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No Five Fingers are Alike

No Five Fingers are Alike Author Nora Ahlberg
ISBN-10 1855755122
Release 2007
Pages 348
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This is probably the only book of it kind that focuses exclusively on refugee women, and one of the few that limit their scope only to one group of refugees - the Kurds, in this case. Although the book is about Kurdish women in Norway, its appeal and contents are nevertheless of universal value and applicability. The general reader will get an unparalleled insight into a therapeutic way of working with refugees and the specialist reader will have a vast range of themes to feast on. These include theoretical considerations of ideas about collective trauma, narrative life stories, working cross-culturally, mental health perspectives on refugees, and the formation of meaning, to mention but a few.

The British National Bibliography

The British National Bibliography Author Arthur James Wells
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105211722686
Release 2009
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The British National Bibliography has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The British National Bibliography also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The British National Bibliography book for free.

Those who Touch

Those who Touch Author Susan J. Rasmussen
ISBN-10 0875806104
Release 2006
Pages 234
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A twenty-five-year veteran of field research in Niger and Mali, anthropologist Susan J. Rasmussen examines the female-dominated practice of herbalism in the seminomadic Muslim communities of Tuareg. Medicine women, known as tinesmegelen, diagnose by touch and treat their patients--mostly women and children--with leaves, bark, and roots from trees associated with ancestral spirits. In addition to healing, they relate oral traditions, offer marital counseling, protect patients against potential domestic violence, and practice divination. By earning the trust of nearly twenty medicine women over the course of her fieldwork, Rasmussen is able to provide an in-depth profile of these healers and their beliefs. The women come from diverse backgrounds, many of noble origins. Whereas they must be mothers, most do not practice their profession fully until their post-childbearing years. Rasmussen traces the mythical-historical origins of female herbalism and the initiation process for entering the profession. Significantly, she investigates the powerful relationships between medicine women and various authorities: Islamic leaders, state officials, and the medical staff of nongovernment clinics. Rasmussen draws the reader into this fascinating world of medicine women through interviews, guided conversations, life histories, illustrative case studies, and, most importantly, the words of the healers and their patients. As a participant-observer, she shares her own experiences with descriptions of the treatments she herself received. Then, moving from a focused analysis to a broader contextual frame, she addresses central questions in anthropology about gender, knowledge, and the interface between religion and medicine.

Children and the Dark Side of Human Experience

Children and the Dark Side of Human Experience Author James Garbarino
ISBN-10 0387756264
Release 2008-03-12
Pages 158
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Synthesizing insights from psychology and philosophy with his own wide-ranging experiences around the world, Dr. James Garbarino takes readers on a personalized journey into the dark side of human experience as it is lived by children. In these highly readable pages, he intertwines a discussion of children’s material and spiritual needs with a detailed examination of the clinical knowledge and experiential wisdom required to understand and meet complex developmental needs. Fusing anecdotal observations, empirical evidence, and an ecological perspective, this book is for anyone who takes an interest in the well-being and future of the world’s children.

Buried Secrets

Buried Secrets Author Victoria Sanford
ISBN-10 1403960232
Release 2003-04-19
Pages 313
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An expos of Guatemala's genocidal campaign against the Maya in the late 1970s and mid-1980s documents the massacres and displacements that took place as well as the experiences of Maya survivors seeking justice and healing.

Trauma War and Violence

Trauma  War  and Violence Author Joop de Jong
ISBN-10 9780306476754
Release 2006-04-11
Pages 454
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This volume describes a variety of public mental health and psychosocial programs in conflict and post-conflict situations in Africa and Asia. Each chapter details the psychosocial and mental health aspects of specific conflicts and examines them within their sociopolitical and historical contexts. This volume will be of great interest to psychologists, social workers, anthropologists, historians, human rights experts, and psychiatrists working or interested in the field of psychotrauma.

People of the Rainbow

People of the Rainbow Author Michael I. Niman
ISBN-10 0870499890
Release 1997
Pages 274
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A fictional re-creation of a day in the life of a Rainbow character named Sunflower begins the book, illustrating events that might typically occur at an annual North American Rainbow Gathering. Using interviews with Rainbows, content analysis of media reports, participant observation, and scrutiny of government documents relating to the group, Niman presents a complex picture of the Family and its relationship to mainstream culture - called "Babylon" by the Rainbows. Niman also looks at internal contradictions within the Family and examines members' problematic relationship with Native Americans, whose culture and spiritual beliefs they have appropriated.

Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions

Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions Author Gerald Corey
ISBN-10 9780534614430
Release 2007
Pages 576
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This book provides practitioners with the basis for discovering their own guidelines within the broad limits of professional codes of ethics and divergent theoretical positions. To help you make these wise, informed decisions, it provides you with coverage of the latest standards and research, a discussion of a range of diverse views on the central issues of the profession, and case vignettes and open questions that invite you to develop an internalized, personal perspective.

Toxic Turmoil

Toxic Turmoil Author Johan Havenaar
ISBN-10 9781461506232
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 279
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When an accident involves many people and when its consequences are many and serious, we speak of a disaster. Disasters have the same causal fac tors as accidents: they differ from accidents by the gravity of consequences, not by causes. The action of a single individual may result in thousands of deaths and huge financial losses. The metal fatigue of a screw may, by a chain of events, cause an explosion killing hundreds or lead to a break in a dam and a devastating flood. The fact that minor and unpredictable acts can lead to disasters is im portant because it allows us to predict that the years to come will bring with them more disasters with ever more severe consequences. The density ofhu man populations is growing. By the year 2025 some four fifths of the world's population will be living in urban settings. An explosion or a gas leak in a densely populated area will cause incomparably more damage than a simi lar event in a rural area. Modern technology is immensely powerful (and its power is continuing to grow) and can be used in a disastrous manner. Ag gression is just as possible now as it was in the past, but the tools of aggression are vastly more dangerous than ever before. This book, edited by Johan M. Havenaar, Julie G. Cwikel, and Evelyn J. Bromet, is therefore very timely.

Power Conflict and Criminalisation

Power  Conflict and Criminalisation Author Phil Scraton
ISBN-10 9781134101115
Release 2007-10-22
Pages 265
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Drawing on a body of empirical, qualitative work spanning three decades, this unique text traces the significance of critical social research and critical analyses in understanding some of the most significant and controversial issues in contemporary society. Focusing on central debates in the UK and Ireland – prison protests; inner-city uprisings; deaths in custody; women’s imprisonment; transition in the north of Ireland; the ‘crisis’ in childhood; the Hillsborough and Dunblane tragedies; and the ‘war on terror’ – Phil Scraton argues that ‘marginalisation’ and ‘criminalisation’ are social forces central to the application of state power and authority. Each case study demonstrates how structural relations of power, authority and legitimacy, establish the determining contexts of everyday life, social interaction and individual opportunity. This book explores the politics and ethics of critical social research, making a persuasive case for the application of critical theory to analysing the rule of law, its enforcement and the administration of criminal justice. It is indispensable for students in the fields of criminology, criminal justice and socio-legal studies, social policy and social work.

Sexuality Health and Human Rights

Sexuality  Health and Human Rights Author Sonia Corrêa
ISBN-10 9781134266678
Release 2008-08-18
Pages 320
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This new work surveys how rapid changes taking place at the start of the twenty-first century in social, cultural, political and economic domains impact on sexuality, health and human rights. The relationships between men, women and children are changing quickly, as are traditional family structures and gender norms. What were once viewed as private matters have become public, and an array of new social movements – transgender, intersex, sex worker, people living with HIV – have come into the open. The book is split into three sections: Global ‘Sex’ Wars – discusses the notion of sexualities, its political landscapes internationally, and the return of religious fervour and extremism Epistemological Challenges and Research Agendas – examines modern ‘scientific’ understandings of sexuality, its history and the way in which AIDS has drawn attention to sexuality The Promises and Limits of Sexual Rights – discusses human rights approaches to sexuality, their strengths and limitations and new ways of imagining erotic justice Offering a unique framework for understanding this new world, set in the context of the major theoretical debates of recent decades, this book will be of interest to professionals, advocates and policy researchers and is suitable for a wide range of courses covering areas such as gender studies, human sexuality, public health and social policy.

Expressions of Radicalization

Expressions of Radicalization Author Kristian Steiner
ISBN-10 9783319655666
Release 2017-12-15
Pages 374
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This edited collection considers whether it is possible to discern how the level of ideology is affected by radicalization. In other words: what happens in the minds of people before they decide to use political violence as means to attain their goals? Also this book asks: what has to happen in the minds of people in order to preclude them from using political violence as a way of attaining their goals? This volume unites scholars from several disciplines and perspectives from a number of different geographical, social and cultural contexts with the overarching aim to refine our understanding of what ‘radicalization’ actually implies.

