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Nazi War Crimes US Intelligence and Selective Prosecution at Nuremberg

Nazi War Crimes  US Intelligence and Selective Prosecution at Nuremberg Author Michael Salter
ISBN-10 9781135331337
Release 2007-06-11
Pages 480
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Reviewing recently declassified CIA documents, this book provides a balanced but critical discussion of the contribution of American intelligence officials to the Nuremberg war crimes trials. Giving new details of how senior Nazi war criminals, such as SS General Karl Wolff, were provided with effective immunity deals, partly as a reward for their wartime cooperation with US intelligence officials, including Allen Dulles, former CIA Director, the author also discusses the role of such officials in mobilizing the unique resources of a modern intelligence agency to provide important trial testimony and vital documentary evidence. Nazi War Crimes, US Intelligence and Selective Prosecution at Nuremberg argues that both war crimes prosecutors and intelligence officials can engage in mutually beneficial collaborations, but that both sides need to recognize and appreciate the problems that may arise from the fact that these institutions are required to operate according to different, and in some cases contradictory, agendas. This topical book gives those studying, or with interests in, international law, criminal law and history an insight into the debates surrounding international war crimes, within the context of the Nuremberg war crimes trials.

Allen Dulles the OSS and Nazi War Criminals

Allen Dulles  the OSS  and Nazi War Criminals Author Kerstin von Lingen
ISBN-10 9781107025936
Release 2013-09-30
Pages 339
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Kerstin von Lingen shows how Nazi SS-General Karl Wolff avoided war crimes prosecution because of his role in "Operation Sunrise," negotiations conducted by high-ranking American, Swiss, and British officials - in violation of the Casablanca agreements with the Soviet Union - for the surrender of German forces in Italy. Von Lingen suggests that the Cold War started already with "Operation Sunrise," and helps us understand rollback operations thereafter: one was the failure of justice and selective prosecution for high ranking Nazi criminals. The Western Allies not only failed to ensure cooperation between their respective national war crimes prosecution organizations, but in certain cases even obstructed justice by withholding evidence from the prosecution.

The Nazis Next Door

The Nazis Next Door Author Eric Lichtblau
ISBN-10 9780547669199
Release 2014-10-28
Pages 266
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"The shocking story of how America became one of the world's safest postwar havens for Nazis. Until recently, historians believed America gave asylum only to key Nazi scientists after World War II, along with some less famous perpetrators who managed to sneak in and who eventually were exposed by Nazi hunters. But the truth is much worse, and has been covered up for decades: the CIA and FBI brought thousands of perpetrators to America as possible assets against their new Cold War enemies. When the Justice Department finally investigated and learned the truth, the results were classified and buried. Using the dramatic story of one former perpetrator who settled in New Jersey, conned the CIA into hiring him, and begged for the agency's support when his wartime identity emerged, Eric Lichtblau tells the full, shocking story of how America became a refuge for hundreds of postwar Nazis"--

Journal of Intelligence History Winter 2010

Journal of Intelligence History Winter 2010 Author Lit Verlag
ISBN-10 9783643999078
Release 2011-02-17
Pages 160
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Journal of Intelligence History Winter 2010 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Journal of Intelligence History Winter 2010 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Journal of Intelligence History Winter 2010 book for free.

The Journal of Intelligence History Volume 6 Number 2

The Journal of Intelligence History  Volume 6  Number 2 Author
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The Journal of Intelligence History Volume 6 Number 2 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Journal of Intelligence History Volume 6 Number 2 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Journal of Intelligence History Volume 6 Number 2 book for free.

