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New Queer Sinophone Cinema

New Queer Sinophone Cinema Author Zoran Lee Pecic
ISBN-10 9781349948826
Release 2016-05-20
Pages 152
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This book looks closely at some of the most significant films within the field of queer Sinophone cinema. Examining queerness in films produced in the PRC, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the book merges the Sinophone with the queer, theorising both concepts as local and global, homebound as well as diasporic. Queerness in this book not only problematises the positioning of non-normative desires within the Sinophone; it also challenges Eurocentric critical perspectives on filmic representation that are tied to the idea of the binary between East/West. New Queer Sinophone Cinema will appeal to scholars in Chinese and film studies, as well as to anyone who is interested in queer Chinese cinema.

The SAGE Handbook of Contemporary China

The SAGE Handbook of Contemporary China Author Weiping Wu
ISBN-10 9781526455598
Release 2018-07-09
Pages 1356
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Contemporary China is dynamic and complex. Recent dramatic changes in the Chinese economy, society, and environment pose numerous challenges for scholars of China. This Handbook will define contemporary China Studies for the social sciences: investigating how we can best study China; exploring the transformations of contemporary China that inform how we study China; presenting the breadth and depth of the China Studies field; and identify future directions for China Studies. In two volumes, the Handbook situates China Studies in history and context. Each chapter in Part One provides an overview and historiography of how scholars have conceptualized the Chinese state, nation, economy and environment, and analyzes trends in terms of different research approaches, types of sources, and trends in the study of these broad concepts. The next five parts cover substantive themes in China Studies, including economic transformations; politics and government; China as a global actor; urbanization and urban development; and Chinese society. In conclusion, the Handbook draws together critical discussions of emerging issues of transdisciplinary approaches to China Studies, the future of Chinese historical Studies, and the future of China in comparative contexts.

Queer Cinema

Queer Cinema Author Harry M. Benshoff
ISBN-10 0415319870
Release 2004
Pages 242
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Queer Cinema, The Film Reader examines the relationship between cinematic representations of sexuality and their social, historical, and industrial contexts. Clearly divided into an introductory overview and four topic areas, the Reader explores how recent critical thinking has approached queer sexualities in relation to the cinema. The four sections discuss: Authorship - examining the role of sexuality in the work of queer filmmakers such as George Cukor, Dorothy Arzner, Barbara Hammer, and the directors of New Queer Cinema Forms - exploring how genres such as the horror film, the musical, film noir, and the animated film construct queer cinematic spaces Camp - looking at how this reception strategy and mode of textual production, initially practised by pre-Stonewall queers, retains its critical charge even in contemporary mainstream popular culture Reception - considering three specific historical case-studies of how queer fans have interacted with media texts from Judy Garland to Star Trek. The Reader concludes with an essay that queerly rethinks classical gaze theory and allows students and scholars of the subject to draw their own conclusions in their studies.

New Queer Cinema

New Queer Cinema Author Michele Aaron
ISBN-10 0813534860
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 204
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Coined in the early 1990s to describe a burgeoning film movement, “New Queer Cinema” has turned the attention of film theorists, students, and audiences to the proliferation of intelligent, stylish, and daring work by lesbian and gay filmmakers within independent cinema and to the infiltration of “queer” images and themes into the mainstream. Why did this shift take place? Was it political gains, cultural momentum, or market forces that energized the evolution and transformation of this cinematic genre? New Queer Cinema: A Critical Reader provides a definitive and highly readable guide to the development of this important and controversial film movement. The volume is divided into four sections: defining “new queer cinema,” assessing its filmmakers, examining geographic and national differences, and theorizing spectatorship. Chapters address the work of pivotal directors (such as Todd Haynes and Gregg Araki) and salient films (including Paris is Burning and Boys Don't Cry), as well as unconventional and non-Anglo-American work (experimental filmmaking and third world cinema). With a critical eye to its uneasy relationship to the mainstream, New Queer Cinema explores the aesthetic, sociocultural, political, and, necessarily, commercial investments of the movement. It is the first full-length study of recent developments in queer cinema that combines indispensable discussions of central issues with exciting new work by key writers.

