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New Challenges of Chinese Copyright Law in the Digital Age

New Challenges of Chinese Copyright Law in the Digital Age Author Seagull Haiyan Song
ISBN-10 9789041137937
Release 2011
Pages 87
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This very useful book compares the legislation and case law of Chinese copyright law with those of the United States and European countries, focusing on three subjects - the liability of Internet Service Providers, the fair use' versus fair dealing' copyright doctrine, and the copyrightability of live sports telecasts - all of which are unsettled questions of law under the existing copyright regime.

Transnational Intellectual Property Law

Transnational Intellectual Property Law Author Robert P. Merges
ISBN-10 9781785368257
Pages 864
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As companies and organisations increasingly operate across national boundaries, so the incentive to understand how to acquire, deploy and protect IP rights in multiple national jurisdictions has rapidly increased. Transnational Intellectual Property Law meets the need for a book that introduces contemporary intellectual property as it is practiced in today’s global context. Focusing on three major IP regimes – the United States, Europe and China – the unique transnational approach of this textbook will help law students and lawyers across the world understand not only how IP operates in different national contexts, but also how to coordinate IP protection across numerous national jurisdictions. International IP treaties are also covered, but in the context of an overall emphasis on transnational coordination of legal rights and strategies.

New Telecom Networks

New Telecom Networks Author Daniel Battu
ISBN-10 9781119007920
Release 2014-10-13
Pages 152
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Nowadays, the Internet has become an irreplaceable tool, feeding us information about new innovations and the evolution of the markets relating to all human activities. What the Internet lacks, though, is a guiding narrative thread, which is crucial to understand the evolution from old technologies into the technologies available today, and to benefit from the commentary which could elucidate that process of evolution. In spite of its inherent richness, no encyclopedia can constitute the one and only referential information source. The actors involved also have the right to be heard: all those who have devoted their working lives to the collective effort of edifying networks can, of course, present their personal views about the evolution of the world of telecommunications, and thus provide invaluable testimony to companies in this area who can make use of it. It is that approach which is adopted in this book. Whilst the primary objective of this book is to encourage SMEs to use digital technologies, and help them to organize with that goal in mind, it has proved necessary to describe the transformations currently under way in the field of networks, and to outline the efforts to obtain a competitive edge in terms of clerical applications, compare the various techniques that are available for high data rate communications, and touch upon the advent of the “Internet of Things”, cloud computing and various new multimedia technologies. All in all, this book should help companies – particularly SMEs – to garner overall information about the current movement in the area of networking, and assist them in putting in place and managing their own communications systems.

Structures of Participation in Digital Culture

Structures of Participation in Digital Culture Author Joe Karaganis
ISBN-10 0979077222
Release 2007
Pages 284
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Media Studies.

Engaging Privacy and Information Technology in a Digital Age

Engaging Privacy and Information Technology in a Digital Age Author Committee on Privacy in the Information Age
ISBN-10 9780309103923
Release 2007-06-28
Pages 452
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Privacy is a growing concern in the United States and around the world. The spread of the Internet and the seemingly boundaryless options for collecting, saving, sharing, and comparing information trigger consumer worries. Online practices of business and government agencies may present new ways to compromise privacy, and e-commerce and technologies that make a wide range of personal information available to anyone with a Web browser only begin to hint at the possibilities for inappropriate or unwarranted intrusion into our personal lives. Engaging Privacy and Information Technology in a Digital Age presents a comprehensive and multidisciplinary examination of privacy in the information age. It explores such important concepts as how the threats to privacy evolving, how can privacy be protected and how society can balance the interests of individuals, businesses and government in ways that promote privacy reasonably and effectively? This book seeks to raise awareness of the web of connectedness among the actions one takes and the privacy policies that are enacted, and provides a variety of tools and concepts with which debates over privacy can be more fruitfully engaged. Engaging Privacy and Information Technology in a Digital Age focuses on three major components affecting notions, perceptions, and expectations of privacy: technological change, societal shifts, and circumstantial discontinuities. This book will be of special interest to anyone interested in understanding why privacy issues are often so intractable.

Harm and Offence in Media Content

Harm and Offence in Media Content Author Andrea Millwood Hargrave
ISBN-10 9781841502380
Release 2009
Pages 344
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Children and teenagers are often the first to adopt new media technologies, and parents and policy makers continue to be concerned about the widespread use of diverse media and its potential effects on young people. Harm and Offence in Media Content presents a significant and comprehensive analysis of the benefits and dangers posed by both established and emergent technologies. Newly updated, this balanced, critical account examines all media, including interactive games, social networking and mobile phones. Many examples specifically focus on the United States, noting the ways in which young people are using new technologies and the partnerships this has given rise to between state governments, media regulators and Internet service providers. This informative guide to a controversial field of study will be a useful resource for scholars in media, communication, psychology, sociology and education.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage Author Jimmy Schaeffler
ISBN-10 9781136031540
Release 2012-09-10
Pages 296
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Digital Signage gives you macro and micro views of the burgeoning digital signage industry. Whether you are looking for new opportunities or to expand your business, with this book you will be able to clearly understand and accurately analyze the developments, trends and projections. As part of the NAB Executive Technology Briefing series, this book features the future impact of the technology across many different industries and platforms. Explanations of hardware such as displays, servers, and PCs, software such as dynamic on-screen content and software management programs, and technologies like systems integrations and network infrastructures are all covered.