Hunting Nazis in Franco s Spain

Hunting Nazis in Franco s Spain Author David A. Messenger
ISBN-10 9780807155653
Release 2014-05-12
Pages 232
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In the waning days and immediate aftermath of World War II, Nazi diplomats and spies based in Spain decided to stay rather than return to a defeated Germany. The decidedly pro-German dictatorship of General Francisco Franco gave them refuge and welcomed other officials and agents from the Third Reich who had escaped and made their way to Iberia. Amid fears of a revival of the Third Reich, Allied intelligence and diplomatic officers developed a repatriation program across Europe to return these individuals to Germany, where occupation authorities could further investigate them. Yet due to Spain's longstanding ideological alliance with Hitler, German infiltration of the Spanish economy and society was extensive, and the Allies could count on minimal Spanish cooperation in this effort. In Hunting Nazis in Franco's Spain, David Messenger deftly traces the development and execution of the Allied repatriation scheme, providing an analysis of Allied, Spanish, and German expatriate responses. Messenger shows that by April 1946, British and American embassy staff in Madrid had compiled a census of the roughly 10,000 Germans then residing in Spain and had drawn up three lists of 1,677 men and women targeted for repatriation to occupied Germany. While the Spanish government did round up and turn over some Germans to the Allies, many of them were intentionally overlooked in the process. By mid-1947, Franco's regime had forced only 265 people to leave Spain; most Germans managed to evade repatriation by moving from Spain to Argentina or by solidifying their ties to the Franco regime and Span-ish life. By 1948, the program was effectively over. Drawing on records in American, British, and Spanish archives, this first book-length study in English of the repatriation program tells the story of this dramatic chapter in the history of post--World War II Europe.

Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law

Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law Author J. K. Kleffner
ISBN-10 9067042706
Release 2009-05-11
Pages 588
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The world's only annual publication devoted to the study of the laws of armed conflict, the Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law provides a truly international forum for high-quality, peer-reviewed academic articles focusing on this highly topical branch of international law. The Yearbook also includes a selection of documents from the reporting period, many of which are not accessible elsewhere, and a comprehensive bibliography of all recent publications in humanitarian law and other relevant fields. Ease of use of the Yearbook is guaranteed by the inclusion of a detailed index. Distinguished by its topicality and contemporary relevance, the Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law bridges the gap between theory and practice and serves as a useful reference tool for scholars, practitioners, military personnel, civil servants, diplomats, human rights workers and students.

Agent 110

Agent 110 Author Scott Miller
ISBN-10 9781451693409
Release 2017-03-07
Pages 368
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The “lively and engrossing” (The Wall Street Journal) story of how OSS spymaster Allen Dulles built an underground network determined to take down Hitler and destroy the Third Reich. Agent 110 is Allen Dulles, a newly minted spy from an eminent family. From his townhouse in Bern, Switzerland, and in clandestine meetings in restaurants, back roads, and lovers’ bedrooms, Dulles met with and facilitated the plots of Germans during World War II who were trying to destroy the country’s leadership. Their underground network exposed Dulles to the political maneuverings of the Soviets, who were already competing for domination of Germany, and all of Europe, in the post-war period. Scott Miller’s “absorbing and bracing” (The Seattle Times) Agent 110 explains how leaders of the German Underground wanted assurances from Germany’s enemies that they would treat the country humanely after the war. If President Roosevelt backed the resistance, they would overthrow Hitler and shorten the war. But Miller shows how Dulles’s negotiations fell short. Eventually he was placed in charge of the CIA in the 1950s, where he helped set the stage for US foreign policy. With his belief that the ends justified the means, Dulles had no qualms about consorting with Nazi leadership or working with resistance groups within other countries to topple governments. Agent 110 is “a doozy of a dossier on Allen Dulles and his early days spying during World War II” (Kirkus Reviews). “Miller skillfully weaves a double narrative of Dulles’ machinations and those of the German resistance” (Booklist) to bring to life this exhilarating, and pivotal, period of world history—of desperate renegades in a dark and dangerous world where spies, idealists, and traitors match wits and blows to ensure their vision of a perfect future.

