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No budget Digital Filmmaking

No budget Digital Filmmaking Author Chuck B. Gloman
ISBN-10 0071412328
Release 2002
Pages 317
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Written with insight by a veteran director, producer, and videographer, this guide offers detailed instructions on every step in the creative process, from script writing and storyboarding to editing and postproduction. As a result, the book helps readers understand the intricacies of preproduction, which is the key to making videos on a shoestring budget.

Digital Filmmaking 101

Digital Filmmaking 101 Author Dale Newton
ISBN-10 1932907238
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 291
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Digital Filmmaking 101 reveals the secrets of making professional-quality digital moviemaking on ultra-low budgets.

Sound Design for Low No Budget Films

Sound Design for Low   No Budget Films Author Patrick Winters
ISBN-10 9781317557920
Release 2017-09-19
Pages 262
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Don’t let your indie film be sabotaged by bad sound! One of the weakest technical aspects of a low or no budget short or feature film is usually the sound, and in Sound Design for Low and No Budget Films, author Patrick Winters explains what filmmakers need to do to fix that. Learn how to improve the sound quality of your low budget film with specific tools and practices for achieving a better sound track, including detailed, step-by-step explanations of how to edit your production track, create a sound design, record and edit ADR, Foley and sound effects, music, and much more. Focusing on the essential details indie filmmakers need to know, Winters teaches you how to turn a thin and distracting sound track into one that makes your film shine. This practical guide offers: • In-depth focus on hands-on, step-by-step instruction for achieving great sound in post-production, including recording and editing sound effects, ADR and Foley—even without expensive equipment and software. • Techniques specifically designed for low and no budget projects, perfect for both students and aspiring indie filmmakers. • A simple and direct style that any aspiring filmmaker or student can understand without already knowing the industry jargon.

303 Digital Filmmaking Solutions

303 Digital Filmmaking Solutions Author Chuck Gloman
ISBN-10 007141651X
Release 2003-03-21
Pages 386
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With the advent of digital video cameras, anyone can shoot and produce a video for very little money -- in fact, hundreds of thousands of people are doing so. When video photographers look for guidance, they don't want to read a big book cover to cover -- they want help on their particular problem immediately. This compendium of solutions is designed to allow anyone to dig into each problem category and quickly find the necessary guidance. Each solution is 2-5 pages in length, most with at least one photo or diagram illustrating the situation. With the help of this book, even a complete neophyte can take advantage of Chuck Gloman’s 22 years in the video trenches and use hard-earned trade secrets to make their videos look professional.

The Power Filmmaking Kit

The Power Filmmaking Kit Author Jason Tomaric
ISBN-10 9781136060229
Release 2013-04-26
Pages 432
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Think big, spend little! Everything you need to make your movie is in this complete resource kit. The Power Filmmaking Kit is a comprehensive, multimedia book and DVD package that empowers you to produce your own Hollywood-quality movie. Emmy-award winning director Jason Tomaric produced an independent film using only local resources for under $2,000 that not only got picked up for distribution, but is also used as a case study in top film schools. This book shows you how to do the same, regardless of your budget or location. You'll learn how to achieve professional quality on a microbudget, using the resources you have at hand. The book includes: * Coverage of the entire filmmaking process. It's all here, from writing, directing, and cinematography, to acting, editing, and distribution. * Step-by-step instructions, tips, diagrams, charts, and illustrations for how you can make a Hollywood-caliber movie on a next-to-nothing budget with little upfront money and access only to local resources. The DVD includes: * Time and Again, the profitable, award-winning, internationally distributed independent film made for under $2,000 * One hour of video tutorials unveiling how the movie was made...interviews and behind-the-scenes case studies on directing, production, and editing * Complete rough footage from a scene for editing practice * Forms, contracts, and more resources *The Producer's Notebook includes scripts, storyboards, schedules, call sheets, contracts, letters from the producer, camera logs and press kits from "Time and Again." See how the production was scheduled and organized, read the script, follow the storyboards and watch the production unfold from beginning to end. * Blank contracts and forms that you can print out to use on your own film