Queer Sinophone Cultures

Queer Sinophone Cultures Author Howard Chiang
ISBN-10 9781135069773
Release 2013-11-26
Pages 256
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The Sinophone framework emphasises the diversity of Chinese-speaking communities and cultures, and seeks to move beyond a binary model of China and the West. Indeed, this strikingly resembles attempts within the queer studies movement to challenge the dimorphisms of sex and gender. Bringing together two areas of study that tend to be marginalised within their home disciplines Queer Sinophone Cultures innovatively advances both Sinophone studies and queer studies. It not only examines film and literature from Mainland China but expands its scope to encompass the underrepresented ‘Sinophone’ world at large (in this case Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and beyond). Further, where queer studies in the U.S., Europe, and Australia often ignore non-Western cultural phenomena, this book focuses squarely on Sinophone queerness, providing fresh critical analyses of a range of topics from works by the famous director Tsai Ming-Liang to the history of same-sex soft-core pornography made by the renowned Shaw Brothers Studios. By instigating a dialogue between Sinophone studies and queer studies, this book will have broad appeal to students and scholars of modern and contemporary China studies, particularly to those interested in film, literature, media, and performance. It will also be of great interest to those interested in queer studies more broadly.

Minor Transnationalism

Minor Transnationalism Author Françoise Lionnet
ISBN-10 9780822386643
Release 2005-02-16
Pages 366
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Minor Transnationalism moves beyond a binary model of minority cultural formations that often dominates contemporary cultural and postcolonial studies. Where that model presupposes that minorities necessarily and continuously engage with and against majority cultures in a vertical relationship of assimilation and opposition, this volume brings together case studies that reveal a much more varied terrain of minority interactions with both majority cultures and other minorities. The contributors recognize the persistence of colonial power relations and the power of global capital, attend to the inherent complexity of minor expressive cultures, and engage with multiple linguistic formations as they bring postcolonial minor cultural formations across national boundaries into productive comparison. Based in a broad range of fields—including literature, history, African studies, Asian American studies, Asian studies, French and francophone studies, and Latin American studies—the contributors complicate ideas of minority cultural formations and challenge the notion that transnationalism is necessarily a homogenizing force. They cover topics as diverse as competing versions of Chinese womanhood; American rockabilly music in Japan; the trope of mestizaje in Chicano art and culture; dub poetry radio broadcasts in Jamaica; creole theater in Mauritius; and race relations in Salvador, Brazil. Together, they point toward a new theoretical vocabulary, one capacious enough to capture the almost infinitely complex experiences of minority groups and positions in a transnational world. Contributors. Moradewun Adejunmobi, Ali Behdad, Michael Bourdaghs, Suzanne Gearhart, Susan Koshy, Françoise Lionnet, Seiji M. Lippit, Elizabeth Marchant, Kathleen McHugh, David Palumbo-Liu, Rafael Pérez-Torres, Jenny Sharpe, Shu-mei Shih , Tyler Stovall

Routledge Handbook of East Asian Popular Culture

Routledge Handbook of East Asian Popular Culture Author Koichi Iwabuchi
ISBN-10 9781317285014
Release 2016-12-01
Pages 294
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Since the 1990s there has been a dramatic increase in cultural flows and connections between the countries in the East Asian region. Nowhere is this more apparent than when looking at popular culture where uneven but multilateral exchanges of Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Chinese products have led to the construction of an ‘East Asian Popular Culture’. This is both influenced by, and in turn influences, the national cultures, and generates transnational co-production and reinvention. As East Asian popular culture becomes a global force, it is increasingly important for us to understand the characteristics of contemporary East Asian popular culture, and in particular its transnational nature. In this handbook, the contributors theorize East Asian experiences and reconsider Western theories on cultural globalization to provide a cutting-edge overview of this global phenomenon. The Routledge Handbook of East Asian Popular Culture will be of great interest to students and scholars of a wide range of disciplines, including: Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Communication Studies, Anthropology, Sociology and Asian Studies in general.

