint the right place to sell your work; * get along with editors and publishers; * respond correctly to fans, reviewers and criticism; * and much much more! "I'm over the moon. M. Christian's book is awesome!." -Adrienne Benedicks, founder Erotic Readers and Writers Association.

Keeley s Fight

Keeley s Fight Author K. L. Donn
ISBN-10 1515232735
Release 2015-08-04
Pages 202
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Heartache and betrayal are two things Keeley Stone is very familiar with. Born into a life she never wanted, betrayed by her own parents, she never saw a way out. Until one day, two men who know nothing of her or her life step up and protect her when she's in need of a savior. Loyalty and respect are not just something earned for brothers Nathaniel and Tyler Maxwell, but a code they live by. A chance encounter with a gorgeous young woman has left them enthralled with her. Can they convince her they're worth fighting for? Or will she let demons of her past control her future? Note: This is a stand alone HEA M/F/M contemporary romance novel. There is no touching for titillation between brothers.