Milit rgeschichtliche Zeitschrift

Milit  rgeschichtliche Zeitschrift Author
ISBN-10 WISC:89105760615
Release 2009
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Milit rgeschichtliche Zeitschrift has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Milit rgeschichtliche Zeitschrift also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Milit rgeschichtliche Zeitschrift book for free.

Carl Schmitt

Carl Schmitt Author Michael Salter
ISBN-10 9780415478502
Release 2012
Pages 299
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There continues to be a remarkable revival in academic interest in Carl Schmitt's thought within politicseeand social theory but this is the first book to address his thought from an explicitly legal theoretical perspective. Transcending the prevailing one-sided and purely historical focus on Schmitte(tm)s significance for debates that took place in the Weimar Republic 1919-1933, this book addresses the actual and potential significance of Schmitt's thought for controversieseeeewithin contemporary Anglo-American legal theory that have emerged during the past three decades. These include: the critique of liberal forms ofeelegal positivism; the relativeeee~indeterminacye(tm) of legal doctrine and the need for an explicitly interpretative approach to its range of meanings, their scope and policy rationale;eethe centrality of discretion and judicial law-making eewithin the legal process;eethe important role played by ideological prejudices and assumptions in legal reasoning; the reinterpretation of law as a form of strategically disguised politics; the legal theoretical critique of universalistic approaches to "human" rights and associated liberal-cosmopolitan ee'ideologies of humanity,' including the rhetoric of 'humanitarian intervention'; and the limitations of liberaleeconstitutionalism and liberalismeemore generallyeeas an approach to law. In Carl Schmitt: Law as Politics, Ideology and Strategic Myth, the author provides an overview and assessment of Schmitt's thought, as well as a consideration of its relevance for contemporary legal thoughteeand debates.

SS und Secret Service

SS und Secret Service Author Kerstin von Lingen
ISBN-10 3506767445
Release 2010
Pages 273
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SS und Secret Service has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from SS und Secret Service also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full SS und Secret Service book for free.

Die Friedens Warte

Die Friedens Warte Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105213167500
Release 2008
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Die Friedens Warte has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Die Friedens Warte also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Die Friedens Warte book for free.

Hunting Evil

Hunting Evil Author Guy Walters
ISBN-10 0307592480
Release 2010-05-04
Pages 528
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Already acclaimed in England as "first-rate" (The Sunday Times); “a model of meticulous, courageous and path-breaking scholarship"(Literary Review); and "absorbing and thoroughly gripping… deserves a lasting place among histories of the war.” (The Sunday Telegraph), Hunting Evil is the first complete and definitive account of how the Nazis escaped and were pursued and captured -- or managed to live long lives as fugitives. At the end of the Second World War, an estimated 30,000 Nazi war criminals fled from justice, including some of the highest ranking members of the Nazi Party. Many of them have names that resonate deeply in twentieth-century history -- Eichmann, Mengele, Martin Bormann, and Klaus Barbie -- not just for the monstrosity of their crimes, but also because of the shadowy nature of their post-war existence, holed up in the depths of Latin America, always one step ahead of their pursuers. Aided and abetted by prominent people throughout Europe, they hid in foreboding castles high in the Austrian alps, and were taken in by shady Argentine secret agents. The attempts to bring them to justice are no less dramatic, featuring vengeful Holocaust survivors, inept politicians, and daring plots to kidnap or assassinate the fugitives. In this exhaustively researched and compellingly written work of World War II history and investigative reporting, journalist and novelist Guy Walters gives a comprehensive account of one of the most shocking and important aspects of the war: how the most notorious Nazi war criminals escaped justice, how they were pursued, captured or able to remain free until their natural deaths and how the Nazis were assisted while they were on the run by "helpers" ranging from a Vatican bishop to a British camel doctor, and even members of Western intelligence services. Based on all new interviews with Nazi hunters and former Nazis and intelligence agents, travels along the actual escape routes, and archival research in Germany, Britain, the United States, Austria, and Italy, Hunting Evil authoritatively debunks much of what has previously been understood about Nazis and Nazi hunters in the post war era, including myths about the alleged “Spider” and “Odessa” escape networks and the surprising truth about the world's most legendary Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal. From its haunting chronicle of the monstrous mass murders the Nazis perpetrated and the murky details of their postwar existence to the challenges of hunting them down, Hunting Evil is a monumental work of nonfiction written with the pacing and intrigue of a thriller. From the Hardcover edition.