Sound for Digital Video

Sound for Digital Video Author Tomlinson Holman
ISBN-10 9781135957094
Release 2013-06-19
Pages 376
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Achieve professional quality sound on a limited budget! Harness all new, Hollywood style audio techniques to bring your independent film and video productions to the next level. In Sound for Digital Video, Second Edition industry experts Tomlinson Holman and Arthur Baum give you the tools and knowledge to apply recent advances in audio capture, video recording, editing workflow, and mixing to your own film or video with stunning results. This fresh edition is chockfull of techniques, tricks, and workflow secrets that you can apply to your own projects from preproduction through postproduction. New to this edition: A new feature on "true" 24p shooting and editing systems, as well as single vs. double-system recording A strong focus on new media, including mini-DVDs, hard disks, memory cards, and standard and high-definition imagery Discussion of camera selection, manual level control, camera and recorder inputs, location scouting, and preproduction planning Instruction in connectors, real-time transfers, and file-based transfers from DVDs, hard drives, and solid state media. Blu-Ray and HD tape formats for mastering and distribution in addition to file-based, DV, and DVD masters. A revamped companion website,, featuring recording and editing exercises, examples and sample tracks Whether you are an amateur filmmaker who wants to create great sound or an advanced professional in need of a reference guide, Sound for Digital Video, Second Edition is an essential addition to your digital audio tool belt.

Digital Film making

Digital Film making Author Mike Figgis
ISBN-10 0571305032
Release 2014
Pages 176
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In this indispensable guide to digital film-making, leading film-maker, Mike Figgis, offers the reader a step-by-step tutorial in how to use digital technology so as to get the best from it.He outlines the equipment and its uses, and provides an authoritative guide to the shooting process - from working with actors to lighting, framing, and camera movement.He further dispenses wisdom on the editing process and the use of sound and music, all the while establishing a sound aesthetic basis for the digital format.This handbook is essential whether your goal is to make no-budget movies, or simply to put your video camera to more use than just holidays and weddings.

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook Author Sonja Shenck
ISBN-10 9781435459120
Release 2012
Pages 528
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THE DIGITAL FILMMAKING HANDBOOK, FOURTH EDITION is a comprehensive digital filmmaking resource for everyone--from beginners to professionals. This book guides you through the modern digital filmmaking workflow from initial concept to finished project and

Digital Filmmaking for Beginners A Practical Guide to Video Production

Digital Filmmaking for Beginners A Practical Guide to Video Production Author Michael Hughes
ISBN-10 9780071791373
Release 2012-06-22
Pages 200
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Discover how to create professional-quality digital videos--faster than you can say "lights, camera, action" Digital video cameras are everywhere--even on our phones! But cameras don't make great movies; filmmakers do. Written by a seasoned pro with 40 years of teaching experience, Digital Filmmaking for Beginners is your fully illustrated introduction to all technical aspects of digital filmmaking. Featuring clear, concise instruction--accompanied by online video demonstrations--this comprehensive guide covers the best methods and techniques to plan and script projects; set up lighting, microphones, and cameras; and shoot, edit, and apply postproduction effects and other finishing touches. Whether you're an amateur film buff or an aspiring professional videographer, this is the source for everything you need to bring your ideas from the page to the screen. Coverage includes: Best practices to ensure smooth operations in all project phases, from planning to post production Recommendations on selecting and purchasing cameras, filming gear, and the best editing and effects software to fit your budget and needs Advice on planning, shooting, editing, and other technical elements Fully illustrated tutorials on composition, framing, and other visual storytelling techniques Exclusive bonus online content, including finished video demonstrations of key filmmaking techniques and informative articles

