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N A I L S Author Misty McGlugritch
ISBN-10 9781598865202
Release 2006-12
Pages 220
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In N.A.I.L.S.-Necessary Atonement in Lamb's Sacrifice, you'll witness how God spoke to Misty, telling her, You will not die, you will live; I have things for you to do. You will discover how God led her on a 15 year journey to create unforgettable, powerful, moving acronyms that speak to people on end time spiritual issues of today.

Necessary Sacrifice

Necessary Sacrifice Author Noelle Winters
ISBN-10 1718871368
Release 2017-08-28
Pages 320
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Second chances can happen when you least expect them. Running a domestic violence shelter keeps Emma Stevens on her toes, and serves as a living reminder of her mother's legacy that falling in love can hurt you in more ways than one. But when one of her clients is murdered, Emma comes face to face with a detective who makes her question her resolve to remain safely unattached. Reeling from her wife's death, Nick Tanner fled her life as a homicide detective in the big city. But when a brutal murder rocks the police department in sleepy Battle Creek, she isn't prepared for the haunting memories, or complications, it brings - especially stubborn therapist Emma, who is determined to solve the case all by herself if she has to. But when Emma becomes the target for a killer, both their lives - and the love building between them - are put in danger. Is it better to love with the risk of losing, or not love at all?

U S War Culture Sacrifice and Salvation

U S  War Culture  Sacrifice and Salvation Author Kelly Denton-Borhaug
ISBN-10 9781317545217
Release 2014-10-20
Pages 290
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The military-industrial complex in the United States has grown exponentially in recent decades, yet the realities of war remain invisible to most Americans. The U.S has created a culture in which sacrificial rhetoric is the norm when dealing in war. This culture has been enabled because popular American Christian understandings of redemption rely so heavily on the sacrificial. 'U.S War-Culture, Sacrifice and Salvation' explores how the concept of Christian redemption has been manipulated to create a mentality of "necessary sacrifice". The study reveals the links between Christian notions of salvation and sacrifice and the aims of the military-industrial complex.

Sacrifice and Community

Sacrifice and Community Author Matthew Levering
ISBN-10 9781405152174
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 272
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This book explores the character of the Eucharist as communion in and through sacrifice. It will stimulate discussion because of its controversial critique of the dominant paradigm for Eucharistic theology, its reclamation of St Thomas Aquinas’s theology of the Eucharist, and its response to Pope John Paul II’s Ecclesia de Eucharistia. Argues that the Eucharist cannot be separated from sacrifice, and rediscovers the biblical connections between sacrifice and communion. Timed to coincide with the Year of the Eucharist, proclaimed by Pope John Paul II. Reclaims the riches of St Thomas Aquinas’s theology of the Eucharist, which had recently been reduced to a metaphysical defence of transubstantiation.

Sacrifice and the Body

Sacrifice and the Body Author Revd Dr John Dunnill
ISBN-10 9781472400482
Release 2013-05-28
Pages 254
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What is sacrifice? For many people today the word has negative overtones, suggesting loss, or death, or violence. But in religions, ancient and modern, the word is linked primarily to joyous feasting which puts people in touch with the deepest realities. How has that change of meaning come about? What effect does it have on the way we think about Christianity? How does it affect the way Christian believers think about themselves and God? John Dunnill's study focuses on sacrifice as a physical event uniting worshippers to deity. Bringing together insights from social anthropology, biblical studies and Trinitarian theology, Dunnill links to debates in sociology and cultural studies, as well as the study of liturgy. Through a positive view of sacrifice, Dunnill contributes to contemporary Christian debates on atonement and salvation.

