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No One is Illegal

No One is Illegal Author Justin Akers Chacón
ISBN-10 9781608465903
Release 2018-05-09
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Countering the chorus of anti-immigrant voices that have grown increasingly loud in the current political moment, No One is Illegal exposes the racism of anti-immigration vigilantes and puts a human face on the immigrants who risk their lives to cross the border to work in the United States. This second edition has a new introduction to frame the analysis of the struggle for immigrant rights and the roots of the backlash. Justin Akers Chacón is the author of the forthcoming Radicals in the Barrio: Magonistas, Socialists, Wobblies, and Communists in the Mexican American Working Class. Mike Davis is the author many books, including The Ecology of Fear and Planet of Slums.

No One Is Illegal

No One Is Illegal Author Justin Akers Chac—n
ISBN-10 9781608460526
Release 2017-01-15
Pages 240
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No One Is Illegal debunks the leading ideas behind the often-violent right-wing backlash against immigrants.

No One is Illegal

No One is Illegal Author Justin Akers Chacón
ISBN-10 9781931859356
Release 2006
Pages 333
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Countering the chorus of anti-immigrant voices, Mike Davis and Justin Akers Chacon expose the racism of anti-immigration vigilantes and put a human face on the immigrants who risk their lives to cross the border to work in the United States. |A rare combination of an author, Mike Davis is Rachel Carson and Upton Sinclair all in one.| - Susan Faludi |Davis' writing is perceptive and rigorous.| - David Montgomery, The Nation

In Praise of Barbarians

In Praise of Barbarians Author Mike Davis
ISBN-10 9781931859424
Release 2007
Pages 340
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No writer in the US today brings together analysis and history as comprehensively and elegantly as Mike Davis. In these contemporary, interventionist essays, Davis goes beyond critique to offer real solutions and concrete possibilities for change.

Prisoners of the American Dream

Prisoners of the American Dream Author Mike Davis
ISBN-10 1859842488
Release 2000-04-14
Pages 320
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Mike Davis's brilliant exegesis attempts to answer the question: Why has the world's most industrially advanced nation never spawned a mass party of the working class?

Racism on Trial

Racism on Trial Author Ian F. Haney López
ISBN-10 0674038266
Release 2009-07-01
Pages 336
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In 1968, ten thousand students marched in protest over the terrible conditions prevalent in the high schools of East Los Angeles, the largest Mexican community in the United States. Chanting "Chicano Power," the young insurgents not only demanded change but heralded a new racial politics. Frustrated with the previous generation's efforts to win equal treatment by portraying themselves as racially white, the Chicano protesters demanded justice as proud members of a brown race. The legacy of this fundamental shift continues to this day. Ian Haney Lopez tells the compelling story of the Chicano movement in Los Angeles by following two criminal trials, including one arising from the student walkouts. He demonstrates how racial prejudice led to police brutality and judicial discrimination that in turn spurred Chicano militancy. He also shows that legal violence helped to convince Chicano activists that they were nonwhite, thereby encouraging their use of racial ideas to redefine their aspirations, culture, and selves. In a groundbreaking advance that further connects legal racism and racial politics, Haney Lopez describes how race functions as "common sense," a set of ideas that we take for granted in our daily lives. This racial common sense, Haney Lopez argues, largely explains why racism and racial affiliation persist today. By tracing the fluid position of Mexican Americans on the divide between white and nonwhite, describing the role of legal violence in producing racial identities, and detailing the commonsense nature of race, Haney Lopez offers a much needed, potentially liberating way to rethink race in the United States.

Rich People Things

Rich People Things Author Chris Lehmann
ISBN-10 9781608461523
Release 2011
Pages 247
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Keeping up with the American elite can be tiring. This is the layman's guide to how the wealthy maintain control.

Muslims in Motion

Muslims in Motion Author Nazli Kibria
ISBN-10 9780813550558
Release 2011
Pages 167
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In Muslims in Motion, Nazli Kibria provides a comparative look at Bangladeshi Muslims in different global contexts--including Britain, the U.S., the Middle East, and Malaysia. Kibria examines international migrant flows from Bangladesh, and considers how such migrations continue to shape Islamization in these areas. Having conducted more than 200 in-depth interviews, she explores how, in societies as different as these, migrant Muslims, in their everyday lives, strive to achieve economic gains, sustain community and family life, and realize a sense of dignity and honor. Muslims in Motion offers fresh insights into the prominence of Islam in these communities, especially an Islam defined by fundamentalist movements and ideologies. Kibria also focuses on the complex significance of nationality--with rich analyses of the diaspora, the role of gender and class, and the multiple identities of the migrants, she shows how nationality can be both a critical source of support and also of difficulty for many in their efforts to attain lives of dignity. By bringing to life a vast range of experiences, this book challenges prevailing stereotypes of Muslims.