Routledge Handbook of Sexuality Studies in East Asia

Routledge Handbook of Sexuality Studies in East Asia Author Mark McLelland
ISBN-10 9781317685746
Release 2014-09-15
Pages 434
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This collection brings together cutting-edge work by established and emerging scholars focusing on key societies in the East Asian region: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, North and South Korea, Mongolia and Vietnam. This scope enables the collection to reflect on the nature of the transformations in constructions of sexuality in highly developed, developing and emerging societies and economies. Both Japan and China have established traditions of ‘sexuality’ studies reflecting longstanding indigenous understandings of sex as well as more recent developments which interface with Euro-American medical and psychological understandings. Authors reflect upon the complex colonial and economic interactions and cultural flows which have affected the East Asian region over the last two centuries. They trace local flows of ideas instead of defaulting to Euro-American paradigms for sexuality studies. Through looking at regional and global exchanges of ideas about sexuality, this volume adds considerably to our understanding of the East Asian region and contributes to wider discussions of social transformation, modernisation and globalisation. It will be essential reading in undergraduate and graduate programs in sexuality studies, gender studies, women’s studies and masculinity studies, as well as in anthropology, sociology, history, cultural studies, area studies and health sciences.

Postcolonial Europe

Postcolonial Europe Author Christian Groes
ISBN-10 1786603047
Release 2017
Pages 268
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Postcolonial Europe: Comparative Reflections after the Empires brings together scholars from across disciplines to rethink European colonialism in the light of its vanishing empires and the rise of new global power structures.

Boys Love Cosplay and Androgynous Idols

Boys    Love  Cosplay  and Androgynous Idols Author Maud Lavin
ISBN-10 9789888390809
Release 2017-06-01
Pages 292
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Chinese-speaking popular cultures have never been so queer in this digital, globalist age. The title of this pioneering volume, Boys’ Love, Cosplay, and Androgynous Idols: Queer Fan Cultures in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan already gives an idea of the colorful, multifaceted realms the fans inhabit today. Contributors to this collection situate the proliferation of (often online) queer representations, productions, fantasies, and desires as a reaction against the norms in discourses surrounding nation-states, linguistics, geopolitics, genders, and sexualities. Moving beyond the easy polarities between general resistance and capitulation, Queer Fan Cultures explores the fans’ diverse strategies in negotiating with cultural strictures and media censorship. It further outlines the performance of subjectivity, identity, and agency that cyberspace offers to female fans. Presenting a wide array of concrete case studies of queer fandoms in Chinese-speaking contexts, the essays in this volume challenge long-established Western-centric and Japanese-focused fan scholarship by highlighting the significance and specificities of Sinophone queer fan cultures and practices in a globalized world. The geographic organization of the chapters illuminates cultural differences and the other competing forces shaping geocultural intersections among fandoms based in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. “This important collection complicates our understanding of fan practices, showing how national and regional factors play an important role in how media texts and identities are understood. It also shows how the Chinese-speaking world is home to dense and often conflicting modes of audience reception of cultural texts deriving from Sinophone, Japanese, and Western contexts.” —Mark McLelland, University of Wollongong “An exciting anthology by a talented group of emergent scholars whose vibrant studies offer fresh insights on the diverse practices and transregional flows of queer fandom in the Chinese-speaking world. Local in its specificity and transnational in its scope, this book highlights the creativity of queer fan practices while critically locating them within the political and social structures that produce them.” —Helen Hok-Sze Leung, Simon Fraser University

Global Perspectives on Workers and Labour Organizations

Global Perspectives on Workers  and Labour Organizations Author Maurizio Atzeni
ISBN-10 9789811078835
Release 2018-04-10
Pages 173
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This book broadens the research on the underworld of precarious and not-represented workers, through a selection of original case studies from across the globe written by leading experts. The book unveils the working conditions affecting this vast labour force that is so important to capital accumulation in the global age. It also helps us to understand the forms and processes of organization that these groups of workers, almost on an everyday basis, put in place to improve their working conditions and lived experiences.