To Die in Cuba

To Die in Cuba Author Louis A. Pérez Jr.
ISBN-10 9781469608747
Release 2012-12-01
Pages 480
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For much of the nineteenth century and all of the twentieth, the per capita rate of suicide in Cuba was the highest in Latin America and among the highest in the world--a condition made all the more extraordinary in light of Cuba's historic ties to the Catholic church. In this richly illustrated social and cultural history of suicide in Cuba, Louis A. Perez Jr. explores the way suicide passed from the unthinkable to the unremarkable in Cuban society. In a study that spans the experiences of enslaved Africans and indentured Chinese in the colony, nationalists of the twentieth-century republic, and emigrants from Cuba to Florida following the 1959 revolution, Perez finds that the act of suicide was loaded with meanings that changed over time. Analyzing the social context of suicide, he argues that in addition to confirming despair, suicide sometimes served as a way to consecrate patriotism, affirm personal agency, or protest injustice. The act was often seen by suicidal persons and their contemporaries as an entirely reasonable response to circumstances of affliction, whether economic, political, or social. Bringing an important historical perspective to the study of suicide, Perez offers a valuable new understanding of the strategies with which vast numbers of people made their way through life--if only to choose to end it. To Die in Cuba ultimately tells as much about Cubans' lives, culture, and society as it does about their self-inflicted deaths.

Echoes of His Voice

Echoes of His Voice Author Babatunde Ajimoti
ISBN-10 9781469197623
Release 2012-04-19
Pages 124
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The overwhelming rush of everyday life makes it easy for us to lose our sense of purpose and hope. Various stories in Echoes of His Voice give inspiration on how be sensitive to our Gods voice and walk in His purpose every day.

Southern Literary Messenger

Southern Literary Messenger Author
ISBN-10 HARVARD:32044092834167
Release 1856
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Southern Literary Messenger has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Southern Literary Messenger also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Southern Literary Messenger book for free.

Cooperative Salvation

Cooperative Salvation Author Kate Eisenbise Crell
ISBN-10 9781630877538
Release 2014-12-05
Pages 156
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Why did Jesus die? What does it mean that Jesus died for our sins? Christian theology has been wrestling with these questions for centuries, and theologians have proposed lots of different answers and explanations in the form of theories of atonement. But most of these theories fall short when confronted by a contemporary, postmodern worldview. Many of these models come out of orthodox (rather than Free Church) traditions, so they also lack the distinctive elements that characterize Brethren ways of understanding God and the world. The Church of the Brethren is well known for its acts of service and discipleship in the nonviolent model of Jesus, but it has not produced much constructive theology. Cooperative Salvation attempts to remedy this situation by proposing a constructive Brethren model of atonement. It analyzes the diverse atonement models proposed throughout the Christian tradition, noting where they prove inadequate. To address the shortcomings of other models, this work draws on important claims of historical Anabaptist and Brethren theology while also incorporating ideas from feminist, liberation, and process theology in order to construct an understanding of atonement that contributes a contemporary Brethren voice to the centuries-long discussion of atonement.

The Gothic Child

The Gothic Child Author Margarita Georgieva
ISBN-10 9781137306074
Release 2013-10-17
Pages 220
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Fascination with the dark and death threats are now accepted features of contemporary fantasy and fantastic fictions for young readers. These go back to the early gothic genre in which child characters were extensively used by authors. The aim of this book is to rediscover the children in their work.

Speeches of J M Wilson Esq and the Rev M Farrell at a meeting of the British Reformation Society

Speeches of J  M  Wilson  Esq   and the Rev  M  Farrell      at a meeting of the British Reformation Society Author John M. WILSON (of the British Reformation Society.)
ISBN-10 BL:A0018896028
Release 1835
Pages 52
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Speeches of J M Wilson Esq and the Rev M Farrell at a meeting of the British Reformation Society has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Speeches of J M Wilson Esq and the Rev M Farrell at a meeting of the British Reformation Society also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Speeches of J M Wilson Esq and the Rev M Farrell at a meeting of the British Reformation Society book for free.

Isaac Iphigeneia Ignatius

Isaac  Iphigeneia  Ignatius Author Monika Pesthy-Simon
ISBN-10 9789633861639
Release 2017-06-20
Pages 260
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What is the meaning of the martyr?s sacrifice? Is it true that the martyr imitates Christ? After the ?one and eternal? sacrifice of Jesus, why are the occasional new (and often quite numerous) sacrifices necessary? What is the underlying divinitical concept behind these acts? How do these ideas survive in present times? The author considers martyrdom as a voluntary human sacrifice. The two emblematic figures of this transformation are Iphigeneia and Isaac. Pesthy argues that all the peoples in the environment in which Christianity came into being are characterized by an ambiguous and often hypocritical attitude toward human sacrifice: in theory they condemn it as barbarian and belonging to bygone times, in other cases they accept, admire and practice it. In modern Christianity, martyrs are real sacrifices, not symbolical ones. Our feelings about martyrs vary: we may admire their unbending courage and heroism or be irritated by their stubbornness, or even feel disgusted at the fanaticism with which they strove for death. Whatever our feelings may be, we must acknowledge that a very strong motivation is necessary to accept voluntarily or even seek death. ÿ