Digital Transformation in Journalism and News Media

Digital Transformation in Journalism and News Media Author Mike Friedrichsen
ISBN-10 9783319277868
Release 2017-05-18
Pages 555
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This book analyzes various digital transformation processes in journalism and news media. By investigating how these processes stimulate innovation, the authors identify new business and communication models, as well as digital strategies for a new environment of global information flows. The book will help journalists and practitioners working in news media to identify best practices and discover new types of information flows in a rapidly changing news media landscape.

Programming for TV Radio The Internet

Programming for TV  Radio   The Internet Author Lynne Gross
ISBN-10 9781136068850
Release 2012-11-12
Pages 344
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Where do program ideas come from? How are concepts developed into saleable productions? Who do you talk to about getting a show produced? How do you schedule shows on the lineup? What do you do if a series is in trouble? The answers to these questions, and many more, can be found in this comprehensive, in-depth look at the roles and responsibilities of the electronic media programmer. Topics include: Network relationships with affiliates, the expanded market of syndication, sources of programming for stations and networks, research and its role in programming decisions, fundamental appeals to an audience and what qualities are tied to success, outside forces that influence programming, strategies for launching new programs or saving old ones. Includes real-life examples taken from the authors' experiences, and 250+ illustrations!

Peer to peer File Sharing and Secondary Liability in Copyright Law

Peer to peer File Sharing and Secondary Liability in Copyright Law Author Alain Strowel
ISBN-10 9781848449442
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 340
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This is a book that has a lot to offer. Many of its readers will benefit from the first chapters which comprehensively analyse the case law and put it in context, whilst others will benefit more from the more conceptual chapters and the criticism of certain points and suggestions for a way forward contained in them. Paul L.C. Torremans, European Intellectual Property Review This timely volume offers a comprehensive review of case law, in various jurisdictions, on secondary liability for copyright infringement, particularly P2P file sharing and online infringements. Moreover, the book includes forward-looking contributions of prominent academics from the USA and the EU, which provide original perspectives on the future shape of online copyright law, looking at questions such as whether it could or even should evolve towards a compensation system. By combining these different avenues, the book will be of particular interest to practitioners, academics, researchers and legal scholars involved in the field of copyright law.

The Search

The Search Author John Battelle
ISBN-10 9781857884326
Release 2011-01-25
Pages 340
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This updated edition in paperback of the bestselling and critically acclaimed book on the rise of Google and the 'search industry" contains a major new Afterword from John Battelle. The rise of Google is one of the most amazing stories of our time. Google's enormous impact straddles the worlds of technology, marketing, finance, media, culture, dating, job hunting, and just about every other sphere of human interest. And no one is better qualified to explain this entire phenomenon than John Battelle, the acclaimed Silicon Valley journalist who co-founded "Wired" and founded "The Industry Standard". Much more than just a business book, this explains how the search industry is changing the way we live in profound and unpredictable ways. "The Search" contains exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names at the top companies including Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google is the No. 1 search engine and is now a recognised word in its own right - they receive over 200 million search requests every day and it is estimated that over 80 per cent of webusers turn to Google first.

Copyright and Fan Productivity in China

Copyright and Fan Productivity in China Author Tianxiang He
ISBN-10 9789811065088
Release 2017-10-13
Pages 265
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This book takes a unique approach to mitigate the problem of massive online copyright infringement and justify fan activities. It argues for a cooperative approach that encourages copyright owners to exert a degree of control over their fan creators. In contrast to the current approach, which treats fan utilizations as theft, this book suggests that the copyright owners and the lawmakers should instead distinguish between fan creators and commercial pirates, allowing them unleash their potential. This book offers a clear and comprehensive account of the fascinating aspects of legal problems created by fan activities in China, Japan and the United States, offering a valuable guide for students, practitioners, academics and entrepreneurs whose work involves or who are interested in cutting-edge legal issues in the creative industry. "Tianxiang He introduces us to the world of fandom inhabited by ‘fan-subbers’, fan-dubbers’, ‘mash-uppers’, and ‘fan-fictionists’ against the backdrop of copyright law and policy in China. His work is engaging in that it not merely describes the law, but also the political dimension where copyright and state media control converge into a reality where being an artist or a fan is not that straightforward." -- Prof. Anselm Kamperman Sanders, Institute for Globalization and International Regulation (IGIR), Faculty of Law, Maastricht University "The tension between copyright holders and fan communities has been increasingly salient yet underexplored. This timely, insightful and deeply engaging book not only fills a niche, but also covers a country that has been rarely examined in this context. The book advances a promising model for the two groups to cooperate. It also explores complex issues concerning political culture, media regulation and civic engagement in China. A must read for anybody interested in copyright law, cultural production, digital technology or Chinese information policy." -- Prof. Peter K. Yu, Professor of Law and Director, Center for Law and Intellectual Property, Texas A&M University School of Law