China Forever

China Forever Author Poshek Fu
ISBN-10 9780252075001
Release 2008
Pages 270
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The transnational history and cultural politics of the Shaw Brothers' movie empire

A Companion to Wong Kar wai

A Companion to Wong Kar wai Author Martha P. Nochimson
ISBN-10 9781118424247
Release 2016-01-26
Pages 648
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Contains 26 essays addressing numerous topics including intertextuality, transnationality, gender representation, repetition, the use of music, color, and sound, depiction of time and space in human affairs, and Wong's portrayal of violence.

Sinophone Malaysian Literature

Sinophone Malaysian Literature Author Alison M. Groppe
ISBN-10 1604978554
Release 2013
Pages 325
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China's recent economic growth has fed a rapid increase in the study of modern Chinese language and literature globally. In this shifting global context, authors who work on the edges of the literary empire raise important questions about the homogeneity of language, identity and culture that is produced by the modern Chinese literary canon. This book examines a key segment of this literature and asks, "What does it mean to be of Chinese descent and Chinese-speaking outside of China?" While there have been several excellent works that deal with individual Chinese authors from Malaysia, there is to date no broadly framed and comprehensive study of the body of Chinese diasporic literature emerging from this multiethnic, polylinguistic country. This neglect is surprising given the vibrant development of Chinese Malaysian literature.This book fills the gap by looking specifically at how diasporic Chinese subjects make sense of their Chinese and Malaysian identities in postcolonial Malaysia. This book will be of value to scholars and students of Chinese-language literature and culture.It will also appeal to scholars and students in the fields of Chinese and Southeast Asia studies as well as those interested in postcolonial, diaspora, migration, Asian American studies, and world literature.

Queer Narratives of the Caribbean Diaspora

Queer Narratives of the Caribbean Diaspora Author Zoran Pecic
ISBN-10 0230367410
Release 2013-10-21
Pages 208
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Queer Narratives of the Caribbean Diaspora: Exploring Tactics combines the fields of queer and diasporic writing. It opens up an entire new domain where social and cultural meanings of sexuality within Caribbean space become objects of historical, colonial and literary investigations. By juxtaposing queerness, nation and belonging, this book unlocks both disciplines, making them permeable to other contexts and perspectives. Exploring the works of writers such as Shani Mootoo, Jamaica Kincaid and Lawrence Scott, this book investigates the Western notions of sexual identity and belongingness alongside postcolonial deployments of nation, diaspora and sexuality. The book adds to the abundant fields of queer and diaspora studies by intersecting them, in order not only to render their ability to work together but also to expose their weaknesses and highly contested underpinnings.

Aelred s Sin

Aelred s Sin Author Lawrence Scott
ISBN-10 9780749017521
Release 2014-08-21
Pages 448
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Robert de la Borde comes to England in the 1980's from the Caribbean after hearing that his brother, Jean Marc, has died. In Bristol, his brother's journals prompt Robert to visit Ashton Park Monastery, which Jean Marc entered in the 1960's as Brother Aelred.There, with the help of his brother's monastic friend Benedict, Robert pieces together Jean Marc's life; his exuberance, his mental suffering, and his struggle to balance his sexual impulses with his love of God, as set out in the work of Aelred of Rievaulx, Spiritual Friendship, against the austerity of Catholic sexual morality. In his understanding, Robert also learns what connects Jean Marc to Jordan, the African slave-boy captive at Ashton Park during the eighteenth century.As Robert is forced to question his inherited prejudices and to confront another ghost of Jean Marc's childhood - the events concerning Ted Salter - what unfolds is a story about the triumph of compassion over brutality. Moving from present to past, from cruelty to sympathy, Aelred's Sin is a powerful new novel of erotic love, spiritual awakening and above all, reconciliation.

Queer Tongzhi China

Queer Tongzhi China Author Hongwei Bao
ISBN-10 8776941531
Release 2015
Pages 320
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Queer Tongzhi China has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Queer Tongzhi China also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Queer Tongzhi China book for free.