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New African Diasporas

New African Diasporas Author Khalid Koser
ISBN-10 9781134391967
Release 2003-09-02
Pages 184
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The extensive literature relating to the African diaspora has tended to concentrate on the descendants of those who left Africa as part of the slave trade to North America. This important new book gathers together work on more recent waves of African migration from some of the most exciting thinkers on the contemporary diaspora. Concentrating particularly on the last 20 years, the contributions look to the United States and beyond to diaspora settlement in the UK and Northern Europe. New African Diasporas looks at a range of different types of diaspora - legal and illegal, professional and low-skilled, asylum seekers and 'economic migrants' - and includes chapters on diasporic communities originating in Cote d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ghana, Senegal and Somalia. It also examines often neglected differences based on gender, class and generation in the process. This book will be essential reading for anyone with an interest in the African diaspora and provides the most wide-ranging picture of the new African diaspora yet.

Global Diasporas

Global Diasporas Author Robin Cohen
ISBN-10 9781134077946
Release 2008-03-17
Pages 240
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In a perceptive and arresting analysis, Robin Cohen introduces his distinctive approach to the study of the world’s diasporas. This book investigates the changing meanings of the concept and the contemporary diasporic condition, including case studies of Jewish, Armenian, African, Chinese, British, Indian, Lebanese and Caribbean people. The first edition of this book had a major impact on diaspora studies and was the foundational text in an emerging research and teaching field. This second edition extends and clarifies Robin Cohen’s argument, addresses some critiques and outlines new perspectives for the study of diasporas. It has also been made more student-friendly with illustrations, guided readings and suggested essay questions.

Mapping the New African Diaspora in China

Mapping the New African Diaspora in China Author Shanshan Lan
ISBN-10 9781317203537
Release 2017-04-07
Pages 202
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When one thinks of African diasporas, it is likely that their mind will automatically drift to locations such as Europe and America. But how much is known about the African diaspora in East Asia and, in particular, within China, where race is such a politically sensitive topic? Based on multi-sited ethnographic research in China and Nigeria, Mapping the New African Diaspora in China explores a new wave of African migration to South China in the context of the expansion of Sino/African trade relations and the global circulation of racial knowledge. Indeed, grassroots perspectives of China/Africa trade relations are foregrounded through the examination of daily interactions between Africans and rural-to-urban Chinese migrants in various informal trade spaces in Guangzhou. These Afro-Chinese encounters have the potential to not only help reveal the negotiated process of mutual racial learning, but also to subvert hegemonic discourses such as Sino/African friendship and white supremacy in subtle ways. However, as Lan demonstrates within this enlightening volume, the transformative power of such cross-cultural interactions is severely limited by language barrier, cultural differences, and the Chinese state’s stringent immigration control policies. This book will appeal to scholars and students in the fields of China/Africa relations, race and ethnic studies, globalization and transnational migration, and urban China studies, as well as those from other social science disciplines such as political science, international relations, urban geography, Asian Studies, African studies, sociology, development studies, and cross-cultural communication studies. It may also appeal to policymakers and non-profit organizations involved in providing services and assistance to migrant populations.

The African Diaspora

The African Diaspora Author Isidore Okpewho
ISBN-10 0253214947
Release 2001
Pages 566
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These essays contribute To The debate between those who believe that the African origin of blacks in western society is central to their identity and outlook and those who deny that proposition. The contributors ponder the key questions underlying that controversy. Their 33 essays are divided into five main parts: The Diaspora: Orientation and Determinations; Addressing the Constraints; Race, Gender, and Image; Creativity, Spirituality, and Identity; and Reconnecting with Africa. This book contributes To The debate between those who believe that the African origin of blacks in Western society is central to their identity and outlook and those who deny that proposition. In 33 essays, world-renowned scholars explore key questions underlying this controversy: What is the character of New World black cultures and what are their relationships with the plural societies within which they function? How did Africans manage to create viable lives for themselves in a new place? How were they able to negotiate the complex social, political and cultural spaces they encountered? How has their ancestral heritage co-existed with that of other peoples with whom they have been forced to live? This volume seeks a balanced look at the fate of the African presence in Western society as well as insights into the sources of periodic conflict between blacks and others. Contributors include Niyi Afolabi, Adetayo Alabi, Celia M. Azevedo, Antonio Benítez-Rojo, Eliana Guerreiro Ramos Bennett, LeGrace Benson, Ira Kincade Blake, Jack S. Blocker, Jr., Sharon Aneta Bryant, Patience Elabor-Idemudia, Michael J. C. Echeruo, Peter P. Ekeh, David Evans, Robert Elliott Fox, Andrea Frohne, Joseph E. Inikori, Joyce Ann Joyce, Joseph McLaren, Charles Martin, Ali A. Mazrui, Pierre-Damien Mvuyekure, Nkiru Nzegwu, Isidore Okpewho, Oyekan Owomoyela, Laura J. Pires-Hester, Richard Price, Sally Price, Jean Rahier, Sandra L. Richards, Elliott P. Skinner, Alvin B. Tillery, Jr., Keith Q. Warner, Maureen Warner-Lewis, and Kimberly Welch.