The Ethics of Legal Coercion

The Ethics of Legal Coercion Author J.D. Hodson
ISBN-10 9789400972575
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 177
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Are all of the commonly accepted aims of the use of law justifiable? Which kinds of behavior are justifiably prohibited, which kinds justifiably required? What uses of law are not defensible? How can the legitimacy or the ille gitimacy of various uses of law be explained or accounted for? These are questions the answering of which involves one in many issues of moral principle, for the answers require that one adopt positions - even if only implicitly - on further questions of what kinds of actions or policies are morally or ethically acceptable. The present work, aimed at questions of these kinds, is thus a study in the ethical evaluation of major uses of legal coercion. It is an attempt to provide a framework within which many questions about the proper uses of law may be fruitfully discussed. The framework, if successful, can be used by anyone asking questions about the defensibility of particular or general uses of law, whether from the perspective of someone considering whether to bring about some new legal provision, from the perspective of someone concerned to evaluate an eXisting provision, or from that of someone concerned more abstractly with questions about the appropriate substance of an ideal legal system. In addressing these and associated issues, I shall be exploring the extent to which an ethics based on respect for persons and their autonomy can handle satisfactorily the problems arising here.

The Use of Sacrificial Ideas in Greek Christian Writers from the New Testament to John Chrysostom

The Use of Sacrificial Ideas in Greek Christian Writers from the New Testament to John Chrysostom Author Frances Young
ISBN-10 9781592449286
Release 2004-10-06
Pages 324
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The subject of Christ's sacrifice on the Cross has mainly been treated in the context of general discussions of Atonement theory. This is inevitable, but when it occurs, his sacrifice tends to be confused with theories of substitution, satisfaction, and propitiation, in which case its nature is understood according to 'a priori' assumptions concerning the proper rationale of sacrifice. The result of this situation is that, according to their own convictions, historians of the Doctrine of the Atonement have either tended to accept sacrificial language in the Greek Fathers as evidence of the presence of the later Western theory of atonement, at any rate, in germ; or they have dismissed it as no more than the use of traditional Christian expressions which do not represent the real Doctrine held by the authors with whom we are concerned. In addition to this, the treatment of sacrificial language as one of the modes of expressing Atonement has meant that, in modern studies, the subject of Christ's sacrifice has been divorced from consideration of the sacrificial worship and service of the Church.... The aim of this study is to try to correct the balance, to emphasize the importance and diversity of sacrificial concepts in the theology and life of the early Eastern Church, and so to throw light on the usually confused treatment, not only of Christ's atoning death, but also of the sacrifice of the Eucharist. from the Introduction

Satan You Can t Have My Day

Satan  You Can t Have My Day Author Iris Delgado
ISBN-10 9781621369752
Release 2014-11-04
Pages 400
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Declare your authority over the devil every day of the year! With more than 190,000 units sold in both Spanish and English since the release of Satan, You Can’t Have My Children, this series has helped people take back every area of their lives from the enemy’s grasp. Now Dr. Iris Delgado brings readers the same powerful attributes and lessons to apply every day, giving them understanding and direction for confronting the enemy and taking charge of the day through the power of God’s Word. Each day’s entry provides a short reading that gives you the power and insight to pray for your needs and the needs of your loved ones, a scripture focused on that day’s topic, and a scripture-based prayer to put God’s Word to action in your life.

The Amnesty of Grace

The Amnesty of Grace Author Elsa Tamez
ISBN-10 9781579108656
Release 2002-01-14
Pages 208
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The Amnesty of Grace has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Amnesty of Grace also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Amnesty of Grace book for free.

The Power Of Love

The Power Of Love Author John Hagen
ISBN-10 1595263039
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 140
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Hagen attempts to help readers understand the bigger picture of personal existence. He illustrates how the kingdom of heaven is spread out upon the face of the Earth and believers enter that kingdom through the power of love.