Information and Communication Technologies

Information and Communication Technologies Author
ISBN-10 0821351052
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 82
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Knowledge is a fundamental driver of increased productivity and global competition. Information and communication technologies provide a foundation for building up and applying knowledge in private and public sectors. Countries with information infrastructures that are well developed and that use innovative information technology applications, have advantages for sustained economic growth and social development. Developing countries face opportunity costs when delaying greater access to and use of information infrastructures and technologies. As these information and communication technologies are the centre of World Bank Strategic Directions Framework priorities, increasing the climate for investment and sustainable growth at the same time as empowering and investing in poor people. Implementing a strategy to support information and communication technologies development in client countries is high on the World Bank Group agenda.

Music Business Handbook and Career Guide

Music Business Handbook and Career Guide Author David Baskerville
ISBN-10 9781506303147
Release 2015-12-23
Pages 600
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This powerhouse best-selling text remains the most comprehensive, up-to-date guide to the music industry. The breadth of coverage that Music Business Handbook and Career Guide, Eleventh Edition offers surpasses any other resource available. Readers new to the music business and seasoned professionals alike will find David Baskerville and Tim Baskerville’s handbook an indispensable resource, regardless of their specialty within the music field. This text is ideal for introductory courses such as Introduction to the Music Business, Music and Media, and Music Business Foundations as well as more specialized courses such as the record industry, music careers, artist management, and more. The fully updated Eleventh Edition includes coverage of key topics such as copyright, licensing, songwriting, concert venues, and the entrepreneurial musician. Uniquely, it provides career-planning insights on dozens of job categories in the diverse music industry.

Internet Piracy

Internet Piracy Author James D. Torr
ISBN-10 0737723297
Release 2005
Pages 78
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Essays cover a variety of viewpoints on the subject of Internet piracy, including whether online file sharing threatens the film industry and if the music industry's lawsuits against online music sharers are justified.

Knowledge as Property

Knowledge as Property Author Rajshree Chandra
ISBN-10 9780199088188
Release 2012-06-13
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Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)—the idea of knowledge as property—and its role in human society is being increasingly discussed across nations and borders. Involving legal, political, cultural, and ethical issues, debates on IPRs continue to be complex and wide-ranging. This book analyses the basic assumptions and premises of the notion of intellectual property as a right. It goes on to show how IPRs prevent those who do not own it from accessing and exercising their own diverse rights. Thus, in a way, IPRs violate the very idea of individual autonomy on which it bases its claims. Highlighting the inherent propensity of IPRs to conflict with'other rights of other peoples' this volume examines three important rights: health rights, indigenous peoples' knowledge rights, and farmers' rights. Do IPRs derive any legitimacy from its ability to support or conjoin with these rights? Do IPRs fit within a framework of rights, which unites welfare, well being, and equal access to advantage and autonomy? These are questions which arise out of the varied contestations that have emerged in the face of IPRs and which have been probed in this book. The analyses also moves beyond to explore some of the broader challenges that liberal theory of rights faces from collective claims to knowledge rights and practices.

Baby You re a Rich Man

Baby You re a Rich Man Author Stan Soocher
ISBN-10 9781611688139
Release 2015-08-22
Pages 314
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The Beatles, the most popular, influential, and important band of all time, have been the subject of countless books of biography, photography, analysis, history, and conjecture. But this long and winding road has produced nothing like Baby You're a Rich Man, the first book devoted to the cascade of legal actions engulfing the band, from the earliest days of the loveable mop-heads to their present prickly twilight of cultural sainthood. Part Beatles history, part legal thriller, Baby You're a Rich Man begins in the era when manager Brian Epstein opened the Pandora's box of rock 'n' roll merchandising, making a hash of the band's licensing and inviting multiple lawsuits in the United States and the United Kingdom. The band's long breakup period, from 1969 to 1971, provides a backdrop to the Machiavellian grasping of new manager Allen Klein, who unleashed a blizzard of suits and legal motions to take control of the band, their music, and Apple Records. Unsavory mob associate Morris Levy first sued John Lennon for copyright infringement over "Come Together," then sued him again for not making a record for him. Phil Spector, hired to record a Lennon solo album, walked off with the master tapes and held them for a king's ransom. And from 1972 to 1975, Lennon was the target of a deportation campaign personally spearheaded by key aides of President Nixon (caught on tape with a drug-addled Elvis Presley) that wound endlessly through the courts. In Baby You're a Rich Man, Stan Soocher ties the Beatles' ongoing legal troubles to some of their most enduring songs. What emerges is a stirring portrait of immense creative talent thriving under the pressures of ill will, harassment, and greed. Praise for They Fought the Law: Rock Music Goes to Court "Stan Soocher not only ably translates the legalese but makes both the plaintiffs and defendants engrossingly human. Mandatory reading for every artist who tends to skip his contract's fine print."-Entertainment Weekly