The New African Diaspora

The New African Diaspora Author Isidore Okpewho
ISBN-10 9780253003362
Release 2009-08-26
Pages 544
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The New York Times reports that since 1990 more Africans have voluntarily relocated to the United States and Canada than had been forcibly brought here before the slave trade ended in 1807. The key reason for these migrations has been the collapse of social, political, economic, and educational structures in their home countries, which has driven Africans to seek security and self-realization in the West. This lively and timely collection of essays takes a look at the new immigrant experience. It traces the immigrants' progress from expatriation to arrival and covers the successes as well as problems they have encountered as they establish their lives in a new country. The contributors, most immigrants themselves, use their firsthand experiences to add clarity, honesty, and sensitivity to their discussions of the new African diaspora.

The African Diaspora

The African Diaspora Author Toyin Falola
ISBN-10 9781580464529
Release 2013
Pages 418
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In this definitive study of the African diaspora in North America, Toyin Falola offers a causal history of the western dispersion of Africans and its effects on the modern world.

African Diasporas in the New and Old Worlds

African Diasporas in the New and Old Worlds Author Geneviève Fabre
ISBN-10 9042008709
Release 2004-01
Pages 358
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In the humanities, the term 'diaspora' recently emerged as a promising and powerful heuristic concept. It challenged traditional ways of thinking and invited reconsiderations of theoretical assumptions about the unfolding of cross-cultural and multi-ethnic societies, about power relations, frontiers and boundaries, about cultural transmission, communication and translation. The present collection of essays by renowned writers and scholars addresses these issues and helps to ground the ongoing debate about the African diaspora in a more solid theoretical framework. Part I is dedicated to a general discussion of the concept of African diaspora, its origins and historical development. Part II examines the complex cultural dimensions of African diasporas in relation to significant sites and figures, including the modes and modalities of creative expression from the perspective of both artists/writers and their audiences; finally, Part III focusses on the resources (collections and archives) and iconographies that are available today. As most authors argue, the African diaspora should not be seen merely as a historical phenomenon, but also as an idea or ideology and an object of representation. By exploring this new ground, the essays assembled here provide important new insights for scholars in American and African-American Studies, Cultural Studies, Ethnic Studies, and African Studies. The collection is rounded off by an annotated listing of black autobiographies.

New Social Movements in the African Diaspora

New Social Movements in the African Diaspora Author L. Mullings
ISBN-10 9780230104570
Release 2016-04-30
Pages 334
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In the last few decades the people of the African diaspora have intensified their struggles against racial discrimination and for equality. This account of these social movements include action in Latin America, the Indian Ocean World, Europe, Canada and the United States.

Global Dimensions of the African Diaspora

Global Dimensions of the African Diaspora Author Joseph E. Harris
ISBN-10 UOM:39015032933452
Release 1993
Pages 532
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Global Dimensions of the African Diaspora collects selected essays from the First and Second African Diaspora Institutes and other essays. This revised second edition, with broader geographical scope than the first edition, places greater emphasis on historical and sociopolitical analysis. New essays that examine the African experience and slavery in the Mediterranean, the black experience in Brazil, African religious retentions in Latin American countries, and essays by women that focus on the experience and contributions of African women of the diaspora address significant areas omitted in the first volume.

New Frontiers in the Study of the Global African Diaspora

New Frontiers in the Study of the Global African Diaspora Author Rita Kiki Edozie
ISBN-10 1611863023
Release 2018
Pages 500
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This anthology presents a new study of the worldwide African diaspora that brings together diverse, multidisciplinary scholarship to address the connectedness of Black subject identities, experiences, issues, themes, and topics, applying them dynamically to diverse locations of the Black world--Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and the United States. The contributing authors engage their findings to critically analyze the broader norms and dimensions that characterize a given set of interrelated criteria that have come to establish parameters that increasingly standardize African diaspora studies.This anthology presents a new study of the worldwide African diaspora that brings together diverse, multidisciplinary scholarship to address the connectedness of Black subject identities, experiences, issues, themes, and topics and applies them dynamically to diverse locations of the Black world.