DSLR Cinema

DSLR Cinema Author Kurt Lancaster
ISBN-10 9780240823737
Release 2012-10-26
Pages 295
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Large sensor video cameras (DSLRs) offer filmmakers an affordable, high-quality image previously impossible without high-end cinema cameras. These video-capable DSLR cameras have revolutionized filmmaking, documentary production, journalism, television, and even Hollywood cinema. This book empowers the filmmaker to craft visually stunning images inexpensively. DSLR Cinema presents insight into different shooting styles and real-world tips and techniques indispensible to any DSLR filmmaker. This updated and expanded edition includes new workflows for Adobe Premier and Final Cut X-from syncing external audio settings to using the right settings. It also covers the workflow for using Technicolor's picture style, CineStyle, designed on consultation with Canon scientists. DSLR Cinema features case studies of an international cast of cutting edge DSLR shooters, including Philip Bloom, Shane Hurlbut, Bernardo Uzeda, Rii Schroer, Danfun Dennis, and many more. The films are examined in detail, exploring how each exemplifies great storytelling, exceptional visual character, and how you can push the limits of your DSLR. * Inside perspective from a master class of DSLR shooters * Emphasis on visual technique related to great stories * Progression from the fundamental tools needed by DSLR shooters to advanced techniques * Wide array of technical information: composition, lighting, camera movement, lenses, audio, postproduction workflow, and more * Lavish, full-color illustrations showcase real world examples from real DSLR videos * Companion Web site shows you the films discussed in the book, and more

Digital Video Production Cookbook

Digital Video Production Cookbook Author Chris Kenworthy
ISBN-10 0596100310
Release 2006
Pages 192
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Learn to create sophisticated-looking visual effects, dramatic shots, and powerful sequences using low-cost methods adapted from high-end professional techniques in this text by award-winning filmmaker Chris Kenworthy.

Independent Film Producing

Independent Film Producing Author Suzanne Lyons
ISBN-10 9781136039058
Release 2012-08-06
Pages 256
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Indie Film Producing explains the simple, basic, clear cut role of the independent film producer. Raising funds to do your dream project, producing award-winning films with a low budget, putting name actors on your indie film-it's all doable, and this book guides you through the entire process of being a successful producer with bonus tips on how to effortlessly maneuver through the sphere of social media marketing and fundraising tactics. Indie film producer Suzanne Lyons pilots you through the actual making of low budget films to show you how easy and fun it can be. Laid out in a step-by-step, A to Z, matter-of-fact style that shows how the producer's role can be easy, how to treat the film as a business, and especially how to avoid the painful pitfalls faced by so many producers, this book gives you the essential tools you need to make your film a success from the ground up. . Begins with the earliest stages of concept development, continues through production & post, and ultimately concludes with distribution . Shows you how to create a buzz for your film through marketing and promotions . Interviews with global producers who produced films using social media, festivals, apps, and more, give you real-world insight that can be applied to your own films . Website points you to a fantastic collection of resources that you'll need to produce your own films (


Photocine Author Tim Grey
ISBN-10 1435457366
Release 2011-08
Pages 203
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Looks at the digital filmmaking process using a DSLR camera, covering such topics as choosing a lense, monitors, sound, formats and codes, file handling, editing, writing a screenplay, and directing.

Raindance Producers Lab Lo To No Budget Filmmaking

Raindance Producers  Lab Lo To No Budget Filmmaking Author Elliot Grove
ISBN-10 9781136047145
Release 2013-11-07
Pages 418
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First published in 2012. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

How to Make an Action Movie For 99

How to Make an Action Movie For  99 Author Andrew Mayne Harter
ISBN-10 0971518319
Release 2005-05-16
Pages 192
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This book explains how to write a script around existing props, borrowed locations, and how to get people to work for free and love it. Most importantly, it breaks down the technical details of filmmaking so you can see your project completed. It's guerilla filmmaking at its most extreme.

Film and Video Budgets

Film and Video Budgets Author Deke Simon
ISBN-10 1932907106
Release 2006
Pages 477
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This book tells you how to prepare all kinds of budgets, gives actual samples with detailed explanations and has extra sections on Setting Up a Company, Pre-Production and Money-Saving Ideas.

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook Author Ben Long
ISBN-10 1584500980
Release 2002
Pages 575
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Accompanying DVD contains additional material on writing and budgeting, film footage for use in the tutorials, and demos of editing and effects applications.