Shaping Our Future

Shaping Our Future Author Elina Ekholm
ISBN-10 9517359381
Release 2005
Pages 177
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This guide offers practical information about the resettlement of refugees and the establishment of national resettlement programmes. It draws on the experiences of resettlement practices in Finland and Ireland and is intended to serve as a guide for existing and emerging resettlement countries. The guide highlights key issues in the planning stage of a national resettlement programme and explains the phases of the resettlement process itself. The part of the guide focusing on the selection phase includes recommendations for reviewing resettlement applications and provides suggestions for how to prepare for selection missions. The reception part focuses on how to prepare the refugees for the resettlement and the arrival in the resettlement country, including information on good practices and details about possible obstacles during the initial stage of resettlement. The part focusing on integration provides information about language training, educational matters, employment issues, cultural orientation and other social matters. Emergency measures in mass influx situations are also considered in the guide and recent Finnish and Irish experiences of temporary protection are included. Refugee stories which are based on real experiences are intended to exemplify the challenges faced by resettled refugees. The guide is the result of the MORE Project, a Finnish-Irish EU-funded development project on resettled refugees.

Gaze Regimes

Gaze Regimes Author Jyoti Mistry
ISBN-10 1868148564
Release 2015
Pages 229
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Essays and interviews on the contemporary state of women's representation, roles and engagements in the film world ... either directly as practitioners or in other areas such as curators, festival programme directors or fundraisers. Who is looking and who is being looked at, who is telling women's stories in Africa and what governs the mechanics of making those films on the continent? The disciplines of gender studies, postcolonial theory, and film theory provide the famework for the book's essays. Contributors ... provide valuable context, analysis and insights into, among other things, the politics of representation, the role of film festivals and the collective and individual experiences of trauma and marginality which contribute to the layered and complex filmic responses of Africa's film practitioners.--Edited information from back cover.

Lives Elsewhere

Lives Elsewhere Author Natale Losi
ISBN-10 9781780495347
Release 2006-06-09
Pages 252
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Born from the author's desire to write a clear and simple account of complex material based on ethnopsychotherapy and migrations, this book aims to clarify some key questions, rather than serve as a definitive text. It will be of interest to ethnopsychotherapists, to those working with refugees or immigrants, or those interested in the issues of migration and wishing to gain a greater understanding of our multi-cultural world.

The Function of Assessment Within Psychological Therapies

The Function of Assessment Within Psychological Therapies Author Kamran Ghaffari
ISBN-10 1855759543
Release 2004
Pages 101
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There are various different psychological therapies, but their shared aim is to help the sufferers of mental disorders. The role of assessment and the decisions following that are crucial in the treatment process. However, the formal training in assessment is non-existent. This volume offers guidelines for assessment in a clear and concise form.

Conflicted Democracies and Gendered Violence

Conflicted Democracies and Gendered Violence Author Angana P. Chatterji
ISBN-10 9789385932113
Release 2016-11-04
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The Sexual Violence and Impunity in South Asia research project (coordinated by Zubaan and supported by the International Development Research Centre) brings together, for the first time in the region, a vast body of research on this important - yet silenced - subject. Six country volumes (one each on Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and two on India, as well as two standalone volumes) comprising over fifty research papers and two book-length studies, detail the histories of sexual violence and look at the systemic, institutional, societal, individual and community structures that work together to perpetuate impunity for perpetrators. The essays in this volume focus on Nepal, which though not directly colonized, has not remained immune from the influence of colonialism in its neighbourhood. In addition to home-grown feudal patriarchal structures, the writers in this volume clearly demonstrate that it is the larger colonial and post-colonial context of the subcontinent that has enabled the structuring of inequalities and power relations in ways that today allow for widespread sexual violence and impunity in the country - through legal systems, medical regimes and social institutions. The period after the 1990 democratic movement, the subsequent political transformation in the aftermath of the Maoist insurgency and the writing of the new constitution, has seen an increase in public discussion about sexual violence. The State has brought in a slew of legislation and action plans to address this problem. And yet, impunity for perpetrators remains intact and justice elusive. What are the structures that enable such impunity? What can be done to radically transform these? How must States understand the search for justice for victims and survivors of sexual violence? The essays in this volume attempt to trace a history of sexual violence in Nepal, look at the responses of women's groups and society at large, and suggest how this serious and wide-ranging problem may be addressed.