The African Diaspora

The African Diaspora Author Patrick Manning
ISBN-10 9780231144711
Release 2010-03-05
Pages 424
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Patrick Manning follows the multiple routes that brought Africans and people of African descent into contact with one another and with Europe, Asia, and the Americas. In joining these stories, he shows how the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Indian Ocean fueled dynamic interactions among black communities and cultures and how these patterns resembled those of a number of connected diasporas concurrently taking shaping across the globe. Manning begins in 1400 and traces the connections that enabled Africans to mutually identify and hold together as a global community. He tracks discourses on race, changes in economic circumstance, the evolving character of family life, and the growth of popular culture. He underscores the profound influence that the African diaspora had on world history and demonstrates the inextricable link between black migration and the rise of modernity. Inclusive and far-reaching, The African Diaspora proves that the advent of modernity cannot be fully understood without taking the African peoples and the African continent into account.

Diaspora for Development in Africa

Diaspora for Development in Africa Author Sonia Plaza
ISBN-10 9780821382585
Release 2011
Pages 328
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The diaspora of developing countries can be a potent force for development, through remittances, but more importantly, through promotion of trade, investment, knowledge and technology transfers. The book aims to consolidate research and evidence on these issues with a view to formulating policies in both sending and receiving countries.

Global Circuits of Blackness

Global Circuits of Blackness Author Jean Muteba Rahier
ISBN-10 9780252077531
Release 2010
Pages 261
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Global Circuits of Blacknessis a sophisticated analysis of the interlocking diasporic connections between Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Americas. A diverse and gifted group of scholars delve into the contradictions of diasporic identity by examining at close range the encounters of different forms of blackness converging on the global scene. Various essays document the antagonism between African Americans and Africans regarding heritage tourism in West Africa, discuss the interaction between different forms of blackness in Toronto's Caribana Festival, probe the impact of the Civil Rights movement in America on diasporic communities elsewhere, and assess the anxiety about HIV and AIDS within black communities. Contributors are Marlon M. Bailey, Jung Ran Forte, Reena N. Goldthree, Percy C. Hintzen, Lyndon Phillip, Andrea Queeley, Jean Muteba Rahier, Stéphane Robolin, and Felipe Smith. Jean Muteba Rahier is an associate professor of anthropology and the director of the African and African Diaspora Studies Program at Florida International University. Percy C. Hintzen is a professor of African American Studies and the chair of the Center for African Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Felipe Smith is an associate professor of English at Tulane University.

The African Christian Diaspora

The African Christian Diaspora Author Afe Adogame
ISBN-10 9781441136671
Release 2013-04-04
Pages 259
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Informative guide offering interpretation and analysis of African immigrant Christianities in Western societies and their impact on the wider local-global religious scene.

The New African Diaspora in North America

The New African Diaspora in North America Author Kwadwo Konadu-Agyemang
ISBN-10 0739111515
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 309
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The New African Diaspora in North America brings together sociologists, social workers, geographers, economists, anthropologists and others to explore the African immigrant experience from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The contributors shed light on the factors behind the increasing wave in African immigration to the U.S. and Canada, the socio-economic characteristics of African immigrants, their spatial distribution, obstacles, and contributions. Despite their increasing presence, African immigrant groups in the U.S. and Canada have engendered relatively little scholarly research on their pre- and post-migration experience. This collection helps fill that void, and will be valuable reading for anyone interested in African Diaspora studies.

Christianity in Africa and the African Diaspora

Christianity in Africa and the African Diaspora Author Roswith Gerloff
ISBN-10 9781441123305
Release 2011-05-12
Pages 368
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An exploration of the rapid development of African Christianity, offering an analysis and interpretation of its movements and issues.

Global Diasporas and Mission

Global Diasporas and Mission Author Chandler H. Im
ISBN-10 9781498209403
Release 2014-10-20
Pages 312
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The movement of people from their homelands is increasing exponentially. Such waves of both immigration and migration triggered by various factors have created new opportunities for the church and its mission. This volume explores such global diasporas from both ecclesiological and missiological perspectives. Its various case studies invite reconsideration of the missionary and evangelistic task of the church in response to contemporary global dynamics. The image of the dandelion on the front cover symbolizes diverse people groups dispersed around the globe, even as the Christian imagination views such dispersal as being carried by the winds of the Holy Spirit.