A History of Political Trials

A History of Political Trials Author John Laughland
ISBN-10 1906165009
Release 2008
Pages 315
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The modern use of international tribunals to try heads of state for genocide and crimes against humanity is often considered a positive development. Many people think that the establishment of special courts to prosecute notorious dictators represents a triumph of law over impunity. In "A History of Political Trials," John Laughland takes a very different and controversial view. He shows that trials of heads of state are in fact not new, and that previous trials throughout history have themselves violated the law and due process. It is the historical account which carries the argument. By examining trials of heads of state and government throughout history - figures as different as Charles I, Louis XVI, Erich Honecker, and Saddam Hussein - Laughland shows that modern trials of heads of state have ugly historical precedents. In their different ways, all the trials he describes were marked by arbitrariness and injustice, and many were gross exercises in hypocrisy. Political trials, he finds, are only the continuation of war by other means. With short and easy chapters, but the fruit of formidable erudition and wide reading, this book will force the general reader to re-examine prevailing opinions of this subject.

Double Standards International Criminal Law and the West

Double Standards  International Criminal Law and the West Author Wolfgang Kaleck
ISBN-10 8293081678
Release 2015-05-11
Pages 150
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In this book, Wolfgang Kaleck, an internationally active human rights and criminal lawyer, assesses the practice of international criminal law to date and analyses one of its main weaknesses: International criminal justice purports to be universal, but in reality it often operates in a politically selective manner. Until now, hardly any of those most responsible for international crimes committed by Western states have faced trial. Against the backdrop of this criticism, the book advocates a truly universal practice of international criminal law which holds even the most powerful accountable for crimes they have committed. Kaleck also tells the stories of survivors of human rights violations and human rights organizations that struggle for universal accountability for international crimes. He argues that the proponents of universal criminal justice must actively address existing double standards, as "it will not be possible to speak of a universal criminal justice system with equal rights and access to justice for all until the instigators and organizers of Guantanamo and of the atrocities in Chechnya are held accountable for their actions.""


Mediation Author Kathy Domenici
ISBN-10 9781478608561
Release 2001-04-11
Pages 198
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Mediation continues to grow as an alternative process for conflict management. Many organizations now allocate resources to full-fledged mediation programs. The Second Edition of Mediation: Empowerment in Conflict Management is the perfect tool for individuals interested in obtaining the skills necessary to become certified mediators. The texts brevity, clarity, and directness make it appropriate for use in college classes and community training programs. It can be adapted to any number of training approaches. This concise volume is guided by a clear set of theoretical principles that provide an ideal for mediation in our society. Power issues are emphasized as a focal point in identifying and understanding the process. Mediation is explored as a dispute resolution option that allows conflict to be an opportunity. Special emphasis is given to the use of effective communication in mediation.

The Office of Strategic Services and Italian Americans

The Office of Strategic Services and Italian Americans Author Salvatore J. LaGumina
ISBN-10 9783319333342
Release 2016-10-05
Pages 188
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This book explores the contributions of Italian Americans employed by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during World War II. Italian Americans fluent in Italian language and customs became integral parts of intelligence operations working behind enemy lines. These units obtained priceless military information that significantly helped defeat the Axis. They parachuted into frozen mountains tops to link up with Italian guerilla units in northern Italy or hovered in small patrol torpedo boats and row boats across the Mediterranean Sea in pitch black darkness to destroy railroad junctions.