101 Changemakers

101 Changemakers Author Michele Bollinger
ISBN-10 9781608461561
Release 2012-11-06
Pages 210
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101 profiles of social justice leaders that changed the world, made accessible for students in grades 5-9.

Race and class in the Southwest

Race and class in the Southwest Author Mario Barrera
ISBN-10 UVA:X000071449
Release 1979
Pages 261
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Race and class in the Southwest has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Race and class in the Southwest also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Race and class in the Southwest book for free.

The Will to Resist

The Will to Resist Author Dahr Jamail
ISBN-10 9781608460755
Release 2016-12-05
Pages 230
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An award-winning journalist tells the hidden story of American soldiers turning against an unjust war.

What Is the Real Marxist Tradition

What Is the Real Marxist Tradition Author John Molyneux
ISBN-10 1931859078
Release 2003-12-01
Pages 98
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What Is the Real Marxist Tradition has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from What Is the Real Marxist Tradition also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full What Is the Real Marxist Tradition book for free.


Minutemen Author Jim Gilchrist
ISBN-10 9780977898411
Release 2006
Pages 375
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This book is a first-hand account from the frontlines, and what it says will shock you. Jim Gilchrist teams up with Jerome Corsi, the co-author of Unfit for Command - the book that derailed John Kerry's presidential campaign - to describe in vivid detail how the nation's southern border has disintegrated into a Wild West of human trafficking, drug smuggling, and violent gangs. Readers of this disturbing and timely book will learn how: Mexico encourages the mass emigration of millions of impoverished peasants, and why the Mexican government will stop at nothing to keep the border open; The Catholic Church uses its power and influence to subvert immigration laws, and why Church leaders are speaking out in favor of amnesty; American taxpayers are forced to pay the staggering economic and cultural price tag of illegal immigration, and why our government wants to keep the true costs hidden from the public. Like their Revolutionary War predecessors who defended America against a hostile foreign power, today's Minutemen have risen up to answer their nation's call against another invasion. Minutemen is their story, as well as an urgent call to arms to all of their countrymen.

They Take Our Jobs

 They Take Our Jobs  Author Aviva Chomsky
ISBN-10 0807041564
Release 2007-01
Pages 236
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Debunks a variety of myths surrounding the subject of immigration and immigrants in the United States, covering the economy, the law, race, and government policies.

Servants of Globalization

Servants of Globalization Author Rhacel Parreñas
ISBN-10 9780804796187
Release 2015-08-26
Pages 256
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Servants of Globalization offers a groundbreaking study of migrant Filipino domestic workers who leave their own families behind to do the caretaking work of the global economy. Since its initial publication, the book has informed countless students and scholars and set the research agenda on labor migration and transnational families. With this second edition, Rhacel Salazar Parreñas returns to Rome and Los Angeles to consider how the migrant communities have changed. Children have now joined their parents. Male domestic workers are present in significantly greater numbers. And, perhaps most troubling, the population has aged, presenting new challenges for the increasingly elderly domestic workers. New chapters discuss these three increasingly important constituencies. The entire book has been revised and updated, and a new introduction offers a global, comparative overview of the citizenship status of migrant domestic workers. Servants of Globalization remains the defining work on the international division of reproductive labor.

Radicals in the Barrio

Radicals in the Barrio Author Justin Akers Chacon
ISBN-10 1608467759
Release 2018-05-22
Pages 500
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A ground-breaking history of the radical political movements that developed within the Mexican and Chicano working-class in the United States.

Enrique s Journey

Enrique s Journey Author Sonia Nazario
ISBN-10 9780385743280
Release 2014-08-05
Pages 273
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Documents the journey of a Honduran teen who braved hardship and peril to reunite with his mother after she was forced to leave him behind and seek migratory work in the United States.